Tamera Mowry-Housley | We’re Having A Boy!

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A Baby Boy! We’re so thrilled

Tamera Mowry Housley is 5-months pregnant with her first child. She and husband Adam Housley are expecting a boy!

“I’m having a baby boy! We’re so thrilled.”

Little baby Housley is due on the 30th Oct. Tamera also admits she’s well-versed when it comes to diaper changes, thanks to twin sister Tia’s son Cree. “I’ve been practicing on him!”

The actress has even begun decorating the nursery! “It’s going to have a sports theme,” she says.

“I want a boy because I have two brothers whom I love and adore. I helped raise my brothers so I have somewhat of an experience raising boys. I haven’t the slightest idea about raising a girl. It’s like the unknown.

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  • Evelyn Rembert

    I love the show,and just want ya’ll to keep up the good work. And congratulations to you both on the babies ;•}

  • RobbinB

    Grace, blessings, and peace to you, your husband, and baby Housley! Congrats. 2 Peter1:2-8

  • Shirvenia B

    Congrats to u and ur family. I watch the show. It’s amazing to see you and ur Family grow. I watch u and ur sister show since sister sister. again congratulations.

  • Jesseida Escobar

    Wow I love the show, and congratulation on ur first baby boy Tamera. I do also have a twin sister. Me and my twin will always watch sister sister and we will always say that I’m Tia and my twin is Tamera. It’s funny when I was pregnant I was having a girl, then when my twin got pregnant she was having a girl also. I say that because you Tamera are having a boy and your sister had a boy. Wow twins that had girls and now twins that had boy and one on the way.

  • Tajha

    Aww congratulation ur due date is my birthday!!!!!

  • Monica

    Congrats to you an your sister on your baby boys ! Thats awesome! I love your show you guys are so positive and have an amazing bond leave all that negative drama for those old housewive baseball and basketball wives!

  • Monique C

    Congrats! Im due Oct. 26th with my 3rd child 0_0. I have two girls already.

  • Shania92

    Congrats & welcome to MommyHood

  • Congratulations on your baby boy I love yall show

  • congarts on the baby boy i love the show when is the next season

  • domonique wyatt

    Congratulations <3

  • I Love the Lord!

    Congratulations on your new baby boy… you’ll love and enjoy him.. I have 3 boys and love them dearly.

  • God is good!!

    Congratulations! on your baby boy! you will love and enjoy him. I’m so proud for you… I have three son myself… they are grown now. you will enjoy watching him grow up… What a blessing from God….

  • i knew she would hav the baby next they seem to b jealous of each

  • lanika stevens

    You and your husband are soulmates…. Yall look good together…. Congrad on your bundle of joy

  • Liz Beth

    Congratulations!!! I’m soo happy for you. A whole new stage on your life.

  • dee

    congratulations on your baby boy your due date is the exact same day as my father in laws birth day…………… i am expecting too my due date is aug.9 and im so nervouse the crazy thing is this is my third pregnancy. i just want to wish you and your husband good luck and enjoy every moment tell your sister congatulations too