Soldier Watched The Birth Of His Twin Daughters On Skype From Afghanistan

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Soldier Watched The Birth Of His Twin Daughters On His iPhone From Thousands Of Miles Away In Afghanistan. Private First Class Colton Romney was in Afghanistan when his wife went into labor so he passed those duties onto a nurse. But thanks to Skype, that nurse was able to live stream the birth of twin daughters Liberty and Lauren to their father a world away.

Someone back in Afghanistan captured Romney’s reaction to seeing his daughters for the first time on the screen of his smartphone in a picture that has since gone viral on the internet.

Pfc Colton Romney watches his twin daughter’s birth via Skype

Romney’s wife Shannon had a caesarian section early Wednesday morning, which was also her birthday. After the first girl was born, wife Shannon says her husband started crying.

‘It was pretty awesome. And then he heard the second one scream and he was just super excited about it all,’ she told AZ Central.

‘He was looking at me, like, kind of shocked, but then he had this big huge smile on his face.’

Twins Liberty & Lauren Romney

After watching the birth, the new dad took to Facebook to celebrate the big moment and share the news with all his friends.

‘I’m a dad! Shannon Romney did amazing! Baby we are parents! And they are so beautiful!’ he wrote.

Private Romney and his wife were high school sweethearts in Mesa, Arizona and got married a year and a half ago. This wasn’t the first time that the two experienced a major life moment over the internet.Romney was also deployed when his wife had the ultrasound which confirmed they were going to have twin girls – something her husband couldn’t quite believe.
Romney ultrasound

Shannon-Colton Romney

New parents Shannon & Colton Romney

‘It’s weird what technology can do these days,’ Mrs Romney said.

Private Romney’s mother Tammy Romney agrees, ‘I don’t know how people did this before Skype,’ she said.

Lauren and Liberty were unfortunately born prematurely, but they are healthy and have been discharged to leave the hospital. What a touching story.

Source: AZ Central, Daily Mail

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  • Tina

    It’s a wonder what technology can do. Congrats on your bundles of joy!

  • La Tonia

    That’s wonderful. God bless you both and your beautiful baby girls.

  • bob vu

    You still have to wonder why he is still in Afghanistan and not there in the hospital with his family.