RHODC: Catherine Ommanney has moved back to the UK

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London socialite quits US after claims of racism on reality TV

She is a 38-year-old London socialite who once claimed to have shared a passionate kiss with Prince Harry.

But after moving to Washington DC to build a new life with her award-winning White House photographer husband, Catherine Ommanney has found herself a figure of hate in the US after falling foul of reality TV.

The interior designer signed up to appear in The Real Housewives Of DC, the fifth instalment of a series which follows the lives of affluent housewives and professional women in America.

It was filmed last year and went on air this month, but Ms Ommanney complains she has been made to look like a “stuck-up cow” and a racist.

In a scene at the home of Stacie Scott Turner, a black estate agent, Ms Ommanney impersonated model Tyra Banks and claimed to be disappointed that President Barack Obama did not attend a ceremony at which her husband won a photography prize.

She was not directly accused of racism in the episode, but Ms Turner’s black friend Erika Hughes said her comments were “rude, abrasive and neck rolling”.

After splitting from her husband, Ms Ommanney has now returned to London. She said: “I have been portrayed as a racist. The fact that I was putting Tyra Banks down and mildly disappointed with Obama, it has nothing to do with colour. I despise racism and sexism.

“People were giving me grief on the streets. I don’t see colour. I’m just not a big fan of Tyra Banks. There was so much reverse racism going on, I found it astonishing.”

Even Ms Turner feels the Briton was treated unfairly by editors of the Bravo programme. She said: “I thought the scene with Cat and I was a little amplified and made to have a racial undertone to it, which really didn’t exist.”

Source: London Evening Standard

Catherine Ommanney Wants 15 month Old Article and Comments Removed USA, LLC
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  • Karma

    Please….Is this the best you can do as Journalists, Just copy and paste ?

    How about Cathy was investigated for failing to declare having a UK criminal Record. AS part of her visa requirement she had to notify US authorities of it. This she failed to do .

    The London Evening Standard and the Daily mail are idiots to try and think her story about “kissing” Harry was true ! That night she claimed it happened there was over 15 photographers outside The club. Please show us one photograph of her with Harry leaving in his Range Rover?

    You know very well that pic would have sold for many thousand pounds . Are we suppose to think they all missed it ? Get real please ,

    The event never happened

    Catherine is looking a little “washed out’ but she might be able to return to been a “hostess” in London at one of the Lap dance clubs etc . She enjoyed that some years ago !

  • Karma

    She is a cocaine user who has stolen off many friends. Her whole life is fake, She has never shown any proof of been a interior designer. Even her web site link shows no evidence. Just a pic of her looking like a hooker on a bed .

    Cathy is the finest example of a ” two faced bitch” ever. Yes she is racist, but clever enough to keep a few black friends etc to look “cool”

    Cathy has a Uk criminal record for theft . She should never ever be trusted. She used both husbands to fund her life and cheated on both of them

    Their real father should apply for custody to protect them from her lifestyle .

    As for Charles….. he was a idiot to even get involved. He knew what she was like .

  • Karma


    Here is your chance to answer these questions

    1. Do you have a criminal record for shop lifting (stealing) . Some years ago in Wiltshire

    2. Did you ever work as a “hostess” In a Lap dance club near Harrods?

    3 .Do you deny ever been a cocaine user ?

    4. Have you ever been caught stealing from friends ?

    5. You lied about been with prince Harry?

    6. You cheated on Both Stephen and Charles . ?

    lets see how honest you are

  • Karma

    Lets add…..

    And did you not also use Charles to get you out of possibly going to prison ?

    Cathy…. I speak to a few of your friends often, they also do not like you etc and just pretend. Your have really sank to a all time low

    No wonder “May” never trusted you also (Her fathers mother)

    Even your father and step mother have been quoted as saying your one “greedy bitch”

  • Mark

    who decided to change her nickname to Cathy? it’s Cat…

  • Karma

    I am referring to her by the name she has been called all her life.

    Marlborough Times given info about this story, lets see if they want to run a story about this “failed ” bitch !

  • KC

    Seriously, I went to google Cat to see what her book was about, and every article has this one individual writing the same thing to “uncover” her past. I don’t know her and never will, but maybe you need to make yourself happy before you spend time writing nasty things (whether true or not) about other people online…. Seriously, how angry must you be to slander her online… perhaps she’s done something to you, but in that case, leave it to “karma”….

  • I liked it. So much useful material. I read with great interest.

  • Karma


    Its called karma for a reason

    Imagine if she had stolen off you, left you with huge debts etc ? This lady is a ex hooker , well she called it been a “hostess” but getting paid to have sex with customers who visit a lap dance club , is a hooker !

    Criminal record for theft etc

    too many people in life all seem to think we have to “forgive” well screw that !

    get back inside your little cotton wool box and stay away from the big bad world if it worries you that much

    it takes me a few mins a week to do my thing , less time than drinking a cup of tea and more rewarding !

    Imagine wanting to bitch to people about your own Step Mother ( Kathy Ashley) been some sister ?? of a terrorist ? Thats the type of woman cathy is !

  • All you Cat haters are nothing but jealous bollocks!! Get a life and stop HATING, it’s just a dam reality show. Love you Cat, wish you the best here or back in London!! ;)

    peace, luv and huggz…..

  • There is free speech – that doesn’t mean you are free to defame, libel or slander some one.  Are you not able to delete such posts as owner of the blog? 

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