Skin Bleaching Queen Dencia Slams Lupita Nyong’o

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Do you remember the delightful young self-hating woman, Dencia, who bleached her skin, to a pasty pastel color? Pop singer Dencia, from Cameroon, Dencia, released her skin lightening product last year and sold out within a day. Well the young lady Dencia responded on twitter to a comment from Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o made about her own skin color during a speech. I was wondering when Whitenicious queen Dencia was going to respond to Lupita’s comment.

Lupita was recently honored at the Essence magazine’s annual Black Women in Hollywood luncheon, while accepting the Best Breakthrough Performance Award at.

Lupita explained that she was struck by a letter from a fan:

“Dear Lupita, I think you’re really lucky to be this Black but yet this successful in Hollywood overnight. I was just about to buy Dencia’s Whitenicious cream to lighten my skin when you appeared on the world map and saved me’”

Dencia responded:

  • A girl wrote u a letter?lol thru which email when I just checked ur twitter n can’t see an email address!!Ir pr tried n thanks 4 the Pub.
  • Again I don’t watch movies unless it’s Comedy or Romance I won’t even watch anything w title “Slaves” I studied enuff in my history class.
  • And she forgot to tell the non existent black girl that ur skin color doesn’t take u to hollywood hard work does,then again her color did.
  • Duh cuz I won’t accept a role because they think I look like a slave,I work hard and decide what I want 2 do but she can’t do that,the white man got their lil slave lol.

Dencia Before & After

Fans got in on the action and she responded to a few of them:

dencia tweets-1

dencia tweets lupita

dencia tweets

What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

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  • Ally

    Dencia is DENSE! She is a raving lunatic! She has to be saying this for publicity or shock value, no one could honestly believe the crap coming out of her mouth

    • Kelli Mcghee

      Go get real you fake

      • DVDcali

        Go back to school, learn how to form an argument, come back and try again.

      • Bruce Wayne

        Dencia! How nice of you to join the conversation!

  • GGinHTown

    Poor lost girl. Who had to drastically change their appearance to look like a white woman for acceptance, yet still remain greatly unknown? Who does the world wonder what else there is to know about? A woman who appears bikini-clad in just about every photo she takes or a red-carpet stunner who is changing the face of beauty…by displaying that which was given to her by birth? Get a life bleach queen, you need to sit back and take lessons from Lupita…before the chemicals you saturate your body with deteriorate what’s left of your brain.

    • LusciousDC

      I just love the polite way you told her to eat sh!t and die.. LOL

  • Scarlet Rodriguez

    who is the white looking girl anyways.

  • Kelli Mcghee

    You the fake
    She real Black beauty:-)

  • LIZ



    • DVDcali

      What “Talent” do you speak of? Her talent is her body, and that is not talent. Stop typing in all caps, learn how to write a sentence, and try again.

  • Nikimah

    Dencia would melt if left in the sun too long lol

  • Denise Martin

    It’s simply black and white. One has talent, one has cream!

  • Brittney Noelle

    This is just a cry for someone who was told she was ugly with darker skin and felt the need to kiss their behind by making herself look the way that she does now. There was nothing wrong with her before she started looking like Michael Jackson’s twin sister. She was so beautiful even in her tasteless pictures. Please stop. Hurt people hurt people.

    And by the way, if the “white man” has made Lupita into his slave, then why did the DIRECTOR of this movie, who is a BLACK MAN, put her in this movie? Think about it, pastey. Think about it.

  • puff

    i still cant believe in this modern day and age people still talking about other people’s colour. that is a height of pettiness i cannot explain. Dencia girl no matter how much bleaching cream u use or sell, yuh ass still black at heart! yuh cant change that! your poor soul is lost uz all d history u say u studied in sch didnt help your ignorant ass. go back to sch! all dis to me is a cry for attention cuz yuh already not getting any in d music business. i never hear bout u till yuh open yuh dumb ass mouth. get real! love up yuh blackness and appreciate what God gave u

  • LusciousDC

    Any Black person that bleaches their skin in hopes to “make it” in life, doesn’t have a clue. Self hate is the worse hate imaginable. God makes NO mistakes. There is a reason you were made exactly the way you are. This Dencia chick needs a therapist, not bleaching cream. If comparing te before and after picture of her; the before pic is BEAUTIFUL, the after is disheartening. I truly believe Michael Jackson suffered from the same self hate this girl is experiencing. No one cuts off their “Black” nose to a stump and then lightens their skin because they have Vitiligo. .

    • Greatjudgeofcharacter

      Michael Jackson was teased and taunted by his father about his nose and that’s why he did it…it was a constant in his life. Vitiligo is real and serious and if he’d bleached himself you’d better believe those who performed autopsy and did medical procedures on his corpse would have let the world know. This chick just hates herself and wants to be something else/change her looks. THERAPY is needed.

  • Dawn

    She’s pitiful. I feel sorry for her. It must be hard to be so uncomfortable in your own skin that you would totally wreck your looks – she looks ridiculous, like a ghost with contact lenses and a wig. And what she did to herself can’t be healthy. So she’s ugly both inside and out.

  • Greatjudgeofcharacter

    Tanners and bleachers…those who hate themselves and want to be something different.

  • Dannys_girl2013

    If you look real close you can patches of dark skin under her Make UP LOL. Girl you gotta chill.

  • Vundukai

    This fool Dencia has become famous for hating herself black. She looks like a sex toy for a desperate man

  • Stephanie Tucker

    The sad thing is…”her product sold out within a day”. So there is a lot of people buying that same LIE (literally).Both women were exposed to the society stigmas and devaluations of who they are but processed it entirely differently.The two pictures side by side says volumes about how it should be processed individually and collectively. Lupita’s beauty comes from the inside out (flawless and radient). Dencia’s beauty comes from the outside in (counterfit and thirsty).


  • Silver


  • Lamar

    Did she just kill her Crerear?(Mis-Spell Intended)


    It’s very sad & unfortunate that this young lady (Dencia) just had to show her true ignorance & obvious jealousy by trying to publicly ridicule a true, beautiful, & classy woman like Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o. Actually, in Dencia’s “before” picture, she looks a whole lot more beautiful & natural, than in her “after” picture, all bleached up, hateful, & everything. The African-American community already has enough hatred coming at us as it is, without having to deal with this type of foolishness.
    “Dencia”, or whoever you really are, you really need to take the time & rediscover who you really are: a young, lovely, African-American woman, & not this bleached-up, hating individual who, for in all of your sad efforts to disrespect another successful black sister, could be so much better. Then the obvious misspelling of some of your words really makes you look even more foolish.
    “Dencia”, with all due respect to you, Miss Lupita Nyong’o truly has her act together, along with her true beauty: inner & outer, plenty of class, & also an Oscar trophy with world-wide admiration. I do hope & pray that you can find your true soul within yourself one day, & come back with a lot more class & true inner beauty, than the “bleached-up”, hating individual that you’re portraying now.

  • Lisa

    SHAME AND SELF HATE AMONG BLACK MEN ON THE RISE. The black community knows about this issue of self hate in itself. If you look at the statistics black men date interracially/marry at 3 times or more than other races. Black men are 70% of the prison population, is that not a race issue? Black on black crime is up more than 60%, is that not a race issue? Black men marry/date more than 3 times that of white males, does that not show some type of self racism/self loath? This problem cannot be blamed on any other race, black men must raise their own children and be proud of who he is.

  • #bosslady

    I see people have been having blast with the Denpita saga. Truth is that Lupita got the role because of her skin color ( which is racist, am not regarding da nature of the film). I see a lot of people are using this medium to tell us that they have serious issues with themselves, Yes Denicia bleached her skin and she is in love with her new body, but the media and self proclaimed therapist says she has self hate because she changed her skin color. I think all da celebrities with tattoos all over their skin, those that go from one fake hair to another and one plastic surgery to another should all be in the band Wagon. My point here is that none of them is better than the other. Denicia took advantage of her skin color and now she is getting paid and so did Lupita who also took advantage of her skin color. The rest is a publicity stunt,

  • Lisa

    Lupita is stunningly beautiful. Dencia destroyed herself. Dencia is shameful.

  • Mexecuadorianbeauty

    I am a Latina and I honestly believe dark skin is gorgeous! Specially the very very dark, rich choloclate looking one.Its about being proud of who u really are ppl not what what $$ could make u look like..I mean there’s no denying she looks very pretty with light skin as well,but u cant tell what the hell she is!! why would u want to be sum1 ur not? if ur not white,im sorry to break it too u ,but u never will be.And to close my comment I hope this psychopath nevere has babies bcuz I would be scared of her reaction when she realizes she dnt pass her “whiteness”too them

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