Six-Week-Old South African Baby Recovering From Surgery After Being Sexually Assaulted By Her Uncle

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via IOL News:
The six-week-old baby who was raped, allegedly by her uncle, is reportedly doing well in hospital.

Although the infant is still in the Kimberley Hospital’s paediatric intensive care unit (ICU), recovering after emergency surgery to repair the damage caused during the attack, it is expected that she will be transferred to the general ward soon.

It was also reported that the baby, born last month on October 17, is not expected to require further surgery. She is no longer on the ventilator and by Thursday she was able to breastfeed.

Northern Cape Premier Sylvia Lucas and the Health MEC Mxolisi Sokatsha, on Thursday visited the baby’s mother and grandmother as they kept vigil at her bedside in the hospital’s paediatric ICU.

“The baby looked beautiful… the mother appeared strong and calm,” Lucas said. “However, it is obvious that she is still terrified. When asked about the perpetrator, her first question to us was whether he was going to come out of jail because she now fears that their lives will never be the same.”

Lucas added that the mother told her during the visit that her brother had threatened to kill both her and the baby on a previous occassion.

“On the night of the incident, he allegedly threatened her with a knife. He then took the baby and locked himself in his shack. The mother said she thought he was just making threats and never believed he was capable of doing it (raping the infant).”

Lucas added that “on the outside” both the mother and the grandmother “looked fine but emotionally it is obvious that they are not fine, because how can you expect them not to be broken after this”.

She added that they would need trauma counselling to deal with the ordeal.

“The hospital staff are monitoring the baby very well. She is getting the best treatment possible.”

Spokeswoman for Health Department, Lulu Mxekezo, said the “department confirms that the young patient is still in the paediatric ICU and a slight improvement in her condition was noted”.

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  • lady in red

    Really Sad!!!

  • Bella Campbell

    Sick ! Keep his ass in jail !

  • Natalie Jones

    Dont let his ass out

  • I’m North West BITCHEZ !!

    There is NO punishment that fits this crime. Death would be too kind. Whatever happens to him, I hope he suffers…….

  • Star DA Realist

    OMG, for real!? A infant. Sick ass mutha fcka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • disqus_24PCVuz7sf

    will this person actually be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law where he is at ? why not turn him over to the general prison population ?

  • Vicki

    Disgusting, hopefully he stays in jail–that’s where he belongs. Bless that sweet innocent baby.

  • Sonia Smith

    He is a disgusting ass who needed to rotted in prison and to think about what he did to a six months old baby. Sick ass muthfucker may he rotted in prison where he belong. God the baby girl

    • Dianne Janssen

      6 weeks. Not 6 months. Either way it’s extremely disturbing.

  • miizb

    He needs to b judge or jury..better yet bring his ass to the good ol u.s. of an put him n a cell wit a murderer an let him get raped an see how he like that…sick mothafucka…