RHOOC Reunion Preview | Briana Curses Out Brooks, Gretchen Rossi Cries

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Lies, Bullies, Scandals, and Drama

The Real Housewives Of Orange County, Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Barney, Gretchen Rossi, Alexis Bellino, Heather Dubrow and newbie Lydia McLaughlin hash out season eight’s many layers of childish betrayals, immature alliances and hurt feelings.

Lauri Peterson also makes an appearance who stirred up major trouble by stating that Vicki had been involved in a threesome, plus Vicki’s daughter Briana, argues with Vicki’s former boyfriend Brooks Ayers.

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  • Noni

    Oh Gretchen…. cry me a RIVER….. you are sure sounding like a liar!… go figure.

    • gretchenisfake

      Can I double like that she had people stalk and harass me on twitter because I said she was fake they said I was spamming and had my account suspended criticism bitch its reality tv cant wait till she hears everyones opinions she will get hers crying a river truth hurts liar cheater drama queen believing lauri horse face

  • Tara Lipscomb

    see, all Lauri said was she walked in on Vicki in bed with 2 other people, she said she didn’t know if they were having a 3some or not, that they were just there when she walked in, not doing anything…Gretchen started that rumor

  • Nisa

    I don’t understand why everybody is so up Tamra’s ass-she seems somewhat bipolar to me she just can not decide weather to be tha bitch or sweetheart.I think she is so fake.And for Gretchen now she knows how Alexis felt last season.And Briana husband Ryan he is so getting on my last nerves and should not be talking to people in that foul language he just wants his 15 mins of fame also.And for him to be representing the U S A gosh I am ashamed of his actions on that show.And Brooks is just after the money.

  • Lynette Baynes Shuff


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