Royce Reed vs Dwight Howard | Our Custody Judge Has a Baby Mama Bias!

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Here we go again, Dwight and Royce are battling for custody and duking it out in court yet again. TMZ reports that Royce wants the judge removed as she feels he has a bias against “NBA baby’s mamas” well, the ones that were never married and he has ties to Dwight’s lawyer.

Royce Reed is battling Dwight in court in an effort to retain primary custody of their son. Dwight filed docs earlier this month to try and wrangle custody from her … claiming she interferes with his relationship with their son and makes it difficult for him to see the boy on his scheduled days.

The “Basketball Wives” star came back this week with a motion of her own … to have Judge Tim Shea taken off the case. She claims he has a bias against baby mamas and she fears he may side with Dwight because he’s a local celebrity.

In her filing, Reed claims Shea wouldn’t let her present her side during a court hearing last month. Reed’s lawyer also filed an affidavit saying that during the hearing, Judge Shea said he would award Howard custody, then decided to delay his decision … despite the fact no evidence had been presented.

Reed also claims there might be a conflict of interest since Shea’s own website lists one of Howard’s lawyers, Mayanne Downs, as one of his endorsers

I am sure when Royce tweeted this picture of her new beau Dezmon and her son, Dwight must have been seething.

Is Royce making it hard for Dwight to see his son and is he going for custody of his other children too?

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  • you don’t post a pic for the baby daddy to see if you’re making it hard for him to visit.  DUH

  • Peachsluv

    stupid post pic of your son and your man and u in custody battle.

  • Tylisha123phoenix

    II like the pic royce!! Keep doin ur thing I don’t think that’s fair cause she has another life outside howards!! She has a life too an both sides should hav they say n court cause he’s a basketball player that shouldn’t make things harder so FROM BROOKLYN HOLD UR HEAD ROYCE KEEP THE FAITH AN REMEMBER ALL THEM HATERS WILL HATE but @ the end of the day its ur b.i an nobody elses….. Holla

    • huh_huh

      royce wanna keep them checks rollin in. I hope the judge grant Dwight full custody. That will send a message to the rest of these gold diggin hoes. They been hustling the system for years. 

  • She is being childish and trying to keep some DRAMA going on she need to stop being silly like a teenager Royce please get a LIFE it about your son not you booboo

  • Letrishiaandrews

    Damn where have I been
    I didn’t know royce and dwight had a baby wtf
    I really don’t like her ass now

  • petagaye

    lov royce fight for your sons he is all u got mr Howard as more kmt

  • SaszyGurl

    What other kids do DH have?????  Royce and Dwight, you have to stop this for your child’s sake!  STOP IT NOW!!!!!!!!

  • Haknight

    That was dumb of her to post that pic, she keeps adding fuel to the fire by doing things like that. That’s his son, and I’m sure that pissed him off and she knew it would, when she did that.  She needs to grow up and be a mother to her child, and setting a good example.

  • Ms.Truth

    she want full custody because she want them CHECKS 2 keep coming but I say when you have a man who want’s to be in his son life, just let him!!!!! ps: I thank it’s all about the money endway!!!!! and she know she is wrong for that picture….

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