Robert Griffin III & Fiance Greta Sadeiko Welcome A Girl, Gloria Griffin

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Robert Griffin III is a father for the second time, he and his fiance Greta Sadeiko welcomed their first child together a daughter, Gloria Griffin.

Little Gloria was born on Sunday, weighing 6 pounds, 12 ounces.

Grete wrote on Instagram, “Couldn’t have done it without this man by my side, my backbone. Trying to make me laugh every way possible and keeping me entertained through all the pain and doing everything to make me smile and get through this. You deserve a medal baby!”

Robert wrote, “Welcome to the world Gloria Griffin!!! Your mommy is incredible! The way she pushed through delivering you into the world was the stuff of legend. Very simply put, Your mom is a certified baller!!! I am blessed to have your Mommy riding with me as we show each other what real love is and now we have you, our own little angel to raise. It is very rare to find something real in this world we live in. God is real and he has blessed your mommy and daddy beyond our wildest dreams. We found each other and we made you. We have Real Love. Real Happiness. Real Purpose. That is priceless. 7/2/17 #OurLittleAngel #Love #Happiness #KnowYourWhy #OneOfTheBestDaysOfOurLife”

The couple embarked on an adulterous affair while Robert was married to Robecca Liddicoat Griffin. They then got engaged back in May on the same day she announced she was pregnant with Robert’s child.

Robert has 2 daughters now, I hope no one treats his daughters the way he treated his wife.

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