Reality Superstars | Evelyn, Chrissy & Kandi!

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Here are some behind the scenes of some of the biggest reality stars on tv, Evelyn Lozada, Chrissy Lampkin and Kandi Burruss.

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  • Suchaflyldy

    although I dislike Ev, these photos kinda cool!

  • Aliceabolan0

    all bitches

  • Tkdd


  • Dlowstorm

    S/O to my boo kandi! I love the pics ladies.

  • i dnt like evenly any more …. chad a dog ass nigga he still fucks around yall f*** over jen …. why u didnt fight tammy u know who 2 f*** wit why fight sumbody u know u can beat up … bitch ub fake ass hoe …. krissy u my gurl u a down ass bitch iluv wat u do … keep it real stop hanging wit dat fake has hoe evenly …

  • Phatwan1

    wives? they aren’t married to their dudes!!! wth yall talking bout!!! love kandi, she has a good heart!!!#kml

  • Lipseytamika

    i love dat bitch chrissy but dat bitch enelyn need her ass beat i hate dat bitch i’ll f*** her up real talk she think she tough but she didn’t do all dat shit she doin now to tammy cuz tammy was gone beat dat ass.

  • Spradley Amber

    Well damn yall make me feel bad cuz Evelyn starting to grow on me she just acts tough cuz she don’t wanna get hurt same with Tammi but i do feel yall on that when yall say she wanna fight someone that she know she can beat shit she wasnt gonna f*** with Tammi lol and Kandi you lookin mommi

  • Pamelanicolebrown25

    Kandi…is my.girl been in lI’ve with her like forever…..Chrissy is my girl too…Evelyn was I just don’t know what is going on with her, but I still got love for her.

  • Weirbeautiful


  • Ethel Pierre

    Kandi is my girl.  Hate to see her hanging out with Chrissy or Evelyn.  She is much too classy for those girls.  Both or loud  and bullish.  Kandi is different.