Stevie J Owes $1.2 Million In Child Support

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It looks like Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Stevie J’s bus has run out of gas.

via All Hip Hop:
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” reality star Stevie J. allegedly owes $1.2 million in unpaid child support to two of his children with his former girlfriend.

Reps for former music industry executive Carol Bennett confirmed to All Hip Hop that Stevie J.’s assetts are being targeted. Bennett, who helped Stevie J. with his music career while he was a producer at Bad Boy Records, will host a press conference later this week to address the matter. There, she is expected to reveal more details into what is being labeled as a “historical child support case.”

In fact, Ms. Bennett contacted Bounty Alert and the Custodial Support Foundation, organizations that specializes in recovering hidden assets from people who deliberately neglect their child support duties. Bounty Alert and the Custodial Support Foundation will attempt to recover the back child support, and will investigate any companies that may be shielding Stevie J.’s wealth.

“Our preliminary investigative efforts in Ms. Bennett’s case have uncovered information which raises huge concerns,” Tiffany Stewart Esq., President of the Custodial Support Foundation, told All Hip Hop in a statement.

Reps for Ms. Bennett stated that under the 1992 Child Support Recovery Act, it is a crime to leave a state owing more than $10,000 in unpaid child support, for more than two years. According to Ms. Bennett, Stevie J. could be sent to prison, since he owed more than 20 times that amount when he left New York, for Georgia, where he currently is the star of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.”

The press conference relating to Stevie J.’s back child support will be held October 31 at 11:30AM, at 1 Little West 12th Street (Corner of 9th & Hudson) in the 2nd Floor conference room.

Stevie J with 5 of his 6 children

Stevie could be sent to prison? Interesting. Let’s see if Steven ‘Stevie J’ Jordan threatens me again, the last time I wrote about him lying about getting custody of Eva his daughter with Mimi Faust, he sent me this DM on twitter.

Stevie J-threat tweet

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  • Mixed Chick

    He’s an idiot. AND he threatened you on twitter WOW! Anyone who get’s involved with this sperm donor needs their head examined.

  • charlesetta

    He’s nasty, and a low-life. He needs to go to jail and get FIXED like the dog he is. Women, please watch what you choose to have kids with.

  • ann

    Well his wife joseline have to help Stevie pay for that child support now she see what she got herself into now i want to see how long she going to stay with him. Mimi getting pay

  • Thotwatch


  • Mskiwi Lee


  • Andrea

    Ha that’s why Mimi was laughing at that ass and said she could have him, she wasn’t stupid enough to keep much less marry that dumb ass. See that’s what happens when you talk all that yaya and thinking with your box instead of your head. Jocelyn Bette hope her contract can keep her in the money because it look like she gonna have to be doing a lot of studio time to help pay that bill. Hope there was a pre-nup.

  • MsTonya

    That little rat face bastard ain’t going to harm a flee

  • ognapolean

    Sorry to say, but current wives are just as liable for owed child support as the deadbeat parent. Say goodbye to your new found royalties, Jocelyn.

    • Mividaloca101

      The current wives didn’t help to make those children, they shouldn’t be on the hook to pay anything. Not that i’m defending being a deadbeat–Joseline should’ve known better. But in many states her income is not counted, as it should be.

      • Summer LaToria F

        unfortunately the spouses income IS attached to his. and can be held for payment via bank accounts assets and income taxes.
        know who u marrying boo!

      • ognapolean

        Not sure what states you’re referring to… But, spouses ARE liable for child support debts in both California and Nevada. That’s a fact. And, they SHOULD BE, just as they’re liable for each others’ taxes, and entitled to 50% of each others’ income and assets. Why be allowed to share the wealth if you don’t have to share debts, also? Ijs

  • maliburenee14

    I am not taking up for Stevie….. but I think we need to check out his baby mam first. So she waits until he gets fame and money before bringing these allegations forward. Really.. Sounds like a chicken head to me. Basically, if Stevie wasn’t on the show we would have never heard about them. #deadbeatmom #ratchet #chickenhead #golddiggeratitsbest #babymamagetittogether #Ihopesteviedoesnothavetopayadime #sorry #becarefulwhoyouhavekidswith

  • denise black

    all I can say is wow!!! child support is serious especially when you become famous wish you stevie the best and hope It will be resolved soon much love

  • Cougar cub

    Jose, you need to take your trashy ass back to the strip club, and shake yo nasty ASS , and help Steebie out !!!! lol…lol…lol….lol.

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