Styled By June | Season 1, Episode 2

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by Cheri Davidson

This week June welcomes Miami hip-hop star Trina a.k.a the badest bitch into her Juniverse. Trina and June meet to discuss Trina’s vision for her reinvention to go along with the launch of her new album and new sound. Trina wants to move away from her overtly provocative style where it almost seems like sex is what she is selling instead of her music. In the industry Trina is known for her bootylicious assets. June’s goal is to use her unique 3 point plan to transform Trina and her brand. Trina is concerned about her fans accepting her evolution.

June’s team of assistants, Tukie, Eli and Rachel research Trina to assist June in deciding on the plan to move Trina from sexy and voluptuous to raw and provocative. June’s plan – give Trina a non-cliche artsy look with street edge. Side note, the award for the most clueless of the night goes to Rachel when she asked is there a difference between R&B and Rap.

Step 1, Trina and June go in on the Stiletto Workout to help Trina carry her body, gain confidence and energy to deliver her new look. It’s a workout alright. Squats, knee lifts, glutes and core exercises all done in 5” Christian Louboutins. Onto step 2, June upscale’s Trina’s look by having her do a Paper Magazine photo shoot with a 90’s rocker, dark and edgy wardrobe, hair and make-up. Trina’s fear of having her fans not recognize her and accept her transformation creates friction between June’s choices and Trina’s vision. Trina’s concerns carry through to the hair salon when Trina continues to resist June’s plan for an edgy butt-length mohawk. In the Juneiverse, June does not let up so Trina eventually gives in and the shoot comes out fabulous darlings. On their way to the shoot ,the assistants have a some mishaps. June puts Rachel on probation for her lack of attendance at the photo shoot.

The final step is Trina’s coming out party to the music industry insiders, record executives and bloggers via an intimate listening party to debut her new album and her new look. June style’s Trina in the Juniverse’s definition of a raunchy ensemble that embodies rugged and rough, mohawak included. Trina’s stage performance successfully shows off her transformation so much so that it brings Trina to tears at the disbelief of the audience’s acceptance.

Transformation complete.

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