Tamra Barney Calls Out A “Bully” On Facebook; “Bullies” Back & Returns The Favor

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Real Housewives Of Orange County star Tamra Barney who is the pinnacle of maturity, honesty, loveliness and everyone’s favorite OC housewife, decided to cut and paste a non fan’s comment for all to see. She even insulted the original posters looks, which of course Tamra can as she is so very beautiful. Because if someone ‘bullies’ you, you are authorized to bully them back:

While I don’t agree with the posters use of foul language and it was a bit harsh, I also don’t agree with Tamra’s decision to share the posters comments and full name, although it is a social networking site. Isn’t this a form of ‘bullying’? I am sure this is not the only unfavorable comment on Tamra’s facebook page. I have read worse. I did speak to the original poster who stated she was they inundated with facebook friend requests who agreed with her sentiments and she doesn’t care what Tamra did. What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

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  • I think it’s ridiculous that this woman can make all these accusations and claims about a person ON TV! She doesn’t even know her or what REALLY GOES ON! Give me a break. To have that much hatred and venom for a CHARACTER on TV is ridiculous. End of story.

    • Lakegirl

      Of course the hatred and venom Tamra spews and the fits of out of control rage she exhibits is just for TV. Uh- you think- not! That ‘s the real her.

      • That is the real her, absolutely fickle to say the least. never ever honest, especially for the cameras, which she always looks at, just like Drama back street ugly Nene Leakes.

  • Jackleen

    Wow. And the poster needs to learn how to spell. Its more effective if u dont look stupid by mispelling simple words. But your anger is scary. Tamra seriously. Be careful.

    • Seriously Jackleen?!?! “mispelling” is spelled “misspelling.” “dont” is a conjunction “don’t.” and “u” is you. Don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house. I would usually ignore such things, but if you’re going to call someone else out, you might want to be sure you yourself knows how to spell.

      Even though Tamra says it’s her job, she can’t possibly spew that much hatred so convincingly – she’s just not that good an actress!

  • the fact that tamera says the woman thinks she knows her from t.v. and that she (tamara) gets paid for her job is just evidence that what we see is not real at all. I think this is going to be the doom of the housewives

  • Jackie Velez

    Look I think this chick was cyber bulling Tamera ….Sad. She has no idea what she is talking about.She really needs to be blocked deleted. Wow ! Tamers you far from perfect and act out but your not a bully !

  • Juliene Larsen

    Maybe the cranky menapausal complainer is dating Simon??

  • I guess the reality of this reality show is not real as far as the comment that Tamra made .
    Quote ” I get paid to be opinionated , it’s a TV show and it’s my job”.
    Bravo , that’s making your franchises look like pure phony hyped up lies.