Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills | Season 3, Episode 7 Recap

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The episode begins with Adrienne and Paul continue their albeit understandable but bad behavior at a public event. Taylor is obviously upset over what transpired. Kyle walks Paul and Adrienne out and in her best unimportant ER nurse acting, she is sympathetic to Adrienne. Kyle never takes the side of anyone with sense in the 3 seasons this show has been on the air. She then goes after Kim, who was wrong to start the drama at the event. Kyle should have stopped the shouting match and either asked Brandi or the Maloof-Nassif’s to leave. It appears the more money you have, Kyle will always take your side. Since when did Kim feel it necessary to always speak the truth and why the hell did she not call Adrienne as soon as it happened prior to the event?

Brandi’s recent 180 towards Adrienne seems strange and everyone believes that Brandi must have lost her mind and is obviously a liar. Brandi is an easy target, she is flighty, foul mouthed and all over the place, but I tend to believe her, why tell a lie to everyone? Everyone is still asking what is the secret that Bravo bleeped which is so annoying, if it cannot be spoken about, don’t air it!

  1. Adrienne used a surrogate. Which is the most common rumor to date
  2. Adrienne and Paul were getting a divorce
  3. The Nassif children aren’t biologically Paul’s or Adrienne’s
  4. Paul and Adrienne wanted a threesome with Brandi
  5. Adrienne and Paul were abusive to each other

Kyle, Camille and Taylor’s scene looked over staged and Camille looked like she wanted to laugh. Who is their acting coach? Everyone is taking sides and now attacking each other on their ‘secrets’. Camille says she has never heard Adrienne say anything negative about Brandi. Is Camille with Adrienne 24/7? That statement was unnecessary. What you don’t hear is what you don’t know. Kim believes Kyle started the drama or fire as she put it, as she asked Brandi at Lisa’s event what happened between her and Adrienne. So Kim just added some gasoline.

Kim’s son is turning 21 and in family tradition they are celebrating in Las Vegas. Nothing is better for an alcoholic that to party in Las Vegas. I am in utter disbelief, that Kim or her children would even consider such a trip.

"I'm really a good friend"

Kyle meets with Faye Resnick her best friend, for lunch. Kyle treats Faye and everybody else like princess’, meanwhile her sister is a second class citizen. Kyle invites Faye and the ladies for a, ‘my dining room is almost done’ party. Kyle obviously tells Faye about Brandi and Adrienne’s fight. Faye obviously takes Adrienne’s side. Why is Faye given airtime again? She calls the situation, the mean girl mentality, we’ll get back to that later.

Scheana brings Lisa some food from the restaurant, in another segway for Vanderpump Rules. Poor silly Scheana asks if she could speak to Brandi about the fact that she was sleeping with married Eddie for a while. Who does that? I’m tried of men and women having affairs then apologizing about it later. Here’s a thought. Close your legs to married men and women!

Yolanda is exercising her butt off! As she believes exercising is the fountain of youth. No Yo Yo that would be plastic surgery. Dale, the Foster’s trainer is 57 and her looks really good!

Brandi arrives at Lisa’s and tells her what happened. Also a story about Brandi’s hard party ways have hit the tabloids. So Adrienne is selling stories to the tabloids just like how she accused Lisa of, last season. Or may be Adrienne’s chef, Bernie is the one who is passing on the gossip to the media.

At Kyle’s party, Marisa the newest Beverly Hills housewife makes an appearance. Yolanda couldn’t make it due to Donna Summer’s funeral and Kim wasn’t there as she was in Las Vegas for her son Chad’s 21st birthday – Kyle tells everyone at the table, she wasn’t invited although Kim said she was – passive much Kyle? Of course Adrienne didn’t come, Brandi states she would have passed on the invite for Adrienne. Marissa asked what happened. Brandi states Adrienne is a liar – she doesn’t have a book deal, plus other lies she has told. Faye is upset at Brandi’s comments. Brandi states she has been treated very poorly by Adrienne.

The ninth circle of hell

Now granted, if I had a friend who was always very good to me, I would find it hard to believe to. But that does not mean Brandi is lying, if I was around to witness Adrienne’s alleged treatment of Brandi them and only then could I make an informed decision on the situation. Now for Faye to say that Brandi is making random allegations. Faye wasn’t there, so why is she speaking? No one else was questioning Brandi at the table. Faye is Kyle’s mouth piece, Kyle doesn’t want to be the ‘bad’ housewife this season – too late – so she is using Faye – terrible move. Faye wants to know if Brandi has called Adrienne to apologize. Who is Faye and why is she on my television screen? Everyone jumps on the apology bandwagon – Kyle states that Brandi should send flowers. Are they serious? Kyle then states that she knows Lisa doesn’t like Adrienne. What?

Is there a whole season missing of Beverly Hills that we are unaware of. Lisa has told anyone with ears, that she was offended that Adrienne accused her of selling stories – that is the issue she had with Adrienne and they patched things up so when did Lisa stop ‘liking’ Adrienne, according to Kyle?

"Why do my parties always end so badly?"

Kyle is the ultimate stirrer and peace keeping for the wrong side. Faye continues with her calm insults.

Marissa the newbie opens up and agrees with Brandi, Faye take the offense and says Marissa doesn’t know Brandi – Faye neither do YOU! Faye continues her verbal onslaught of Brandi, she was calm but it was unnecessary it’s not Faye’ place. Brandi leaves. Kyle said, ‘Sh*t’. For what? She sat there while Faye spoke out of place for probably 30 minutes and destroyed her dinner.

Yet again another Umansky event was a mess and Kyle doesn’t stand up to the person who created the mess. As far as we know, (editing could have played a part) Camille and Taylor said not a word.

On Monday Jan 7th – Bravo is having a RHOBH special – Brandi confronts Sheana for sleeping with her husband. What I want to see is Brandi, Eddie and LeAnn in a room to discuss their issues.

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  • Gsnj71

    Faye’s comments and assault on Brandi was uncalled for. Who is she to get involved. It’s none of her business and ate should have been told to leave for outwardly insulting a guest at her friends dinner party. She should be ashamed of her verbally abusive behavior at dinner. Faye – her nose out of others people’s business.. Judge, only of you want to be judged!

  • HousewivesFanatic

    Kyle is a bitch. Faye is a bitch. The End.