The Real Mistresses of Atlanta | Preview

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The Real Mistresses of Atlanta

Yes you have heard correctly The Real Mistresses of Atlanta, which was created by Memphitz Wright, features Maliah, Rosee, Mary Jane, Sarah and Branden. Most of the Real Housewives have been or are mistresses so this shouldn’t be a stretch right? Who on earth is going to pick this up or will it be a web only show. Watch at your own discretion, for mature audiences only.

Mary Jane “If I were ever approached by a wife, there’s no argument. There’s no fight. I would sympathize with her dearly, but if it’s anything you need from me, you need to know what I’m doing to have your man coming to me.”

What are you thoughts?

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    Veronica Davis Reply
    WOW!!!!! I know for sure I wanna know who they are the mistresses of, and if it breaks up ya home, blame ya self! What’s done in the dark always comes to the light!!!!
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    Expressions Bailey Reply
    me too bring on the drama
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    Monieluv 504 Reply
    Isn’t there enough black.ghetto drama on tv already? So our image isn’t f***** up enough?
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    lovelygoddess27 Reply
    smfh!!!!!!! a hot mess
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    jerseyshay88 Reply
    I think it’s just SAD. Why would you embarrass yourself like this when it’s enough of this nonsense on tv? They ALL should be ASHAMED of themselves.
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    4me2know Reply
    The only wife on Basketball Wives were Shaunie and Jennifer. The others are just hoes who were mistresses at one time or another. Atleast this shows name fits the cast. It’s just a shame how brown woman want to represent themselves on tv. This is how white people think of us and all these woman do is make what other groups of people think of us appear true. It’s a shame that our people was once property and after all the things we have gone through for people to think of us as human now reality shows have shown that we aren’t.
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    Tan Reply
    I watch reality shows for entertainment. It’s very amusing. Plus I like Memphitz. Get your money bro.

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