Tamera Mowry-Housley’s Baby | First Photo of Newborn Son Aden!

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Little Aden John Tanner Housley was born at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles weighing a healthy 9 lbs. 5 oz and measured 21.5 inches. Aden is the first child for Tamera, 34, and Adam, 40. The couple has been married for a year and a half.

Thnks for all the love and well wishes. Adam and I are very overjoyed with love and feel so blessed. Being a new mommy ROCKS!
– Tamera Mowry-Housley

He’s gorgeous Tamera & Adam! Congratulations!

Chillin with my grandma Darlene today! She hooked me up with a cool outfit! – Aden Housley


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  • jacquella Walker

    He is a handsome little boy GOD blessed ur

  • Priscilla Sayles

    That is a beautiful little angel, and he is soooo big, congratulation to you and your husband.

  • felicia

    he is absoultely GORGOUS!!! congrats to you and your family!!

  • pittman721@gmail.com

    He is so cute u and yur sis have a beautiful family congratulations

  • He’s very handsome lil man. Congrats on youe bundle of joy with love.

  • Aww he’s cute. Lokks just like you two.

  • Aww he’s cute. He looks just like you two.

  • Congrats girl hes gorgeous

  • Lashonel

    He’s wonderful!!! Congrats!!!! To u Tamera ǻn̶̲̥̅̊ԃ Aden on your little joy ǻn̶̲̥̅̊ԃ all ŧђε best of God’s blessings to u all :)

  • Aw he is really cute!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats Tamera!!!!!!!!!!

  • Grimmettchristina

    Awwww congrats he so cute and chunky

  • Lynndiehl31

    To cute. Their real. To show their baby so soon and not be fake like these other stars

  • AWWW He is just so cute. He looks way better than Tia’s baby Cree.

    • KAREN


    • Misschan89

      Y did u have to go that far as to say he looks way better that cree you should have stop at aww he looks so cute smh people like u jus need to keep ur shit to yourself is u have nothing good to say don’t say shit point blank

      • Tinkerbelle78 Cm

        HE IS CUTE SO IS HER SISTER BABY SUM ppl need 2 stop. Dat is one of God Angel. U …Misschan u told dem right u can’t say nothing nice dan don’t say nothing at all point blank…

    • Lanell29145

      U rude ugly ass bitch!!!!

    • Missafricanprincess

      That is soooooo RUDE!!!! You need sensitivity training.

    • Ntia76

      God don’t like ugly!! Sometimes it’s best to not say anything, if u have nothing nice to say!! It was kinda pointless for u to jump on here! Trying to dis someone’s child!! How grown are u? Where they do that at? Regardless of wat u think! Cree is a child of gods. U should check urself!!

    • Msladytrc

      Why would you say that? You need Jesus!

    • mellow2012

      What a stupid response. You are aware that Cree is her nephew and that Tia is her sister. Do you think that your response would be appriciated….Wow, so shallow!!

  • Milesmichelle39@yahoo.com

    Congrats both of you will love being parents Best Wishes….

  • Denitagreen34@yaho..com

    He’s so cute…he’s the weight as my nephew!!

  • Anieta

    What a handsome little man!! Congrats to you and Adam!! Best wishes!!

  • Dtwwells


  • Misslmbaker

    Congrats to the new parents…. You guys did an awesome job.. He is so adorable..

  • Heis adorable.  Enjoy motherhood :-)

  • Tyslene

    He is so adorable Tamera.

  • Je Lisa

    He is beautiful congrats to the proud parents

  • Missranchy220

    He has some big chubby cheeks really cute

  • Jeterkaren

    Awww! He’s sooo adorable ……

  • wow congratulation to you both,he’s soo gorgeous,

  • Ticia

    OMG such a pretty, beautiful picture!

  • Nisacalliste

    He is so cute

  • Kim121984

    He is so handsome

  • Kayearly07

    He is a cutie and Tamera looks well too. Congrats.

  • Msladytrc

    Congrats you all!

  • Ashliejenkins

    Congrats! He’s beautiful.

  • Swaggrrchick11


  • Mileymantan

    Awwww he is so cute

  • he is so adorable

  • beautiful baby congrats on your new edition to your family!!!

  • Mzlashea

    Just so handsome enjoy every moment

  • CelesteIvery

    He is so handsome, get lots of rest new mommie

  • Ngallon03

    He is beautiful!!!!!!!

  • Limitless850

    Congratulations to you and husband and the new addition to your wonderful family. God Bless.

  • congrats tamara … im sure ur beautiful son will b a blessing to you both … God bless !!!

  • Josiecabrera069

    Lovely pic.beautiful family lots of blessing to all.

  • Josiecabrera069


  • Leshanta29

    Baby Aden is so precious, congratulations.

  • what a beautiful baby congrads!!!!!

  • Lylikis

    wow 9lbs,he is so big! congrat!!!

  • K Romilly

    Congratulations Tamera and Adam on your new born baby Aden.

  • Tg032871

    He is beautiful and blessed to have such loving oarents. God bless the Housley’s!

  • Mellow2012

    Congratulations, beautiful picture.  Pray that God will keep you all and grant you the best that life can bring for all of you.

  • Theresacarey479

    He is so cute!!!

  • Jody Marie

    CONGRATS!! He’s adorable!!

  • Soliphant210

    He is adorable congrats such a beautiful blessing n addition to the Housley’s may God bless ur family….

  • Tammie Smith

    He is so beautiful, thank you for sharing your life and family with us. It’s always a joy to see that your human too.

  • He is a big healthy beautiful future basketball player……So much blessing to you Tamera.  I admire your husband and your relationship and now to bring a beautiful little boy in will make it perfect for you guys…..

  • Khady2005

    Awsome hi aden !

  • Khady2005

    Awsome hi aden !

  • Tarasimon11

    you son is beautiful many blessing to you and your family

  • Tarasimon11

    you son is beautiful many blessing to you and your family

  • Lovie Mcgail

    I am very happy for you and your sister. I love your show. You two are so funny.

  • Ernestinebaskin

    Congratulations he is so Beautiful

  • JackieChan

    He straight

  • Stacy

    he is handsome…good luck

  • K.D.T.

    He is so Handsome

  • Antoneekd

    May God continue to bless and keep you all he is handsome what a bleszing so happy for yal

  • Peaches1874

    He is beautiful. You and ur sissy have very handsome lil men Aww. Precious moment a parent wishes could last forever. Congradulations and enjoy every day

  • Normalove35

    He’s handsome, Tamera congrats, god bless u and your new bundle of joy…..<3

  • Angeladye7

    He’s such a little cutie!!!!

  • Keethreegirls

    Awwww so handsome….Congrats Housley family!

  • Azeeka

    Very beautiful baby boy. Cherish every moment because it is time that can not be relived.

  • Kendra

    Why are some of you comparing her son to her sister’s son? Saying he’s cuter? Come on now! They are both adorable, BEAUTIFUL babies! They are blessings from above. And comparing the two of them, and saying one is cuter than the other is just wrong and disrespectful. Karma will get you. God Bless the both of those beautiful little angel boys! <3

  • Lrgk38


  • Pearsonyoamelia

    He is so adorable. Don’t worry you will be a great mom!!!

  • Bigmama31984

    Congrats!!! He is so handsome n aww, so cute…

  • yglanier7

    He is so cute and precious.

  • Tonyathomas27


  • Tiffany

    congrat he is beautiful!!!!!!!!!

  • Tdtate08

    Congratulations and welcome to motherhood! Enjoy every moment. They grow so fast.

  • Dylisha_g

    Congratulations on your beautiful and healthy baby boy.


  • Aaaaaaaaaaaawww look at how cute & precious. Fat Fat Boy!!! I love it!!!!

  • Denisegaines926

    Congrats on your new bundle of joy. He is a cutie treat him like the gift he is. Our children are a true gift from God. A true treasure and never forget the precious moments you have with them.


  • Tamekiafacen

    Congrats tamera and adam…..hello aden welcome to the world……..r a handsome lil guy….

  • Lanaepagan

    Omg hes a doll i just want to bite his cheeks! congrats you guys!

  • Renita

    He is just too adorable, big beautiful baby!

  • MJ5150

    He is adorable. So fat and healthy just like he should be. Tamera will be a beautiful mother.


    Congrats Tamera on your new bundle of joy. Congrats aunty TIA. May God continue to bless your beautiful family…..

  • Hellafide38

    Beautiful Baby….Congratulations ENJOY him he will grow up so fast..

  • hes so cute congrats to being a new mommy

  • Triciaroeh

    he is finally here God’s blessings!

  • star says great job

    He is beautiful good job

  • zanique

     he is so cute and adorable congrats

  • Danielle

    Congrats ……Ur baby is sooooo Handsome just like my son Ayden i love you and your twin…..i guess its cause i can relate because i am a identical twin my self i love her so much i wish yall the best on everything you all do…..

  • Carmel Kuty

    He is beautiful!!

  • elizabeth

    cuteeeeee…congrats…so adorable

  • Crystaljones1128

    He so gorge loving ur show

  • Me

    What a cutie pie! I just want to squeeze those little cheeks. :-)

  • Rashida Ali-Mubarak

    you two have been blessed with a beautiful baby – congratulations!

  • devan murphy