Pascagoula School District Is Now Interviewing 4 Adult Witnesses In Avalynn Harris’ Beating

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via The Sun Herald:
The story of a Pascagoula mother’s campaign for justice is being read around the world.

In the meantime, city police are investigating the playground incident, the school system has interviewed four adult witnesses and the superintendent is declining interviews until both investigations are complete.

The story began when 5-year-old AvaLynn Harris, a kindergartner, returned home from school Aug. 26 with a swollen, bruised and cut face from injuries she received on the playground of Arlington Elementary.

Her mother posted photos on a Facebook page called JusticeforAvaLynn, saying her daughter was “kicked repeatedly in the face until she fell off the slide.” She set up an online account for AvaLynn’s medical expenses and her own lost wages.

The Facebook page had more than 87,000 likes by Tuesday afternoon and the site, with 4,600 shares, had almost reached its goal of $10,000 on Tuesday night.

People expressed concerns such as a lack of police involvement and the possibility of bullying going unpunished.

Mom Lacey Harris filed a police report Aug. 28 that stated she believed another child in AvaLynn’s class had assaulted her.

Police Chief Kenny Johnson said contrary to earlier reports police are investigating.

But based on what Harris said in the police report, “it wouldn’t be a criminal investigation,” Johnson said. “If a 5-year-old injures another 5-year-old, that’s not a criminal act.”

He said officials are working to determine what happened and if an adult was involved. But he said, “There is nothing indicating an adult was involved in the actual injuries.”

He said the state Department of Human Services is participating in the investigation and will be doing comprehensive follow-up interviews.

The Pascagoula School District confirmed a child was injured on playground equipment, but said Tuesday no other children were involved.

It said the matter has been turned over to its insurance company “for further handling.”

The school district said it interviewed four adults who were present at the time to determine that AvaLynn wasn’t kicked on a slide.

Debbie Anglin, Pascagoula schools spokeswoman, said the schools have security cameras, but there are no cameras on the playgrounds. Pascagoula residents have started a petition to address that issue.

Anglin did not dispute the incident happened on the playground, and said, “The parent was contacted and the student received medical treatment.”

See the original story here: Avalynn Harris Beaten & Kicked, School Determines She Injured HERSELF!


Lacey Harris-Avalynn

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  • Linda

    I am now certain there is a cover up. First of all the school and the cops said there were no witnesses and now all of a sudden FOUR adults witnessed the beating? The level of incompetence over the handling of this tragedy is unbelievable. How the hell can you send this child home saying she did this to herself and her claims that she was kicked can’t be proven as no one saw it? Now there are witnesses. If I was this mother I would sue the concrete from under the school and the district. The school needs to be shut down as it’s proven that the children were not supervised suppose she had died? This makes me so angry.

  • Vanessa Reyes

    As a parent my heart Ached when i saw these photos, i Sincerely pray that JUSTICE prevails in your favor. If in fact a child did this where was the SUPERVISION i know threre has to be adults walking around making sure the grounds are not only secure but a SAFE enviornment for our Children. This is Unacceptable & the school should NOT be able to Sweep this ONE inder the RUG, And LAW ENFORCEMENT do your JOB & investigate & STOP giving Preliminary judgments !

  • Connie Borkowski Gonzales

    It’s hard to believe another small child could be responsible for this babies injuries….something is really wrong here. That school needs to do some serious investigation here.asap. God bless her and a speedy recovery.

  • heather

    Where was everyone when this little girl was screaming??? Some just isn’t right and someone isn’t talking or telling the truth its sad to know we cannot trust the adults who we leave our children with for school.

  • Sherry Oliver

    It seems to be a cover up for sure I saw her picture I wanted to cry now if we would have sent our child to school like that cps what have been called. Or we don’t send them to school I pray u get justice schools our suppose to perfect our children when in there care people don’t care no more and it’s very sad

  • Jacqueline E. Irons

    How come “nobody knows nothin’?” Who did the little girl say did this to her? Has the little girl been given a chance to speak about what happened to her and by whom? I mean this story doesn’t make sense to me. The little girl has fingers that can point to the person who punched, kicked or used an object to hurt her like that. Also don’t put this attack past another child who is much stronger than she and who could kick like a bull too. It seems as if the child was caught off guard.

    • Mrs J

      This is so sad. No Child should ever have to experience anything so horrific. There are some incompetent teachers at that school. If an adult took part in this little girls beating I hope you lose lots of sleep and something horrible happen to you.

  • DeeJay

    Someone needs to be held accountable for this little girl’s injuries! The school is responsible on every level. They sent this child home with these injuries? Seriously? Oh Hell no! There needs to be JUSTICE for this baby.

  • mitch

    Somebody knows! I remember when teachers would be tending to children on or off playgrounds. Therefore what happened this day? All personel is @ fault!!!

  • jack

    Im a parent and if this happen to my child id be in jail cause imma go up to the school armed and ready cause somebody is gonna answer all my questions I’ll be another john Q up in here

  • Jae

    Regardless of who did or how it happened, the staff is responsible for the safety of the children while in their care. And the facttthat they are unable to give an explanation as to what happened to this baby shows a lack of supervision. If they were my staff, they would be on leave pending this investigation. Its really sad that our babies can’t go to school to get their education and feel safe. Im disappointed in those 4 teachers that failed this baby and how they claiming no one touched. My kids have fallen off of many pieces of playground equipment and never got up looking like her…ijs

  • Carmen D Judkins

    Cover up and a bunch of BS. Somebody is jealous of a beautiful child and something needs to be done. It is no way in h_ _ _ this child fell and received injuries like this. If the teachers are covering this up they need to be fired and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. If nothing is done by law keep in mind “What goes around comes around”. God bless!!!

  • Renee’ Hall

    Its NO way she could’ve done this to herself. SOMEONE HAS TO BE ACCOUNTABLE for what this baby is looking like!

  • Sisstarmama Onyeka Montgomery

    no words

  • Lakeitsha

    I hate to see the picture of this beautiful Lil girls face. It hurts my heart to see this. The would get tired of seeing me n when I got finished with the school system they would all be looking for new jobs cause the school would be shut down. Praying that this family gets justice

  • Jamie Kiser

    Its obvious that the teachers wasn’t doing their jobs. Now the school is trying to cover up. The child or kids that done this needs help and the family needs to be investigated. The teachers that was suppose to be with the kids needs to be suspended with no pay for a while. There is NO way a kid could do this to herself, even if she just fell off the slide. It’s Bs someone has hurt her. Didn’t the lil girl see the other kid ? They should do a line up if so. Then go from there. It’s sad sounds like to me a lot of people need to loose their jobs

  • KyukiYoshida

    Same generic response that literally every school uses when they’re faced with an issue. “We’re investigating but we assure you it’s a misunderstanding”. Face it, no matter how many no child left behind, anti bullying and zero tolerance Policies we have, kids will continue to be unsafe and left behind. They don’t give a shit about your kids, they have a reputation to protect. I also like how they’re trying to claim that a 5 year old assaulting another 5 year old to this extent isn’t a crime or even that she did this to herself. A 5 year old doesn’t get that f***** up unless it’s by someone who went out of their way to cause severe and deliberate harm. Of course it’s a crime, what if that 5 year old had killed the girl? Would it be innocent or would they be listed as a juvenile delinquent? And does the little girl not know her attackers? Cause I would have sued the shit out of those parents.

  • Anonyous

    Black ‘baby daddy’ did it

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