RHONJ | Danielle Staub On Estranged Husband Marty Caffrey: “He’s Not a Well Man”

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Danielle Staub, 56, and Marty Caffrey, 66 wedding was shown during the Sunday 30th December 2018, episode of the Real Housewives Of New Jersey, but according to the reality star, she had hesitations going into the marriage. Really Danielle?

“It’s like going down the hill on a slippery slope of ice. How do you stop? You slide to the end and you hit cars. Well, that’s what I’m doing. It’s not me hitting rock bottom, it’s me wanting to get rid of this whole thing because I thought that getting married might make it a little better. I thought he’d feel more secure. … I kept waiting, like most women do and most men do, you wait for that person to turn back into the person you fell in love with,” Danielle tell US Mag about their four-year relationship, which she alleges has been verbally and emotionally abusive.

Even before all of that, viewers saw signs that the couple were having problems. Danielle told the guests at a dinner table of their friends that Marty’s children “hate me.”

Marty told Margaret Josephs’ husband Joe Benigno and Melissa Gorga‘s husband Joe Gorga: “She’s a challenge. I like challenges.” Ok Marty.

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Danielle and Marty married in May in the Bahamas in front of Bravo cameras. Four months later, Reality Wives broke the story that he and Danielle were having problems and he filed for divorce, she then sought a temporary restraining order against him. According to the reality TV personality, she wanted her spouse to cite irreconcilable differences as the reason for their split — so they could both leave the relationship quickly and with “dignity.” Instead, Danielle states to Us that Marty filed a divorce complaint of maliciousness.

Danielle on the divorce and Marty:
“He turned it on me. He needs to lash out. He’s not a well man. He’s really not a well man and I did everything that he wanted me to do to try to end this peacefully. I wanted him to take what little dignity he had left before I had to tell the truth and that was all I really wanted to do, was just to get him to file irreconcilable differences. If you don’t want this attention, which I did not, I didn’t need for everyone to know how he was.”

In the divorce documents Danielle accused Marty of subjecting her to “acts of extreme cruelty,” including allegedly recording her during sex without her knowledge and threatening to expose the tapes, and allegedly mocking and harassing her for being sexually abused by her father as child. She also claimed that Marty “verbally and emotionally abused” her daughters, Christine, 24, and Jillian, 20, whose father is her second husband Thomas Staub.

Marty denied the accusations Danielle made:
“None of this is accurate or even close to the truth. This is simply Danielle Staub trying to take people out like she has in her past, but it’s not going to work this time.”)

Danielle on Marty’s alleged abuse:
“The fact that anyone would use your partner’s past as a way to abuse them and then verbally abuse and emotionally abuse my daughter or my children or my friends that are around me, there isn’t one woman that he’s had a conversation with that could say that he’s not an abusive man. It’s erratic behavior and it’s constant. I mean, constant. There’s not letting off that gas.”

Danielle on the wedding not being her storyline:
“There was no man in my life. I didn’t need a man to be on the show. So I want people to stop with their fantasies about me needing a man to be on the show. I’m the only one that didn’t have a man, and I was still on the show. And I will still not have a man or need a man, to remain relevant on the show. That’s what an OG is, baby. We bring it. For your entertainment and for your cause.”

Danielle on her marriage ending:
“It’s no longer on my shoulders. I feel like, if anything, it should validate the behavior because you do take it out on the people you’re closest to and I was dealing with a monster at home and in my real life, so, you’re just seeing me be back out on that to whoever would listen.It doesn’t make me feel embarrassed. It makes me a part of the Me Too movement.”

Marty on Danielle’s accusation of abuse:
“Her deadline to answer my divorce complaint was December 21. As late as December 19, she was begging me to withdraw the divorce, pull the house off the market and reconcile. She threatened that if I didn’t that she would ‘destroy me’ and ‘go after my kids.’ I didn’t withdraw the divorce and so she filed her answer with the list of 29 horrific, defamatory and illogical claims against me,” Marty claimed to Us, noting he has a good relationship with his children and ex-wife. “Danielle was more interested and fully intended to publicize a sensational and defamatory smear of me and and my family. My divorce complaint filed in August was never released to the media. So who’s ‘airing dirty laundry?’”

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