Real Housewives of Atlanta: Sneak Peek…

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The next new episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs on the 8th January 2012! Here’s a sneak peak.

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  • I hate Peter HATE HIM

  • concernedfactor

    NeNe is to ghetto for me personally, you can tell she grew up with little to nothing because all she talks about is money, and material items Sheree is no better neither one of them earned what they have but got it on the backs of their husbands.  I wish they both understood what is really important in life and why GOD placed them here and its not to be so negative and critical of others but to uplift.  Not about clothes and houses but if someone else has shoes or food to eat. 

  • Tavia E.

    I know what he loves about her, he loves her bank account! Lol 
    Honestly, I think he loved her or cared for her strongly at one point but once he saw that she wouldn’t stand up for their marriage when her annoying, big mouth, nosy sister started bad talking him and their marriage he lost respect for their relationship and great deal of his feelings for her. 

  • Tavia E.

    I love NeNe. People call her “ghetto” but she speaks her mind and calls it how she sees it. Despite how it comes across she does try to keep the drama down but she doesn’t take bullshit or sits around while someone bad mouths her. In most of the episodes it appears as if she starts all the drama and get the negativity circulating but in reality she doesn’t. It seems that way because more times than not she ends up talking over the other person so you cant really hear what they’re saying but she’s fighting back with words, not the source of the battle. Like when Kim called her a bitch, a lot of people didn’t hear it so when NeNe went off they thought she was yelling trying to get something going but it was Kim who tossed the first insult which set NeNe off. 

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