Sexy McMug Jeremy Meeks Gets His Own Action Figure

via CBS Local:
Now Jeremy “Sexy Mugshot” Meeks almost had his own action figure.

The same company that created the Edward Snowden action figure and other dubious celebrities created a mock-up of Meeks.

The action figure idea follows all the social media attention and him landing a $30,000 modeling contract. The company had mocked-up a version of Meeks that is not behind bars and is 12 inches tall with 34 points of articulation.

Later Thursday, however, hundreds of thousands of cute convict crushes were dashed when ThatsMyFace announced they will not be selling the figure of “America’s Most Handsome Criminal.” Coincidentally, a modeling agency has rights to profiting from his likeness.

Jeremy threatened to sue and the doll was shelved.

jeremy meeks_action figure-1-rw

jeremy meeks_action figure-rw

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