Prison Wives Gang | Sheree Whitfield Is “Married” To A Prison Inmate

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Sheree Whitfield-Tyrone Giliams

Real Housewives Of Atlanta’s Sheree Whitfield, 47, has a new “husband”, and he’s a prison inmate. Have we learned nothing from Phaedra Parks’ cautionary tale? We heard about her new paramour a few month ago, but wanted to wait until we got some proof. Ladies is the desperation for penis this great, we have to scour the prison system for eligible men?

According to Media Take Out, Sheree is “married” to former Hip-Hop promoter Tyrone Gilliams, Jr, 50, He is serving time for fraud.

Sheree Whitfield-Tyrone Giliams-1

Sheree Whitfield-Tyrone Giliams-2

Sheree Whitfield-Tyrone Giliams-3

“Married” is in quotes as they both consider themselves married as you can see by the photographs.

Tyrone has money, well other people’s money. He was jailed for allegedly concocting a $4,000,000 securities fraud, his lawyer was also involved, he was given 2 years for his part in the scheme. Tyrone’s ill gotten gains, is stashed somewhere.

So he is a successful white collar scammer. Congrats Sheree, you played yourself.

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