Basketball Wives | Shaunie O’Neal “I Didn’t Fire Anyone!”

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Shaunie O’Neal “I Didn’t Fire Anyone!”

“Basketball Wives” star Shaunie O’Neal says it’s not her fault three cast members were axed telling people she learned the news when everyone else did sources close to Shaunie tell TMZ. Three major “BB Wives” were canned recently Jennifer Williams, Royce Reed and Kesha Nichols. But Shaunie is telling friends, despite the accusations, the cuts were NOT made by her. Sources close to Shaunie (who, in addition to being on the show, serves as one of the executive producers) tell TMZ she was blindsided by the news. We’re told Shaunie says the show leaves her in the dark about everything after she butted heads with them over the violent direction the show was headed (i.e on-air brawls and cat-fights). According to our sources, Shaunie is upset over the current situation and is willing to walk away from the series if it becomes something she no longer believes in.

So is Shaunie just creator and executive producer of Basketball Wives, in name only? Interesting, VH1 and Shed Media has all the power or that is what we are made to think.

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  • Jennifer

    This is crazy …. They fire the one who was fightin…

  • carmel bettyboop

    She new she fired them much as i like royce shanie does not. Jennifer and the law suits get and kisha i hate tammie bullied her but she should have spoke up for herself.

  • Jai-Dyvonne

    Good I can’t stand Royce or kesha I like Jen however! Wonder if she will be able to keep up with the Joneses off the salary she’s making with her four lip glosses! The agony!

  • diana

    who are they trying to kid. shaunie is executive producer she had every say is the 3 that got fired. I figured jen would get fired for her lawsuit. shame on you shaunie

  • valettabo

    You will notice they got rid of the ladies that got away from all the fighting and Drama cause that is what they want so No Drama no ratings. They kept kenya cause she is will to fight . They need to get rid of Susie with her sneaky scary ass. She keep up stuff with others so the ladies will stay off her.

    • I agree

    • Borntobeloved

      completely agree with you. I am so tired of suzie FAKE ASS!



  • chacha1

    Too late, Shaunie showed us her true Ghetto colors, she is as low as Tami and Evelyn, and that imbecile Thuzi.

  • chacha1

    Don’t you love it when Tami gets all uppity and is threatening people with her man hands flying in their face that she will not tolerate being talked about. Yet she is sitting there bashing everyone else behind their back. Tami is a scumbag and a liar and I doubt very much she was abused JMO, she just needs some excuse to hide behind her trash behavior. She is a bully and is violent and all she does is talk the talk. And did you know sister2sister magazine fired her and her daughter after she was caught on BBW telling a lie to Jennifer. Go away Hood Rat, your daughters should be ashamed of you.

    • Hahahahaha! she got her ASS handed to her by Salt and Pepa’s DJ Spindarella back in the day over Kenny Anderson. LOL. Spindarella taped that ass real good at the Knicks game. Lets Google it.

  • chacha1

    Hahahaha I love it when Evelyn refers to their “circle” like it is an honor to be in the same company as her, Tami, Shaunie and that imbecile Suzi the town crier.

  • We are made to think Shaunie has no input but she does.

  • Jsparks

    Petty as hell. smh they got rid of all the ppl who didnt want drama anymore and kept all those ghetto black low class woman. im done! im done watching this show. too much drama for me.

    • TBush

      Ok what color r you incase you were not watching closely all of them were black sweetie except for Suzie two faced behind but hey she’s ghetto to so you dont have to be black to be ghetto. I see a lot of these white reality stars acting just as bad. So please dont put a lable on ghetto cause it comes in many forms and colors. Ijs. And she did keep the drama queens is how i would put it because thats where there ratings are coming from. Just

  • Well Jen was rich anyway right she didn’t need the show, Kesha was doing so great she didn’t need the show ,and Royce well that’s not even worth mentioning good thing she had a baby by Dwight so the checks swill keep coming but those other two RICH CHICKS they will find some other Athlete to sleep with maybe this time they will have kids so they to can get a check .As for Shaunie she does not need this show to eat Shaq paid for that and she has other business ventures the other Hoods on the show 1 is marrying a baller nothing new (Eve) 1 is still sleeping with the world (Susie) 1 is in need of mental help (Tami) the other is certifiable (Kenya) they all fit perfect to me

  • terry

    know that i know they got rid of jennifer i will not watch again on to the next show