Shots Fired! Blac Chyna’s Mom Goes Off On “Kris Jenner & Her Wife”

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We reported that Tyga, 25, and Kylie Jenner, 17 were engaged to be married. Well it appears that the young couple’s short engagement has hit a snag. Miss Toni, the mother of Blac Chyna mother to Tyga’s toddler son went off on Kris and her husband or wife Bruce Jenner. Miss Toni claims that Kris told Kylie to cool it with Tyga until his custody battle with Blac Chyna was over. It appears that Miss Toni is on Tyga’s side and tells Kylie and Tyga to go ahead and get married.

Ms Toni-IG-16-May

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  • SanSan

    OMG! Young men take note of this situation. Do not have children until you’re married, please. Seriously, know the family’s background and character inside out. This is so embarassing and have never heard nor seen this type of behaviour played out publicly.

    • Tay

      So the fact that he’s a pedophile is not what gets ya ..

  • Beverly Durant

    This is just ridiculous. Everyone including this Toni person needs to let those two live their lives the way they want to. It wont last because she’s too young and she will see him differently when the pot boils over.

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