Shahs Of Sunset | Season 1, Episode 3

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The morning after the party, everyone gathers in MJ’s room, who is obviously not ready to leave, all of her clothes and shoes are still laid out, unpacked. She announces that GG has left and returned to Los Angeles, without telling anyone. Reza is not happy and will be having words with GG and also be giving her an Emily Post etiquette book. Bravolebrities sure do love Emily Post.

Back in LA. MJ and GG have lunch, MJ tells GG that Reza thought her behavior was out of line. GG obviously doesn’t agree with him.

Mike is working on a new real estate listing, a club, which could mean a huge commission for him. Sammy is working on a construction project for Mohammed Hadid, Lisa Vanderpump’s friend from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Bravo just needs to give him his own show, he is weird, stinking rich and has a girlfriend/child.

Asa is awesome, she is the hippy chic. She makes diamond water which turns her into an intergalactic fiery priestess. Alrighty then. The diamond water gets her ready for her recording session. We experience, trip hop, galactical Persian vibes. She considers herself a modern persian gypsy bohemian, but who is footing the bill for her studio time and Benz? What is her occupation? Is her dad paying her bills too?

Reza shows a client a potential new home, her “starter home” which she currently lives in is huge. But she wants to upgrade. Of course.

MJ and Reza work together and have two very different work styles. MJ is a relaxed realtor. Reza is wound up, very tightly. MJ claims she works less than Reza but makes more money than he does.

Reza and MJ meet GG who states that Anita was in the wrong and she felt attacked and as Anita was shouting at her, she was shouting too, but was yelling louder. GG admits she has has anger issues.

GG: I was barking like a rottweiler that bites off a chihuahua’s head

They make up, say salamati “cheers” and of course drink.

Mike and his mother have lunch, while discussing his plans for the club, he is distracted by a modelling agency across the street.

Mike: Persian girls are looking better

Reza is throwing a champagne party, he spends over $8000 on champagne and caviar for the shindig. This will be the first time everyone has gathered since their getaway in Vegas, for us the time span has been 30 minutes for the Shah’s it’s been a few weeks.

“Please hide the knives from GG”

Anita, Reza’s friend makes her rounds at the party and indulges in small talk about GG. What is she trying to prove? Know your place Anita. Anita is beautiful, but trying to hard to fit in. Reza devises a drinking game; guessing which champagne is which, from the cheapest to the most expensive.

Reza: I know none of your palate’s are as sophisticated as mine

Mike was the winner with 4 out of 5 guessed correctly. He is the master drinker. After the drinking game, GG accosts Anita “do you have something to say to me“. GG states that when they wore the same dress, she even complimented Anita on her look, which means she doesn’t hate her and she doesn’t have any issues with her.

MJ: She is not a normal person, [GG] she is right.

Is MJ drunk? YES!

They leave the kitchen and GG takes Anita by the hand and tries to talk to her and explain her point of view of where she was coming from, may be GG saw the error of her ways and realized fighting is not a good look. But I am glad she apologized, it takes a big person to own up to her faults.

Shah’s of Sunset is a great show, they are all weird, quirky, sloppy, messy, loving, rich, spoiled and friends. It’s nice to see more diversity on Bravo.

Next week:
Sammy is put on the spot when Mohamed comes back from vacation and evaluates the work on his palatial Beverly Hills home. Asa plays her music for a major producer and starts to feel pressures to confirm her image. At GG’s parents 40th anniversary party she risks blowing her cool when MJ shows up four hours late to the festivities.

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  • WMM

    Oh yuck this show is just horrible. I can’t say I have ever met a Persian but if, as a culture, they are mostly like this group, it will be perfectly fine with me if I never do.  Yuck! 

    • What an idiot, Iran is a country of 80 million people, 6 people do not represent them, they have stated them themselves many times.

      • Mercedes

         They said they represent the Persian culture. I for one am glad they are saying they are Persians and not Iranians.  Especially in this country. Its a slap in the face to Americans that this show is on. Doubt they have a show in the middle east about Americans.

        • they never said they represent the persian culture, first second Iranians or Persians are the MOST Pro-American people in the mid east, the problem is the regim in Iran, people tried to get rid of them in 2009 but they killed the protesters, you know whats a slap ? when American Navy shoot down a civilian Iranian airliner killing 290 people, when CIA overthrow The Iranian democracy and killed 800 people, when American Government armed Saddam to Attack Iran, which resulted in the death one million Iranians now thats a slap, not a show honey.


  • Bluemood

    I can not believe will are glorifying these “refugees”. Let me mind you that legally refugees do not pay certain taxes like sales tax. I am so glad they pay no sales taxes on their Mercedes!