Tamar & Vince | It’s A Love-Love Relationship!

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Tamar & Vince

Vince Herbert and Tamar Braxton Herbert talked to Hello Beautiful about what they adore and hate most about each other. Check out the video.

There’s something about Tamar Braxton and Vince Herbert‘s relationship that radiates whenever they’re together. Maybe it’s her beaming smile when she speaks about his passionate demeanor, or his inability to tell her “no.” Either way, they can fill a stadium with their love. The energetic couple met nine years ago, dated for five years and have been married ever since. Tamar is a handful, but it takes a man like Vince to tame her wild side.

The youngest Braxton sister wants so badly for her super producer husband to give her career the same attention he gives his superstar artists Lady Gaga and Mindless Behavior. But, sometimes she can’t see his helping hand through her constant complaining commenting. Despite her bickering, their lopsided dynamic works. We get to watch them fight hard and love harder on their new spin-off reality show “Tamar & Vince.”

We caught up with them for an intimate dialogue about the things they adore and hate most about each other. And, let’s just say…it’s oozing with cuteness!

Source: Hello Beautiful

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  • oh please that was so fake. she’s money hungry, he’s soft and dont know how 2 handle her so he gives her $ to shut her ass up. the !!!!!!!!! lol

  • Liz_stephenson

    Tamra and Vince have a beautiful love friendship that they understand each other ,in love,and have each other back.that’s marriage.BLESS THE BOTH OF YOU GUYS!!!!

  • Kekesofly

    I love dem both

  • Tmontgomery24

    I AGREE WIT MONIQUE:) Vince 1 of those guys dats just happy 2 hav a chick n Tamar is a gold digger she knows wat 2 do n say 2 make herself look like she really love him but I’m quite sure OVA half da time dey hav sex she’s drunk lol

  • Jordynz1

    There relationship is none of the above and I must not being seeing what you are seeing because they dont even act like they love each other or even exist in a relationship. Tamar is not into Vince and she does a hell of a job by not showing so.

  • Ilianna M.

    He needs to lose weight immediately.