Six Foot Eight Inch Teen Marrying Childhood Sweetheart Who Is Five Foot Four Inches

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Elisany, is from the town of Salinópolis, Pará in Northern Brazil, she has a form of gigantism due to a tumor that was on her pituitary gland. Doctors successfully removed the tumor.

Francinaldo Carvalho-Elisany da Cruz Silva-wd

Brazil’s tallest teen Elisany da Cruz Silva has had her dreams come true after her compact fiancée popped the BIG question. Elisany – who stands at 6ft 8ins tall – was delighted when her boyfriend Francinaldo Carvalho further increased the 1ft 6ins height difference between them by going down on one knee. Francinaldo – who is 5ft 4ins tall – proposed while the pair took a romantic stroll on the beach.

Francinaldo Carvalho-Elisany da Cruz Silva

Source: Barcroft TV, Latin Rapper

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