Teen Mom 2 | Season 3, Episode 6 Recap

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Finally Leah and Jeremy are official! Yay! I love him for her and I think they really make an awesome couple — have I mentioned that I adore how supportive he is of her? While Leah’s love life is looking on the bright side, Chelsea struggles with deciding on going to therapy for depression as Jenelle stops all her bipolar medication. This can only get worse from here…

Chelsea: When discussing therapy with her friend, Chelsea shares that she has always had problems even before Adam and Aubree. She says how her own mother and all of her sisters suffer from depression and how she too dealt with it. She also says how it was difficult for her to go through her parents’ divorce at such a young age. Her friend eventually talks her into therapy by saying it’s like having another friend to talk to who doesn’t judge you, gives you life advice, and you use what you want to move forward and live better. I think going to therapy is a great idea for Chelsea because she has dealt with a lot in her life on top of being a teen mom.

Jenelle: She goes to lunch with her mom and shares that she is feeling fine without her medications. Diagnosed with bipolar disorder in a previous season, Jenelle agrees to go back to her doctor and get her medications after her mother insists she restart them because she will have ups and downs and doesn’t want to set herself up for everything she’s been through before. The two joke around about Jenelle always picking skinny guys after Jenelle tells her that her friend wants her to meet a new guy. Her mom tells her what a great idea it is since she needs help getting over Keiffer. Jenelle meets up with Josh, the guy her friend wants her to meet up with. Josh has a steady job, doesn’t mind that Jenelle is on probation or has a baby, and also claims to only work, go home, have a beer, and go to bed. Jenelle is happy with his no drama lifestyle until Josh claims that he just got off of probation because of credit card fraud. Jenelle asks Josh and her friend to come to the aquarium tomorrow with Jace and both seem pleasantly excited to go. The next day, they head out to Myrtle Beach’s Aquarium and Jace even holds Josh’s hand. Surprisingly, Jenelle’s mom let her take Jace out for the day by herself and when Jenelle says something about her mom, Josh sticks up for her mom by saying that she did help Jenelle out a lot. This causes Jenelle to agree and say she’s thankful for her all her mother has done. Jenelle’s mom is very happy with Josh and says it sounds promising and that she hopes it works out for Jenelle. Jenelle is in an awful mood when Josh comes to meet her mom because she’s not taking her medication. Even though Jenelle promised to take Jace out she is too depressed to take him up on her promise. When Josh tells her her main focus needs to be Jace and she has to get over it because she deserves to be happy it is clear that he is the change she needs. She needs someone in her corner cheering for her. Funniest part of the episode is when Jenelle tells Josh that when she is tired she is a raving bitch and her mom goes, “yeah she is.”

Kailyn: Obviously (and understandably so) she is distraught over everything that transpired in the past couple episodes between her, Jordan, and Jo. She obviously is feeling very lonely and neglected and Jo sees her crying when he comes to pick up Isaac for the day. He sits down with Kailyn and asks her what’s wrong. Jo tells her that she doesn’t deserve someone who treats her that way and tells her that she’s only nineteen years old and that she doesn’t have to have a boyfriend. I think it’s cute that Jo and Kailyn have a friendship and an obvious bond despite their custody battle. Even though Kailyn is still engaged to Javi, my heart strings are pulling and rooting for a Kail and Jo reunion. After Jo’s pep talk, Kailyn sticks up for herself and calls Jordan and breaks up with him amicably.

Leah: Leah and Jeremy make it official and become a real couple. Jeremy and Leah have “the talk” about what went wrong with her past marriage and Leah admits her cheating. She tells Jeremy that it’s not normally who she is and that she’s upset she did it but Jeremy tells her she’s a great person and he wouldn’t be here if he didn’t think that. Leah has Jeremy meet the girls and he’s really hands on. He tells her he thinks it’s fine and that he thinks they’re perfect. Leah does the responsible thing and calls Corey to tell him that she’s in a serious relationship and wanted him to hear it from her before he heard it from anyone else. Corey is nice and the two are very sweet on the phone. Corey tells her he’s happy for her and they decide to have a meeting so that Corey can meet Jeremy.

Next week’s episode looks really interesting with Corey telling Leah that getting a divorce was a mistake, Jenelle telling her mom she may move in with Josh, and Kailyn contemplating moving to Texas to be with family. USA, LLC
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