Real Housewives of Atlanta | Season 4, Episode 17

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The Error Apparents

Nene visits her divorce lawyer Randy Kessler and is apprehensive about signing the divorce paperwork, even though she is already dating John Kolaj. There have been rumors that Nene reconciled with Gregg.

Malorie attempts to apologize to Cynthia for her behavior at the party. Shouldn’t she be apologizing to Peter as well? Malorie states she doesn’t like Peter, one of her reasons, his failed restaurant Uptown which closed down last season. Now unless Peter absconded with the profits and gambled them away, why is how he runs his business, any concern of Malorie’s? Cynthia, then rightfully started to talk about Malorie’s marriage, which according to Malorie to is off limits. Peter too, was rude to Malorie last week, but two wrongs don’t make a right. Malorie and Vicki Gunvalson (Real Housewives of Orange County) have the same affliction, they can talk smack about everybody’s relationship, but you are not allowed the same courtesy. Obviously there is some drama with Malorie and her husband Chris, who is 10 years younger than she is at 34.

Kandi travels to Nashville and records Money Don’t Grow on Trees with Jo Dee Messina, who then invites her to perform at a small ASCAP gathering at the legendary Bluebird Cafe, Kandi is nervous, but they both perform very well. Kandi also meets with Kim and they discuss the black baby at the orphanage issue, this is the argument that will never end! Without Sheree to fan the gossip flames, Kim listens and understands what happened, Kandi’s reasons were not racially motivated but about Kim’s attitude and to avoid NeNe. This is what grown-ups do, they talk, listen and then make informed decisions.

Apollo has a public speech to do and goes over his lines with his dutiful wife and son on the phone, while driving; reckless much? Phaedra arrives at the function and parks in what appears to be a handicapped spot. Just because your last name is Parks, it doesn’t mean you can just park anywhere Mrs Parks Nida.

Marlo meets Lawrence by himself and apologizes for what she said. The scene was rushed. But if there was a fight, you can believe that Bravo would have had 3 parts to the scuffle. She says the word to people she hates. Then she had to leave because Neiman Marcus was keeping the store open for her to shop late. Well lardi da! Again, confusion and an offense was cleared up without the aid of Atlanta’s gossip monger, Sheree.

Sheree’s daughter, 26 year old, Tierra, visits her mother and in a round about way, sheepishly states that she and her boyfriend, Damon, are thinking about getting married. Tierra is beautiful and is a mature young woman, Sheree and Bob must have done something right. All other housewives take note, especially in Orange County and New Jersey. Sheree meets with Damon and he has already spoken to Bob, Sheree’s ex-husband and Tierra’s step-father about his wishes. Bob is the only father Tierra has ever known. Sheree is not too happy about that, as their relationship is tenuous to say the least. Damon’s tooth was very distracting, get it fixed bro.

Phaedra throws Ayden a 1st birthday party at a water park, with party planner de-stroidinaire Dwight Eubanks, who was made up and suited in 80 degree weather. Phaedra has a cake commemorating each month Ayden has been on this earth. Sheree thinks this is too much. I agree, but with Sheree’s gossipy, enjoying-ratting-on-everyone, money-mishandling, self should keep silent. I say, Phaedra as long as all the bakers have been paid, do what you want to do, he is your first and you can afford it. Sheree should never talk about anybody’s extravagances ever, it is no secret that Sheree has been having financial difficulties, her Aston Martin was repossessed as she didn’t pay her lawyers fees from the divorce – Sheree ‘bitter party of one’ Whitfield, exit stage left.

Next week I see Sheree is ring shopping with Damon, the price tag for one of the rings is $40,000, Sheree tells Damon to work over time, like you do Sheree? What does Damon do? They say a man is supposed to spend 3 months salary on an engagement ring, I am sure he doesn’t make $160,000 a year. Instead of listening to cash strapped Sheree and buying a ring, neither of you can afford, Sheree should be directing him to a dentist. Tierra doesn’t appear to be shallow or vain, whatever ring Damon can afford, I am sure she will be happy. Tierra, keep Sheree out of your business. Remember she called you her friend during season 1 at a photo shoot.

By the way, Ayden’s party was in May 2011 and the ladies traveled to South Africa in July 2011. Bravo’s editing is epic and so very real.

Next week
Fresh Princes – Kroy returns home after a monthlong stay at football camp. Kim welcomes him with a home-cooked meal—prepared by a private chef, of course. Meanwhile, NeNe has an important conversation with her youngest son; Phaedra hosts an extravagant church ceremony for her son, but drama surfaces between Kim and Cynthia.

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  • Sara

    Tierre isnt bobs daughter

    • Gem0124

       He’s the only father she has ever known.  Meaning they have a father/daughter relationship and her biological father is not a part of her life.

  • Alison Jones

    Why is Malorie the only one apoligizing, Peter should apolize also in my opinion because He said Thanks To Family and Friends and Malorie thats disrespectful.


      Ikr Peter was out of line. Okay yes Malorie have express her feelings about peter to cynthia ,but i never saw malorie disrepect peter in front of people.  

  • Divadollface Gabby

    Im so over kim and her fake self. She talking about how cynthia was talking crap about her…if i can recall kim said stuff about cynthia. She talked about her when she wrote that friend contact to nene, she talked about her wedding how she feel it wouldn’t last long and she brought her own wine cause she claim the wine is cheap. I guess kim can talk about people but no one can talk about her..get over yourself kim. Also can someone please tell me why kim keep saying sweetie is her assistant considering the fact she don;t work? Kim just need to fess up and say that sweetie is her made cause from what i see thats what she is. 

    • I agree and that is how she treats her; however, she must like it because she did not quit and Kim, oh she been with me so long and in the same breath saying I going to fire her, but i hate to do that because she been with me along time. “hey say what you mean and mean what you say” this applies to Kim and Sweetie.

    • Semccray47

      Kim is such a drama QUEEN, She is nothing about a back stabbing wanted to be. Her and Sheree should stay friends. She is so lazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have six kids and rasie them by myself. You only got rid of sweetie,because I don’t believe he wanted anyone black around his child. You talk about Malorie and you been with a married man. everything you have in that house you are renting is from BIG PAPA!!!! Why do yu want to put the man down now, because your HUSBAND play football. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You need Jesus, Sheree needs Jesus, Kandid needs Jesus!!!!! You all love throwing each other under the bus!!!!!!

  • Sheree is not friends with anyone. She is a selfish, self centered, egotistical, and I could really use some words to describe her but I am to much of a lady for that. Sheree is very insecure. She talk about all the other women on the show and she keep stuff stirred up all the time. Every week she really talk about the other ladies. Sheree is always trying impress people with her phony self and I hate to tell her but she is not the diva that she claim to be. Sheree try to keep up with the other women on the show and she can not hold a candle to them. This woman is very jealous harded. She will never keep a man or a real friend because she is very good at alienating people. I would not want to be around her. She come back from Africa and stirred up trouble, went to Phaedra’s son party and complain and talked about her the entire time. She did not have to go and she should have stayed home. Shree need to wake up and come down to earth and face reality. 

  • Jackie Battle

    Why does Sheree tell every darn thing she hears by other women like a teenager.  Surely at her age she should know better.  Women like gossip and when you spread it its like day old anything that does smell nice.

    Jackie Battle