Real Housewives of Orange County | Vicki & Alexis Fired?

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Bye Bye Vicki & Alexis

Say it ain’t so! Vicki Gunvalson and Alexis have been fired?!

Page Six reports ..

Bravo is looking to ax cast members from “The Real Housewives of Orange County” to bring in some fresh and wealthy talent. Sources told us Bravo execs are looking to refresh the cast the same way that it revamped the cast of its New York City franchise this season, adding three new women. An e-mail sent last week from “Housewives of Orange County” producers Evolution Media said it was looking for “fabulous affluent women and their families who live in amazing homes to potentially be on this series.” Once source told us Bravo is looking to dump at least one regular on the program, and said cast mates Vicki Gunvalson and Alexis Bellino were the most vulnerable, adding that Bellino is out of favor with producers after leaving filming in Costa Rica early during the last season. Sources also said that producers had considered asking Gunvalson’s pregnant 24-year-old daughter Brianna Wolfsmith to join the cast, given that she eloped with her boyfriend last year and is already known to Orange County viewers. Bravo had no comment.

If this is true, Bravo is as bad as VH1, keeping the circus acts and keeping the ringleading trouble makers. Make that money Bravo with the low rated Orange County “allstars”. Dear Bravo please bring Briana as a full time paid cast member. She’s a wife!

Source: NY Post USA, LLC
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  • SugarPie

    I don’t watch OC, but if BRAVO does this, they’ll lose ratings like they did when they “revamped” NY.

  • tamara anderson

    Why not leave the cast where it is it might make Alexis a stronger person!

  • gloriawas

    Thank goodness! It’s time to get rid of Alexis! She’s an embarrassment for real Christians!

  • oh please don’t bring Briana on board, can’t stand the way she talked to and about her own mother

  • Nanlfarhat

    Whatever you do DON’T bring Sarah in!!!!!

  • Quieststorm314

    Although I hate who they revamped RHONY with, (cant stand them, boring) I would LOVE to see that after seven whinney seaspns, Vicki will be gone!! Sometimes I just could not watch trat show because all she does is whine and complain….she is a jealous, whinney control freak…..she has gotten to BORING…get rid of her, I like Alexis

  • Aasterr

    Please dump Vicky. Then she’ll have all that extra time to sell insurance and micro-manage her childrens lives.

  • virginia norwood

    BRAVO – I am so glad you are making changes Pleas get rid of VICKI SHE IS SO FAKE SHE IS ALWAYS in EVERYONES BUISSNES expect her own for what a smart bussiness women how can she not the that her boyfriend BROOKS IS NOTHING BUT A BOTTOM FEEDER AND CON he could careless about her it’s her money he wants why has she not ask the other women he as coned and belive there out there so BAD BAD POINT FOR YOU BRAVO NOT CATCHING THAT. my girlfriends and i watch all the housewives shows but the oc went down first for many reason (1) llydia which is a 90lb headcase BAD BAD bAD HER BRIAN MUST NOT GOT TO THE TOP FLOOR WHY TO PICK HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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