Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Who Is Dana Wilkey?

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Dana Wilkey is the event planner who orchestrated Taylor Armstrong‘s lavish $60,000 “Magical Mad Hatter Tea Party” for her daughter, Kennedy’s fourth birthday party in season 1 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Dana’s mother was tragically killed when Dana was 12 and Dana moved out of her family’s home at 15 and moved to California. She later graduated from the University of Southern California. She is the founder and owner of a marketing company called the Adwil Agency. The company’s catchphrase is “Find The Drama.” Very suitable for reality television.

Adwil is a boutique web application development company and product placement firm for the entertainment industry. Dana’s firm also plans and organizes lavish parties around the Los Angeles area for celebrities, events and businesses.

Dana is rumored to be worth $12 million.

Dana is 37 and has an 18 month old son John Cayden (JC) with fiancé John Flynn pictured below; they are planning a fairytale wedding in Paris next year in 2012. John has two children from previous relationship 18 year old Conor and 22 year old Chloe, who Dana is pictured with here.

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The original picture of John Flynn that was posted was removed for the time being, as he emailed me and asked me to remove it.


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  • FedUp

    That explains alot! People that have money and are used to having money don’t go around bragging about it.Or boast about how much they paid for something,especially without being asked.She has no couth,if she even knows what it means.Maybe being around some more refined ladies will rub off on her.Let’s hope so anyway.

  • KandyKane

    HOLY HELL SHE IS worth 12 million and she is only 37 good for her…

  • CaliSteve

    Don’t believe the rumors. She not worth 12 million! She actually belongs on Orange County.

  • Who Cares John Flynn

    John Flynn get a life, get a grip. At the least have manners. Asking politely to have your privacy respected might get you respect. John Flynn don’t you know you have to give respect to get respect. John Flynn gave no respect and John Flynn gets no respect. Good riddance to John Flynn.

  • joan

    What a douche. baby mama acts like an idiot kiss ass.

  • QueenBofOB

    I wonder if she’s trying to get a bunch of free stuff by always mentioning brand names, as in the designer outfits she’s wearing. I think she’s accomplished a lot for someone who left home at 15. I wish we’d hear more about that, rather than watching the Witch Mountain Bitch Sisters stir up drama with each other and everyone else they attack.