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Kelly Bensimon’s Blog – “Grrrreunion!!!”


Wow what a “Lionswar“. Sometimes I don’t know whether I should roll my eyes or countsheep. The Real Housewives of New York Reunion this year got so heated, even our fearless leader “Charlie” aka Andy Cohen got ferocious. My mantra for crazy and or boring situations is always wear good shoes. They are my eye candy, and make me giggle when I look down at my feet and see smokin’ hot sexy Manolo Blahnik’s . My dress which I hunted down was French Connection. Good taste doesn’t have to be expensive! I wanted something fun, spirited, and hot. I had a great season this year, finally.

I proved on the show that you can have a good season without randomly lashing out at castmates, and acting like Lucille Ball. It’s ok to be thoughtful, have serious boundaries, and to take care of your friends and family. I don’t need to wear armour to protect my close friends, but I do need my Helen Ficalora necklaces, which have medallions that symbolize what’s important to me: Kids, Family, Friends, Dogs, and Horses. Its ok to be real, its ok to not want to steal crazy thunder, and its always ok to wear hot shoes. So, when you’re in the hot seat, wear your fav shoes.

Nothing is a better diffuser than a hot accessory!

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