Porsha Stewart ‘My Husband Kordell Stewart Is Not Gay’

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Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Stewart is defending her husband against those pesky although very old allegations that he’s gay. The former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Kordell Stewart was rumored to have been caught performing a sexual act with another man while living in Pittsburgh, but authorities didn’t want to turn him in as he was a star. Kordell has denied the rumor in the past, but his wife was asked about it directly during a recent radio interview on New York’s Power 105.1.

On the gay rumors:
“There’s lie out there on the Internet about everybody. One thing I do know is that my husband loves me and he puts it down and I will be with him forever. And you know what? He’s more man to me than I have ever met. So for me gay is just out of the window. I know my husband and I know a real man and I know when somebody is probably lying.”

Well that’s put the rumor to rest, his wife says he isn’t gay, which wife wouldn’t defend their bank account? If Kordell isn’t gay, why defend what doesn’t need to be defended.

On Kenya
Their relationship (Kenya & Walter) looks off. It looks forced. [Rubbing her butt on Peter’s genitalia] Oh it would have been something else. I don’t put my hand on people, but she’d have been over that cliff. I don’t play that. I felt some kinda way seeing her disrespect other women’s husbands. I’m not used to that. I’m used to people having home training and she probably skipped that class.”

Check out Porsha’s full interview below where she also reveals whether Kim Zolciak called her the “N” word during an argument on a recent episode.

Porsha has forgotten one of the video she was grinding in. Here it is NSFW Some Cut [feat. Cutty] (Explicit Version) [Explicit]:

Trillville is a rap group from the Atlanta, GA. In 1997, when its members were still in the ninth grade in high school, the group formed with the stated intention to become “Gods of Crunk.” “Some Cut” it was released on February 15, 2005, received significant airplay on the radio nationwide and became another big hit, peaking at #14 on the Billboard Hot 100 and getting a gold certification from the Recording Industry Association of America. “Some Cut” is both the group’s and Cutty’s most successful song. Apparently the song is very explicit. Check it out for yourself.

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  • Mrs T

    I’ve seen this video many times & IMO, Porsha shouldn’t be ashamed of her behavior, she was just dancing, was fully clothed, & doubt that man was anyone’s husband at the time (or now for that matter). People shouldn’t disrespect her marriage, her defending her husband doesn’t make him gay, any wife is going to defend her man, after all they brought it up not her. Whatever he likes isn’t any of our business that’s between him, Porsha, & God. It’s always people without a husband who want to find fault in someone’s marriage smh.

  • The media is so wack and screwed up! When was she grinding on anyone? She was dancing, fully clothed and she wasn’t married at the time. To the DJ that asked her if her husband is gay, are you gay? Your response doesn’t mean you’re defending yourself, it means you’re answering my question!

  • Jewel B

    I guess I’m from a different era because you don’t grind on another woman’s husband without expecting a beat down.  She’s not married but she’s on a trip with her so called man and therefore it was disrespectful to him.  Had it been the other way around ya’ll would be calling him all kinds of things.

  • Carcoul

    Ok but she wasnt married kenya do need to respect other ppl men husband go get ur own oh I fogot they run away once they c the craziness. Plus that man porsha was dancing with probably wasnt married