Teresa Giudice Sues Lawyer For $5M; Blames Him For Her Going To Prison

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via TMZ:
Teresa Giudice can’t even do bankruptcy right … and she blames it on her lawyer whom she is now suing.

Teresa claims in her new lawsuit — obtained by TMZ — he was a slacker who never even met with her prior to filing bankruptcy docs.

She also says he was sloppy as hell, not bothering to list key assets such as her cars, her rental property income and various bank accounts.

Giudice claims he’s the reason she got nailed with bankruptcy fraud and that’s why she’s going to prison for 15 months.

Teresa says it’s a classic case of malpractice, and she wants minimum 5 mil. By the way … if you see any stories later today saying she’s suing for $15 mil … that’s wrong. She makes the same claim 3 times.

We reached out to Teresa’s lawyer, Jim Kridel … so far no word back.

So Teresa is really claiming that it’s her lawyers fault she is going to jail, not that she signed documents that prove she committed fraud? Umm ok.

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