Teen Found Beaten, Tortured By Family With Nail Gun, Hammer & Chaining

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Brandon P. Gunn, 27, and his wife Viviana A. Gunn, 34  face accusations they whipped, burned and cut the husband’s 13-year-old brother, Jordan Gunn, in their Silverdale home in the Seattle suburbs. Kitsap sheriff’s deputies discovered blood and torture tools to support the teen victim’s tale of horror. Brandon and Viviana Gunn, face charges of assault and unlawful imprisonment after cops found the man’s 13-year-old brother severely wounded on a park bench.

via WSBTV:
A teen from metro Atlanta has been found beaten and tortured, hundreds of miles away from home. The 13-year-old is currently in protective custody in the Seattle area. His family told Channel 2’s Carl Willis that Jordan Gunn traveled to the Seattle about a year ago to live with his brother.

Jordan Gunn, 13, a victim of sadistic and disgusting abuse at the hands of his brother and sister in law

Now the brother and his wife are in jail accused of beating, torturing and holding the teen hostage. Gunn lived in College Park with his mother until last May, when she sent him to live with his big brother at his home in Silverdale, Wash.

That’s where police say the teen was tortured. The boy told investigators he was beaten with a bat and even had a nail driven through his hand. The teen said the abuse only stopped when he managed to escape by biting through his restraints.

“We’ve been crying for days,” Jordan’s aunt Marsha Thomas-Jones told Willis. “My sister is devastated because she sent her son to an environment that she thought would help him.”

Police say Jordan’s brother, Brandon Gunn, 27, and his wife Viviana Gunn, 34, beat, burned and stapled him. The couple is also accused of hanging the boy by his arms from the rafters and locking him up for days naked in a dog carrier.

“I feel like his spirit had to really have been broken in order for him to be subject to that type of treatment,” Thomas-Jones said.

Neighbors of the brother were stunned when they heard about what happened inside the home.

“Right next door, oh my word,” neighbor Carole Glenn said.

“We heard crying and I assumed it was the younger child,” another neighbor said.

Investigators said the beatings lasted for hours. The boy told investigators it was punishment for failure to do chores and not returning home on time.

The teen’s relatives in Douglas County told Willis they suspected something was wrong months ago when communication ceased. They said they tried to get local law enforcement involved early.

“If we were taken a little bit more seriously then somebody could have been looking for him or somebody could have gone and searched that house,” Thomas-Jones said.

The boy’s mother desperately wants to get to Washington to be with her son during the investigation. Her family needs help to get her there. They have set up a website if you would like to donate.

Brandon P. Gunn, 27, and his wife Viviana A. Gunn, 34, tortured the husband’s 13-year-old brother repeatedly, authorities say

brandon gunn-crying

Animal Brandon Gunn wasn’t crying when he systematically tortured his younger brother

This wretched excuse of a pig, is on active duty in the Navy. What a sorry excuse for a service man.

viviana gunn-court

Viviana Gunn appears in court, after being accused of torturing and abusing her teenage brother-in-law

I’m glad Jordan escaped they would have probably killed him eventually. Below are the pictures of Jordan’s scars and bruises. Jordan’s hands were duct taped together over a vertical bar, while he was hung from wooden rafters and beaten with bats and metal bars. Viviana would heat up a knife with a lighter and cut the boy. The teen was sometimes forced to strip down naked and stay in a portable dog kennel for two to three days at a time with no food and water. This is unbelievable.
jordan gunn-scars1

jordan gunn-scars

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  • Mixed Chick

    This is HORRIBLE! How could you do that to a child, a family member!? I am shocked. This fool is crying, what the hell is he crying for? Because someone will tear your arse up in jail. They’re both bottom feeding PIGS!

  • Elaine Nae Nae Solomon

    i know yoou can not pick your relatives but at least i am thankful mine are human with a love of the lord. those two sorry excuse of human beings need to be jailed and put into the general public of that institution so they can expirence what jordon went thru.

  • Purple hazel

    Lord how this child survived is a testament to his strength and God’s grace and mercy. The brother and sister and law should rot in prison for what they did to this child damn shame

    • Brnsuga168

      Prison is actually to good for them they should be sent to one of these country’s that believe in torture before death; so they can feel all that this baby felt. Why should they be treated any different than they treated him.

  • Purple hazel

    My heart hurt for this thirteen year old, and I’m praying his spirit is not broken and he can thrive and enjoy life one day. I can’t even stand to think about what this child went through it gives me chills. Lhm

  • Tara Lipscomb

    I wish i could retch thru this screen and drop kick ‘em both in the face…and he got the nerve to cry…and that neighbor is going to have the fact that he/she heard him and didn’t do anything about it on his/her brain for a long time…

  • Rebecca Moore

    Just imagine what either of them were doing to him when the other wasn’t around. I’m sick to my stomach to think that a family member could do this to someone they “LOVE”. . . their day will come, may hell be all that and more for them

  • renee

    This was his brother that crazy

  • Muffie Spooks

    oh wow so sad!! i wish them 2 get life sentences!!

  • MiaP25

    that is sad sad sad. she was abusing her powerful as a navy seal, the brother thought he was going to be able to get away with everything since his woman was in the navy. the 13 year old was a victim of what happens when people abuse power. the fact that his own brother participated in it and allowed his woman to do this to him, i wouldn’t doubt that he hates his brother and wouldn’t care if anything happened to him in jail. family suppose to stick together but in this generation family values don’t exist much and people will treat family like a complete stranger they met on the street and treat friends and lovers like they been there forever for them. this is sad. i pray that the 13 year old heals and forgives so he can completely move on with his life. the brother and wife? God have mercy on your souls and oh what you did to that boy ain’t nothing compared to what them people in prison is going to do to you.

  • Alison

    OMG praying for him. He didn’t deserve to be treated that way.

  • lugnut

    No excuse for this. These are two selfish people who felt that the 13 yearold was intruding on their selfish isolated little life. Not only does his sorry hen pecked brother allow this, but joined in. Sorry excuse for human beings.They could have simply sent him back to Atlanta.

  • Matricia Ivory

    If they didn’t want him to live with them they should have let him go to a home that will love him. It doesn’t make since that people can harm someone like that. God is watching and he is going to torture them in the same way…What goes around comes around….

  • Matricia Ivory

    I can’t believe they did that child like that. What is wrong with them? They are horrible people they need to be prosecuted. Someone need to torture them like that.

  • Nyonny

    This is so sad… They both need to never see the light of day again. Sorry excuse for a relative. They shall burn in hell.

  • cheryl

    Dear Lord, please heal this young boy, both physically & spiritually. I can’t imagine what he must be going through ! These 2 people are seriously disturbed & I really hope justice will be served. They need to pay for doing such a horrible thing to this young man….especially to family !!!

  • Cherron Williams

    That poor baby. How could his brother do that to him? I hope these 2 are slowly tortured to death and displayed at the town hall.

  • SMH

    I am absolutely horrified over the amount of torture and abuse afflicted on this human being. How can a brother hurt and condoned this senseless violence. At what point did he not know this was wrong. This was sick and disgusted, I have to call it by the ugly name it is ” Modern-day slavery”

  • Lakeshia Hopkins

    all i can say is they are crazy and what wrong with them how u do that to your own blood

  • Pinkie31

    This just makes me so sick to see what his own brother has done to this poor little boy an the sister-n-law as well , this just is Disgusting an Gross ….

  • Mac Marv

    they deserve the max penalty they get i bet them sick fucks were laughing the whole time YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO LOVE FAMILY they got shit twisted

  • wtf

    neighbor woman: “we’d hear crying off & on over there… ” does not bother to inquire, investigate or call authorities.

  • nikki

    i just wanna know wtf is the brother crying for in court he is getting wat he deserve and that bitch need to be discharged from the navy

  • Nyah Marie Watson

    How dare them even sit in the courtroom and cry… That was his own brother… And she, she should be ashamed of herself.. At least the little boy is alive but I already know he is going to have mental scars for a long time.. That’s just sad.

  • Kimberly Coleman Miller

    Why is there bail????? These people are a danger to society!11

  • Lulabelle500

    What I find extremely troubling is how in the hell do 2 people, 2 now; get together and participate in this twisted, sick, degenerate, non-human behavior! How in the world do sick fucks like these find each other….I am with the other poster if we enabled an eye-for-an-eye type justice maybe some of these freaks would think twice…..I am sooooooo pissed off.