Tia Mowry Angry About Ugly Baby Comments

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It’s disgusting that some focus on looks. I brought a beautiful child into this world – Tia

Online comments have surfaced about actress Tia Mowry’s son and she is, understandably, not too happy about them. Some state that Tia’s son Cree, is ugly. I’m ashamed that people can be so cruel speaking about baby. What happened to, if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything. This is especially hurtful and mean as it was difficult for Tia to conceive for a very long time.

Appearing on Live From E! today, the Tia & Tamera star spoke on mean critics who have written what she said were “disgusting” comments about her 1-year-old son, Cree Taylor Hardrict, online.

Some comments included:

“You know I’m right, that baby is ugly. That’s why you’re all hyped up about it. Say what you want and don’t act like ugly babies don’t exist. It is what it is. Don’t be mad me. And just b/c I said the baby was ugly, it doesn’t mean he’ll always be that way. Who knows, maybe the kid will eventually grow into his head.”

“That’s an ugly baby. Damn. Nothin’ personal. “

“That baby is beyond ugly. People have the right to say how they feel. The kid is ugly but then again so is the father.”

This is absolutely disgusting. The only people ugly are the ones calling a baby such vile names.

“I really don’t understand why people feel the need to belittle a child, someone who doesn’t even have a voice yet to express themselves. I just think it’s disgusting—disgusting that we live in a society that focuses on looks.” – Tia Mowry

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  • Suhail

    Tia he is a angel and in my eyes he is so cute there in no ugly baby in this world don’t event worry about other people comment he is beautiful and god bless you guys

  • Danielle Austin

    I think its wrong for people to criticize a baby so handsome like Cree. I for one don’t think he is ugly. Cree is very handsome :)

  • canndigurl24

    Oh please, those people need to get their eyes checked. That baby is NOT ugly.

  • MimiVee

    Every child is beautiful no matter wht. God makes no mistakes. For all those who’ve said these disturbing comments shud really take a sec nd look at thenselves in the mirror.

  • Jazmynd

    First I would like to say Cree is a beautiful baby. Second who ever said Cree was a ugly baby probably has issues with their own looks. And thrid it’s crazy that people are so focused on looks they can’t look past those looks, and see the beauty on the inside. Smh just ridiculous.

    • Monica

      I agree. People who focus on other people’s looks have issues with themselves and how they look.

  • Sharina

    It really is a disgrace that there are people o

    • Mandi

      I agree with you all the way! This is a damn shame folks would do something like this…. Talking about a little baby like that

      • michelle


  • Tia you are mom,care for Cree don’t listen to others.People can be very mean.I was a child that got teased alot.The wonderful thing about my life my family showered me and gave me a lot of encouragement.Tia let Cree no everyday you have his back no matter what people say.Love your son with all your heart and never waver because of people.People can be so cruel!!!

  • That’s so ignorant…. believe me people that say things like that have no life and to much time on there hands your baby is beautiful!!!!!!

  • I love ypur show tia n guess what ur baby is so cute no baby is ugly its the heart that counts n people who said that are very ugly inside.

  • Its is sad! Its pathetic really! Babies are BLESSING, MIRACLES, and between her, her husband, they are BEYOND sexy! And they made an absolutely BEAUTIFUL child! Even if it wasnt about looks, that baby will always be beautiful! To me he looks like his uncle! Its DISGUSTING what the world IS, not is coming to, its already there! She is an amazing mother, she and her husband and family are the only ones that have to see the beauty in him, but know this, he may be “ugly” to you, but he already has a bigger fan base than most of the IGNORANT, UGLY ASS PEOPLE TALKING!!!!

  • Gods Beautiful Creation.! <3

    ; IDC What Anyone Says But Tia’s Baby Is Sooo Adorable & For Adults To Even Belittle A Toddler Is Just Sooo Horrible God Created Everyone And Everyting A Certin Way.!

  • I could chew on his cheeks for days…the whole family is beautiful. 1/2 a year younger than the twins but I feel like I’ve grown up with their whole family. Between the Disney channel movies and their brother now on that ABC Family series Baby Daddy, I have. Shake ‘em off like water off a ducks arse, Tia.

  • Ashley

    Hes a baby! Why do people feel the need to make fun of someone who is innocent and has done no harm to them?? People just have to be hateful. Cree is ADORABLE. And Corey and Tia are both VERY good looking. People can STFU. They should be ashamed.

  • Ohh tht is very rude to say that jee wht is,mstter ysll ppl sau hg .

  • Tye Mink

    People are so quick to critize other people. Everyone in this world has flaws no one is perfect but God created us and we are beautiful. Beauty lies within not the outside appearance. Tia don’t worry about what others say. Yes words to hurt but you are bigger than that. Keep being a positive role model. Maybe one day he will be the president or something and make those who once critized him respect him. This world is so cruel but us positive people just have to keep carrying ourselves in a respectful manner.

    • Monica

      I agree. Beauty lies within :)

  • T Dixon

    Any Bitch that says the baby is ugly is stupid. He is cute, the person who said this how do you look. UGLY!

  • vinicia

    It is really not necessary and TIA don’t worry about those ignorant people. Cree is so adorable. Love you girls.

  • shemeka

    HE IS SO NOT UGLY… takes a person with a Evil soul who don’t care for anyone but themselves to even fix there mouth to say somthing like that.

  • Kambaja Tarr

    People who don’t have children yet shouldn’t even comment on someone else’s baby’s looks. You don’t know how your child will turn out. I don’t even understand how people can say such about a pure soul. Tia’s baby is cute! To all the haters who have nothing good to say, please just keep your comments to yourself because no one cares about what u think. While some of you guys are busy wasting your time finding mean things to say, Tia is busy living the life with her baby and husband!

  • Rechol

    People are so cruel and evil!!! Whomever those people were that made those comments have to be bullies with low self esteem. Therefore they feel the need to belittle someone else. I think that Cree, Tia and Cory are a beautiful family, and Tia please don’t play any attention to those low life critics. Children are a blessing from God and I know that you cherish the blessing that God has sent you!! <3

  • EmmaElisabeth

    Some people are so mean. I don’t understand how these people sleeps at nights. Every child, every people are uniqe and beautiful in their own way.

  • April

    F them Tia don’t waste your energy on what someone says!

  • People how can Society care about looks so much because that’s what the media focus on.but her baby is handsome.

  • Apachelyfe

    Funny how when a person does the same thing U Urself have been guilty of, even if N the privacy of Ur own thoughts or home, U R offended. Personally I never thought that it did matter, or was even done w/malicious intent the way an individual felt about the appearance of another. After all Jesus Himself was not that “easy on the eyes” so 2 speak! God bless

  • Ugly people. Ugly comments. Just disqusting!

  • Jane

    To be honest im so embarrassed to share the same air with this people, what a disgrace to humanity. But then again with out those people we wouldnt be as stronger as a person. Tia’s baby is gift from god and god never mistakes on looks. Im so sure for tia that baby is more then perfect just like our children. This world needs jesus more then ever

    • Jenna Ice

      and you are right. I am so sickened by those types of people. I mean really it is beyond me how people can attack a helpless baby. It’s not nice to call any one ugly, much less a baby. In the bible it said do not judge, for whatever judgment we cast on others we will have the same cast on us on judgment day.

  • Nailia

    Im pissed of because that baby is a blessing that baby is wonderful Thats gods child and your not supposed to critzied Gods child its not right. They would not like it if sombodycall there baby ugly . It is cruel tia has a right to be upset because thats her baby tia there just haters because they can’t capture there dreams like you can. ur a wonderful and bright women don’t le them knock u down u carried that hadsome baby boy name cree For 9 monthes Its a blessing to have a wonderful handsome boy in this world
    -Keep on being strong!

  • yasmin

    people are so rude how they say that about a child a baby is a gift from God and they are all beautiful, wut if someone said a comment about ur child being ugly how would u feel??? and if u dont have kids and ur saying these nasty comments about a baby u better watch out karma is a bitch!!!! if u have nothing nice to say about her baby keep it to urself

  • Carina

    I find Cree is very cute and those who said he’s ugly are very ugly on the inside how dare you say something like that about a 1 year old

  • ja504

    Calling a child ugly is unkind…..but to call a child as adorable as Cree ugly is just mean…..and the adults taking part in this is just sad….TIA they say if u don’t have haters u not doing something right….Cree can’t even talk and has grown folks hating..
    ..He’s good….;)

  • princesslaken89

    I think he is adorable!!!!

  • Jay P

    Disrespectful how some people are.

  • layah

    It don’t make no sense that some people wud sit there and talk down about her child and truth b told he son is so handsome he is to cute so I don’t understand wat these people are talkin about like that’s hurtful to her and its just mean but watch wen he get older all those negative people are gunna b like omg!!!!!! He so cute but he already cute so all u haters hatein on ha son and they family u can go kick rocks wit no socks on

  • Derrick Edridge Washington

    Pause, How Can ADULTS Act So Childish, How Can You Honestly sit here & talk about an infant so poorly, this young man is NOT ugly, he is a baby a handsome one at that. People Are so ignorant now a days…. it’s Crazy I Hope You Fell Bigger Now That You’ve Stated such a Pesimistic Opinion About A baby, IT’S TIME TO GROW UP & LIVE A LITTLE ! TIA CONTINUE TO MAKE YOUR MONEY & TAKE CARE OF CREE ! Life Is About Growth ! & I Know You & Your Family Will Grow Stronger !

  • erika

    No way…. little Cree is adorable…. people have no hearts…. picking on an innocent child….

  • Isha

    Tia keep your head up high baby Cree is beautiful and that’s all it is people are small minded and don’t care what they say let them talk just continue being you and a wonderful mother and wife. God Bless You!

  • Wtf ? This baby look cute asf !
    All babies are beautiful. Shoot this baby looks so cool too.

    Idk what people talking about u_u

  • annette lane

    IT’S really ashame for people to call a child ugly,if he ugly keep your mouth closed hes a baby ,Tia dont worry about what people say cause there saying it makes them UGLY!

  • Alicia Fray

    Anyone who says that Cree/ Cory is ugly…………………….is down right RETARDED!!!!!!!! why people have to be so mean?????? Furthermore who the hell asked for their opinion??? Y’all need to get a freaking life and hop the hell out of Tia’s #pissedmuch

  • Sandy

    Does matter what they say, matter what you think he’s beautiful….God bless him

  • jill

    OMGosh..ppl with evil spirits.Tia don’t concern yrself with what ppl say u can’t control it. They r like assholes every1 has one. There r either jealous or downright evil to speak on a defenseless child. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder..God made everyone beautiful. May God bless you n yr beautiful family

  • The truth

    That baby is very handsome who ever put that out there be the ones haven the ugly babies and bet you they wont show they kids face its always a low life that grew up with a messd up child hood who prob dnt know who they kids father get a life

  • Queanna

    Ugh! Such low life ppl to talk about a innocent child who has done nuthin wrong. Those r da type of ppl who has nuthin better 2 do but put down someone but yet out of all a ppl an innocent child. It’s called “Get A Life Ppl” Let Tia and her baby be and stop worrying about her and her baby.

  • TeraMarie Pittsburgh, PA

    People should b ashamed of themselves!! First off, there are no ugly babies in this world!! Ugly people such as those of you who have nothing better to do with your life except make hurtful comments about a child who cant defend himself!! People like you are the ugly ones!! Beauty is beyond skin deep!! Ugliness comes from within n nowhere else!! Tia, we love CreeCree in this house n cant wait to watch him grow into an amazing person just as you & cory have!! Be a better person, & don’t sweat those who know no better!! P.S. even the hubby watches your show bc he thinks CreeCree is sooo precious!!

  • He is a cute little baby! Cree is adorable and a blessing! He is a healthy and active cutie! And I think his father is Cute as well! Some people are envious of the lives of others and would stoop to any level possible to break others down. Cree I say to you be you and do you for you can’t please anyone in this life!

  • wandy

    No he isn’t, he’s beautiful and perfect, may god keep bless him each and every day! You two are doing a Great job with your baby and you can tell, because he is a Happy, healthy Gorgeous angel!

  • Dsmith

    Its not even worth the response. Didnt Tamara tell you to stop looking at what people say. You need to know what you have and that is a beautiful family. There is so much hate that individuals would stoop so low. Someone should manage the site and have the negative comments taken off.

  • Govnor

    Tia your son’s adorable. Ignore ignorance and let the haters hate while you enjoy life with your BEAUTIFUL family.

  • Ren’ee

    Cree is a beautiful baby, to those individuals who felt the need to disrespect a baby is a low down disgrace to society, who the hell are u to judge anyone especially a cutie pie like cree, nobody is perfect we all have flaws, so idiot just shut the hell up stop being a disrepectful f*** face and f*** with someone ur own age so u can get ur ass kicked, Tia and Corey u both have a beautiful adorable baby, f*** those immature ignorant bastards, enough said

  • Loulou

    He is not ugly he is soo cute Tia don’t worry about what others say. They might be jealose of you but dont let rude people bring down your day or stop you from loving your child because in my opinion he is too cute. You are lucky 2 have him!! :)

  • Just because she is in the spotlight doesn’t mean that people can say rude, and stupid behind comments about her son. I see why celebrities keep their children out of the spotlight. People need to grow the hell up, and worried about your own kids, which probably looks ugly as the pig. Tia your son was made in God image and he is a cutie, and a sweetheart. Don’t matter what people say Gods knows what he has in store for Cree.

  • People that are envious, jealous, unhappy, ugly, mean, judgmental, and cruel are just that! Personally, I wouldn’t even respond to such ignorance cause those people are not paying your bills or giving you what you need to be on this earth! Opinions are like butt holes……everybody has one!

  • jenise

    I think what’s saddest is that someone is that miserable that they felt the need to bad-mouth a baby, who is NOT ugly at all. I can’t even call them haters, they need prayer and a new life. Theirs obviously offers them no joys so they aim to suck the joy out of other people’s lives.

  • kimmy

    The spirit of many black women is small. They have nothing to offer the world themselves so they lash out at the ones who do….The ones who bring light into this dark, cold and ugly world. I am ashamed for them since they have no shame for themselves. To talk about and tear down a baby is cruel and truly sick. This makes me so understand why we get talked about and dissed by our men and other races!! For the ones who did this baby bashing please learn to filter your thoughts and censure your mouths. You make us all look bad………Tia he’s a real cutiepie!! Love your beautiful son and try to ignore those ignorant witches.

    • Where in this article did it say the people who made the comments were black women?

      • nett

        It didnt so it couldov been any race.

      • Nicole

        The improper grammar, tone and attitude kind of give it away.

        • Sure, because after all, no other race or group of people could POSSIBLY be capable of improper grammar, “tone,” and “attitude.” *rolls eyes* Yet another ignorant generalization. So sad. So small-minded.

        • Ramos

          Are we stereotyping people now…Wow!!! I guess nasty comments come in all forms. I don’t know if you live under a rock or what but I have met people of all races that use improper grammar and have a bad attitude.

      • koyh

        I’m saying??! People are so quick to jump on the let’s bash black women wagon!!! I’m pretty sure Tia’s audience is diverse and to think that White, Asian, Latino, Native people don’t make cruel comments as well is idiotic.

    • OhReallyNow

      what makes u think it was black ppl that said the baby was ugly? thats a wide assumption.

    • Tie

      Well I’m black female and I personally think that your perception of black women is wrong…don’t believe the hype of which the media throw out there about us….how did it become an race issue anyway? I just think that a nasty person made a nasty comment, didn’t matter if she was red black green or purple..wrong is just wrong

    • I think that was sad for someone to say it just says some are raised with no respect and low morals some people are just not happy in there own lives not just cause of a persons race. @ Kimmy your no differnt from the the person making the comment about that baby to say Black peoples spirit what do you know of the spirit or of the father people like You that think it’s okay to talk nasty toward a Race of people. Because a black person makes a comment all African Americans do not grow up in the same house that was low of you and it shows where your level of thinking is. You think ill of African Americans Women so does the world but it will not stop the one’s who overcome all odds through THE FATHER LORD ALMIGHTY and no weapon formed will prosper.

    • Jasmine Zinnerman

      who said it was a black person…or a woman even? people who make comments and assumptions like this are also the type to say negative things about a baby…the baby is handsome, yea he has a big head, but what baby didnt? Hes still adorable!

      • oh come on you know a black girl said those things, i say girl because a woman would never say that. Young black and white girls are the meanest people in the world

        • @facebook-100002960418444:disqus

          I concur, they have no filter!! When, I was growing up, you knew to stay in a child’s place. But, with technology teenagers are internet bullies! How can any grown person that’s sane, talk badly about a child. Parents should police what their, kids are doing on the internet.

    • Jasmine Zinnerman

      and wtf is censure???

    • erika

      Kimmy speak for yourself, when it comes to the spirit of African American women…one may say that it is yours that is low since you are falling victim to the stereotypes cast against us to even type something like this. Especially when I didn’t read anything stating that the harsh comments were those of African-American women!!! Smh Tia your son is cute you know it and that’s all that matters.

    • Kimmy, You are a disgusting human being for even saying something like this. What puzzles me, is that you are a black woman… or “claim” to be one. If you are one, then you’ve got a lot of soul searching to do. If you’re a poser, then well… that is just sad & lame.

      Furthermore your comment is a major contradiction. Are you aware that Tia is a black & white biracial woman, or that her mother is a black woman? Therefore, you have just insulted her, and her mother, and countless other family members of hers. That is asinine, and an oxymoron.
      For the good of all humanity, please board the nearest space-shuttle, with a one-way ticket, to Pluto. People like you are the reason the world is in such poor shape now. Not only have you generalized, and marginalized an entire group of people, but you make NO sense whatsoever.
      Your comment here is just as disgusting as the comment made by the ignorant person who was talking negatively about this baby. Get an education, or some intensive mental health therapy as soon as humanly possible, please.

  • That baby is cute! Babies change constantly. Sometimes they have features that are “bigger” than they but in time, they grow into the perfect and wonderful being that God intended them to be. I think the baby is cute, and there is nothing wrong with his head at all. Now if she had elected not to share her baby with the media, then these piss poor fools would be talking about that. Tia enjoy your miracle child and look forward to God’s play for Cree’s life. The devil is working early, so you know the Lord has something magnificent in store!

  • krazynicole

    I think hes handsome baby boy dont worry bout what the people say their mad b/c they child aint tha best

  • Ashley Harris

    I’m so sorry that Tia and her family have to deal with such jealousy. It’s insane that not only does she and her family have to deal with living in the public eye;people who don’t have a pot to piss on or a window being disrespectful. No one has the right to say who’s cute or not. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Selfish and disgusting bastards. Excuse my language. I love Tia and Tamera. That baby boy Cree is handsome just like his father.

  • That ain’t even cool yo but i would of told them o ok thank you and kept it moving, add me on instagram/ twitter @ajdagrownman. Yours truly Aj

  • mzladdybby

    Its a cruel thing to call someone elses baby ugly, there just kids and I’m preety sure if he could talk he would tell you to stfu!

  • Jordan

    Tia Your Son Is Beautiful, Dont Let Hater’s Bring you or your family down because it aint in you!. They Can Kick Rocks, They Kids Might Be Ugly And They Just Want tO Pick On Someone Else Cha Boo Hater’s Just Dust Them OFF!!!

  • cbrown

    He is not ugly you all must be insecure about yourselves to try and down play this baby who is beautiful

  • He is a freaking baby! I can’t believe some people would stoop down so low, as to make fun of a being, like Tia said, who doesn’t have a voice to express himself! How is he ugly? Tell me that much. It makes no sense to say something as rude as that for no absolute reason. Tia, I’ve learned that if you don’t give these people the satisfaction, they’ll leave you alone. Just ignore them, and they’ll get tired of this little game that they’re playing to break you down. I feel as embarrassed to be on the same planet, or breath the same air as these people. This is not why God put us on this planet! It hurts me to see people this way.

  • God has sent tia a Gift. forget the devils

  • Sammie

    I’d like to see how they would feel if someone called their baby ugly. Yes it’s their right to opinion, but they should be more mature enough to know what to say and what not to say publicly.

  • diva

    i am just theres no word for it what idiot,jackass, stupid person would fix their mouth to say something about a baby and then b wrong at that ,i think he’s very handsome and im painfuly honest.tia girl let drip like sweat and dry it off its gone now thats what u do for stupid people i luv to c the person who said it uuuuuugggggggly

  • Tata

    Cree isn’t ugly, he’s adorable and people just saying that stuff because their children at home isn’t the best looking and they need to make themselves feel better. I couldn’t be Tia because I would have cursed out the people that was talking about my child. Plus it doesn’t matter if you ignorant people think he’s not cute, he’s not your child to begin with. So how do you have the nerve to say something about someone else’s child?

  • Lisa

    Wow!! This is ridiculous!! Reading those comments brought me to tears. How can people say something so hurtful about someones child????? Tia and Tamara are so sweet and don’t deserve to be treated this way. We live in a sick world, full of hateful, jealouse people. My prayers are with Tia and her family. Btw, Cree is a beautiful miracle, thank you for sharing him with America, and I’m deeply saddened that you were subjected to such abuse and ignorance. #muah

  • i think he’s cute though ….what are they seeing that i am not ??

  • sadie

    its clear that person child came out ugly n hating pun others .. love your child he’s beautiful


    The comment didn’t even warrant a response, obviously and evidently, this is a narrow minded individual, with a pea size brain, beauty goes beyond the exterior and goes so much deeper, than the skin, a child is a blessing from god and the very said light of a home, and Cree is handsome and light of his home, so Tia don’t let the foolish remarks and comments that overflowing with ignorance, trouble your heart or offend you, but instead, feel sorry, that a individual of this caliber, actually exist, in this day and age !!! Ps. He’s a beautiful baby

  • Crystal

    I’ve always thought Cree was adorable. What’s so awful is the fact that Tia had to respond to these ignorant people and defend her child. What people fail to realize is that celebrities do read these blogs and we must be more mindful of the things we write because they can be very hurtful. Tia, Cree is beautiful and a product of the love and commitment you and Cory share. People are always going to have something negative to say. Please ignore the naysayers and continue enjoying your beautiful family. You are so blessed. Don’t ever forget that.

  • kyla

    dont worry tia the people that are saying this may have been called ugly their whole lives odviously that didnt have a good child hood…your baby is beautiful especially when he smiles he is a happy smart handsome baby and no one can take that away from you….leave the haters where they belong in the trash

  • iecia

    that’s a damn shame people act like hell grown ass people her baby is pretty hell u might wanna look at yo baby hell cuz he or she might not be that damn cute either hell grow up and get a life Tia f*** what they say u r a good mom and have a beautiful baby keep doin what u doin f*** the haters!!!!!!!!

  • I think Cree is cute &adorable I would loved to see there baby picture

  • tee

    Cree is a blessing tia so don’t worry about the haters that probably mad because they look ugly themselves and that they cant have children of their own so they want to talk. Cree got a loving family, he going to grow up with talent and money so the older he gets the more haters going to talk just teach him to shake it off and keep moving on

  • The ones who are saying that Tia’s baby is ugly are the ones who have ugly babies themselves… i see nothing but an adorable baby and we all know that babies features changes as they grow… Look at most of the parents for instance… When they were in High School they looked dorky and ugly and once they left school and started working for a few years in a nice if not successful job they turn out to be hotties… So don’t discriminate and throw hate words at a child who cannot defend themselves… Whosoever are saying (and i’ve seen the pics of a few of those who said it) are no better looking than the baby… So stop saying such things about the child and go get a makeover for yourself and yours…

  • Cree is a gorgeous little man. I think he looks like his father.

  • Kimberly

    This is insane….to talk about a child like that as if its funny. It’s one way to think it, but to write it for the world to see shows that they are dealing with something beyond evil. As a mother, that would be so hurtful to me to hear adults tease the way my child looks.Start thinking about how the parents feel before you start writing bs. Remember you have a mommy and daddy too.

  • Tia ur baby is very xute n adorable who ever made dat comment need to kill themself im so disturb how a person say comments like dat about a baby cree is ur blessin from god.dats.all matter hell with shit like dat

  • Kyra

    Its hard to believe this is the world we live in. No child is ugly and for someone to say such hurtful things about a baby breaks my heart. I think he is an amazing child and absolutely gorgeous. God gave his parents the best gift, and as someone who has lost a child that I wanted so desperately I feel that anyone who doean not appreciate children and what they gove to a parent should b ashamed of themselves. They r all going to hell.

  • I think he is adorable!!!

  • Tracey

    So sad that people would say such a thing. He is a cute baby, anyone who thinks otherwise should maybe do some inner soul searching. Tia your son is cute no matter what anyone has to say about it. I pray that God continues to bless your family and i pray that God works in anyone who might have said hurtful things about your son, that he might change their heart, for them, so that they might be happier with themselves.

  • All I have to say is Tia do not feed into the ignorance of others, you and your husband are stars and highly educated and so is Cree- I mean you breast fed the boy ok, um IQ level will be out of this world! People today have issues within theirselves these losers are probably unattractive, single, in lousy relationships, have ugly children who look just like them, or simply unable to have children of their own you can’t help but feel sorry for those people and to see them as cowards and lonely individuals in this world you’ll be okay girl treat these haters like Crees’ diapers when they’re full of shit you toss ‘em towards the trash your family is BEAUTIFUL

  • yvette

    PPL in this world 2dy hve no morals or respect . Wat r u jealous tht u hve a baby n they dnt. Jus brush it off they r non factors in your life. Let them haters hate. U hve a beautiful son nd i hope u hve many more

  • One word jealousy!

  • meganb

    Wow them ppl just need to grow up, ugly or beautiful. He is a blessing<3 i bet there kids arentn model lol

  • John

    It is very sad for people to say things like that about a baby. Tia you and your husband have a great looking baby.These are people that don’t have much going on in their life and would like to be were you are. Keep doing your thing and keep with god.
    From John Seymore

  • Treasey

    Ppl really need to grow the hell up fa real Cree is a baby yea sum babies look a certain way n grow up 2 b the most cutest eva…..but he looks like tia n corey git her head n his fathers facial features hes a cute baby n fa thosewho dont think so kan go u kno where he will grow n2 his looks as he get older……Tia tell erybody dat hates on ya family dey kan kiss ya ass ya baby is a blessin !!!!! Luv da show watch it ery Monday

  • Everybody That Said That Tia Baby Ugly Can Go To Hell How Can You Say A Baby Ugly Look At Yo Shelf In The Mirror Sometimes That Baby Is Hella Cute Y’all Just Hating.!!

  • meeee

    the same ppl calling the baby ugly is the same ones with busted baby pics

  • lisa

    Omg thts crazy….ugly people always talk mess 2 make themselves look good

  • Natasha

    I do not know what these people are looking at, I think Cree is adorable! Its to bad that society gives these nasty critics such a loud voice. Do we have pictures of them to comment on??? Since I have not seen any, I guess I will just pray for them.

  • Your baby is so cute! And no matter what anyone says you know he is! So for those rude ignorant people to put your family down and a baby is a shame to call them humans. And once he grows up all those people are going to wish they weren’t so disrespectful.

  • Passion

    Tia, Cree is gorgeous. Those that stated those disgusting comments, tell them to kick rocks till their toes bleed then keep kicking. Obviously they are haters so let them be your foot stools because they as well as those that decend from them will be his. God bless you and your beautiful family.

  • Natalia

    And society wonders why our children have such low self esteem issues and why many settle for junk when they deserve treasures. We are made in God’s image and therefore we are beautiful. Tia you are a daughter of The Most High King and son you and your baby are of royal descent. Psalms 105:15 touch not my annointed.

  • Mandi

    Tia, from a mother to another mother please don’t let those comments get to you! Those people can only say that mess behind a screen and they are doing that because your famous. What it all comes down to is that they have nothing good going for them and they are negative people. Negative people always try to bring others down some way some how. But you prove them wrong, head high, words do hurt but you know the truth about your blessing from God, and don’t give them the satisfaction!!! Cree is so handsome and you and Kory are awesome parents

  • Lovell

    Tia pay those type of people no mind because they are not happy with them selves, i wonder how they look and god bless little cree cree he is beautiful and god bless him, u and yur husband yall are blessed in deed and God dont create ougly people. All who call God little angels ougly, get a life and new features for yur self and God bless you i will pray for you because you need it, many blessings to you and your family tia.

  • Frankie. J

    Tia your baby is beautiful, we are all created in God’s image! Those hating on you and you amazing family have nothing better to do with their lives and are just JEALOUS and WANT what you have. Pay them no mind. your son will grow up to be one of the most Hand sum young man to ever walk the surface of this earth..put all them HATERS TO SHAME,watch and see him grow before your very eyes. All the Best to you in all you do, Keep your head up high and live your life to the fullest!! I’m your Biggest Fan!! GOd Bless!!

  • MissDiva

    Some people just need attention because that baby is a cutie pie.

  • torrez

    How can people be so mean and so nasty. I think that he is one cute baby. I am not saying that to make anyone feel better, but he is darn cute!!! So Tia, don’t get shame or get your feelings hurt, because you and your husband did make a cute little one.

  • that baby is ugly, it is what it is lol

  • nikky

    psshh i dont think he’s ugly !! steups!!! he is Gods gift to the world !

  • mish

    It’s horrible that people can be so mean and vile to call a baby ugly he’s a cute kid. Unfortunately black people can be so cruel to each other cuz I’m sure it’s a bunch of black haters that are hating on a baby! Terrible

  • cream

    if baby is ugly or bugly nit is what it is… what can she do but love her child …. shit shes getting on like he is the first or last child someone will say something bad about .. he ugly as hell.

  • Tia Mowry’s baby is beautiful!!!…..period…….Cree is a handsome child,and yes those negative comments are disgusting and hurtful to any mother. What gives you the right to hurt another persons feeling. Whatever you may think keep it to yourself, such self hatred in the world. Now who did your nasty comment help, Umm nobody now slap yourself and shut-down your computer forever.

  • Who in the hell would talk about this baby …clearly an ignorant individual……everyone has their own opinion(TRUE) ….some just should be slapped for theirs rolling off their tongue ….As a mother i hate that Tia had to experience ridicule about her son and hopes she gets over this (disgusting) situation.

  • Raymira

    Your baby is BEAUTIFUL no matter what they say,there’s always gonna be someone rude. I’m just a kid myself and I think your baby is so handsome :) <3

  • Jayla

    Too much energy is being used towards negative people the best thing to do is ignore the negativity. I know how it feels to have trouble conceiving so the positive is a beautiful baby who you can love and spoil….enjoy those moments, they pass quickly!

  • SDizzle

    I personally think he is an adorable little boy and shame on the people who said anything different.

  • Karmarie Perez

    Tia I completely agree with you… That’s is disgusting and wrong of them to say things like that about a baby… your son is a cutie pie and that’s me being honest from the heart.. :) Stay strong and keep everything moving at what others think does not matter they are heartless, cruel and most importantly IGNORANT individuals.

  • Tia, don’t be hurt on judement that others have put on your child, for there is only one judge and if he brought life into this beautiful baby it’s because god has big plans for this child. #enoughsaid

  • Cree is not ugly and neither is Cory…..cree looks like a combination of both of his parents. He’s cute and getting very big, lol. I miss those days my son will be 3. Ignore the stupidity and hatred of others they are not worth you time nor your thoughts. God bless the family….watch the show faithfully.

  • Jeanne

    That baby is not ugly and I think the one who said it is just ignorant and need to keep all bad things to themselves.Tia your son is very handsome and don’t let the media make you think any different.

  • marie

    Tia cree is beautiful.don’t care what anybody say.God gave u a beautiful son. Bless ur family.

  • That baby is cute and spoilable.

  • Wow disrespectful as hell

  • Monica

    WOW! It’s hurtful and hard to ignore these types of comments. It’s easy for all of us to say that she should ignore them, but words hurt. Cree is a beautiful looking baby. I’ve heard people say that there are ugly babies, but I personally do not believe it. Every baby is BEAUTIFUL. It’s a shame that people have such low-class thinking. They’re a great looking couple and in turn have created a beautiful baby :) God Bless!

  • Norma

    Tia your baby is BEAUTIFUL!! God Bless him!!! There are no ugly people in the world!! What makes a person ugly is how they act and critize other people before critizing themselves!! The ones saying that your baby is ugly, those are the ones that are ugly on the inside and out!!!

  • t hill

    I think he is a cutie pie. He looks like his uncle taj to me. Mini smart guy.

  • Elaine

    That Beautiful Baby is God’s Creation & God Doesn’t Make Any Errors in his Creations. So instead Of Trying To Belittle A 1-year Old, Let’s Maybe Go See A Professional & Be Happy For Tia On Her New Edition To The Family.

  • its such a shame to call a baby ugly people need real help and have issues with them selves to stoop so low and be so ignorant to call a child ugly probably the ones that have kids and live off assistance and dont even take care of their own child dont speak on someone elses child that just shows how ignorant you are and i would hate to see how your kids grow up with ignorant parents like you. Tia your son is beautiful and so are you :)

  • diva

    Cree is adorable and his dad is also very handsome some people just probably wish they had her marriage get life and are jealous don’t let them get to yo tell them to put thirty baby on TV and in magazines and see how many people like their pics lol cracking at ignorance

  • RoChelle

    HaTeRz! They see how good you got it, and are jealous. You have a beautiful family, and home. You are truly blessed. There will always be that one person that will talk down about you. Sadly, there are people in life that would do everything they can to hurt you, to prevent you from Doing You. They see how happy you & your family is, and wants to still that joy away from you. Don’t let those comments get to you. Keep doing you Tia. Be strong, and don’t what so ever let them haters phase you. You obviously have something that they don’t. One thing about Haters is that they can’t stand seeing someone else do better than them therefore, they manipulate you. Much love, May God continue to bless you and your fam! (15yrs. old)

  • My first was born with a bullet shaped head (sat in ‘birth canel’ to long! He’s gorgeous and YES he ‘grew into it’ in fact he’s very intellegent and good looking (unfortunately for him he doesn’t understand why girls like him now) -he’s a geek but he’s learning as he grows. That’s all we can do for our kids is help them find their own way and protect em from dickheads when they are not able to do it for themselves!

  • ms.504

    Tia,your baby is beautiful lil boy and I love him on you and your sister show and to the person who say that the baby is ugly I bet they look like the back of somebody ass but tia is he handsome baby

  • Dana Renee Marbury

    he is a handsome little boy ,
    my nephew has a big head and a little body but he aint even one yet ,
    i dare a bitch to say something bout my nephew , the people that are talkin about Cree should look at their own self in the mirror they must be PRETTY DAMN UGLY ,
    to talk about a handsome little boy like Cree !

  • JET, UPT

    Screw all them mutha fucka’s Tie. They wish they could have what you have, but I bet they won’t say that shit to your face or ya husband face, there are so many internet PUNKS. Can’t say shit to ya face so let them talk and hate and go to hell. Love you Tia.!

  • Tiffany Lee

    I think he’s the most handsome little boy it’s nothing wrong with him he’s a blessing to u and ur husband

  • kekephat

    For Kimmy all black women are not like wut u say n where did u get dat it was da black women who said it n our black men treat us the way they do because black women are stronger n not simple minded like other races, i’m not prejudice at all but the truth is the truth

  • jen b

    EVERY child is beautiful! Unique and made to perfection as they were created to be. so obviously i dont agree with the comment when they say ugly babies exist – This was very disturbing to read and I cant believe they had the audacity to say such horrible things. I am a twin and a mother of two amazing children (19 months and 5 year-old) so i can definitely relate to the Mowry sisters. from what I’ve learned and experienced in life, There are those who see the ugly in this world as it is through what they call their eyes(their perception)..and then there are those who see the BEAUTY in this ugly world. life is happening right now and instead of embracing what we have around us, these people are filled with hate and anger. Tia, dont be bothered by their impertinent comments. if they want to believe that ugly babies exist, fine. small minds must exist too. In the end, we should pray for these folks and focus on whats more important..and thats showering our children with lots of love and affection. Plus, theres a new Mowry baby on the way so thats something to be absolutely thrilled about! Btw, the game wont be the same without you..but at least that means theres more free time for baby Cree! ;)

  • Mikki

    That baby is too ADORABLE wit his lil chubby cheek self! It’s upsetting that people always have to find SOMETHIN 2 say! Attacking a BABY! Seriously? PATHETIC!

  • Elvi

    They are all bullies aholes! He’s beautiful cuz god made him..them ppl are ugly for there words

  • daijanicka

    Your baby is beautiful! Don’t pay them haters no mind! Your physical appearance doesn’t define your beauty your soul does and obviously they don’t have one! P.s your husband is damn fine….Just saying

  • Keonna

    I don’t know What the hell they talking about, but Cree is so adorable and handsome like his dad and beautiful like his mom. Some people gone say negative things about people , but you have to ignore ignorant ppl. That was foolish for them to say, they could’ve kept that ish!!! To Them self, but who cares what people,, think. I believe God made everything and everyone beautiful!!!

  • Brielle

    I think Cree, Corey, and Tia are all beautiful and a beautiful family, and dare anyone change my mind to think anything different. But seriously, some people are just roofless! Yall are some real haters, and on a [baby]!! GET A LIFE! no one asked your opinion on how that baby looked and im pretty sure no one cares. and to be honest Cree looks like a million bucks compared to what yall kids be looking like, or let yall kids look like. It takes pure ugliness inside someone to say that a [baby] is ugly.

  • Nicole

    Tia your son is beautiful, anybody who would say something like that about a baby has no class at all. Keep doing u girl cause obviously your doing something right cause you have some serious hater! BTW I LOVE THE SHOW. Give Cree a kiss for your fans!

  • nita

    That baby did not make himself just like we did not make ourselves. This is a beautiful and healthy baby. It is just so sad that people have to put down an innocent baby just to make themselves feel better. Tia there is nothing wrong with this baby, but there is something wrong with the people who are being so ugly. I don’t have to see them to determine that they are the ones who are U-G-L-Y!!!!

  • tenisha

    I think u have a cute baby and u shouldn’t’t worry about what other people say they just want what u have so let people say what ever they want .so why u a talk of their conversation.this is real talk keep your head up.

  • These are probably the same people that talked about Gabby Douglas hair. They are just unhappy and want to make other people on happy just like them.

  • Daphne

    He’s a beautiful babyboy!

  • kareemah manuel

    Absolutey ignorance! who ever made such an cruel statement, 9 times out of 10 they are miserable as hell.probably BROKE as well! That beautifull baby boy is healthy and wealthy..Get a life,,, BUM

  • sylvia I

    Those people are indeed disgusting and have nothing better to do with themselves he is handsome nd u ppl whi say different can SUCK A DICK! AND CHOKE ON IT

  • Jonise

    Your son is to die for Tia and don’t forget that I’m lost on how yur son is ugly he is too cute

  • Tia u said it; people who don’t have anything nice too say !! Especial when it comes 2 a child! I think cree is a cutie!!

  • Tia&Tamera lover

    Disgusting ….like Tia said. Cree is a handsome baby boy. God doesn’t make “ugly” people or things. Our society is sad and sometimes so negative.

  • Annie

    Cree is adorable and has the cutest cheeks!! God gave u and ur husband a beautiful gift and that is all that matters!! Be blessed!

  • Itsmelile

    The ppl that thinks the baby is “ugly” who the f*** are ya’ll to say anything. That baby is straight for the rest of his life were your is probably broke, homeless, dirty, smells like shit can’t get a boy/girl friend trying to get a loan that you can’t get so shut the f***** up. And if yo ass ain’t got nothing nice to say don’t say shit…

  • Britaney Roberts

    I wouldnt give that commentary the time of day!!!! That type of ignorance is unworthy and the “people” who would go there are vile and miserble!

  • Charcey

    I’m sorry that ppl are so ignorant to call a baby ugly. You can’t let the few idiots in the world get you down to their level. I lost my baby in feb. of this year and now my bf and I are expecting another bundle of joy. I would never belittle a small child to make myself feel better. And IF Cree was ugly, so what?! He’s yours!! Btw, your husband is far from ugly, you guys are very beautiful ppl on the inside and out!

  • dj

    i bet the ones calling be baby ugly is f****** up looking they self get a f****** job in get off the net talking about your damn self he a fine young man i hate f*** up minded ppl need a f****** life look at your own kids in call em ugly as f***

  • Thats sad I think he is a handsome little boy the nerve of these jerks today that is an innocent child

  • Anna

    I agree with Tia, if you don’t have anything nice to say, then you need to stfu! That’s just rude. Tia was kind with her response, and I know that’s because if she said what she really wanted to say, she could have had an even worse backlash because she a celebrity, but had someone said that about one of my sons the reply would not have been so gentle. And since she can’t say it I will. To all those who have the nerves to call someone’s baby ugly behind the comfort of your computer, you have permission to kiss Tia’s, Cory’s, and Cree’s a$$!

  • Tia, your baby is beautiful and so are you! Keep him happy like he is. Time flies. Cree reminds me of my precious baby boy 15 years ago.

  • Those that call people ugly wether it be a baby or adult need to realize maybe someone may think that your child or even themselves might not be attractive to 1 person but a beautiful person to someone else. I have witnessed people call people ugly and they ain’t pretty themself. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

  • The problem here is people are so insecure with their own appearance and own lives that they feel the need to be cruel to Tia and her baby. People who say these things should remember what comes around goes around.

  • idiots. people always will have something nasty to say. im sure those people are ugly and are not parents because every child is beautiful and unique in his/her own way. i would just shrug them off, thats what you usually do with dust particles

  • malibu red

    I cant believe people r talking bad bout a baby dat is so cute. People aint got nothing else to talk about. Dammm i bet they would tell here that face to face. Cuz i would’ve slap they ass.

  • C. Dupree

    She’s absolutely right-If you don’t have any nice to say, Don’t say anything at all…With the economy, shootings and destruction of this world going on, these people can’t find anything else to do but write and discuss a precious baby..Really…Small people, Small minds..No one asked you…she certainly didn’t ask for it….And on the subject…He’s adorable and so are his parents.

  • Ms Joanne Newme

    Those comments were made by ignorant individuals. Why would you justify a response. Really does someone else opinion of your child make you love himany less? I think not. That person probably doesn’t like himself either. Pray for them

  • The baby is beautiful gift from God!

  • Meya

    Now that’s it, people need to stop trying to find something to talk about, personally I think Lil Cree is a cutie and Tia don’t let anyone call your son anything besides Cute, you are gonna have haters….Keep doing ya thing :-)

  • I think that was sad for someone to say it just says some are raised with no respect and low morals some people are just not happy in there own lives not just cause of a persons race. @ Kimmy your no differnt from the the person making the comment about that baby to say Black peoples spirit what do you know of the spirit or of the father people like You that think it’s okay to talk nasty toward a Race of people. Because a black person makes a comment all African Americans do not grow up in the same house that was low of you and it shows where your level of thinking is. You think ill of African Americans Women so does the world but it will not stop the one’s who overcome all odds through THE FATHER LORD ALMIGHTY and no weapon formed will prosper.

  • Heat 2u

    That baby is not ugly…some people can just be so cruel… Smh… Pray for them please

  • QueenJayJackson

    Why the f*** they hating on a baby? That baby is cute to me ,they just want to talk shit , forget them Tia. Haters EVERYWHERE. This whole world or most of it cares bout LOOKS. smfh.

  • Sheila

    GOD creates all babies so I would say whoever said that is calling our GOD ugly too. You should be ashamed of yourself
    to even make a comment about an innocent baby. Your the UGLY one. We need to pray for you. TIA BLESS YOUR BEAUTIFUL FAMILY.

  • Tonya Johnson

    Damn that is wrong. Talking about a baby. All babies are cute no matter what some idiots think. That is a child made special in God’s eyes. So to the idiots that is talking about this baby,”I guess your saying that God’s Creation isn’t Good Enough ? ” Some people are so stupid. And to Tia Mowry Hardrict, that is a Beautiful baby . He reminds me of Tahj Mowry ( your lil brother) when he was young and playing on Full House. Don’t let what no one say about that baby get to you, you know he is beautiful.

  • Beyondddddddddd petty sooooooooo low plz get a life and leave that beautiful baby out of jealous people these days will say anything to be noticed ignore the comment keep being the fantastic mommy you are and live ya life(in the voice of Rihanna)

  • @ Kimmy your no differnt from the the person making the comment about that baby to say Black peoples spirit what do you know of the spirit or of the father people like You that think it’s okay to talk nasty toward a Race of people. Because a black person makes a comment all African Americans do not grow up in the same house that was low of you and it shows where your level of thinking is. You think ill of African Americans Women so does the world but it will not stop the one’s who overcome all odds through THE FATHER LORD ALMIGHTY and no weapon formed will prosper.

  • alexis richardson

    That baby is handsome nd so is the father nd tia is beautiful.i know he will be a very handsome younge man wen he grows up…black is beautiful :)

  • Tye2015

    First let me start off by saying God is good…. hes creates all people and all creatures in different shape and sizes… AM i rite or am i rite… now for one i just turned 15 and i can tell life ain’t easy for me im in high school still and people still talk… and like someone wants told me Tia if them people aint (Buying your clothes, Putting a roof over your head, or taking care of your babie but u) them people whos talking is got anothering thing coming… cuz i believe in karma it comes rite back around… dont let them people dicourage you and your baby boy. cuz they no they rong for critsing people… i mean i still get talked about yea hear and their but i stick up for myself more often now… and im sticking up for u now… them people who keep talking is jealous cuz they no they aint got them sense or guts saying it to ure face….i no that much…. just think of it like this if they aint saying it to ure face then they scared but if they posting it go on and let them hate because they aint no specailer than ure Baby Boy Cree hes a beautiful babe… coming from a 15year old and i honestly mean that i dont critise nobody if i dont no them but if i do i be kidding around with them but yea i love Cree like if he was a brother to me… Dont let them people discourage u beacuse u no people always stay hting in the United States…

  • Kittie

    I bet the people leaving those comments are fat and poor. Just plain stupid.

  • LeanneBanda

    Cree is absolutely beautiful. I know exactly how hurtful those comments are. My daughters father’s family said similar comments about her and it is something to stand up for. No child is ugly, and no child should be put down. No matter who the person is they have no right to voice their “opinion”

  • He is so cute!! He looks jus like tia and corey.

  • kelly

    I would have to agree. What is the point of speaking ill out a child. Come on.

  • Tye2015

    TIa, one more thing… the people who got time to sit on their butts all day and Critise Cree are ratically impossible just plain old 2-faced becuase they no they probly ugly they self and still they talking…
    the only reason people talk about other people is becuase they have nothing better to do and they no they UGLY as well so dont let these low-life 2-faced people gget to u because God will get them and the people whos posting nice things about Cree (((RESPECTS U)))

  • Phat Baby

    These people have Nothing better else to do, then to call a baby ugly. What’s Ugly is the people talking, your the ugly ones. But at the end of the day put it in God hands because like they say Only God can Judge me. These ugly people with their Ugly words.

  • Ashley

    Cree is an adorable baby I don’t know what sick person would talk about a cute baby like that

  • ThatZetaChic1920

    DAMN!! It made me SICK to read those asinine comments about her baby and her hubby!! Ppl are so bored and miserable with their own lives, they have to find fault and down others on theirs, smh

    • Tye2015

      lets rephrase that a lil more smDh

  • Cree is a very handsome baby and a blessing from God. (sounds like some
    bitter people need to put down their crack pipe instead of other
    people’s babies!)

  • I never thought Tia’s baby was ugly. In my opinion, I think Cree is a cute, chunky little baby. And did I mention CUTE!?

  • phatmama

    u have a handsome baby tia so dnt let ignorant ppl stress u girl . misery loves compaany

  • Question: Do ugly babies exist?

  • Tina

    Don’t pay those ignorant a** people any attention they’re just unhappy with themselves. He’s a beautiful & happy baby. I watch ur show all the time & see how happy he is & how much love he’s getting from his family. So keep doing u & showing the world a handsome baby.

  • Crystal McClain

    One word explains such comments…..Jealous.

  • It is stupid and cruel to talk about someones baby especially in such a public view. Yes some babies have big heads, and yes they do grow into them , two of mine had big heads. People who dont have anything better to do with their time. Just like the ones who say your son looks like a girl, and your daughter looks like a boy.

  • I find it hard to believe that we are really having this
    conversation, UNBELIEAVABLE!

    I agree with you guys on this, I am very shocked that an
    adult would say something like this about a baby.

    I am not trying to tell people what to think but for god’s
    sake, you do not have to think out loud and hurt someone’s feelings,
    specifically a human being that cannot defend himself. Shame on them!

    Thank the Lord he has a MOTHER to speak for him!

    Him is such a cute and handsome little boy; I bet he has
    some good suga.

  • IA@disqus_xnGuxIyO0s:disqus. Its a shame that people are so mean and cruel. I bet these same people were bullies as children and probally are bullies as adults. Your baby is beautiful. People need to find something meaningful to fill their time with. SMDH.

  • Sha Sha 7

    Adorable Baby <3 My goshh. People have no respect now-a-days. They have to learn to keep their mouths shut. Especially if they don't have a child;; They won't understand that when a women gives birth, their creation is the most beautiful creation in their eyes. It's hard to go through the things a women goes through when they're in labor. So don't judge. No baby is ugly. All is created beautiful in someone's eyes.

  • Michel Johnson

    Tia your son is beautiful and don’t let these small minded ppl make you think otherwise… He is adorable… All babies are gorgeous, but your son is very cute… My Lord what is this world coming too?

  • Delilah

    Tia, I think he is a handsome little joy.. God blessed you with a beautiful piece of joy. Don’t even give these simple minded people the satisfaction of responding to their insults. Obviously their friends and family talked down on them as children.


    It is just rediculous that people are so dang judgementsl and those who are talking about a child has to answer to god. the golden rules says treat others the way yu want to be treated I know people dnt want to be talked about. CREE is a BEAUTIFUL baby and dnt listen to what others have to say. I bet there not too cute to have to talk about a innocent child..

  • TheTruth HURTS

    All The f****** Bitches who said that handsome boy is ugly, they were born as a ugly child and been call ugly all their life. If they think they can do better let them have their own kids and post it picture up.

  • shotgun

    That hurts!!!! How horrible!!

  • Cree is a beautiful baby Tia be very proud.

  • Renee

    This crazy. Baby Cree is adorable. How can people fix there mouths to say such things. Yes u have the right to your own opinions but don’t hurt others and especially a baby who can’t defend himself.

  • Tara

    Jealous!!!! I love u Tia…..he is handsome. …don’t listen to these ignorant people.God will deal with them!

  • So true people are so nasty but whoever said that the lord will take care of them…

  • cutiekitten

    Tia, your baby is the cutest baby ever..point blank…there are some people too busy trying to look pretty for the guy, that uses them or abuses them, whwn i see you and cory…I want to have love like that too and be happy

  • I think whoever take the time to talk about somebody’s kid is the scum of the earth they are low life no manners garbage can person who is the worst kind of person you sorry low life monster go crawl in a corner and die……..

  • keke

    f*** then Tia u have a handsome son!! Some mite just be jealous…and even if the baby IS ugly to u keep ur f****** mouth close because that child is a child of god and god will fix u!!

  • jazzy :)

    I think cree is adorable and his father is handsome people need to stop what if they have a kid and someone calls there child ugly they will feel some type of way..its a shame how mean people can be

  • toya

    Thts stupid for pple to call an inocent angle ugly…So my advice to u and bby cree is to live and let Haters b Haters….Ths is frm latoya jackson…

  • Octavia Colbourne

    Tia God bless your family & also that beautiful baby boy. I wish your family nothing but the best.

  • aisha

    dats tradgic for people to say dat i would have said these people can suck my dick stop hating on my child and their mothers are ugly and should be slapped for giving birth to them

  • It makes me sick to my stomach that there are malicious and disgusting people out there willing to talk about an innocent little baby. You should be ashamed and embarrassed. You make my stomach turn.

  • Deedee

    People will talk and hate…people in this world are sadly cruel, so all you can do is ignore them and keep on moving..f*uk everyone else! It will be ok :-)

  • Bahia

    If I was Tia, I woulda went HAM!! f*** the self image. TIa is one strong woman. Personally if someone would have talked about my baby i would have took the 2nd amendment to full affect. BEAR ARMS baby. f*** the haters Tia. Little cree is a adorable kid. And yes they are disgusting. With love<3

  • Krystal

    I’d like to see them or their babies. God don’t like ugly especially when its towards his children

  • alexis

    its a baby for petes sake okay! you should keep your rude comment to yourself nobody asked you if the baby was or wasnt ugly and if you got kids you want somebody calling yo kid ugly because as they say paybacks a B and what goes around comes around frankly i think all babies are cute!!!

  • Fabreezy

    That is just wrong! He is a baby and a child God! People are evil and jealous. They would be happy if Tia and her husband were fighting and had marital issues but they don’t. They are a loving family and so people have nothing to talk about, so they have to pick on a child. This media and TV sometimes is the devil. I love you and may God bless you and your family!

  • People should mind their own business. What was quoted earlier is true “If you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all.”

  • Mz. Neicy

    God blesses us with children and whether cute, ugly, thin, fat, dark or light…..we as mothers love them…so what does it matter what a jealous cruel hearted person thinks. If you love your baby and he is the cutest lil baby you have ever seen, thats all that matters. Tia keep your head up and keep making people jealous of you!!!!

  • crystal

    This must be the same group of thinkers that talked about Gabby hair. Too much time on their hands. Pick up a bible and learned to be thankful for life. Ugh. Let us pray.

  • lary

    I,m sure the person say that is ugly, unhappy,and he’s or her live is in hell

  • Latasha perry

    First of all who ever call Cree ugly is ugly in the in side Cree is a beautiful baby Tia and Cory got a beautiful baby from god God will take care of those people who made these comments. Tia keep do u don’t let anyone take it joy

  • Sugstuff

    There are some cruel people in this world and if they have kids and someone say something negative about them they ready to go off. I say don’t worry about what they say u have a handsome son and like others said these people have nothing better to do with their time and in time God will make them pay for what they said. If they have kids they’ll see. Screw them haters bc at least you’re married and have a wonderful husband and father for your son and half of these people have so much baby daddy/baby mama drama it isn’t even funny. Love ya’ll and keep being successful.

  • I would be hurt if someone called my child ugly(if I had any kids) Cree is a cute adorable baby so people need to shut up! What did the baby do to anyone? Why call him hurtful names and insult his mother. This makes me sad :'( Americans are so messed up, everything is about looks. You have to look a certain to be considered the ideal beauty. That’s why so many people have complexes and it’s really sad. smh

  • peebo

    that baby is not ugly i dont understand why people say such things he is a BABY leave him alone like tia said he doesnt even have a voice yet to express himself and people are already judging him and cory isnt ugly either and neither is tia….they made a beautiful child

  • lary

    Tia tu bebe es lindo hermoso to do lo que dice es por embidia no ha as CA so son person as que les duele very a los demas felices yo soy fanatic a de tu program a y me da much gusto que tu y tu Herman a salgan adelante, tu nino es lindo

  • Alexandra

    People say anything to down someone who is doing better than them. Cree has lovely parents and he is a beautiful baby. Tia your doing an amazing job as a mother, wife, and actress, keep doing your thing and don’t let these comments get to you.

  • CC

    I hate the fact that people will be so ignorant to talk about a innocent defenseless baby. People are mean and disgusting

  • lady c

    Don’t worry u has a lil handsome son. I don’t talk about babies myself no matter how they look.

  • I grew up watching Tia and Tamera and I applaud how they kept their personal life out the media unlike other celebs. they’re fine role models and Cree is gorgeous. We are all Gods children and are born in his image. so let the wicked that have something negative to say parish in their own misery.

  • Tamika

    Who would say something so cruel about a baby that is just ridiculous I never knew ppl would be so mean and talk about a baby

  • Chrissy

    I think her son is very cute! He’s a juicy, healthy and happy baby! People, Jealousy is the route of all evil!

  • Cakelady2011

    Really people you have nothing better to do, I think Tia baby is a handsome little fellow. Tia you can’t worry about what people say.

  • empress

    you have to be a real sick f*** to call an innocent child ugly…the piece of shit that said that must be one ugly ass bitch…Tia your son is a gift from God, cherish him and don’t listen to what these evil people have to say..God bless you and your family sugar..

  • Envy me

    Why would people say something about that baby…. The people that I saying bad things about that baby is probably ugly themselves

  • DVonna Reece

    I believe that is truly terrible that someone would go that far !!! It’s an innocent baby people. But really, that person who made such comment ; I’m sure is empty with no life. They need to be somewhere praying and asking God for forgiveness. Besides, he is a little cutie patootie:)

  • Viviana

    Tia he is truly beautiful baby. The good Lord bless you and your hubby with this precious angel, don’t let simple minded ppl get to you. They are truly the ugly ones and envy of you and what you accomplish, so keep your head up and don’t listen to those negative ppl. You have a beautiful family that the good Lord bless you with. Pop your collar girl and keep on reaching for the stars.. enjoy Cree now while he still litt cause they grow so fast. God is good.. Don’t lose faith in that. And plz give Cree a hug from me, even though I am just a



  • LA’Quay’Ja

    I think he’s the cutest thing & my baby has a big head…..f the haters

  • Ryan

    That Is So Cruel.
    I Mean Speaking Between Tia And The Father,There Is Nothing Wrong With Him To Me Personally He’s Pretty Cute.
    And To All The People Who Say He’s Ugly,You Guys Are Probably The Ugliest People On The Face Of The Earth,And You Have Serious Issues You Need To Sort Out Within Yourselves,To Pick On And Put Down An Innocent Child….It’s Digusting.

  • Some people are just so rude! Those comments were sooooo unnecessary!

  • Valarie

    He’s a beautiful baby.

  • Snooky79

    God don’t evil that’s all u have to say! Babies are little blessings…. So for ppl to say such awful things because of how a baby looks is crazy…. He is healthy gorgeous baby boy!!! This generation kills me I swear no manners…. I refuse to raise my kids with that mentality!

  • Shayna

    This is rediculous ! No child or baby is ever ugly . They are Precious gifts from god that have been put on this earh for a reason and that reason is not to be criticised on how they look . Tia dont worry you are a very beautiful woman . You and your sister are my role models and you have a very beautiful family. Keep your head up and remember , words dont mean anything !

  • these ppl are to sick like seriously a baby pooooosshhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • I just have to say no baby is ugly. They are all a precious gift from god that some people want to take care of but don’t get the chance. So everyone shouldn’t be judging someone’s child. They should see them for the blessing they are.

  • I think he’s a beautiful handsome child just like his mother and father. Tia never listen to what other people say you know he’s a smart handsome baby and he will become president one day. Keep your head up Tia!!

  • BigBae

    He is so cute!!!! Tell who ever said that lets see some pictures of there kids….

  • shena

    Wow thats a pretty stipid thing to say about a baby! If u have to down a babies looks u must be an ugly jealous muthafucka. What joy could u possible get for saying a child is ugly and posting ot on the internet. Grow the f*** up. Tia your baby is beautiful! God bless you and your family!

  • lekeisha

    That’s sad, your family is beautiful.

  • Savannah Chamara

    Cree is such a cute little boy! and no one honestly has the right to take about anyone or their child. Afterall, some people are unable to bare children into the world therefore Tia is thankful for the child God blessed her with, why cant other people be just as joyful. Tia, Cree is a cute baby, i love his cheeks and hilariously cute smile :) God truly blessed you with a wonderful bundle of joy. Dont worry about what other people say about you or your child and children to come because if you start to worry about it, blessings may be blocked. God bless you and your wonderful family :)

  • Sandra Yagci

    Anything made with Love is a Beautiful gift from God which is your baby Cree….these people do not know Love or God….this makes THEM very Ugly with a double UU!

  • cherri

    Your baby is beautiful, do not bring ur beautiful self to the level of such stupidity……people like that r ugly and have no life or children of there own…..hold ur head high and love ur beautiful baby and husband…….you r truly Blessed……..theheck with all others…………love u since u were a kid

  • Mad Mom

    Tia hold your head high for your beautiful healthy baby boy God bless you and your hubby with because the devil is a liar. You and I both know he has his committee out here being haters …tell to fall back for lil Cree..RT

  • neenee

    u have a beautiful son. dont listen to these non factor ass bitches cause they wish they had what u got. people kill me hating all the time.

  • Ramos

    I don’t know why I am shocked seeing how ignorant some folks are these days. I think he is a beautiful baby and a blessing. Some people are so miserable and hateful. I am angry about this as well because in some form it is abusive. He is a baby not an adult, it makes me wonder if these people are parents who are making these comments. It’s down right scary to think of possible parental guidance being taught by such people. Please keep nasty mean spirited comments to your damn self.

  • Candis m

    Tnia dont worrie about that bs u have it all a hubby a great career a beautiful baby a twin.u go girl

  • Candis m


  • Candis m


  • That Baby Is Ugly So Stop Lying! -,- And For The Ones Talking About “Oh He’s Not Ugly, Ur The One That’s Ugly” Just STFU Deadass! People Getting All Sensitive And Wearing They’re Hearts On They’re Sleeves Just Because It’s A Baby Being Talked About, As If Saying Someone Grown Was Ugly Isn’t The Same Shit. People Need To Just Get Over It..He Is A Ugly Child. I Have Seen Some Cute Babies And When A Baby Is Cute I Say It, But If A Baby Is Ugly I Will Not Sugar Coat Shit Just Because It’s A Child! Tuh! -,- Anyone Who Doesn’t Agree Keep It To Urself Because I Couldn’t Care Less. He’s Ugly..Get Over It!

    • Mskd Gil

      WTF happened to you? Something really bad Must have for you to have taken the time to call an innocent child ugly. You are a bully and  that makes you ugly from the inside out. Sorry for you:(

    • Run

      I have seen many of your comments; YOU are the ugly one!!!

  • Jennifer Pazol

    “Cree Cree” is sooooooooooo adorable! Tia, hopefully you read the positive comments and know that your fans have your back and if all of us on here could… we would kick the asses of everyone calling him ugly! God bless you and your family! Most people are envious of what you have. You & Tamara are truly blessed! Continue living life for you and your family! Don’t give in to the haters!!

  • Dana

    I dont really know what everyones is looking at or they must have sum kind of uncurible retardedness going on in their eyes because her baby is extremly beautiful. Every baby is cute in there own way …I guess some people cant see that. SHAME SMH!!!!

  • every baby is speacial and ppl dont understand that. he is adorable, i would die for a cute kid like that. u said hes ugly that means its takes one to know one. think about stuff before u say it

  • Mimi

    Tia don’t worry about them childish haters there jus mad cause your blessed with an beautiful baby boy an talented as you are, thats just nonsense talkin. Enjoy you your handsome son an your life!

  • Chynki B

    He’s Handsome

  • Patricia Moore

    Usually people who talk about babies or whoever, is ugly and have reallllllly low self-esteem. They talk about or down other’s just for their insecurities alone……..Hell! They kids probaly ugly as f*** and jealous that your baby is waaayyy cuter!!!!Your baby is a doll, handesome baby, young man:)

  • Kelvin

    In my opinion, there is no such thing as an ugly baby. These lowdown, brainless clowns are just board with their dull lame lives. This is typical of some spineless, gutless individuals who just have a miserable life. It it’s really pathetic and childish that anyone would attack an infant (and the mother). Tia, you have a beautiful son. Enjoy what God blessed you with.


    REALLY? Has it come to this? There has got to be SOMETHING else to focus on besides the looks of someone’s baby. There is sooo much going on in the world, i just cant believe some people have absolutely NONETHING else to do! Come on people…..GET A GRIP!

  • crystal

    can just imagine they dont have and may cant have a baby, why the hell talk like that about a baby these people need a life.

  • Dania

    Ima need you to stop being so damn rude … If you don’t like how you f****** look ima need to stop saying retarded ass stuff to a beautiful God Blessing Baby …. If your ugly and you have an ugly child obviously people are going to say rude shit about your kid too. If you don’t like that then just hop off of Tia’s son and Husband. That’s all for you dumdasses talking shit. K Bye.

  • Kelvin

    Remember Tia, the next time someone attack you or you baby, you remember who brought Cree into this world and who they have to deal with.

  • natasha ny

    Beautiful baby period.

  • Every time I think ppl can’t get any more ignorant… They always do/say some BS like this. I swear common sense is NOT THAT COMMON!

  • Kia

    Sad and childish! All kids need time to grow into their looks. How dare you judge a innocent child! Damn Bastards! Furthermore beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all the people who are saying negative things are probably ugly as hell!

  • meggy_pretty

    That is so mean how people can say that about a baby don’ t worry cree you are a handsome baby:)

  • D L Frazier

    Tia don’t pay people like that no mind, Cree is a beautiful little boy, and a precious gift from God. I love his big beautiful eyes. You and your family be blessed.

  • Some people are just stupid, that’s a beautiful baby

  • Malyka Harris

    Man f*** her tht bitch probley sitting hom wit 15 kids 19 baby daddy on welfare wit no life cree is handsome and,u look lik yes and they look like HELL NO rich and the’re poor so in th words of martin lawrence f*** em gurl f*** em

  • sheri

    Ok look not kid is born with good looks .umm n to the ones who r talk bad about the baby needs member looks dont make the person it who they r thats makes them ..i happen to think he is cutie . n i would be hurt upset n blown away if things that was said to me about my child dose matter weather u have money to sit there n talk shit. so for all who said he is ugly look at it this if it was ur child n ppl were saying ur child is ugly how would u feel put ur feet in hers ……

  • We live in a cruel world. So sorry people feel a need to be so mean. Life is too short to worry about it. Tia is a beautiful girl and her life reflects it.

  • roro

    i have never seen a ugly baby,,to me all babies r cute and adorable..don,t mind them.

  • Ashlee Jamieson

    Tia your baby is beautiful and he’s a gift from god and if anyone says anything negitve about your baby there just a nasty person and those kind of people make it no where in life

  • antoinette

    Tia that is a handsome little boy you have they are just jealous

  • Ebony

    Tia your baby is a gorgeous little boy…sweetheart keep doing you and forget what the haters say. They talked about Jesus so keep it pushing. Cree has all he needs in u and Cory and with God yall will get through. Much love

  • Your baby is beautiful…don’t pay attention to that ignorance. Sometimes people say mean stuff because they want what you have. You and your husband made a beautiful son and that’s all that counts. Let the haters hate! We love Cree-cree!

  • kyrandia peters

    This is a beautiful baby a gift given from the Lord and for people to be so cruel and evil it’s sad! Instead of saying something so negative about a gorgeous little guy who can’t defend himself speak positive or hold your peace if that’s how you feel it’s not neccessary that the world knows. It’s childish and those people saying these nasty things are crying out for attention! Thank God this baby has parents who love him who can develop his character and express love to him daily!

  • ebonym28

    You have to have an ugly soul to say something as hurtful as that. To the people that had the nerve to waste their time and energy to go online and talk negative about the love of Tias life there is no words to describe you all i can say is… you need an ass whooping!!You dont talk about someones child. The next baby you have can turn out to be disabled or anything then what, what if someone spoke negative about your child how would you feel??? The baby is adorable (he is a baby) you people are not human.

  • People will eat their words when that baby grows into a handsome prince! lol

  • Nikki Denning

    He is beautiful Tia don’t worry bout them they are just hating.

  • Boo

    God be with these ppl. Yea like the comment that was made,what happened to if u can’t say nothing nice don’t say nothing at all.

  • Special Education Teacher

    Tia your son is sooooooo cute!!!!! It is unfortunate that we live in a world that focuses on looks. Enjoy your handsome boy because motherhood is such a wonderful thing! God Bless you and your family!!!!

  • fatima from philly

    I always thought baby Cree was a cutie pie. Some people just dont know whar to say out of their mouths. Tia, baby Cree is a handsome little guy.

  • Queen

    That baby is beautiful! I just want to hold and kiss him! They are blind! Pay no mind!

  • Malinda

    First I like to say I think he’s cute. And as a person that was raised if – U can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all. I’ve seen babies I THOUGHT wasn’t cute but kept it to myself. ( we all won’t agree )

  • Babies are God’s greatest creation and for those who say that the baby is ugly don’t have God in their life. Tia your baby is beautiful and you don’t let the public tell you no different. Love you and your sister reality show and will continue watching it forever.

  • angel

    ugh why do people gotta tlk about dis baby my little brother got da same head nd he is 9months nd i wish somebody will tlk about his head nd tia ur baby is so cute dnt worry about wat THEM people are saying he’s handsome nd please people if u dnt like how he look than why wont u have UR ON BABY nd be quite oh i forgot most of u cnt i bet! but anywayz TIA ur baby is cute! :)

    • angel

      oh nd most of them is lowlife!

  • laniedontcare

    he’s sooooooooooooo cute and chubby just the way i like them

  • tracey

    omg there is alot of idiots out there the baby isnt ugly god made all of us out of his images and likeness and he make us all beautiful and handsome yalll very disgusting indeed to be saying such cruel stuff about a baby who is innocent you know what yall just ignorant and need a damn life “study the baby he is rich and will be famous soon which leave yall who saying mean comment about him brokes and a nobody yall have a pretty small mentality

  • Kaylani Brianna

    Tia your baby boy is adorable, don’t waste your time reading ignorant comments that heartless people write, obviously they are jealous. God Bless you and your family.

  • tracey


  • Mike

    I think the problem is, the FATHER is ugly. More specifically, he has an unsightful nose. And with Tia and Tamara having gorgeous noses to die for, it’s unfortunate that the father’s nose was passed down. And sadly on the net, people say whatever they want. Much of the same that the father would do if I were the other person on my screen.

  • Jones

    Cree and his father are handsome! I love Cree and I dont even know him. He’s always so Jolly and His bday is a day after mines! LOL

  • me

    Baby’s are the purist humans on this earth.if you have something evil to say about them then what does that make you.

  • brittney

    That baby not ugly at all tia u have a handsomebaby boy ad the one thst is saying he is ugly r the ones who is broke hey tia at least u able to feed yo son raise him y all the the ppl who who cant even do that fir there own kids handsome little man

  • corrione

    Ppl are so stupid… I Couldn’t imagine Calling a baby ugly, I have a four month old. They are so pure and innocent and definitely not worried about their looks.. Tia ignore them and love that baby boy like you’ve been doing!!!!

  • Bianca

    Why is the boy ugly? Because they say he’s ugly? f*** that! I bet the people saying it aren’t exactly super models their damn selves!!

  • Kimmi_pooh

    Tia your family is beautiful! let the haters hate. U r too blessed to be stressed w/ nonsense! 

  • Who is really the ugly one??? People leaving these remarks about a beautiful baby boy anonymously hiding behind the internet. He is more beautiful outside and inside than they are inside and inside is what truly counts. Wait until you have children or grandchildren, karma is a b*#@$!!!!

  • Keesha

    You’re son is beautiful healthy and happy ppl really need to grow up and learn some respect . To those ppl who chose to say those mean,and hurtful things as a mom you wish only for a,beautiful healthy happy baby because any baby thats created from love and that is apart of you is beautiful…. You couldn’t possibly be happy with you life if you have enough time to bash a baby.. Tia be happy god has given you the most precious gift that this world has to offer enjoy love and protect him..

  • Kia

    Ppl are going to be ignorant. It’s called a lack of home training. And unfortunately we are going a have even more with the newer generation and how they rear their children. Bottom line in you have an absolutely adorably handsome little boy who will hopefully grow into an amazing man. Please don’t let the ignorance of others harden your heart

  • Wanda

    This makes me sad.  Tia, your son is beautiful and so are you.  Just remember there is no such thing of a spoiled, ugly are any other negative comment that can hurt you are your baby.  Just continue to LOVE him unconditionaly, and one day when he is all grown up and a handsome strong young man, he will thank you for being so loving and caring to him.  My daughter is 31 years old and she thanks me all the time for being so loving and caring.  God Bless you and your family.

  • Nsgadet

    Just really sad, all you can do is pray for the demons who started this.  God bless you and that handsome bay boy, he is truly God’s blessing.

  • Gianmar1

    That baby is adorable, I can’t believe how rude and immature ppl can be calling a baby ugly they must be insecure about there own looks that’s the only reason I can think they would say something so cruel!! He’s a beautiful little boy Shitt he’s a baby

  • Jcivil18

    Thats why we blacck people our relationship some times dnt wrk out its a baby y’all being so damn mean especially about gabby Douglas stfu bann kaka

  • Morton_kassandra

    This isn’t a cute baby… He is an extremely adorable and precious blessing. For those who only have negative comments about this child, I’m SURE when u step outside, people grimace at the sight of u….. Some people jus disgust me. I’m gonna say what Tia wants to say but can’t… Y’all negative, judgemental, never gonna have sh*t individuals need to stop hating and either get a life or go play n traffic….

  • Montinacrosby

    Tia your baby is beautiful tell them to kiss your ass and keep it moving

  • Gwendolyn Hatton

    Really, it has to be a sick and miserable individual to even make a comment on this beautiful and adorable child. Clearly they must not have received the love and attention from there parents as a child! It is ashame that such a pathetic person even exist!

  • Bobo

    Her baby cute so sll yall niggas want to say hes ugly, go suck ya daddys dick and if u.aint got a dad, lick ya moms pussy and if u.dont got.none, go f***.yourselves.

  • Icey

    This is awful. Obviously the people making comments haven’t had great parents. Beauty comes from within this is a baby, even if it was a grown person that you don’t think looks there best beauty is within and Cree is sooo beautiful and hes so smart I can tell. But Tia is right however I wouldn’t give people like you mean cruel people the time of my day. But I understand in defense of her son. They should be ashamed like does that make them feel good? (Stupidity)… What I will do is pray for you people because this isn’t right. If mean thoughts could kill i would have been dead a long time ago, If you have nothing good to say don’t say it. Sounds like these people need to get a job a hobby and go to church! Im off

  • Rickyjunior21

    If guy have an icky baby… .then guy have an ugly baby ii kno ive seen them n person

  • Creamynilla

    Aweee he is adorable and a true blessing. God have gave you a joy never let noone tell you anything diiferent. Don’t be angry fight back with love.

  • Nikola

    A baby is a blessing and he is handsom. Obviously ppl have no life if you are talking about a BABY! Im sure they can’t even stare at themself in the mirror that long because they’re face is a disgrace. All these ppl are doing is hating because she has a life that they wish they had. That’s not how you get your blessings. No wonder they post what they do. Mind your own damn business and get off your a**. We love you Tia!!!! :-)

  • Sandy

    Sometimes people just wants there name out there they just want to be known. Go pick on someone els kids are a gife from god there all beautiful in there own ways. Keep your head up Tia you have a cute son n his father is SEXY let people say what they want you know what you have a beautiful family:-)

  • Kentrea

    He is a cute baby why would anyone say that about any baby she is a new mother show a lil respect people

  • vera smith

    As long as the baby is healthy thats all that matters, people will say ugly things.  What you think should only matter.  Be Bless. 

    • Pumpkin77035

      Amen!!! This baby is a Gift from God.We must remember that we live in a world that is so evil…Nuff said..God will take care of the evil doers….

  • Cartertingle

    I love you Tia and your family is adorable… Cree is cutie so don’t take anything to heart what people say.

  • Brianlambe

    First off that is one of the ugliest babies ever! He will probably grow up to be as disgustingly hideous as his father and mother are. Simple fact people, if two ugly people have a baby then by default the said baby will be ugly as well. 2+2=4 people. Although by the way most of the posts here are written, and the lack of proper grammar or intelligent thought, you probably thought 2+2=jell-o.
    Well good luck to Tia in raising a ugly child. Hopefully it doesn’t have down syndrome as well.

    • Wannie04

      really? hating on a baby?  Get a life. 

    • Lilcozie2u

      u r really stupid. u must be ugly. , in the inside. that baby is beautiful. maybe u need to take another look at ur baby pictures or actually have a baby to appreciate something so special. ur a dumb ass.

    • Taylorcharmaine87

      How the f*** can u sit your ass up here and talk about someone’s child. A bitch like you will get f***** up quick. Obviously you don’t have kids I wish you did so someone could talk about them so you can see just how it feels. I encourage people like you to play in traffic and if a semi comes just stand there, we don’t need you in this would smdh

    • Pixie

      Who says that about someone else’s child!??! If you’re a male, I hope your penis falls off so you never make a baby and if you’re a female, your uterus is probably rotted. You are a despicable human being.

    • Butterfly1990


    • Asjf

       Tia is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! Those girls, Tamara and Tia, are like mini Lena Hornes! Both have the looks I WISH I had.

      Now the father is another story.

  • Queent26 Qt

    Dey jst mad tia cause yu blessed stomp da devil off….dnt let dat ish stress yu out…yu betta den dat n mind and spirit…keep ya head girl…..psalm 100:1

  • See shit like that will have a bitch with they mouth blew the f*** out talking about somebody kid or kids, I have to so I kno first hand the quickest way to see a woman to prison is f*** WITH HER CHILDREN YOU WILL FIND YOU ASS FULL OF HOT HOLES IN YO BODY!!! Know that, yo  Tia tell a mf get they money up, like Cree do, bitches si trashy ass hoes, & i bet its the cotton calling the kettle blk, the mf who clall her son ugly bout got f***** up lookin kids & they mad, so they gone try & find flaws in everybody else kids cause they genes dnt match up beautifully like Tia;s did…. HI HATERS

  • You bout gone go to hell with gasoline underwear on and a lit match, yo lame ass bout cant have kids and if u can you better watch ya self…. LIKE THEY SAY LAUGHIN IS CATCHY!!!!!! LMMFAO @brianlambe U GUY BICTH BAAAAHAAAA

    • Velwest22

       I feel like this if they feel her baby is ugly then it just maybe something ugly about them or their kids. Rethink what you say about people because it sure can come back an bite you. Tia!!!! Cree is adorable, and handsome, its ok. People like this you have to say I Will Pray For You and may GOD have mercy on your soul.

  • Tara Passmore

    I think Cre is just adorable.

  • Wannie04

    Why do people like to see others hurt? How miserable and sad can you be to call a mother’s young child ugly? I honestly think whoever wrote those comments did so to hurt Tia.  She is obviously head over heels for her son and looks like a great mother on TV. Why do we as a people have to tear each other down? Would it be better to build each other up and stop all the hate.  I watch the show to see Cree.  He is adorable, very alert, and makes Tia very happy. Now that is beautiful. 

    • Asmithis

      I agree :)
      Well said!

  • i think it is sad an unfair for ppl to criticize a child. but i think Tia Mowry made an ignorant comment ab our society being ‘hung-up’ on looks. if it werent for looks she wouldn’t have the career she does have!! sooo…

  • Priscillanathan45

    Cree, is a beautiful child and your beautiful as well.

  • Sunf1ower_Jones

    For some reason, this story brought tears to my eyes. Not only because of how these comments could cut a mother/father like a knife. Not just because someone would have the hutzpah to talk about an innocent, and to me, absolutely ADORABLE baby, but that man/womankind has elevated him/herself to a place where they have no shame, decency, or a conscience.

    I always knew there was evil in the world, but I think these social networks have brought the evil people  from under the sewers where they reside.

    Tia, your baby is gorgeous! The ones who made those mean, obnoxious comments will one day meet karma face to face.

  • Lenora Williams

    your baby is not ugly. He is very adorable,and he is very cute. Don’t listen to what other people say about your son. Love him and cherish him. He is very precious.I’ll take him.

  • Asmithis

    Cree is very adorable!!! Don’t listen to the negative comments, those people are just jealous

  • Quinneciabarber21

    Hey tia i think you have a beautiful please dont pay these hateful people no mind they just haters

  • Miesha_anne

    He is BEAUTIFUL DAMMIT!  lol.  He makes my heart melt. 

  • Miesha_anne

    Time out.  They said the daddy is ugly????  Um…who the heck are they looking at.  That man is fine.  The whole family is beautiful and karma will come to those who said those evil things!

  • Jerriel007

    Girl you know your baby is NOT ugly, don’t let it bother you, I was told one of my babies was ugly, I say they are jealous, your whole family is good looking

    • Ebony Everette


  • Ne_kiah

    This is appalling…babies are miracles and innocent lambs…how dare ANYONE comment on the looks of a child?!  Lord, we have to pray for those people because they know not what they say or do, but keep your head up, Tia – we are molded in HIS image, and how can that be ANYTHING but beautiful?…

  • Ebony Everette

    I think he is a very handsome baby…ppl with this mind set is ugly and cruel I pray that they never have kids an somebody calls heir kids ugly….



  • Josie

    You do have a Beautiful child Tia , do not pay attention to ignorant people ; They are just stupid , bunch of haters .  Remember that  we are  now live in a world where some people are just so hurtful . They  know that you have a beautiful son , jalousie will make people do they unthinkable . Pray for them .

  • Mz.LaTrice

    Anything that my God create is beautiful and wonderfully made..its ppl out here that cnt even have kids at all that want them..dnt listen to wht ppl say. some just to ignorant for their own good.

  • Mz.LaTrice

    Anything that my God create is beautiful and wonderfully made..its ppl out here that cnt even have kids at all that want them..dnt listen to wht ppl say. some just to ignorant for their own good.

  • Bkomeccio

    Yes it is sad that people would.stoop to that level to do such a thing.. But God has Blessed you with your precious son and people are going go talk hey they talked bout Jesus but that just shows how immature they are.God Bless you and your bundle of joy

  • Bkomeccio

    Yes it is sad that people would.stoop to that level to do such a thing.. But God has Blessed you with your precious son and people are going go talk hey they talked bout Jesus but that just shows how immature they are.God Bless you and your bundle of joy

  • Jarrell1e

    I think that it is wrong for people to outwardly express their opinions on a way that’s hurtful to her as a mom. When my youngest was born, he was the funniest looking baby. Lol! Now he is SO cute withe the biggest dimples! Plus ,as a mom, you are the only one who can say that. It’s rude for other people to. He’s HER baby. I think that she should try to ignore it as much as possible. He’s gonna be a stunna when he grows up!

  • Anose

    I hadn’t heard about the stupid comments.  People keep wondering why we can’t stop child bullies.  It is because we haven’t solved the adult bully issue.

  • Rena morgan

    i think tia baby is beautiful he is a mixture of mom and dad CREE you go boy some people dont have nothing better to do but analyize others

  • Lyisette

    Wow for a person to say that about a child must really hate themselves. His is beautiful and so cute aww what’s wrong people, they were probably called ugly babies. It’s one thing for someone to call themselves ugly as they look at their photos as babies as a joke, its an another to call someone’s gift of life from God, a beautifl ugly , wow those ppl must really hate themselves. I think your baby is beautiful Tia don’t worry about them! They just want u to be as unhappy as them .

  • Conisha_r

    Omg that is so not right who talks about a baby, and you call yourself grown smh I give BIG UPS to Tia for handling these cruel statements as she did positively because i would went the F#@K OFF!!! He is gorgeous and look just like his dad

  • Shalauns2004

    U know what Tia people said the same thing about my lil brother I was so hurt and could not understand but the person that was doing all that talking had a baby and her baby came out looking the same way but worse so karma is real and my brother is tall and handsome as ever she wish her child grew up to look like my lil bro so with that being said f*** them and I am sure that they are broke and disgusted bum BITCHES living arrangements are all missed up but they sitting around trying to knock someone else’s child shame on them.

  • Dorothy Chambliss

    Girl please. Don’t come out of character( being a lady) to even respond to such a cruel and ugly comment. Whoever, post that comment will never have good luck. God will punish you if he havent already. PPL just hating because they WANT to be where you at and want what you got. How can the person who mad that comment look him/ herself in the mirror.
    The world we live in. Bullying a one year old baby: is you kidding me.

    • Rosalynn0104

      i agree

  • MirandaRose

    Look at those big brown eyes ! They just melt my heart <3 He's so handsome, and you did an amazing job. People are dumb, ignorant, self-centered, judgemental and cruel, but you know what he's YOUR miracle, that alone makes him B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! Keep you head held high! Those internet trolls are not f****** even worth it. Their low life, who do nothing for themselves and have no great accomplishments so they go around ruining other peoples lifes, just pay attention to your beautiful family and be blessed for what you have, don't let asshole's ruin what you created, love, and cherish. You worked hard for the life you have, including your baby boy. You deserve to be happy.

  • Mel_howe26

    Saying a child is so mean and cruel to bringing a child in this world is the most wonderful feeling u will ever have….just reading those comments bring tears to my eyes.. I’m a mother of two beautiful girls and they mean the world to. I never normally comment on anything on Facebook but this just breaks my hurt to read what grown ASS people sit and think about, girl I’m watching u and ur sis fr sister sister days back when I use to live in Jamaica.. Keep your head up and ur son is adorable, beautiful and awesome thank god for him each and everyday ur holding him he’s a blessing in ur life and god gave u ur handsome son for a reason….

    One love from one mother to a next mother….

  • Marilynnobles

    find something else to do like get a life and get paid quit hating with you broke ass she got fame what you got nutn nutn!!!!!!at least she got a baby which i had a baby

  • Congrats Tia to you and your Beautiful baby!! It’s just to many hater’s in this world, but please dont concern yourself with them.. Enjoy you little boy….. 

  • Hnmbyshell

    Omg that little baby is very handsome!!! What is wrong with people to be saying something like that about this woman’s child? Keep your comments to yourself damn!

  • CG22

    My hubby and I are TTC and i know that i would be pissed if someone called my child ugly but those people are the ones running around with kids that they are not so proud of screw people and their thoughts .

  • Elisemercer20

    Son looks handsome to me…father as well..our society needs help..Tia should not be bothered but those comments bc she has a beautiful family.

  • Sedan_riley

    Girl u have one beautiful son. It shouldnt matter what think but sometimes words can hurt. You in heart your son is not what they say he is. They are just a bunch drama people in the world lookin for attentiion & dont have nothin better to do. I look at this baby he cautnt fight for himself & he is precious . Who does that talk about an innocent baby. Hes a angel your angel & god bless!

  • Ladiinfamous

    Tia and Cory have a beautiful baby they all make a beautiful family all these comments are cruel and ignorant and needs to be ignored I know it hurts but Tia and Cory you guys are way better then this dot let words affect you. Stay bless and happy <3

  • Kaylaroberts89

    I think Rise has a beautiful son. She is beautiful, her husband is handsome, and together they make a beautiful family.

  • Dahluxe

    I understand why celebs keep their lives private sometimes. She shared her most precious gift with fans and they let her down with ignorance. Grow up people some things you need to keep to yourself, especially when they are rude and hurtful.

  • Goodmana_1990

    Its sad that yall wuld sit here and call a child ugly some people just dont know when to grow up and act their age its a time and place for everytjing you could have kept the negativity to yourself that baby is handsome Tia you did a good job let the haters hate

  • Writerjdrichardson

    Tia, PLEASE DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS MESS!!! Your son is a great looking little Fella’!! You will have haters that are going to hate…that’s what they do!! Social media can be so foul sometimes. Keep your head up Sister!! 

  • Klarnoldy

    How HORRIBLE people are! OMG! He’s a Woobie! He’s soooo cute, and shame on you all !!! What a way to make sure a mother feels hurt! This is a time for her to have nothing but joy & happiness 24/7 …… Mean People SUCK!

  • Chefritag

    That Baby is beautiful!!!!!  What the hell is wrong with those fools!!!

  • Nekisha

    That baby is adorable and shame on those people posting mean comments about the baby. Cree never did anything to them, and does not deserve all that negative hate!!!!!

  • Ms

    That is incredibly graceful of her to respond so calm. As a new mother myself I would must likely hurt someone who was just trying to be hurtful and felt like it was OK to involve my child in their ugliness. There are no such things as ugly babies, but obviously there are some really ugly adults. Let us just prey that kind of attitude towards people isn’t genetic!!!

  • Charlesmomma13

    I feel that the people who voices their minds like that Is very stupid rude n don’t have a life!!! To pass judgement on a child that u don’t kno is jus mind blowing….. Whoever wrote those remidiel n I do mean remidiel things needs to get there mind right n do something with their lives…… Karma is a b!$#h for talkin about gods gifts like that Tia bump these stupid people u have a beautiful son that goin to grow into beautiful man jus enjoy being a mom!!

  • This is so wrong, what gives people the right to sit there & disrespect her & her family like that. Who said they were God & could judge how someone looks especially a child who can’t defend himself. I feel like ppl just want to say things BC they knew it’s really no why for Tia to defend her or her son, BC if she was an average person like one of us I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t just cone to her & say the things these ppl said. BC an average person would of been knocking someone the hell out with some knocked out teeth on their hands. Ppl really need to grow the hell up & worry about their own life & problems.

  • glosson robin

    Tia ,i don’t why ppl make comment’s like that. He is a very adorable child ..And u and ur hubby did well ..Also it looks like your both great parents…Keep God first and the haters last  

  • Mothebest85

    bbaby is not ugly just strange looking no lie no lie, no liiiiiiiieeeeee.

  • Wilbo707

    What’s really sad is she wrote an advice book on babies after one child. I’m a father of three and believe I have more to say than she does and I myself know that I’m no where near being an expert or giving advice to anyone without proper credentials to back my advice. But let’s be real people. The beauty is she gave birth to, hopefully, a healthy baby….BUT he will not be modeling baby gap any time soon!!!

    • Ggb050709

      That baby my be Able to model beyond Gap…..they have plenty of model that beauty is not a factor.

  • Lovelyme


  • Ggb050709

    It’s a shame how some people don’t have respect or consideration for other people feeling…and the worst part about it is that they seem to be so blinded by the fact that one day they too will have a child…who might be a cute baby, but yet mental retarded, or even have psychological issues…think bc you speak bc it might turn back on you….Howver, I don’t think Tia have an ugly baby he is adorable…and the stupid one who talk about that baby might just be ugly her ignorant self……Tia just needs to stick her middle finger up and dueces…..

  • Zyconurse626

    I think he’s cute

  • 02blessed02bstressd

    Fuk it her baby is ugly yall act like people cant voice their opinon….he ugly he ugly he ugly #bitches

    • sha

      How u gonna let that come out of ur mouth and then have a user name to blessed to be stressed? With that attitude god will not bless anything u do. So watch ur words u so called Christian. #fakechristiansmakeme sick

  • Niellemaneafaiga

    Your baby is gorgeous tia, GODS CREATION IS NOT UGLY! people don’t have anything nice to say, but they say it anyways for thee attention. All we can do, is pray about the cruel ones!

  • Soy1angl

    I think your baby boy is beautiful. An angel, a creation of God. Do not listen to those that show ugliness in themselves. They are only sorry souls trying to harm others with their misery.

  • Prettybrown12985

    People can be so cruel! Negative/insecure people sit back judging everyone around them simply because they are unhappy with themselves. Focus on your own life and your own looks. Children are innocent and beautiful and it’s a shame they have to grow up around ignorant, superficial adults! Shame!!

  • Lacaribena4lyfe

    Her son’s absolutely gorgeous && will have more money then all these ignorant ass, miserable people ever will <3

  • Rosalynn0104

    ugly where? i dnt c it he is so adorable they just hating

  • Algblonde74

    Im sorry for him to maybe even see these nasty comments one wrong to put down kids (face,handicapped/disabled, hair ie: gabby douglas) and online..adults are supposed to uplift & motivate children not tear them down

  • Boatwright Ronita

    I love u Tia nd lil cree man I think he is just a handsome lil Man

  • Angel Tiffany

    God bless you and your child, never mind what ignorance may surface. You’re very blessed, all around. Much more success and happiness mwuaahhh

  • Jenna5950

    I just saw the baby for the first time and yeah it is kinda ugly but I have seen worse.

    • So Disgusted

      Wow! Your ignorant. I would love to see all your attractive baby pictures.

  • Christy8419

    No baby is ugly, they are a gift from God and if we even think so we are mocking his creation. Baby Cre is absolutely healthy and adorable.

  • Peaches7599

    Tia he is a little cutie pie and you and your husband have done well. You both were blessed with an angel please don’t fall into the negative hype by responding to the ignorance of others yes as a mother we tend to react like animals when it comes to protecting our children. Cree looks like all of you guys meaning your sister and brother only in a smaller body lol enjoy all of slobbery kisses and stickey lollipops now because they are only small for a short time keep mental note of the words is says so that you can tease him while smiling on the inside when he’s older. 

  • Tblacksexy_tamaragoodpussy

    Awww i don’t think the baby is ugly at all this world is filled with alot of ignorant people that say some of the meanest things for no reason smh

  • Lildennis Jg

    Well i think have husband is cute! & Cree will just like him

  • Britnee62

    I think cree is adourable ppl are soo rude no baby os ugly and ppl who say that deserve to go to hell god made these babies in his vision and if u call them ugly u might as well just call god ugly.its messed up like she said if you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all how would you like ppl to call your babys ugly…..enough said

  • Jlo Walker

    I don’t think he is ugly. He is beautiful and innocent. He is a gift from God. Cherish him and teach him to be strong willed, not a follower, and not to feed into negativity. People who are down on themselves, jealous, and unhappy post things like this. He is handsome and your child and that is all that matters. Press forward, happiness is the grace of God working in your home. Don’t let any being steal that.

  • Fee2008

    He is not ugly!!! My son looked like Benjamin Button as a baby, shriveled up and stuff and I thought he was the most precious thing in the world! Looks are not everything. LOVE IS!! God bless Tia and Cree!!!

  • Loveliiann609

    Ok Truth Moment… He is a baby soooooo if you can’t say nothing worth hearing keep it to yourself. I’ma be honest, he is unique in his own way however he is an innocent precious child.Congrats on such a wonderful gift. I know you’ll be happy and he will be happy bc of you love . <3

  • shan

    He is far from ugly!! And babies heads r suppose to be bigger then their bodies. Jus petty douche bags. Find u a life and some Jesus smh

  • Welldenaye

    Cree is absolutely adorable and I pray God blesses you with many more little angels just like him. Don’t let the negativity get you down, that’s what the critics want to see.You have to show them that you stand firm for your family and nothing they can say or do while shake that. Your family is beautiful sweetheart, enjoy them. You are one of the blessed people, most people dream for what you have so enjoy little cree, and the support of your family and. Fans .

  • Antoinettewaldon

    Well I think he is very handsome. And those haters gotta answer to God. Tia they are just jealous.

  • Jamyrarobinson

    Thts so MEAN!!!!! He is BEAUTIFUL :)…..Tia don’t let these ignorant ppl get to u Bc they have UGLY HEARTS they need to be ASHAMED of themselves!!!!! Ps ur husband is Hot!!!!

  • mwila

    I bet all who said nasty staff dont even have babies  its such a shame…

  • Malonebrendal

    He is such a handsome little man

  • Martkellt

    THat is So Mean to Say bout Cree

  • Niavondriaa

    I think he is adorable

  • I don’t know what those people are seeing, but I see a beautiful baby boy. 

  • Lucreshapearce

    That is just horrible I think Cree is very handsome!! STOP THE HATE PEOPLE!!

  • Tetakiss

    I think he is just a cutie ….tell the haters go that way—->

  • Pryceless

    My son looked like a chimpanze when he was born and his father had the nerve to take pics of him with spike hair and send it around to the family.  He was funny looking when he was born, I can say that because he’s mine, so to me he was gorgeous to me!  Now at age 8, you cant tall main man anything, fresh cut, fresh gear, oh he’s fake-me-out swagged down now, lol.

  • Kmontgomery215

    That baby is beautiful! I have struggled with having children as well and can’t imagine that anyone would know your struggle, see the result of God’s final say and then speak so hateful of it. Enjoy your blessing and don’t listen to the negative, vile and mean comments. I wish that one day I could enjoy the same blessing.

  • Kat

    He’s A Cutie Putootie!  Too Cute!

  • Bpolection

    Tia, your baby is sooo adorable! Whoever has anything negativeto say has personal issues in their life and needs to seek help. They are simply upset that not only is Cree adorableand cute with his chunky self (exactly the way I love them at that age) but he’s already a super star. God has blessed u with an amazing creation that some women can not have or are struggling to have. Love your precious boy that much harder and cont to pray with him so that he never turn out like “those” people. God bless you and ur family… BPD

  • Keemaglinsey

    I’m so happy that Tia is not standing for the disrespect. to bring a baby in the world is nothing short  of amazing, your blessed boo any body who dont like it middle finger in the air, cause haters going to hate

  • Kgwebster23

    Cree is a beautiful baby……people should be ashamed of saying that about a innocent baby.

  • Skidbiz2

    Why bother to give these people any attention. Your little man is handsome and that is all you should care about. Don’t feed into these people who are being so rude and crude. Like you said if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything.

  • WNA

    That is absolutely ridiculoues….. Some people are ignorant and ignorance is NOT bliss.

  • Danha29

    Tia I watch your show just so I can see what things your handsome little man has accomplished. I honestly think he is such a cute, handsome, happy baby. Those people who make such ugly comments are not happy with them self and take it out on innocent people who can’t speak up for them self. 

  • Spjohnson

    Wow how could people say such things. If you feel that way keep it to yourself because words can hurt. And I personally think he is beautiful. How can people be so cruel please get a life.

  • China

    People are rude ; how do you judge a baby. People have to much time on they hands. Get a Life. Cree is a handsome baby. Glad Tia is speaking out on it.

  • Spjohnson

    Congrats on your blessing. Dwell in that and not the negative people in this world. you birth a beautiful child and you shouldn’t let idiots steal your joy.

  • skylar

    they’re just jealous because they don’t have a baby that’s as cute as cree.

    • KATY

      give me a break, this baby has a 6 head. I feel bad for the poor thing, with a name like CREE HE WILL BE MADE FUN OF AT SCHOOL, THANKS TO HIS MOMMY AND DADDY.

  • Dt

    I love Cree and he is soooo precious!!!!! To the critics, let’s pull some of your baby pics and I bet you wouldn’t look as adorable as Cree.  Anybody who can say something so negaitve about a baby who is soooo defenseless should take a look in the mirror and pull off all the make-up, hair, finest jewelry, and latest fashions and take a look at what they have been covering up……

  • Leyorkauthor

    Those cheeks are juicy from all the pinching and kissing. That baby is cute. And her husband..well that’s her husband so I can’t say what I think. :-P I would say, handcuffs and a glass of wine

  • i think its ashame too baby is healthy doesnt want for nothing and theres not ugly about little cree

  • Amante20_07

    How could someone call him ugly…he looks just like his daddy and he dad is not ugly…she don’t need to listen to what people say…she knows her child is beautiful…

  • so 2 da baby critics i say “wait till he gets older n hes all rich and famous” i am 100% sure dat u critics will be groupies….FYI this baby is gorgeous…and da nly reason pple tlkin bout da baby ugly is cuzz it aint their baby……

  • Deigoi

    Dogs don’t bark at parked cars! The down side of social media tools such as Twitter and whatnot, it gives cowards the opportunity to hide behind their computer devices and write whatever rude, obnoxious insensitive comments that trapes through their feeble minds. 

  • Jakari21

    Your baby is beautiful! The world is corrupt and very disgusting. Looks and fashion is the only thing people are worried about. They don’t give a Damn if they child is intelligent or dumb. Asinine!!

  • Pamela Baker

    God created the little angels from heaven and that what we were when we came into this world but because he gave us free will Satan has turned some of God’s angels into demons. So go ahead and continue to speak demons and see how far you will get back into heaven. Tia your son is beautiful. Ignore the demons.

  • Shawnnac

    Cree is Cute!!! If a comment starts off negative than you shouldn’t read them. The more you comment on the negative stuff the more their going to post. I know you want to defend your son as any mother would do. But, your reading some of this stuff and getting upset and pissed off while the haters are somewhere waiting for you to respond. DON”T GIVE THEM THAT POWER OVER YOU!!! Focus and respond to the positive ones only.  I hate when people talk about other peoples children because if you talk about their’s then they would be pissed off. Negative people always find something to talk about. 

  • Tifany

    That is just so wrong. I’m sure those same people would be outraged if someone called them or their children ugly. People are taking this “freedom of speech” thing and turning it into a way to justify the mean things that they say. So hurtful…. And unnecessary on top of it all.

  •  ur baby is cute they need to stop hating honey boo boo child is ugly

  • Kendrawashington25

    Tia dont listen to them ur baby is so handsome an look like his mother an his father they mad cause their babies or baby is not as handsome as cree u are doing a good job with cree. Keep doing ur job an let the haters do there job n that is to hate on everybody an,everything so do u boo boo.

  • 627

    There are haters every where with nothing better to do than to criticize innocent children. I know it hard when someone is talking about your child but they don’t deserve the attention we are giving them.

  • Tiara Martin

    No matter what ppl may say or think ur opinion is the only one that matters to cree. Ppl judge everyday n wat makes them ugly is there mouth n attitude to ppl. Ur famous as hell n best believe those ppl still watch ur shows n movies while they talk all that crap about cree. He is a beautiful bundle of joy so stay strong n ignore the ignorance it will be hard but think about how blessed u are to have him everytime u hear a negative comment. Besides we all look the same when our skin is removed…remember GOD is the judge on judgement day:)

  • Mrs Perry30

    First of all little Cree is so handsome:-)! Please don’t feed in to it. The bible says vengeance is his- not only that you made them relevant! I wouldn’t have even put there comments in my book or what have you. They have self esteem issues them selves and they only feel that there doing something productive and positive by making negative insults. They are probably the class act that there buddies laugh at all the time. Simply say thanks and take a bow god gives beautiful gifts!!!!!

  • Juanickkae

    I think its sad that people r actually calling her baby ugly.

  • Wandajj504

    Some ppl just dumb Tia u been bless wit it baby u pray for ppl like that

  • Shreese

    A health baby is the most pericous and beautiful baby ANY human can ask for!!!! I think you have a loving beautiful health baby boy….  kisses

    • Shreese

      typo healthy!!!!

  • jazzy lee

    I would love to know who wrote that comment about her baby cause 9 times out of 10 they was a ugly baby and a ugly child and if they look okay know that comment and they’re attitude makes them ugly today as the person they are know evil as probaly got a ugly baby they damn self please excuse my cursing but that is just evil and fyi his daddy is not ugly they both tia and her husband are beautiful people and make a beatiful couple so go to hell whoever you are.

    Thank you and good day

  • Naite24

    That just show how our society is just all bad, and it’s sad how people will stoop so low to talk about a innocent baby, they have nothing else to do but to focus on your life….DONT MIND THEM!! Your son is handsome and dont let any of those haters put you down….BLESS ALL THE HATERS

  • Flowerpoweroflove

    Unhappy people will say ugly things to make themselves feel better

  • Dwoods0319

    Some people attack kids cause kids are weaker… but it make you the WEAKEST he’s a beautiful kidfrom a beautiful mother and father and family. Wish you guys the best….

  • Nonya

    I am so glad that Tia did not let this slide, her baby is beautiful, healthy and blessed.  I hope that the person who posted that has been able to get over their feelings of unhappiness and disappointing those who cared for them, because those are the rantings of a person with low self worth.  To attack a child that has done nothing but be born.  Just because your mama told you- you were ugly, and you didn’t fully grow into your head, ears and your brain is underdeveloped, doesn’t give you the right to pass your insecurities on to another child.  Feel so for your children, hopefully you don’t have any. 

    Yeah Tia, taking a stand for your baby.  He is absolutely beautiful. 

  • mommawommack

    what thw world has come 2 when we have nothin better 2 do than clown on a baby……. those ppl neen 2 seriously get a life….. that is gods creation and he made him the way he felt so……. i mean seriously ppl…..

  • faith77

    Don’t worry about what folks think or say about you or your lil Blessing from God. only the ones who are Jealous will have a bad comment, because they wan to be in your shoes.
    God created us, not beautful, not ugly, not wrong, but good in His own Image.
    He looks like his dad, and if the comment maker could they would want his dad too and his baby. Be Blessed and Move On. Talk is Cheap and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I see beauty. (^_^)

  • Kellielacy0882

    The world is cruel and some of the people in it are so ignorant. you cant let people get you down with the stupidity that comes from their mouths. cause they are not going to change. that is a beautiful baby and God bless you Tia and your Family . Dont let them steal your joy, they are just jealous .

  • Tracydurr

    Stupid people looking for attention will say anything to get it. That’s the curse of the internet. Don’t let pathetic,ignorant,irrelevant people take away from the beautiful experience of being a mother.

  • T Dowles

    Tia you have one beautiful little boy don’t let these people get to you.

  • Dontgetcaughtdirty

    Oh pls stop bitching about ur ugly baby..u married his ugly daddy okk.u r the one posting ugly pics of ur baby pls..just stop it already..and the people that r saying he is cute r call kiss ass..

    • ur wakk


    • Antornetteamison

      Shut the f*** up and get some education and a college degree ghetto stankin retarded bitch who is the ulitimate hater because your a ugly bitch

    • Kayla_Weaver200874

      Ur very ignorant to say dat about some ones child how would yu like it if da tables were turned n it was ur child dat was being tlked about stop being a bully especially to n innocent toddler dat is very handsome n its not called kissing ass its called a compliment so GROW UP!!!!!!

    • Marie Hodge93

      wat if someone talked bout yhur baby if yhu have one in the way yhu talking bout others.. so dont even go there. nd yhu can call us what ever yhu want but the truth of the matter is that yhu are not happy with your self so you feel you gotta talk about a child to make yourself feel good on the inside, but the truth of the matter is that you still feel ugly on the inside nd out,

    • pookie

      okay u need to stop ur callin ppl ugly and u need to look at the mirror before ur callin ppl ugly okay and tia ur baby is very handsome like his father he’s very cute and ppl like they are not important they are jus haters and haters are stupid ass ppl sooooooooo again don’t stupid bout stupid and ugly ppl like who tell u ur baby is ugly he is not soooooooo……

    • Cmh

      How about you check your spelling first, before you take the time to be vulgar about someone else’s child. Thanks. 

  • Brittany

    Cree cree is soooooo handsome, its sad that people actually say cruel things about children, but should always be careful about what they say- Tia handled the situation very well, these people are foolish lets not entertain them, they don’t matter at all! Little Cree Cree is precious as can be! :)

  • Marie Hodge93

    well i believe that the baby isnt ugly at all.yhu dont get brownie points for belittle a child that has not nothing to do wit you. If it was your child you would have a f****** fit if someone talked bout your baby in this way……

  • Thompsondoncrta

    Thats a shame that  grown ass people say things like that about a innocent child,,they kids probably the ones ugly and they need to call someone else child ugly to make them feel better. I think that is just terrible to say something like that but dont worry god gon take care of them. I am a very big tia fan and her baby is beautiful like her and her husband. Yall just some hatin ass people who need to get a life.

  • Tra

    It is what it is…Voice or not, there are some Babies that aren’t cute and this baby TAKES AFTER HIS FATHER..IJS..

  • Bmrickards

    I personally don’t think the baby or his father is ugly. The baby doesn’t have a baby look he has a mature look which is just like his father. He going to be one handsome man because he is now a handsome baby not a cute baby (remember he doesn’t have a baby face). And I’m serious about what I am saying not meaning to make any fun of them in any way. Father God in the name of Jesus please heal and protect Tia’s heart.

  • Whenrealityspeaksitsthetruth

    While muthafukka’s talking about how ugly her baby is why don’t y’all have a pictures of y’all self up so muthafukka’s can comment say how ugly you are at least Tia being a REAL WOMAN and talkin care of her baby and not lettin muthafukka’s get to her now if a muthafukkin’ cute celebrity come out and posted “hey I’m sorry to tell you but YOU HURT DOWN RIGHT UGLY muthafukka’s will be quick to post something back especially if one they favorite celebrities come on with ugly kid jokes cause Yo kid probably aint perfect. But all I can say is Tia be a perfect mother and don’t let people get to you make that money and don’t let money make you

  • Andrewsjoi

    My question is this, “How can creation, created by The Creator and Emperor of the universe, even dare to open their created mouths and call God’s creation anything but good and beautiful?” Go and examine your should, they seem a bit crusty

  • Antornetteamison

    Sorry but ghetto ass bitches always talking stupid that hate on people because their miserable believe it that baby is living better than you retard

  • Andrewsjoi

    My question is this, “How can creation, created by The Creator and Emperor of the universe, even dare to open their created mouths and call God’s creation anything but good and beautiful?” Go and examine your souls, they seem a bit crusty

  • Bluemoon78

    Those people should ashamed of themselves. I would be so hurt if someone said or did something about my baby, who is the same age as Cree. Tia has a lot of class for not saying more about those ignorant people.

  • Cherry Brooks

    Tia, never bother even responding to these ugly hearted people! They have no moral fiber in them to even talk about it! So many problems and hardships going on in the world! Everyday here in Africa, children die daily of hunger and simple diseases, children in Syria are dying like flies, how do people find time to even scrutinize an innocent child! Shame on you America! That is God’s beautiful gift to you Tia. Cree is sooo blessed to have u as his mother! Treasure each moment you spend with him, than respond to these sick people! They have nothing better to do! Shame on em!  African2dabone

  • rebekah

    i happen to think Cree is very adorable and is super cute. and its really sad how these people sit online and write comments about a little baby who cant even talk . its sad really.

  • Asileeg

    i’m almost positive most of those comments are coming for insecure, ignorant, niggaz (i’m black so go in if you need to).  not only is that baby NOT ugly he has the sweetest, calmest demeanor.  so sad.  

  • Latoriak

    I don’t think that people should refer to babies as ugly. But I DO think that it is being blown out of proportion by these responses. It is not evil or horrible to voice ones opinion, God is not going to punish anyone. It’s not ignorant or any of those other things. People are entitled to their opinions, plain and simple. I personally would never call a baby ugly, but its not “attacking” the baby if someone does. My daughter had a very ugly phase. It is what it is. What’s funny is all the horrible things that were said about the people who called baby Cree ugly. How ironic that we combat negative words with even MORE negative words…..

  • Nproane

    These are people who live in a hellish existence of themselves. They are projecting onto that child what they feel about themselves. The world has so many emotionally wounded folks that it’s really sad. However the beauty of it all is that their cries will fade into the back-drop of the beautiful, harmonious light that we all continue to create for the greater good! Keep smiling Cree and family and let us not even acknowledge the ignorance of the hurt and wounded who decide to hurt others instead of healing themselves and the world. Hatefulness is played out! Wouldn’t you all agree? 

    • I could not said it any better, the person whom would make such a nasty remark, has issues of their own, and needs to be addressed. Most jealous  people are that way, ones who grew up feeling ugly themselves. They are unhappy and want to sow seeds of their own unhappiness. The baby is beautiful, a true gift from God.

  • Bigmama_rg

    That baby is to precious to be talked about! Tia should just focus on being a good mother like she already is. Keep up the good work Tina and God bless!!

  • Chrissy

    Miserable people, often times try to make others just as miserable as they are. Please don’t let the negativity of others get to you. There are so many people out there who are unhappy with themselves, their lives, etc and it gives them pleasure to be negative towards others. Good for you for rising about the negativity. At the end of the day its all about you and your beautiful family. God Bless. 

  • Free2broni

    I feel honestly bad for her! It is rediculous that ppl would openly speak so badly about a helpless little baby! That’s a mother!! Regardless of her fame or fortune, she’s a mother who had to endure the hurtful things that ppl openly say about her child! It’s just so wrong on so many levels! My heart sincerely goes out to her! God Bless her & her baby!

  • tia u have a very  cute son don,t worry about what other people say it what god say about u u are bless.

    • Guest

      And Highly favored 

  • That’s really sad that people would waste tweets with negativity.  Keep your head up Tia don’t even think about what “they” say. You have a BEAUTIFUL baby who was a blessing from GOD.  It appears as if Cyberspace just brought out the mean and ugliness in people.

  • Tina3lewis

    cree is super cute and very blessed thats why they mad and her husband is sooooo handsome team tia i never miss  a show i see the haters dont either

  • Sandrew911

    Omg that is hurtful to me to hear. All babies are beautiful from God. How dare anyone be so cruel to say anything less. What is wrong with people.
    And dont they realize its not only the baby they hurt with their words but the parents too. They created this wonderful being who s their could one be so hurtful and disrespectful to speak such awful things about someone so daear to them…

  • Nparker925

    So true hell some of them can’t even spell don’t let that get to you Tia. Your blessed and the more they talk the more blessing you will recive your son and hubby are handsom

  • Sanberry

    Tht is just so mean and ugly! Tia I think tht Cree is a beautiful child and such a joy!

  • monica20

    He is a gorgeous baby and I think ya’ll have a beautiful family. :)

  • Van Sgtax


  • Whitmoreshantia

     she must have low self esteem He Is Very hansom To me
    tia keep up the good work

  • Alicecruz42

    All those ppl who are saying these cruel and ugly comments are just hating on you because they are jealous! He’s beautiful! Don’t mind them! Congrats girl! Xoxoxo.

    • KATY


      • where is your picture


    Wow…. I Done Called a Few Kids Ugly In My Day But Dont Broadcast It… That Baby Daddy Look Good… So Idk What That Person Was Talking About.  People Gone Talk Its Best To Just Ignore Em And Not Get Into Yo Feelings… Then Again She Was Always Sensitive. AH WELL.

  • Robinbeverly

    Tia,I watch you,all the time..People are ignorant,remember God is the judge in the end..Love you!

  • Natashahiggins46

    So what! he’s not the first and most definitely he won’t be the last in all those assholes eyes, Tia you’ve carry him for nine months and as a mother myself we r a proud parent many will never get that chance… So ignore those people who have nothing else to do with their life comments.
    when birds alive, they eat ants. When bird dead, ants eats the bird, things can turn at anything… They may be powerful now but time is more powerful that then.
    Just continue to show your beautiful little bungle of joy all the love u  can give… PEACE GIRLY!

  • Mero81Mena84

    I never said my kids were cute, i just knew that i love them the way they were..If a person has an opinion that they were ugly that’s all good, because not everyone can be cute..For to say that saying something or someone is ugly doesn’t mean that they are mean or that it’s cruel, it’s just  a true fact( I don’t think it was said to her face)..It’s like me saying those shoes are cute but i feel that they are ugly, what i’m suppose to say what you want to hear..We all have opinions and think things that others don’t accept..If we agreed or felt that same as everyone else this would be one boring world..I think Lil Wayne is one ugly black man but my daughter thinks he’s cute and sexy; that’s here opinion and that’s mine and we move on.  Stop leaving areas for comments if you don’t want to hear them..

    • Mooreann90

       That is a mean thing to say about someones child!

  • The baby isnt ugly…but it isnt all that cute :/

  • Janayamoore92

    he is gorgerous just like his mother f*** the haters haters make u who u r 

  • Goldbabydoll

    He is so CUTE!!!!!!!!!! A beautiful African American Baby………..Awe he so presious’ a happy baby’

    Screw what stupid people have to say about a baby’ their lives is F……..ed up to say cruel things like that

  • Kjaje1

    The Baby is not ugly. He just looks like Fred Hammond.

  • Latifa115

    Cree is a beautyful baby

  • Prettyredd32 Lw

    Thats really ashame. Somethings are better left unsaid.There is nothing ugly about a beautiful innocent life.Thats just Goes to show how Vain and shallow people really are.Smh.

  • Paulaburks98

    He’s look like lerch off Adams family or franken stein.

    • Dj Salvarez

      Shut the f*** up bitch I bet you ugly as f*** with a burned out pussy hole…how can u say bad things about a baby? It’s not cool…dumb bitch…smh

  • Paulaburks98

    He’s still not ugly some babys heads are big when their little he has a cute face tho its only temporary LOL!!

    • Susan

      freaking funny

  • Yuwana1 Cree is such a cute lil boy all the NEGATIVE comments these ppl are making about a baby is really ugly inside and out its ashame we have to live in this world with ppl like that mayb there jealous of Cree and his HANDSOME dad lol Tia u have a VERY BEAUTIFUL family give all the HATERS one of Crees dirty diapers lol

  • Deanapegues

    Cree is handsome nothing ugly all beautiful…..and for those who speak on such a handsome lil guy the Lord can’t wait to see you at his pearly gates….

  • Terri_grier


  • S. Davis

    Monkey a** mofos! See ya’ll ungrateful she could’ve kept her child’s face covered with a mask or blanket like Michael Jackson did but she chose to share her beautiful gift with us. PERSONALITY FOLKS!!!! They say every baby ain’t cute, however every baby isn’t born with legs, arms, all ten toes and fingers, a healthy brain, etc Do you all go into every NICU and tell the mother that baby is deformed or has down syndrome? Find something else better to do with your time because your opinion is not always needed.
    Ugh I can’t stand ppl who ALWAYS gotta be saying something. CHILDISH like a bunch of Elementary school BULLIES!

  • Breanabraxton

    Tia dont worry your baby is soooo cute and remember everbody has an hater lol he is so cute :-)

  • LizL

    I personally think Cree, is so handsome one of the cutest baby faces I’veen seen, to the other ugly and nastier people I’m not mad at you because you can’t give what you don’t have, so if you are mean and nasty, how can you ever something nice???

  • Jaykalkyn

    I think she handled that well. She knows her baby is beautiful and doesn’t need to tell the world that. It’s just jealousy, that’s all. That truly is ugly, on anybody.

  • Marcymoreno909

    People need to stop hating!!! He is cute and just because you are jealous about a baby that has a great mother and father that love each other and are having a great life together. And just because you do not have that kind of life doesn’t give you the right to say horrid things about any child… I feel sorry to those who say such disgusting things about another human being especially a child…
    #make god forgive you all…

  • britt

    He is a very handsome lil boy…with the nicest hair just like my son..and im sure he makes you extremely happy hes a blessing! Dont listen too those unhappy people tryna bring you down because they wish they could walk a hour in your shoes and probley wouldnt make it down the street lol, ,,just tell them you’ll pray for them and smile :)

  • Kl63m4

    Tia, you have a very beautiful, healthy baby boy.  God bless you and your family.  Who cares what others say…just take care of him so that he can attain happiness in life.

  • guest

      People should be ashamed that their lives are so dull that they have to attack a baby…shameful grown folks

  • you have a beautiful baby!! 

  • Tearrazorgray

    Tia I hope you read these comments because they are true your son is beautiful.

  • Solovelygrady

    The ppl that are calling that beautiful blessed baby ugly are the most ugliest ppl on the planet!!! #AndInThatOrder!

  • Wabz

    I can’t believe it. Why? When did people start operating on the principle that the world needs to know each & every stupid “opinion” of there ignorant thinking. She’s right if an individual has nothing nice to say shut the F up! We would appreciate not hearing your hurtful words especially about a BABY. Fools. URGH!

  • Kita

    Your baby is beautiful, and although people are saying these cruel and hurtful things, dont let them bring u down. Its sad that people can hate on a innocent baby. But haters hate on everything possible, so with that being said, baby Cree is famous before the age of 5 :-) hate on haters, u just made because even though he’s only a baby, he has more money than u!!!! Hell…they probably just mad because their baby is ugly:-) lol…Anyway, i believe that your baby is beautiful and i know u believe that he is beautiful, so thats all that matters. The hell with what dumb ass haters say!

  • Tamara_carvin

    Tia… have a beautiful baby…its a gift from god!! Tell them haters out there to kiss you and your baby’s ass!!!

  • Jdpabon

    You know what, it truly pisses me off that people can be so mean!!! Think about those woman who cannot have children and all children are a gift from God!!!! It’s a shame really and show just how ignorant some people can be! You and your family are in our prayers…..

  • Tracey300

    Tia your son is very handsome.Don’t worry about what those haters think or say. They are very jealous because they don’t have a handsome son like yours.Just let God deal with those haters. May God bless you and your entire family.

  • Diwate W

    Tia what I  truly find annoying is that you actually are wasting time paying attention to these people.  By now you should know that some people you just ignore and believe that will truly annoy them.  Enjoy your son he is at an adorable age.

    • Rjackson3404

      I agree how long have you been in the spotlight? How long have you been talked about? Who gives a sugar honey ice tea you rich and your baby well talking care. Cree is no where near ugly, but for the mere fact that if that was my child I would be tearing things up it is very disrespectful, but then again we are different people. You and your siblings were raised better and know how cruel this world can be and those in it just as well as I do. Cree is your child and what you believe is all that matters. Listen hear and listen close don’t let a motherfucking soul tell you shit about you and especially cree that’s yours understand that……. I love you and your siblings everything that you have accomplished and become im proud to be a fan.

  • Patricia

    Tia don’t let the words of jealous and obviously envious people bother you. They want what you have, but you see they could not receive you’re blessing. God made those especially for you. Your baby is incredibly beautiful. No worries OUR GOD does not want you to be unhappy, he is on your side. For those heartless people OUR GOD will take care of them in  JESUS NAME. You are a beautiful person Who brings joy into so many peoples lives PLEASE  BE HAPPY . We love you, and be totally and completely blessed.

    • KATY


      • KATY…… what u just said is dead ass wrong u dont have no kind of heart to b talking on here now we r talking about a baby who cant speak for his self now what kind of person u r now if i know u as a bitch in the street i would have beat the shit out of u just for tia and her son because that was just low down dirty life u just pull now u must b one of the bitches that want what she have u hating ass bitch who cant get shit for tour self in life your whole damn family got to b ugly as f*** u sitting up here talking about a child like that me imma a mother who will f*** a bitch up about my children i dont PLAY about NO DAMN KIDS  kids r a gift from god and so is u NOW IT WOULD HAVE BEEN f*** UP IF GOD TAKE YO LIFE FROM U AND IF HE DID ILL B LOL AT YOUR ASS IF ANY THING HAPPEN TO YOUR DUMB ASS IT BECAUSE U WAS TALKING SHIT ABOUT GOD CHILD IF U GOT KIDS U BETTER WATCH THEM CUZ GOD DONT LIKE UGLY HE MIGHT TAKE ALL YOUR DAMN CHILD U STUPID BITCH FOLK FAIL TO REALIZE WHEN GOD SAY ONCE U DO WRONG TO OTHER OR SAY SOMETHING WRONG TO OTHER IT WILL COME BACK ON U  10 TIMES WORTH NOW BITCH IF I WAS U I WOULD WATCH WHAT THE f*** GO ON AROUND UAND YOUR CHILD IF U GOT ONE CUZ U R GOING TO WEEP WHAT U DAMN SOW 

    • KATY


  • Akaswagga94

    Cree is a handsome baby

    • Katy

      what kind of name is Cree,  its weird

      • LovingMother

        What kind of name is Katy????????? Smh y’all are Pathetic!

      • Kmpearson5

        It’s Native America dummy

      • Kmpearson5

        It’s Native American Dummy

    • Kmpearson5

      Sorry Akaswagga94 that last comment was not for you

  • Lisa C B

    Who in GOD’s world, want to make a nagative comment about a Baby, any Baby.. We have lost it, meaning, no Morals or Compassion… WOW. no Heart.. & futhermore, Tia and her Husband have a BEAUTIFUL BABY BOY. 

  • thees are ppl that you dont even waist your time in no kind of way they just show how ugly they are ,by saying that and is true what tia sued so as long you love and care for your baby so what what anyone in the word say god dont make nothing ugly ore mistake,s he makes everything ,perfect 

  • Sassylipps

    Ppl have different def of ugly, but a child could care less. Cree  is bless, happy, healthy, loveed, adorable and lucky to have two parentsthat wanted him.  For the haters that called the baby ugly I bet you wouldnt say that to her face.

  • Sweetness1_45

    this baby to me is adorable… screw all who said bad thing about the baby. kmt. people just need to shut up once a while

  • Marlows0526

    Tia, your baby is beautiful!  The hell with all the haters.

  • Jessicahilliard87

    HATERS…..That’s wat I sound like to me….girl u know good and furniture well that tha people u talking bout shit….heck ur baby worth more than them for them to even count….I follow y’all show and I seen how hard ur pregnancy was……Just thank GOD that he is here and health……HE IS HANDSOME….LIKE HIS DADDY……SWEET BABY…….EXCUSE MY LANGUAGE BUT GAL U SHOULD BE LIKE IM RICH BITCH!!!!!TELLA GET THEIR WEIGHT UP…quit tryna get famous fo sum money off of u and urs

  • Jessicahilliard87

    Furniture was tha computer but it durn

  • Cree Is Not Ugly , Just A Lil Cock Eyed . . .  . .

  • Qualls681

    U have a beautiful child. Don’t let someone’s else comments disturb u. God created him so therefore he’s not only beautiful but he is special cuz he is a gift from God. Keep ur head up and u and ur child live ur life to da fullest with plenty joy and happiness.

  • ppl r such Fuckn haters its hurts me 2 see ppl tlk bout lil kids like that wooooow excuse my language but f*** them tia haters will hate cree cree is so cute i hope 2 blessed with a cute bby like cree cree

  • Just watch when that baby gets older, people are going to turn heads… I’m sure more than half of the people calling him ugly looked ugly themselves when they were a baby

  • TruthHurtsBitch!

    I’m sorry.  We all want to take shit personal when it comes to our kids.  That baby is ugly as shit!  Yes ma’m we do live in a society focused on looks.  Thats exactly why Tia combs her hair everyday.  People lets get real. We all have called people, kids, and baby ugly.  It is what it is!  f*** anything else other than the truth!

    • Krissykris0409

      Everyone is beautiful in God’s eyes and no one has the right to judge. Every child is beautiful, and either way beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. You could you’re hot
      shit and others could think you’re butt ass ugly. Everybody has the right to have their own opinion but at the same time that doesn’t mean peoria should voice their opinions,

    • Krissykris0409

      Especially while risking the feelings of others. Judgemental people like you may be what’s wrong with the world..


      SMH. NO ONe on earth ( IDGAF who it is) has the right to judge anyone. especially a baby. Cree is adorable. everyone was made in God’s image, and his image is gorgeous. Its not a good thing that we live in a society focuzed on looks, and we shudnt accept it. I looks don’t mean anything. I’d rather marry an ugly man that treats me right, than to be with a good looking man that treats me like crap. The truth is that Cree is a beautiful baby and those who chooses to judge him on looks are ugly.

    • LovingMother

      You’re so disrespectful! You’re just in envy! Tia has a beautiful son, happy marriage, and wonderful life! You’re obviously one who has to prey on others to give urself happiness! Smh Pathetic!

  • Kendra

    Im madd someones gonna go all out and talk about “Tia’s” baby like that cause aint nooone got tha right to say someone is ugly because he’s beyond beautiful to many people. i bet all da people talkin mad cash shit ; 1.) Are ugly as hell. 2.) Got ugly as hell/dirty babies. 3.) want a baby and aint got no man/women.
    Tias baby is beautiful and is gonna grown into someone that you”d wish would give you his time of the day.
    Haters aint got shit better ta do but bring ppl down
    Get at me Haters
    facebook it too bitches..!


  • Keilah

    Ppl need to hush and cree cree is cute ppl need to look in the mirror and see how they look cree cree is a gift to u and is is cute all the haters need to leave u and cree alone and worry about them self.

  • Jada

    Most of us go through different stages of cute – it’s sad people feel compelled to be so mean spirited.  Cree Cree is cute.  His smile lights up the screen.  Babies should be off limits…where’s our decency?

  • people should be ashamed of thereselves dont make any since how cruel people can be

  • Ev

    See what this world has become. When good people sit back and say or do nothing, evil will take over. All of this is evil to the core. This is not freedom of speech and freedom of speech has been taken out of context. You can’t say what you want to say to anybody you choose. Freedom of speech is to uplift or fight for a cause. Not to belittle or hurt someone especially a child or the child’s mother. I can’t begin to feel the hurt and pain they’re feeling. This world has no hope if we go as far as attacking harmless babies. Lord we really need you.

  • Seagallnest

    Cute or ugly? Well that is just dumb. Are people just so shallow and mean spirited they have pick on a baby? This baby and it’s momma didn’t do anything to you..why so men to them?

  • Jsu6883g

    I am outraged!!! Seriously! This is the same public attack that people took on Gabby Douglas during the Olympics with her hair…and now people have nothing better to do but talk about a beautiful, innocent baby boy!!! It’s shameful and embarrassing to know that a vast majority of people are so ignorant and unintelligent that all they have time to do is sit around on their sad little couches with their 12′ television sets, buckets of fried chicken and beer and talk about people that are doing far better than their tiny little minds could ever imagine! Tia, don’t you let those childish comments get to you! Your son is GORGEOUS!!!!

  • Aprilmayeflower

    I think their comments are dispicable. They were no soliciated, so why post something about a persons child. When the child gets older they can read, and this is another way of cyber bullying. You guys should be brought up on charges.
    More than likely you are “ugly” adults that never grew into your looks or self esteem to pick on a child. God bless your minds and heart, because you owe her son a public apology. – April Williams from Dallas, Texas

  • Calling a baby ugly? Clearly these people haven’t heard of the term, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but that shit ain’t got nothing on parental protection.” Dude, if someone called my baby ugly, I’d been ripping them a new hole to shit out of. 

    Besides, I think he’s cute! Big eyes, the most adorable little smile, big bright baby cheeks! Healthy and beautiful. <3 And his mother has all the right in the world to be proud.

  • Mzching32

    Everyone can say what they feel but damn a comment like that you really should have kept it to urself. That was really mean.. he’s a cute lil man! He looks like his dad but have his mom skin color..

  • beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and ppl do have opinions it is what it is

  • Whitneyroberts87

    TThat was just mean. They should have kept their comments to themselves. Plus, how would you feel if someone call your child ugly. that was wrong of you people to think like that

  • ssssmmmhhhh….I agree with tia. tf you talkin’ ish about a baby for?  Seriously find out what is making you so miserable and handle it.

  • Linndmaria

    Some people just hate Themselves so much that they have to take their misery out on a baby! Get some counseling!

  • Riversgroup4

    girl you know what they say in the caribbean , if you are ugly as a baby u know  then u have a masterpiece on hand.Because he  will be breathe taking later on .Girlfriend just be happy u have a health baby with u ,frick what people say.

  • Jenniferwashley

    If you can’t say anything nice… shut up!!!!

  • It is unfortunate that people would choose to use social networking to be a coward. I bet if one of those haters who talked about Tia’s baby ,met Tia in person they would be all in her ass kissing it. DUMMIES. What’s sad is it is probably our own people talking shit. Always trying to drag each other down. (just like little Gabby Douglas) just be proud we are being represented. Get off yo broke asses, turn in your government check and EBT card and get a job, so responsible Black folks who work, don’t have to pay your internet service to bash babies. Idiots.

  • Venusar

    Nice.. Black on Black crime never ceases to surprise me. Have we as a society stoop so low as to start calling babies ugly? Really…. Can we just support another woman’s child the way we would like to be supported? Are you and yours so beautiful and flawless that instead of looking into your hart and your families needs and circumstances you felt that insulting a baby was worth the waste of time? I hope no one ever calls your child a name that may hurt you weather is true or not. Lets become better people.

  • dayshana’

    thats f***** up how ppl tlk shit about her bby. bhut if it was ur bby?  i no u wuldnt be tlkin then, so yall minds well stop cuz it aint cute. 

  • Lornita Sanders


  • Tia’s baby is beautiful.  I guarantee the people that are making these negative comments have no life at all or are just plain jealous because they lack the beautiful family that she have.  There’s no reason for all this negativity towards an infant child. Some people still have a lot of growing up to do.

  • Knickole27

    Your baby its beautiful…

  • Lil Cree you are a cutie pie…and I just wanna pinch those cute lil cheeks of yours

  • Pthomas6734

    Beautiful baby boy….people should be Ashame of themselves acting like that towards an innocent child…smh!!!

  • Maranda_knox

    He is handsome!  It’s a shame that people are so jealous and cruel!  They should look in the mirror and see how ugly they are!  But NO!  He is not ugly but a cutie pie!

  • Dayveese

    You have been a star for most of your life Tia, you know that jealous people are out there. Just let go and let God. Your son is gorgeous, only a fool would say anything different.

  • Ketia

    The baby is the cuties baby that God had blessed Tia and Corey with. I had the feeling that people would have comment about Tia’s baby but goodness what people that saying all the ugly comments have no God in their life and needs to look in the mirror. God don’t love ugly people so get a damn life. Tia you have the most beautiful child and I really mean it.

  • Rhondahightower1322

    He is not ugly he is gorgeous.

  • Greganddee1

    I think he is cute..He looks like the daddy, I just hopes he doesn’t have his black lips, now thats ugly!

    • Cindy

       you’re ugly all day everyday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tia, people talked about Jesus Christ! Your Husband and you have a handsome, smart, and precious and cute son, so never feed into the HATERS! Anyway, the more people hate the more the LORD BLESSES!!! Oh by the way you have a BEAUTIFUL FAMILY, Your Husband is fine your bady is fine and you are so pretty and sweet, you and your sissy,, So BE Encouraged!!! The LOrd God Has Truly Blessed Your Family!! Y have watched you girls grow up with my children, and I think you are the sweetest young ladies who’s heads are in the right direction…. Love Tia and Tomera.. Great Show. Don’t respond to that kind of ignorance don’t give it know more energy Love you Girls with the Love Of Jesus!!!!!!

  • Tracy_gardner71

    This baby is a cutie!the idiot that said this baby is ugly must not have looked in the mirror lately. Tia and Corey do not stress about what this jackass wrote. True jackass and crap like this really piss me off. Real dumbass idiot who wrote this. BTW U FUGLY!!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    Tia says “It’s disgusting that some focus on looks” yet she is so concerned with looks she has a personal trainer and complained on the show she looked fat. While I think comments about children should be sensored and limited I feel like her comment was a double standard.

    • Lekiesmom

      Everybody’s job has some type of requirements, hers just happens to require her to look good for her rolls. If u want to work, u got to meet the requirements. It’s no double standard it’s life and livelihood.

    • Tamatt19

      I disagree with your comment. She’s a woman who admittedly gained a lot of weight during her pregnancy and is struggling to get her body back–that has nothing to do with the cruel comments about her child’s looks. Every woman/man has body issues, especially if you’ve gained a few lbs. Also, she’s an actress…it’s part of her job requirements to “look” a certain way..

    • Tiffini

      Actually she was wanting to improveher body image after having a baby. Most women feel the same way. They want to get their bodies back in top shape. What she stated is not a double standard.

    • Chaki95

      no she was talking about  losing baby fat. ( the last 10 pounds) not that she was concerned she looked fat…


  • Souly

    what is wrong with people. That is just right cruel to call a child ugly. Not to say I’ve never in my mind thought this about a child (we all have). But I would NEVER NEVER NEVER come out my mouth and say that. Just horrible!!!

  • He is a cutie Tia. He is healthy, happy and a gift from GOD. Congratulations to you and your husband.

  • Wrelease

    Ummmm the baby is not ugly I dont’ understand..

  • People can be so cruel!!!!!! He is beautiful….all babies are!!!!

  • adorable!

  • Krystal

    People if you dont have nothing good to say keep your trap shot, most people who speak such words again this innocent little baby cant even have none for them self,god make eveyone in his own likeness. Tia they are just jealous of you so dont watch them, is not everyboby going to like you. As far i see he is adorable!

  • Dee

    The baby is average…which is how most humans look…cute…not…sorry…

  • Tiffini

    Tia I have grown up watching you and your sister on TV. I love you both like you are my own sisters. Your baby is a blessing and a gift from God. Dont listen to negative people. Stay upbeat, happy, and positive.



  • Brandy Robinson21

    People talked about jesus but he let that stop him from preachin about god no so let them talk its only words. all that matters is you love him. he is a cutiepie dont let noone tell you different

  • Sdcole85

    The innocence of a child should always override voicing a negative opinion…really, what does an adult gain from criticizing a baby??

  • ms. too real owens

    cree is not ugly god created him youu dont want anyone to call your baby ugly so dont talk about someone else’s baby yall is not going to get any blessings for talking about a baby

  • ms. too real owens

    tia ii love youu so much ii am your biggest fan and dont worry about any bitch say cree is so ADORABLE karma is a bitch

  • Dreamikizzez73

    no one has the right to judge anyone but god, this little guy doesnt even have a voice to speak for himself yet like tia said. but this goes to show how immature some individuals are. tia continue to be the great mom that you are and ignore all the immaturity. blessings to you and your family

  • People get on my nerves when they judge or don’t like someone they don’t even know. If they said that about my child. I would of said “Your an ugly b*tch for saying something about someone that can’t even defend himself mutha f*cker. Who gonna check me?”

  • amanda

    dnt wory abt wut derm bitches say tia your babi is cute n your husband is noty ugly your husband sexy

  • Hollowaybrenda2012

    People can talk about you child they the ones who ugly & mad they do.nt got shit he is a bless child & god love him f*** them haters

  • Jusshaybabii1

    Look at these mf kissin ass.

  • I find that ppl can be very mean and very stupid, Ur so right if they don’t have anything nice to say then they should just keep their mouths shut and their opinions to their self..As for Tia she should not worry about what ppl think about her baby, it’s what counts in her heart and how much she loves her baby that counts,not the opinions of others. God blessed you with a beautiful loving healthy child and that is what counts the most. Be thankful for what you have in your life. Your son is your blessing, later for what other ppl say or think they are just jealous of what you have in your life. I’m very happy for you and your son. God bless you both..

  • Simpkinsdenise_0228

    For someone to say such mean things about a baby makes you so ignorant. One thing that pisses me off is when stupid comments like this get posted keep the negative thoughts to yourself.

  • that is terrible. i personally think her baby is very cute! and her husband! if i was tia i wouldnt pay it any mind because either a. they dont have a child… b. they probally arent anything worth looking at themselves i mean hey if you have to belittle a baby you cant be that goodlooking yourself… c. they probally dont have anyone to tell them something good about themselves. ive always heard if you have nothing nice to say dont say anything at all… heres a better one tia…. just because your not happy with yourself dont pass judgement on others! love you boo! keep being you!

  • people first off all shouldnt judge. thats for god to do. and i personally think the baby is adorable!!!! and Tia i wouldnt worry about negativity obviously these people have nothing else better to do than hate on you. 

  • Sandralevy123

    In my opinion Tia can be very ugly on the inside, i dispised the way she treated Tamera last season. Maybe the baby is reflecting what i and everyone else saw. #JustSaying

    • Terribattle34

      they are sisters..there suppose to be mean to eachother especially after being together all the time, that doesnt mean anything..

  • Sndralevy123

    Also- Scrunity comes with the terrority as a celeb,. GetOverIt.Com and for the record all babies are cute, even when theyre are not attractive by viewing standards. They’re just so adorable and little!



  • lacrosse2012

    Really! How could people say this kind of stuff!! Cree is beautiful and so is the wonderful parents! Some people these days can be so cruel and selfless. All babies are a gift and are a beautiful gift to all parents its not the critics and America to decide this. Tia is a wonderful person and I don’t see why people cant keep their personal options to themselves!

  • Shaynarattler

    some people have nothing better to do with their time. some babies are definitely not as cute as others and i often say that just because theyre babies doesnt make them exempt from ugliness, but why is it necessary to discuss, especially online. 

  • Jdalexander

    Those people who are saying the baby is ugly are just jealous
    of him, his mummy and his daddy. They were ugly
    as a child, are still ugly as an adult on the inside and on the outside.Forgive
    them they need serious help. God bless you with a beautiful baby boy enjoy him
    they grow up so fast, and forget the haters. Do not waste your time on them your
    baby need all of your time, give it to him.

  • Stupidfluffy

    Oh looks aren’t important Tia?  This coming from the woman who isn’t seen without hair and makeup!  I’m not going to call your baby ugly, I think he is cute and getting cuter everyday.  But you are perpetuating this nonsense.  Be the bigger/better person, ignore it.

  • Djmanny646


  • He’s cute the main people calling him ugly probably themselves or have ugly kids, sorry but it could be possible. I love you and you’re sister show big fan since sister sister #stay blessed

  • Twin

    Don’t PayThem No Mind You Have A Beautiful Son Do I Love You & God Bless You!

  • T Trifelin


  • Vco6665

    I agree with Tia! He’s just a child! To each there own opinion! Hopefully the ones that are be mean dont have a child or children! You just might feel differently if someone said that about your child!

  • Ajpgoldness

    God bless you and your baby, he is God’s gift to you and I appreciate you sharing him with us, he is beautiful and I am glad you have a beautiful healthy baby. Congrats to you and your husband. Tia, stop making all these comments bigger than they are, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, ugly sees ugly, if your heart is ugly, you will forever want to hurt others, their comments should be in your prayers to change their heart, never take what they say into your heart, it will make you ugly. Look at your little boy, what do you see, believe what you see in him, the last I saw from him was him crawling, that is beautiful, I love you all, continue to be you and never let anyone change you, I love Tamara too OMG you have no idea what you do to our lives. Stay blessed

  • Shirley-vanhorn

    i think he is beautiful those little jawls are so adorable
    rememeber the advice you gave your sister don’t pay these post any attention
    some people are just stupid

  • Bokunnu

    Tia should consider those people as idiot, and worthless in life that to make other people sad is their only way to be happy. Cree is a very cute and adorable baby. Tia these people are just jealous because you have your life and family intact and they wish they can have what you have.

  • Kimiwebb

    Tia u have a beautiful baby boy he is just a lil CUTIE PIA =)

  • Krashenaw

    dont even gve dem da satisfaction of hurtn u, u nd ya son r 2pretty individuals, dey r jus jealous cuz u r who u r nd dey r who dey r, dey wna b u bby, so dnt sweet it! Jus kp ya head ma and continue 2do u!

    Much luv 4m ma family 2urz!!!

  • Kimiwebb

    if you don’t have anything nice to say please don’t say anything at al because words can hurt a whole lot worser then u think he’s a beautiful little boy and he’s always going to be beautiful 2 me Cree was sent the heavens above to feel you and your husband life in heart with lov an and happiness enjo and what and whatever else more that’s beautiful little baby can give you all babies are blessings from God and all of them are beautiful and precious jewels


     look over them lame’s !.. cree is soo cute and he got a PRETTY SMILE ! AND HE IS SOOOO SMART !.. && YOU AND YOUR BABY DAD ARE GREAT TO HIM .. KEEP UP THE WORK AND KEEP MAKING THEM HATERS MAD!..

  • im not going to give my personal opinion on the baby’s looks either way…but no not all baby’s are cute. As a mother myself mother would ever agree or admit her baby/child is anything less than perfect. In a mother’s eyes, her baby will always be perfect and a gift from god. You can’t try to convince someone their baby is ugly. Of course she is hurt by the comments. If someone on facebook commented that your baby was ugly, you’d flip out

  • when you’re in the public eye you have to expect scrutiny. She reacted that way I would have( someone who isn’t in the public eye) I have only watched 3 episodes of their show but I can tell that she and her sister are both down to earth, kind, and sensitive people. You’d be surprised how words can hurt

  • Jefferson Renee

    All people are going to be judged, however at the end of the day, it is only based on what God thinks. Not all people are created the same and while this is true, GOD loves us all. People are ignorant and stupid! And all though it’s just the opinion of man, Tia’s baby is so handsome! He looks like both his parents. Tia is beautiful and I loved watching her on the GAME and her husband is a hunk himself, “The Cable Guy”. 

    I support both of their careers and pray that God continues to bless them both. They have a beautiful baby and a beautiful family. 

    At the end of the day, their pockets are FAT, they are BLESSED and HAPPY! 

    Screw who ever made those ignorant comments! 

  • 08 John316

    What gives ANYONE the right to call Cree or any baby ugly! Children are a gift and thank God not everyone looks the same! We are all unique individuals. So for all of you that think it’s okay to criticize a one year old…find something worthwhile to say or KEEP YOUR MOUTHS SHUT! Whether in the spotlight or not, noone has the right to hurt anyone. TIA, I think Cree is GORGEOUS and you hold your head high and love that gorgeous little man! He is AWESOME!

  • Loving Grandmother

    As I have mentioned before society can be so cruel and people feel they can say what ever they want and its okay.  Who are we to judge anybody.  Tia, keep being the beautiful mother you are to your beautiful son instill in him the morals and values that have been passed down to you.  God will make footstools out of your enemies that want to cause you or your family harm.  I am a grandmother and you as a mother must protect your child because he is unable to protect himself.  Don’t pay any mind what others say it’s a waste of your time and your childs time.  Enjoy your time with your son you can never get that time back.

  • Jeri C.

    Tia yu have a beautiful child.. I just pray for anyone who thinks its ok to speak of another human being in such a horrible manner.

  • Brown_sugar27604

    Wow!!!! Ppl don’t think before they speak. I have twins and my Aunt said to me They cute now but at one point they were ugly. But  I told my Mother she better be glad shes your sister and old or I would slap her mouth off. But she for got to look at her ugly grand, great and her great-great.

  • “Babies are never ugly!” “I’ve never seen an ugly baby!” Okay so you’re either blind or you’re stupid. Take your pick, dipšhit.

    Love that heading: “It’s disgusting that some focus on looks.” Hahah xD

  • Jwooden013

    ” ppl shouldn’t call other ppl or babies ugly because that means you were an ugy baby” here’s a quote you can use ” U.G.L.Y starts with you”

  •  This Is A Baby. GOD gift ..If you talk bad about GOD’S work ..have mercy on your soul…. There are some and not so cute babies out there in the world … But its how you raise them that bring the beauty out … May GOD bless you and your Family and keep all in his loving arms…. This is a handsome young man


    Tia u have a handsome and healthy son may God bless ur family and 2nd i readsomeone say so is nur husband now Corey is one handsome Man and yall compliment each other well

  • Delorescollins29

    Hey Tia don’t let nobody tell you your son ugly because he not you gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.The person or people that said that are nonfactors and have no life so with that being said continue to enjoy your beautiful son cree

  • Tiffany

    Tia don’t listen to these people. They have no heart at all. Your child is very handsome. These people must have been called ugly when they were kids, so they want to bring it out on someone else. Those people should be talking, they are just mad because their own child or themself wasn’t beautiful as yours. People need to stop with the negative comment because what comes around, goes around. What ever they say will defiantly go back to them. They might think he ugly now but when grow up, they going love how beautiful and amazing he is. Love you Tia! Don’t let these stubborn people bring you down.

  • Nellynel1130

    he’s not a ugly baby what r they looking at. Maybe they should post a picture of their baby n c what we think!

  • Shanicebutler41

    I absolutely agree with you Tia. The media and anybody else who has something negative to say about a child not only is disgusting but ignorant beyond belief. They obviously feel ugly themselves and need some form Gratifacation to boost up their own egos!

  • Staceyah_2002

    Dont listen to people Tia your baby is cute I love him I enjoy your show they r haters.

  • Mz Venetta

    why would people say he is ugly? he looks exactly like his father and there is nothing wrong with that, I love the chubby cheeks and big beautiful eyes, people are soooooo superficial nowadays…..simple and plain, Tia these are the opinions of a few idiots in this world of billions, never let other peoples ignorance bother you…..not to mention those comments probably came from purple who can’t look at their own reflections……..

  • Ncharles20

    Mrs. Tia don’t feed into this mess you love your child as GOD has intended you to. If those negative people get a reaction from you about their ignorant comments that gives them pleasure….dont feed that negativity. You have a precious gift that is a part of you and your hubby which is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Be BLESSED!

  • Zikeyb

    Thts a dame shame.. Smmfh.. Dnt wrry bout it tia, ur baby is a beautiful baby. Tha person thts sayn this is probley broke, miserable, lonely, n ugly thr self.. Look n tha mirror b 4 u start talkn bout sum 1. N go find ur baby daddy..

  • beautifulone

    I love Cree, he is a beautiful baby. Don’t worry about what people say, some of them are just jealous. Cree is your child not theirs and they shouldn’t have anything to say about him.

  • Nessa2bless

    Haters. Forget them. They don’t have a live so they stick their nose in other people business so that their lives may be fulfilled. Cree looks fine. They just talk too much. 

  • joanette

    forget that preson they are just a hater your son its handsome keep your head up keep doing what you doing i  love what you are doing your a great mom and wife 

  • Catherinemack_07

    This is beyond ridiculous thats a 1 year old baby. Why even post anything? Its not even funny at all people need to keep their mouths shut. The ones making these statements probably look like trolls themselves. And he probably has more money in his piggy bank than half of these idiots have made all year. People need to stop hating. Baby Cree is adorable and his family loves him dearly so thats all that matters at the end of the day.

  • Anp1391

    It do not matter who or what your baby look like he’s a blessing from god some times I think people are cruel to get attention…your son is beautiful:-) :-) :-) :-)

  • Miziamm

    Tia I look up to you as a teenage girl all those people are just hating on the life you have and a wonderful gift of a baby boy! God created everyone in their own image and your little Cree fulfills that! Tia your husband and son are so beautiful so don’t listen to what they say! I love you and your family! :)

  • Chandmaddiecris

    The people who says those foul things are just jealous and mad that they dont have a loving husband like you do dont listen to those welfare ghetto behind women who lives in the projects with twelve baby daddy’s haters lol

  • Dont listen to them Tia, misery loves company!!!!! I believe your baby is very beautiful and will continue to grow to be a handsome young man, also your Husband is cute!!! lol I luv you and your sister and always been a fan….. I know see why most celebrities dont show pictures of their baby to the public because fear of things like this circling, its crazy how mean and cruel people can be.

  • Believininjesus

    It is stupidity and cowardly to speak on an innocent child.  I believe it is a hit at the parents and we know that is because plain jealousy.  I am so ashamed at mankind for this and many things that are going on in society.  We (mankind) are better than this.

  • Richard

    “The only people ugly are the ones calling a baby such vile names”-Best response I’ve ever read.

  • Xhashos

    I watch the show all the time. I have followed Cree’s birth. For someone to say such a thing about a child shows theri mentality. Cree is a beautiful child that brings smiles to many of us. Do not let what one weak minded person says spoil your happiness for any amount of time. Sometimes people so much want to be like you or have what you have that they make ugly comments. Enjoy your family and beautiful son and damn all the haters.

    • Mz_Warrior2012

      Me too love the show….

  • Suhail Quintero

    You baby is a angel from god don’t event worry about what people said he is a gift from god and he is beautifull god bless

  • Hyeshiaw


  • Jacinth

    at the end of the day.. everybody is entitled 2 their own opinions. yall acting like ugly babies/kids & people don’t exist. in my opinion he’s not ugly but he’s not cute. he’s just funny looking & yall either blind or just kissing ass like she really gon reply 2yall or even read this. i’m sure she has better shit 2 do & a real mother/woman wont give a f*** what no one thinks of their child.

    • Laneysmom11

      We do have a right to speak our minds but some people should really think twice before saying something mean about a BABY! Nobody is kissing ass, it is hard being a parent as it is, she doesn’t need the added stress of hearing mean things about her child, you have no idea how much that hurts. I mean, really, what do you gain by making fun of a baby?? He hasn’t even came into his real looks yet!

    • Phoenyx79

      Ignorance comes in any form huh Jacinth. I bet you are either one of those people who can’t stand to look at themselves in the mirror. Or you are the type who thinks that everyone wants you or to be like you…. right?!?!?!? Newsflash! You are not important!!!! Also, even if she doesn’t read this… you took the time out to put your worthless thoughts into this.

  • Brunt_latoya

    This just goes to show how simple minded some people are to judge the looks of a innocent baby. God made everyone in his image and there is absolutely nothing wrong with this handsome baby boy. God bless you and ignore this talk because they wish they were u

  • Sonjamack61

    All babies are from God. Lil angels precious in His sight so when someone makes a negative comment in regards to God’s lil angels they better watch out. This baby is Gorgeous and I’ve come to the conclusion that these ppl are jealous hearted and they have no lives. Live your life to the fullest with your beautiful son.

  • BabyGirlTx26

    He is super handsome Tia. I could just kiss him all over his cute face lol. : )

  • Blake’Marree Nunez

    people are going to be people regardless and people are going to continue to talk … that’s just people ..don’t allow negativity to get to you.. think positive and keep it moving life isn’t always nice and people aren’t always right. You know what is best for you and you’re son. I think he is nice looking.

  • shygirltamz

    he isn’t  ugly neither is his father  so y’all should stop y’all negative comments. y’all jus hating this adorable baby i mean stop being jealous and fine something to better to do than bring down ppl 

  • Savages3

    People are cruel,jealous, and lost from Gods love. It’s sad but true…don’t for one minute let them get to you. I’m sure they are ugly inside and out to say such a thing..Cree is cute as they come;) God bless you and your family

  • Angelpatterson78

    You know for someone too take Time and talk about a baby, is sad. If you feel that way, keep your comments too yourself. That’s just wrong, and apparently they ate not too happy with themselves. I can’t believe people are so mean and creul. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but keep it too yourself. God doesn’t created ugly, he creates nothing but beauty. That little boy is beautiful inside and out.

    • Angelpatterson78

      I meant are not happy with themselves

  • G-ma AJ

    That baby is not ugly.  Someone has a very ugly heart and too much time and hate on their hands.  Sorry you had to deal with that Tia.  Move on Mama your little man is gorgeous.  Bless you and your family.

  • Janicenicolemorton

    who cares wht people say they always going to have negative things to say becouse its a ugly world….Dont pay attention to the haters just keep being happy with your family he is a cutie  “)

  • MrsReese

    People are absolutely ridiculous!! This baby is adorable and as far as Tia’s husband…can you say FINE!! We all can see that Tia is a gorgeous woman as well.  People need to quit their mess and fine better things to do! Obviously whoever made any mean comments about this beautiful baby has better to do and like the other posts say, are envious of their lifestyle. We love Tia and Tamera!!!

  • VivianMRivera77

    Don’t worry your baby boy is SEXY N YOU KNOW IT MAMA….god bless you LIL CREE!!!!

  • Melendez Letty

    Lets hope all these ignorant people don’t have babies. Just imagine the poor child life if he’s not “perfect”

  • Karenjones41

    Tia you can’t allow ignorant people nor their opinion to get you all upset.You can always tell pretty much about a person what they up bring was like once they speak. You continue to do well, and become a great parent!! Please don’t engage yourself in such stupidity, look at your status and dont’ think twice about theirs . Your son is gorgeous, he’s definitely a gift from God!!!!!!

  • Artasia Brown4

    People in this world are beyond stupid. Tia your baby boy is beautiful with all that pretty hair on his head. Forget the haters cuz they just gone keep on hating .That’s the only thing a hater know how to do. I love you and your sister show!

  • Redronnie77

    Oh they have lost their mind cuz Cree is far from ugly and i’ve known his father for most of my life and he has never been ugly in his life so who evers talking need too get they mind right. That’s crazy talk.

  • Karlibriganti

    he is a verry handsome little boy and for people to tlk about a baby that way is just pathetic! tia is a wonderful mom and cree is a handsome baby! ^_^ 

  • Sharondahntr

    That baby is not ugly. He’s adorable. Some people just look to pick on others when they have an ugly spirit themselves. Of all things to talk about…a defenseless child. These grown preschoolers need to get a life. Tia you are blessed. Glorify that and thank God that you have an amazing family and you’re still with your husband. Many.of your haters can’t say that.

  • Mztory

    I really feel bad for a person who takes the time to criticize a baby.. now the baby is gorgeous & his daddy is handsome. Tia continue to live inspite of people dumb remarks. When your lil boy smiles his face lights up & shows his true beauty. People are just very ignorant & cruel but don’t let that stop u from being that great mom I have seen on your show.

  • Templeton_cassandra

    Well said Tia.  This society needs to focus others things than material things and looks world is so superfical .  He is a handsome liitle baby I could eat those cheeks up .  Just keep moving Forward. 

  • Smiley_rivera

    that’s petty…Cree is a sexy lil boy so is his father…..

  • Ibzdabomb

    Wow! This is ridiculous! Cree is amazing beautiful. People who have time to say things like this are ugly inside and that’s when ugly sticks. Tia no one has the right to say anything negative about your son. He is truly a blessing. Focus on the positive only. Forget the haters. Love ya girlie. (P.S. keep having babies and make the world a more beautiful place)

  • Lrodriguez2221

    People are ignorant and heartless. They are the ugly ones with their blackened, rotten hearts. They should take a good look in the mirror before they go criticizing a beautiful little angel. Shame on them! God doesn’t like ugly and they sure are ugly inside and out! God bless little Cree :)



  • Zwantsyou

    We live in wicked world. People need a lot of GOD & LOVE in there life!!!! May God Bless you, your husband, and your BEAUTIFUL baby Cree!!!

  • Bradleydominique19

    I cant believe people how can u call something so precious ugly some people really need to grow up if the shoe was on the other foot then they will feel the same way tia feel smh

  • B_Real

    what ugly baby? (looking around) I see no such thing.  its just ridiculous that ppl sink so low as to speak negatively on a child, smh. If I was Tia, I wouldn’t even respond. Only respond to things that matter. Bored ppl with no positive opinions does not matter. Thank God she didnt have to hand the baby off to one of those fools. No telling how they would have treated the child.  Tia, just continue to love your blessing.  He is adorable no matter what! God knew what He was doing when He gave Cree to you. Forget those no life having idiots.

  • Tia sweetie  DO NOT let the HATERS get to you . You have a very HANDSOME son . Who one will accomplish and go places that they will never be able to reach in life.

  • Zakkiyya_thais

    He is very cute anybody who thinks other wise are either blind or really stupid .they could be insequor about their kids looks and taking out on Cree or they are naturally ugly as a kid.their opinion doesn’t matter any way the only ones that matter at d end of the day is Tia your husband , family and gods

  • Iamtoshemmia

    Your little boy is handsome.. Those people just want something to talk about screw them real talk!!

  • Stuffieelovis

    Wow that’s sad

  • Gorgeous Empress Karlene

    This aint making sense to me.. the lil boy is cute and there is no such thing as a ugly baby, however there is something called a ugly heart and the persons taking the time of time mind Tia’s child business has one.

  • Yapha

    Tia ur son is absolutely gorgeous!! f*** the stupid haters whose mama’s didn’t teach them any morals! Some ppl just disgust me! Ugh!!

  • U have a very cute baby boy..I want them cheeks they look juicy!!Haters gon hate when their glass house Is messy..

  • Deshawndavis30

    Wowwww is all i can say

  • Mz_Warrior2012

    Tia dont worry or stress about it….While they ass talkin they baby go come out lookin like sha nana jenkins (off Martin)or wanda (off in livin color)Talkin about OHH NO SHE DIDNT…..f***** HATERS….U Have A Beautiful Baby Boy…..Dont let nobody i mean NOBODY TEL U OTHERWISE I MEAN DAT….An yes they r sum jealous mfs in this world an they dont want to c sum one do betta then them or if u do they go try there damn best to make u miserable like them…. Dont sweat it mama itll bALRITE…..LOVE YA ALWAYS LaChunt’e ohh yea keep makin d ass t money

  • Modelmaterial8

    Ugly is a bit harsh…un-handsome is more appropriate. 

  • Mz_Warrior2012

    I meant go finish makin dat money they wish they can get or make hahaha…..

  • Katinea Thomas

    Wow!!!! For a grown individual to get on the internet & try & degrade a baby is pathetic!!!! Clearly some individuals they don’t know wat gorgeous is!!!!!!! Tia imma fan of you & your sister & have been since I was a little girl. I watch your tv show & every time I see baby Cree its so exciting to see 1 how u brung to this world a perfect piece to your family his looks are equally split between you & Cory & its so cute. I commend you for how you took the upsetting information & didn’t lash out but just stated how you felt. Those was such disgust things to say about a child folks should be ashamed of theirselves. That is all stay true to you ma’am & continue to do what you do your shows have been a blessing in my life thus far & I look forward to learning more.

  • Chaney337

    ur baby iscute 

    • Farrisraquel

      Always remeber wat comes around goes around every dog has his day nd every bad 1 has 2. They need to becareful of wat they say bad about sum1 else they will end up giving birth to that themselves.

  • Detroit0102

    Hell naww! I can’t believe how people are and I’m sure it was mostly black women who was the ones talking shit! Dnt worry I’m black to. N e who women black especially always wanna put each other down nd hate on any and every thing! f*** thm hatin hoes tia they wanna be u nd do the things ur able to do. Just keep rocking out wit ya cock out nd let them hate.beautiful or ugly fat or to skinn regardless he is a baby nd could buy nd sell thm haters any day cause he rich nd thm hoes broke! Lol

  • DisgustedOne

    I find this article to be very sad and damn right DISGUSTING.

  • Mamacita0204

    People can be so cruel its ashame. He’s a handsome little boy and forget what anyone has to say negative. God bless you guys!!!

  • Stephaniereyes7777

    I’m sure the people who said this are not mature yet and think its ok to “express” them selves like that but honestly he’s adorable and Tia your a strong woman you have a great life and beautiful family and spirit the words from people below you should never matter as long as your family is ok I love cre-cre ❤

  • CQ,MSW

    First and foremost, her baby is beautiful, period. For those who wish to spew out cruel comments because they are so irrelevant in reality, shows a lack of self-esteem on their part, which is probably caused by their ugly looks which are inside/out. Tia is a gorgeous woman, holding down a family and career, don’t criticize her, just model to be like her and find something productive to do.

  • Victoria

    Cree is cute as a button! Don’t pay these people any mind Tia! That’s why you have a husband a great life MOney and a beautiful family!

  • Lovingmykiddos070812

    Cre -Cre is handsome , cute , beautiful and all the above ツ

  • Tiyauna =)

    you may not think hes the cutest but i be hes making more money than you….and i bet when he gets older he will let his haters be his motivators,  #First time mommy club 

  • Tiyauna=)

    you may not think he’s The cutest but i bet he makes more money than you…when he gets older i bet he will let his haters be his motivators #First time mommy club unite lol

  • Mznunub11

    Those ppl are sick in the head! Lil Cree, is a handsome lil guy and reading those comments brought tears to my eyes! Knowing how hard it was for Tia to conceive and the difficulties she had during her pregnancy and now this! Ppl can be sooo mean! I feel her pain! I miscarried 5 babies already due to stress and to have ppl talk about my babies that didn’t even make it here just irks my last nerve! Those ppl need to be prayed for! Tia, u know your son is handsome, so screw what other sick minded ppl say!

  • Tiffanyjclark4

    People who finding time to call a baby ugly apparently are not happy w thereselve he is a beautiful baby and tia u will continue to be blessed

  • Alexuskayy

    Dnt worry Tia ! Yur baby Cree is a handsome baby . And as long as hes beautiful tu yu is all that matters ! I wish yu &’ndd yur family nothing but the best !

  • Vignelatoya

    People are CRUEL….all babies are BEAUTIFUL they are a BLESSING from GOD!!! Your son is handsome, don’t let them bring you down and take you out of character.

  • I’ve thought Cree was adorable since the day he entered this world!!For ignorance to exist we must entertain it!Cause negative people only have spotlight if we give it to them!Ignore them Tia Mowry you know God gave you the most precious and beautiful gift you could get!!Cree you’re just as fabulous as your mom…You rock baby!!!

  • Hugga16

    People are so mean and triffling they need to get their act together! God hear and sees everything!! He’s a handsome little baby boy!

  • Shellie_bryant90

    I don’t no why people would even talk about a baby like that all baby are beautiful no more how they look or the color of their skin.they are all a give from God so God made them how he wants them to look and last time I checked God never makes a mistake.that baby is handsome in every way

    • People say what they want to say not matter how it makes people feel. It is so sad, but God is our only judge and you and Cory just need to pray for those people’s forgiveness and God will handle his own. Keep your heads up and always smile because your true fans love and care about you.

  • Denise820

    Your baby is beautiful and so is you heart because I can’t write what I would have said to them. Continue to be blessed!

  • DionneLeakes

    Tia your son is very handsome and you are and awesome mom keep doing what you are doing because you are always going to have some hater and in this mess up world. Cree is very handsome lil boy.You and Cory are very good parents and you all are doing a awesome job.

  • Deborah

    Tia ignore them they need God in their llives and with that said pray for them:-)

  • Tinderly

    I cannot believe that people would say something like that.  Cree is adorable.  He looks like his father–very handsome.  (No crush on Cory for me, just sayin’)  Cree is adorable.  Tia you and Cory made a beautiful child.  It’s unreal how people feel justified in saying cruel, untrue things, just because we have the freedom of speech in this country.  Keep your negative, unwarranted, unhelpful OPINIONS to yourself!

  • Samira_hall

    The only people that are ugly are the ones bold enough to even comment on a babies looks But I bet people called you ugly and you need to attack little people. You have no right to judge your name is not Jesus. Tia don’t allow small minded people to get any of your attention.And the comment about your husband they are probably upset that they dont have one or better yet no man to respect them. Which isn’t impossible because they don’t have respect for themselves. Keep doing what you d. You have a beautiful family. Forever a fan….

  • Victoriacooper58

    god created him they didnt he is adorable to me dont worry about what a idot has to say

  • visionairess

    Why respond to such nonsense.. it’s obviously coming from an UGLY Place where ppl just want to receive attention… Every baby is cute in my opinion.  In they’re mother’s eyes is all that matters… Tia shouldn’t even dignify the haters with a response and concentrate on her beautiful family.. that’s what matters… BLESS THEM ALL… He’s a cutie PIE!!

  • Svoiles4

    There are some very ignorant people in the world — no manners.

  • Vanessa11755

    Tia, it’s a shame that even the most outrageous fools living can speak and write. Those Godless morons who made that statement will have to live with their ignorance forever but you on the otherhand have the joy and the blessing to live with your beautiful and precious son. Our Heavenly Father allows it to rain on the good and the wicked but HE also judges us according to  our heart condition… go ahead and enjoy your life and leave the fools and their senseless statements to God!!

  • Khadeeja

    Keep ur head up Tia! Ur baby is amazingly beautiful & as long as you & ur huaband love your baby thats all that matters, & the people that are stupid/ignorant enough to attack one of gods precious angels have a very sick problem! #Cree is gorgeous!

  • yes tia cree is adorable people just need to get a life

  • that is so sad to say to a mother..   your baby is beautiful they are just jealous!!

  • Smcfarland0103

    I think Cree is so adorable and not because of who you are but because he is. People can be so cruel for no reason at all. Love tour son as much as you do already, and don’t worry about what people who have nothing else better to do with their time than to put their mouths on someone elses child. He is beautiful and is a child of GOD.

  • Tweety4137

    Those are the same assinighn people who who had nothing better to talk about than Gabbys hair when she won the Olympics. people are just hateful and have nothing better to do with themselves….Cree is adorable, and I pray that you and your family don’t let the blogs get to you, Please continue to do what y’all are doing. I love the show. you guys are awesome.

  • Viv M

    It is unbelievable  that human beings can be so cruel. Lets all pray for them, because they know not God!!!
    God only create Beauty….

  • Phaniab

    You know, all of you calling this handsome, healthy baby Cree ugly screw you all. I hope none of you has kids. This child has a better future than all of you. Y’all disgusting!!!!

  • M Meshay

    I can’t believe that some people feel the right to judge others let alone a helpless child. Tia first of all I love u because u r a beautiful person and a wonderful mother and second of all ur son Cree is beautiful. So people that is judging this child I will pray for you because what goes around comes around.

  • Dainab69

    Tia, opinions are like ***holes, everyone has one! And frankly they are Entitled to them, but it is just that “THEIR OPINION”. I personally think Cree is a beautiful little boy and all that matters is that you and your husband love him and cherish him, so who cares what others say, whats important is how you feel about him and how you make him feel about himself… BEAUTIFUL!

  • starry118

    Cree is such a sweety pie…I love his smile & his joyful heart! Please ignore the devil Tia, because that’s exactly who inspired those ugly comments. Those opinions are not even worth consideration, but I’m glad their stupidity has been spotlighted. I hope those who shared them have the decency to be ashamed of themselves.

  • Lena Hill

    Tia I adore you and your sisters relationship even though you don’t always agree with one another. I knew that the world is filled with ignorant ppl but for idiots to post comments calling your baby ugly and your husband and that his head he’ll grow into is simply SICK. Your son is the cutest little man and he loves his mommy and I know you love him unconditional. I have two kids of my own regardless if you are a celebrity are not I would be furious if someone called either one of them ugly. A word of advice it sounds like to me that these are ppl that doesn’t have nothing better to do except sit around and pick on little babies.

  • Susiecarmichael73

    Tia, what you and your husband have brougjt forth is a BEAUTIFUL gift from GOD ! Please dont waste time time and energy needed to keep up with a one year old on ignorant people. God bless you and your family.

    • Vhilairel

      Your son is a beautifully creature of God! …. It’s sad that some people think that can be a big bad wolf behind a monitor screen!

  • He is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS how dare you say something that disgusting about of precious little baby if i were you I would be worried about how UGLY you  guys are on the inside cause that is something that will never change ……bunch of fools  

  • Nybriache3

    dont pay attention to foolishness what goes around comes around,cheer up tia!

  • Tiiger-lily2

    He is one of GOD’S beautiful created being. And what GOD made…..HE said is good. Tia, don’t worry about what people say about Cree. They are not talking about Cree, they are talking about GOD. And GOD fights HIS own battles. Give that beautiful baby a kiss for me,

  • Tekesha_54

    Some people in this world are just plain ole ignorant. Who are you to critize a child? Cree is a very handsome and beautiful baby. Tia keep your head up and forget about the ignorance that most people have. Your son is a beautiful gift from God and you enjoy that gift.  I really loved the mother-to-be Mother’s Day gift you gave Tamera. It brought tears to my eyes. That was a beautiful picture of the three of you.

  • Reisheal

    You have a beautiful baby boy and those people who have negative comments are ignorant. That is a child of God just like all of us and I think Cree is absolutely adorable. You and your sister are wonderful actresses and women, just keep up the good work and don’t let the negativity, ruin the blessing that God has given you.

  • Cece3j

    It’s such a shame that people would post these horrible comments about a baby. Some people are just ignorant by reading the comments above you can tell they have no type of common sense smh.

  • Nadia

    Your baby is a cutie pie and your husband is handsome.. screw those no names. I wouldnt even respond but i can imagine as a mom you’d want to defend your baby..Hey Cree Cree

  • Suzyobm

    This is beyond disgusting!!!!!!! Children are a precious gift from God and an adult who will attack an innocent defenceless child is just plain stupid!!!!!!

  • Rdmacklin

    Tia, some people are so jealous there is nothing ugly about your baby. When I first saw him the first thing I said was he is cute, he looks just like his dad. Baby don’t let people upset you. Tell those with the comments to send pictures of their kids.

    • Db1111

      So you basically called the baby ugly too.  They said that he looks just like the daddy which is ugly too.

      • 123hitmeup


  • Rosalynn

    I can imagine the type of people that are making these comments. The same folks that talked about Gabby. This is shameful.  He’s a cutie pie.

  • Williamsfelona

    tia,the same people who commented tht ur baby is ulgy.just me girl their baby is the one tht is more thn ugly.don’t let those people upset u at all ther just jealous, ok u have ur baby and ur husband to focus on.we all in life have haters it don’t matter if we rich or poor,its wat make us stronger and better person,about who we are and what we stand for and believe in.they are call ur haters baby girl and we need them at times.

  • Reesa M.

    It is ashame that we have belittled ourselves in attacking innocent  people(babies). I guess we don’t have anything to contribute in bettering our country or the lives of people around us. Get a life or bury yourself under a rock

  • Tia, all I can say the devil and his army is a lied. God bless you and your handsome, wonderful, bless son. He is precious and wonderful made by GOD ALMIGHTY. You are prosperous and you should just give GOD all the praise. 

  • tia i love you and your sister it dont matter what people say i think he is handsome i watch your show all the time and i think you have a lovely family GOD bless you and your family ( they talk about chirst JESUS) so let them talk because at the end of the day it’s waht you think that matter to your child

  • margaret

    Yur baby is beautiful tia.. he is a gift from God .. in looks just like his beautiful mommy n daddy. People just have no life n rather put others down then to help them selfs..



  • Myia Luvsyhu

    Ppl Iz So Dumb Now A Days .. Wy Iz Focus On His Looks Anyway NOT THAT HE IS EVEN UGLY -___- ! The Baby Is Sexy As Ever Honestly ^__^

  • Guest

    He’s absolutely adorable.  Love his cheeks…so pinchable.  Our folks need to stop being so hateful.  When white celebrities show off their new babies other whites don’t attack an innocent child.  Why are we so hateful towards each other?  First Gabby and her ponytail and now this.  We have to stop the self hatred!

  • Tiffany wise

    It doesnt matter what people think or say because at the end of the day she always going to be beautiful to you no matter what.Enjoy you little girls she is beautiful…

    • Keioneg

      she has a son

    • guest

      He’s a boy lol

  • Apostle De-Borah

    Awww….he is adorable……people can be so cruel……

  • Blkpearl52

    Tia there are a lot of heartless people in this world. We just have to pray for them and let Kid deal with them. Remember before you had Cree God shaped him in your womb to look and be who God wanted him to be! Cree was created out of Love now what can be more beautiful than that! Cree is Gods creation in Gods image and Likeness! So hug and Kiss your Beautiful Baby!

    • Blkpearl52

      I meant Let God Deal with them!!

  • kristen

    Aww I think hes cute.

  • jesussaves

    you have a beautiful son, he is so handsome and they say he looks like his father, who is very handsome, these people are just blind, always thought that he was handsome!!!!!

  • I think that you have to be really immature to pick on someone this small and innocent. You are a truly bully to pick on someone who does not even know you exist let alone can defend themselves. If you don’t like the way the baby looks then don’t look at is that simple people. Really grow up!!

  • Tyui

    His head is  huge but he isn’t ugly 

  • Lashawncox

    Wow Tia I am so sorry that you have to endure this senseless and as you said disgusting comments. Cree is adorable and a gift from God and makes everyone beautiful; besides beauty is in the eye of the beholder and for those people that feel that he isn’t cute to each his own but keep your mean comments to yourself.

  • You know there is a lot of haters in this world. To the ones said her baby is ugly stop hating on a baby. He is a handsome baby. God Bless you and kiss the baby for me. 

  • Sonya

    Tia all babies are beautiful creations of God, and the person who made that awful comment about your baby apparently knows nothing about God. So don’t let it bother you continue to cherish your beautiful baby and much happiness to you and yours.

  • Deaqualyn


  • Keishalewis24

    Whoever said Tia baby is look there mama is ugly that hateful especially when the baby is cute

  • Sxyldy3

    I thinks he is cute. Really I can’t believe anybody would say something negative like that. Don’t worry Tia, people bully or belittle other people because they are insecure about themselves. If they are miserable they want others to feel like them or try to make themsevles look better. Don’t worry about the haters because nothing good come from it. Treat people on the way you would like to be treated. Kill them with kindness.

  • Rita_hurd

    He is such a cute baby, I love his eyes

  • MrsRoss

    Cree is adorable & Corey is handsome…and you guys are a beautiful family!

  • Tshai1106

    God said vengeance is his … So let the haters keep talking …. Every baby is a blessing from God !!!! Who are they to define what is beauty ….. !!!

    • Jenna Ice

      EXACTLY. ” Do not avenge yourselves, Beloved, but give place to the wrath of God, for it is written. “Vengeance is mine. I will repay, says the Lord” “Do not be conquered by evil, but concquer evil by good”

  • Grandmaelkins

    i think your baby is cute and those that say that he is not is sick. 

  • lilkunta

    what? per who or what was it ‘hard for tia to conceive’? she dated cory for 8 yrs then got married and 2 yrs later had a baby. what is hard? stop those lies for sympathy. people are always gonna talk shit. cree’s head is long and hopefully he will grow into it. that isnt mean, it is truth.

    • how would  you feel if someone said that about your child.  smdh…………  learn some manners

  • Lonziamurff

    Anybody who write such hateful comments have ugly thoughts so therefore they are ugly and need to put others down becuz dey are insecure and have issues. No baby is ugly. They jux wished their kid was BEAUTIFUL

  • Angela

    its not about ppl being “disgusting” they are entitled to their oppinion. if tia was’ny a celebrity no one would have sympathy for her and I have none for her regardless. that is not a very cute baby, we all look at things that wau whether you admit it or not, you kno he is a wierd looking baby

    • Missy

      What do your kids look like ????

    • Oozfamezoo

      and i’m pretty sure people think ur WEIRD looking too.

      and being a celebrity has nothing to do with it, I have a friend that was talking about her neighbor daughter and how ugly she was I told her she was wrong and what goes around comes around.

      Now her daughter being picked on and being called Fat and Ugly by the neighborhood bebe’ kids, and she Pissed.

      Everybody entitled to their own opinion but to post on her pictures is Messed up. But once again “Do unto other’s like you would want done unto you”

      “You reap what you sow”

    • Shondee

      And neither is your motherfuckin mother u stupid Bitch…..Learn how to spell first of all no ones asking for any symphathy…If U can say such cruel things about a baby everything u said RIGHT BACK AT YOUR DUMB LOSER ASS..IF HER BABY IS WIERD LOOKING SO IS YOUR MOTHERFUCKIN MOTHER AND YOUR APE LOOKING KIDS…OOPS U PROBABLY DONT EVEN HAVE KIDS…..ONLY AN ASSWIPE WOULD SAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT….STUPID BIATCH !!!!!!!  I’M TALKING TO U ANGELA…..

    • Karen

       Angela, you are SUCH A PIECE OF SHIT! It’s people like YOU who teach your own children to bully kids and you probably teach your kids racism, if you have any, I hope you dont! But if so, lets see some pics of them…Were you bullied as a child? Probably so.. Lets see YOUR picture! Bet you are a fat meat sucking blob! Hide behind the internet, bet you wouldnt walk up to ANYONE and tell them their child is ugly! That makes me sick, she may be a celebrity but that baby isnt, he is a cute little boy and you make people SICK…..BITCH!!!


      • Octaviadarling

        I liked the way u handled the Angela matter after I finished reading your comment to the dumb bitch. All I can say you said a mouth full for me and everybody. Good job from me to you. Now it’s my time to roast this dumb bitch.

    • I have seen babies that were not the most beautiful of all, but as for this baby, he’s adorable.  I don’t see how you can even think that.  Every child is unique in their own looks.  Even if you thought the baby was unattractive, can’t you keep your comments to yourself.  Do you tell every parent whose child that doesn’t measure to your look standards, that their child is ugly?  How would you feel if someone told you your child was ugly.  Some things you just keep to yourself.  Why hurt a new moms feelings by telling them they have an ugly baby.  You just don’t do that no matter what.  It’s the difference between good and bad manners.

    • Brownisy

      Before you talk about anyone you should learn how to spell go get a proper education and then maybe I’ll think about entertaining your ignorance I mean “opinion”

  • HGM

    Wow, this was actually a discussion? Her son is adorable and I think she is handling it very well because those are fighting words. You don’t mess with my child or my mama. To the critics: get a life

  • Lovely N

    Tia your son is a beautiful baby i have been a fan of your since sister sister and i am a fan to this day and all i got to say to them asshole who would say somthing so mean and cruel like that GO f*** YOURSELF…. no disrespect tia but the people who would write somthing so cruel can f*** off for real…your beautiful, cree is beautiful and soo is the man who help create him

  • Oozfamezoo

    I saw some of the comments personally and I had to pick up the phone and call my mom. I told her I couldn’t believe how people would talk about a innocent baby. smh

    What does looks have to do with anything ? I think he’s quite cute, and I as a mother to a 1 year old son is furious how people cowardly get on the internet and say cruel things to people. 

    My mom said “Like Lil Wayne said ‘I CAN’T SEE YOU LIL NIGGAS CUZ MY MONEY IN THE WAY”

    <3Keep your head up 

  • sandra b

    I think that is a beautiful little boy.  How dare these idiots make such ugly comments.  People who spew such negativity are insecure, illiterate people with low self esteem, who make themselves feel better by putting other people down.  I feel sorry for them.

  • Shondee

    I think anyone who has something negative to say about a innocent child..Is a  loser and if u can call someone’s  child Ugly…… Only someone who’s ugly can call a child Ugly….There children must look like monster’s…..Think about it….. only someone who is Ugly can call someone else ugly….Like Tia said If u dont have something nice to say then STFU and get a f***** Life…Haters…u .Wish u can have what Tia has.. 

  • Anonymous

    people have the nerve to call folks ugly since they did not look in the mirror at themselves.since you feel you have the right to talk so do would you like it if someone said you were ugly,a dead beat,no good lowlife,triffling ho.I mean when you were born did the doctor slapp your mama cause you were ugly,probably they just prayed for her.

  • Dijones44

    That is so mean girl don’t let those crazy people get to you, a baby is a gift from
    God, what ever God makes is good and beautiful. What goes around comes around, somebody will call their child ugly one day and then they will see how hurtful it is.

  • How awful.  Are these people human, are they parents, why say such hurtful things?  The baby has a long, thin face.  So what?

  • Raerae5151

    The baby is ugly wow people keep it real

  • Kyla Rey

    look like those ppl are just plain to be seen haters. don’t worry about them haters tia we still love u and ur baby is so adorable.

  • Christinamanns13

    that baby is beautiful, its sad and pathetic to talk about any child. if u comment some rude and nasty mess about a child u have 2 be  pretty ugly spirtually. dont try to bring misery to someone  front door because your life miserable…. 

  • Lexy2kimberly

    Wow! I cannot believe how ignorant some people are…My thought is have each person who stated that precious little boy is ugly to post a picture of their children and let the world critique their children and see how they like it.

  • Vaishali_banga

    I think this is so f****** mean…ppl going around saying the baby ugly ppl who are you to  you need to comment on such thing…gods kids come in all different ways and for you to judge now is only going to be harder that day when you appear at god doors and saying something about his children….i think we all need a check about this situation the baby is beautiful and TIA don’t you worry about anybody’s comments…say what you wanna say now but the man upstairs is the only one to  judge

  • Kimberlymiller

    Tia that is a handsome baby ppls hate cause they dont have what you got hold ur head up high honey dam what they got to say and I APPROVE THIS MESSAGE

  • her baby is not ugly. the mutherfuckers thats calling her baby ugly wishes that they were her with that baby. or better yet they don’t have any kids of their own. that baby is gods child and thats the only one that can judge him. what you think of that baby don’t matter. get a ” f***** LIFE REALLY”.

  • Tiki

    Cree is a very handsome little guy. The people that are specking negative about this little angel will not have any luck in life. Tia you and your family are beautiful. Please don’t listening to this nonsense. 

  • Gretchen Howard

    Cree is a very handsome little boy. I honestly feel that people that have no happy lives will say and do anything hurtful just bring someone else down to them. The people that made those comments.. well… it says A LOT about the lack of maturity they have made in life… Needless to say.. they will NEVER see the money Cree will make in life, have the right upbringing Cree will have in life, and be a good person that Cree will be in life! Miracle babies do Miraculous things in life! You better believe it! 

  • Chenell_Adkins

    Ignorant folks…. How can people fix their mouth to even call a baby ugly… I love me some Cree Cree, he is so adorable!!!!

  • Charlotte

    Cree is a little cutie if you ask me, people are just so stupid and ignorant…They are some serious haters… WTH people with dirty comments get a damn life, and shut the heck up… LOSERS…. Tia your baby is beautiful and he is a blessing….Enjoy your son and ignore the ingnorance…

  • Madoussoukamara


  • sacoya hicks

    Cree is such a cutie baby.. I love to see him on tv making the milk hands lol… You people whoever said something so mean about a child could kick rocks with no shoes on!

  • Heavnmademe2

    He is beautiful and Gods most precious creations. Karma Tia! God forbid they have children & they have something wrong with them. That’s horrible to say. ( they were probably ugly babies & still ugly now!!!)

  • kiara

    Idgaf what any one have to say about my comment… that baby is adorable, but the ones who say he’s ugly has their ugly moments theirself, and probly wishing they could look like Tia and her baby Cree…

    • kiara

      In my book it says only God can judge….

      • Eddifowler4

        You guys know that baby is ugly is hell wit a big ass h ead

        • tiebaby

          your ass probably ugly as hell thats why you feel the need to talk about a child. Simple ass !!!!

        • Guest

           You really need to do some deep soul searching to intentionally continue to say mean things about an innocent baby.  So what if you think the baby is “ugly”…grow up and keep your negative comments to yourself.  It’s ashamed at what the world has come to!!!!!!!!

        • GOD is love!

          The only thing we can do for you is pray that GOD will have mercy on you! Babies are gifts from GOD! I feel sorry for your mother and for you. I believe you were/are a product of some sort of bullying in your life. Let go and let GOD.

  • Eddifowler4

    No offense but all babys are not cute

    • Avargaswww

      Please define “cute”?

  • Mommyoftwo

    Listen… I’m a mother of two and from one mother to another all we think about is that our babies come out healthy with 10 fingers and 10 toes and we pray and hope and teach our children not to be the ignorant disgusting people who called your baby “ugly”!!! Obviously they aren’t mothers or parents at that and if they are well I feel bad for the child growing up inthat household… We’re supposed to teach our children to be kind, to be courteous. To be smart. And not to be ignorant like the people who decided to speak with no heart…. At the end of the day all you need to do is keep that precious baby away from those people and to teach him to be different… And to be Kind and to love himself despite what others think…. you were blessed with a beautiful baby boy..god bless Lil baby cree

  • Tiffany_fc

    Tia Stay strong you are very successful women and is able to provide your child the best life that most of those rude people wish that they could. Social networking made it very easy for people to be asshole hiding behind the computer.

  • Octaviadarling

    I think u are absolutely rite Tia Who has that much time on there hands to talk down on a baby One that I happen to feel is very handsome. God does not like ugly. My saying everyday is: TO BLESSED TO BE STRESSED. PUSH MEANING PRAY UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS. God bless you and your handsome son. You have a lot of success heading your way. And don’t be upset with the butt holes. Pray for em they need it.

  • Ikynay

    Tia dont listen to comments like that. Your son is absolutely beautiful!! And was made from love. As  hard as it may be ….You have to pray for the ignorance of the world today. You  just love him that much more and hug him that  much tighter.

  • Cynthia

    All babies aren’t cute, but noone should walk around sayin that a baby is ugly either. Noone knows what went on in the delivery room, what problems he had after bein born.. none of that.. big heads.. little heads.. cross eyed.. missing toes.. born paralyzed… Who cares.. if u wanna be mean my baby cousin was born ugly but she had a heart that was more pure than mine.. she was special and she died before the age of 2! But I don’t think she was ugly, she had a smile that lit up my aunts face and we was inseperable.. people in society these days needs to take a step back and look in the mirror.. jus cuz ur ‘cute’ on the outside don’t make u beautiful on the inside.. and If u can talk bad about a child that is just starting life then u will never be beautiful instead u will suffer a pain from God for judging a pure soul that he gave life to! Tia, ur baby is beautifully handsome. Don’t let noone tell u different and if they do don’t worry jus smile and say thank you. It will confuse and hurt them cuz ur not feeding into their sorrows. Love ya girl. Best of luck to u and ur sister.

  • Keyastt26

    That baby is not ugly hes cute what kind of person calls a baby ugly smh those people need to reevaulate themselves…to Tia Mowry hes gorgeous who cares what others say

  • he look like yo brother when he was young

  • 12haterluver

    He is a beautiful baby just like his mother and for every negative comment spoken over that child has sowed seeds into their owe lives. What ever measure of hurt given to his mom  will come back unto you TRIPLE !!!!

  • Ybone42

    Cree is so adorable – he has such nice personality & he’s always happy! He communicates well with his mother. Tia don’t pay those cruel people any mind.

  • StarrPower

    HIM IS A CUTIE !!!

  • Guest

    Cree is adorable and you are right, people have no right to be so cruel.  First of all, they must be blind, because he is precious.  Some people are negative and jealous and they will never have anything good to say.  You keep doing what you do and love that beautiful baby of yours!

  • Robyn Vos

    Some people will say anything to try and get noticed, it’s bad enough to tell hurtful lies about adults but stooping to doing that with a child is the ultimate low.  Just ignore them Tia, if anything is ugly here, it’s the hearts of the people who are making bad comments about an innocent and truly beautiful child.  It is true that inner beauty is important but girlfriend, you and Corrie and little Cree are blessed to be incredibly beautiful on the outside as well so continue life with your chin up cause you got it all going off and those other poor beggars are just trying to use you to get noticed.

  • Grandmamanana

    WOW! SOME PEOPLE ARE JUST A MESS! HOW CAN SOMEONE SAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT? They must be jelaous! Let’s not waste our time since that are NOT WISE!

  • cerissa

    Tia I think cree is a handsome adorable lil boy…it’s crazy how ppl these days are they just mad cause they ain’t walking in your shoes & living your life. I have love you & your sister since I can remember… You & tamara keep doin what ya’ll do I love u girls & wish ya’ll nothin but the best keep giving these( motherfuckers/bitches)things 2 hate on PS cree see u on tv soon a born star smoochies

    • yeahisaidit

      what if someone living a better life than tia called the baby ugly, would they me mad cause they werent walking in tia’s shoes. just playing devils advocate

      • 123hitmeup

        Great point!!!

  • african queen


  • Aasterr

    He’s beautiful Tia! It’s the American reality viewing because they have no lives of their own public that’s ugly. Make that morbidly obese and ugly. Actually make that ignorant, obese and ugly.

  • Tia, Don’t worried about what ignorant  people say about your son Cree, Your son is a beautiful and adorably, People in this world are miserable don’t have a life.  Tia you are a wonderful mother and great wife, you did a great job raising Cree. Tia keep doing what you doing keep your head up and don’t worried about what people think about your son, God gave you a BEAUTIFUL son. I have watch your Reality show and watch your son grow up, I wish you the BEST. ♥

  • Katrina-ward

    Tia, just look over these people….why are they on your line anyway..if they don’t like it…stay out of her space!!!!

  • Tatie Masawi

    People are so naïve…they need to grow up and be ashamed of themselves

  • Godswoman267

    Tia Don’t let them Jealous hepacrits get to you.they don’t have a life.they are blind your baby is beautiful.Love him

    • Sbutler216

      Hypocrites. Just for future reference

  • Playdate10453

    not for nothing but Cree needs to see a specialist as he may have Craniosynostosis. If you look at his pictures over the past year there is a definate progression from the fairly normal pics when he was a newborn!

  • Its a child. The people talking have nothing better to do but to call someone elses baby ugly. It really is ashamed. So Tia, be as angry as you like because thats your baby that you carried. No mother doesn’t want anyone else to be calling there kid ugly. And the baby isn’t ugly. Its like the twilight zone or something

  • lilkunta

    cree does ahve a big head. he isnt ugly, just funny looking. he isnt the first funny looking baby nor will he be the last.

    • Margaret_craft

      Thats what I was thinking, most little boys head grow faster then their body, and funny looking is a good word, I mean that in a good way, my son and all my nephews were funny looking and cute, and there is nothing cuter to me then a big head baby boy, he has good genes, he is a cute funny looking baby, that will grow into a  red handsome young man.  In a nutshell he is sooooo cute, I wish I could kiss his fat jaws.  

  • Ms Dew

    He is ADORABLE! People can be so mean…There isnt a thing wrong with Cory and Tia baby. Grow up losers

  • Pculve60

    STOP BEING SOO DAMN RUDE. If you don’t have kids I wouldn’t be judging the way anyone’s looks, because you know you might have a  child  and might be ugly. No thing you dont do is talk about the way people’s kids look because someone could easily call you child ugly, so STOP THE MADNESSS!!!!

  • tia u kno and i know that cree is cute so dont get upset ok.

    • Juanita

      They just mad cus they are ugly as hell!!! Their mouth proves that!! God don’t like ugly!!! My mother always said if u don’t have anything nice to say… Don’t say anything at ALL!!!

  • Dashawnlemons

    Cree Is Very Handsome… Neither Of His Parents Are Ugly!

  • CeCe

    I think it’s ridiculous how dumb and ignorant people are to call a child ugly.  Cree is a very handsome little blessed boy.  Rember people, what you say will come right back to you, don’t curse yourself or your children.  Keep your foolish comments to yourselves! 

  • Denisha Seals

    THAT baby is gorgeous & both sisters should ignore such vile IGNORANCE!!!!!

  • That baby is so handsome. I wouldve cussed if I was her

  • Johnny Mcleod

    Tia for who ever called cree ugly must be beyond ugly and didn’t have anything importamnt to say. your child is a handsome little man. let GOD deal with them and there stupidity love ya

  • Natasszta

    That’s crazy but anyway he is cute

  • Crissy1969

    All I will say is Tamara’s baby is gorgeous god bless

  • Priscillamuratalla69

    Cree cree is sooo handsome I love tia and tamira :)

  • Katrinafox

    Cree is adorable & you are gorgeous love you and tamera !

  • Shanikkah3738

    People should keep their negative comments to themselves. They have to be a very narrow minded person to say something like that about a baby.

  • Acollins979

    Some things should be kept to ones self..

  • Brianna

    Baby Cree is adorable and he looks just like his father congrats to both sisters on their beautiful sons. Motherhood is an amazing feeling.

  • Ellajackson125

    Even if its ugly or cute, just keep the negative comments to yourself. If you put them out there, be prepare for what’s in store.

  • Lanetteboyer

    The baby is beyond ugly….He is one of the most adorable and most beautiful baby I have seen….I bet he lights up peoples day when they see him..And the people that called him ugly is just mad cause their baby don’t look as wonderful as yours. It is a shame what people say about other people but don’t let it affect you cause Karma will come back their way

  • Stephaniedj2

    Tia, your baby Cree is precious and cute. Whoever made such evil comments has problems within themselves.. Don’t let what no one say make you feel uneasy. Besides, they are probably just a hater anyway!!!

  • Shericelucas74

    All babies are beautiful. What’s unfortunate is the ones that grow to be ugly individuals mainly by their actions & UGLY comments. Smh!!

  • Monica_stanfield268

    Tia your Baby is beautiful and I am not saying this because of the bad comments he is sooooo Handsome and favors yourself and your sister when y’all were a child. People like that will get taken care of by God especially when he designed and created the baby to come into this world and there are already negativity around him don’t get upset with people like that because no matter where you go in life there will always be one person who doesn’t like you or how you look just keep a smile in your face because you are beautiful and talented God bless you and your family :)

  • Neituadams2011

    Tia…. when the devil sees a blessed child he tries to send his emps to curse what God created….your child is beautiful and blessed…when God ages baby Cree many will see how he will touch lives of people in this society…continue to pray and speak blessings over you and your child.

  • Connell.tiger

    I luv that baby ever since I saw it on the show. It’s too adorable and cute. Why would they think that Cree was ugly? He’s so cute!! Especially since he got from both parents’ looks!!

  • 2392909

    People are so ignorant these days.. and its mostly people that don’t post pictures of their own kids. Tia he is beautiful let these idiots talk

  • A_Williams

    I think he is a beautiful baby and they are a beautiful family. His smile is adorable!

  • Franshonross1


  • Ebonybrisbon

    He’s very handsome , other people’s opinion shouldn’t matter . No matter what it’s going to always be an ignorant person to make negative comments . How could you part your lips to speak badly about a baby . smh , your son is adorable pat no attention to negative minded people just say god bless & keep it moving . Your a wonderful mom keep up the good work!!!!

  • Tiffany

    Cree Cree is a cutie. And yes disgusting people do exist. And it’a shame to attack a baby, some just have zero class, Tia.

  • Tammi Pacheco Saenz

    All babies are beautiful…people are so sick, how can u look at urself in the mirror knowing u were mean to a baby? I mean really? Disgusting!

  • he is a cutie…people have nothin better to do with themselves than to belittle anyone they can…its disgusting and sad

  • Lucketttiana

    He is adorable…..the ones who say he is ugly are the main ones who look ugly so they talk about others to make themselves feel better.

  • ellisia hampton

    Cree is a beautiful baby all babies are beautiful creation from god and whoever think other wise they are just mean and ugly. To say such a thing about someone’s child is rude and ridiculous. People are just miserable and jealous of the life style . Keep doing wht your doing baby Cree .life goes on baby boy you will have haters and lovers

  • Espinozaingrid30

    Never pay mind to ignorance bc within is need to be seen and opinions that mean nothing to what the babies beauty truly is.

  • Kb_morris40

    Cree is a beautiful baby his head is the size God Intended it to be and its shaped like his dad y’all some hater he’s cute and a happy baby now Tia Cree needs a playmate GOD bless you and tha family

  • Your child is beautiful in God’s eyes and yours.. that’s all that matter!

  • Moma Tia ur baby is beautiful!

  • Nwuol

    They tripping cree is soooooooooo cute they should worry about they life stop the discrimination you have a beautiful family love your show with your sister love how your always concern about family forgrt the haters – muochies

  • Best_satonya

    Cree is a beautiful little baby. I can’t believe people are saying such bad things about him.

  • Gevon

    Her baby is so adorable the stupid ass who said that have nun better to do then talk about a beautiful baby boy

  • Masonebonee

    Probably jealous cause Baby Free is richer than their ignorant A’s will ever be. Yes, ugly babies do exist but he isn’t one of them, and even if you feel that, Keep that bull to yourself. Sorry excuses for an adult.

    • Masonebonee

      I put Baby smh Cree but my autocorrect corrected it.

  • Ariel9227

    Cree Cree is a very adorable baby!!! I love his smile;-) Tia’s right, it’s ashame how people (adults for that matter) can be so simple minded and say such mean things!!! Cree is a beautiful baby boy!!

  • Sweetmocha2808


  • Elliott Shawna

    People seriously disgust me! Its sad how jealously can truly bring the true ugly out of people she has a BEAUTIFUL FAMILY

  • Ltanise

    Omg… cree is so cute!! Tia don’t even waste ur energy in entertaining ignorant, nasty people like that! Your baby is beautiful!!

  • !st of all…if u put ur personal life on tv u can expect every nut with an azzhole to make a comment!   Her skin needs to be thicker, she’s been in this bznss for a long while now and as long as the people who love him, say he’s cute & adorable, then she shouldn’t worry about strangers online.

  • Smrand4

    He is handsome Tia so don’t worry about ignorant people comments. Remember they are only expressing how they truly feel about themselves and bc Crees a baby and can’t speak for himself they choose to bully him which is sad but don’t worry God will deal with them accordingly. Love you sweetie and God Bless You, Cree and his Father:)

  • Cheric7

    Beautiful baby. Disregard the haters. Focus on loving that gorgeous child.

    • Josie

      These people who saying those selfish things is because they are SOOOOOO SAD , they have no piece in their HEARTS , no piece in their SPIRITS , no piece in their SOULS…. May God Bless them , they don’t know how hurtful they are . She has a beautiful child , how many people who don’t have this Blessing ?  “Ignorance is Weakness”.

      • Josie

        No PEACE in their hearts , no PEACE in their SPIRITS , no PEACE in their SOULS .

  • Tmjkennedy2004

    People are so ignorant and cruel. I think he is a beautiful baby just like his mom and even if I didn’t I would never post such a demeaning comment about a baby. The world is so heartless.

  • Caroline Fauster

    Love your baby Tia. He is a beautiful child! People are so cruel and mean now but that’s their ugly opinions.

  • Chelseen

    She shouldn’t say anything about anyone’s baby bc would she call her own baby ugly I don’t think so keep comments to ureself !!!!! Disrespectful people!!!

  • Dimenay3

    TThat’s crazy to me he’s a cute baby

  • Luviet5683

    Your baby is beautiful Tia it is almost common sense that only a person who is extremely shallow with low self esteem would make this kind of remark about a baby…..whoever said it needs to work on whatever the problem is inside themselves and not try to make other people pay for their brokeness its a darn shame smh…

  • Candice

    who ever wrote that is a mean spirited person . To harp on it & keep going & going is just UGLY! The person who wrote that is UGLY. HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! God bless that innocent baby boy

  • Melissa2789

    People are so cruel these days! Hes a handsome baby! Love those chunka munka cheeks =).

  • Not My Cree!!! Are you Crazy!!! They must be blind as a bat!! That baby is adorable as hell!!! damn fools..I don’t know whats other baby they looking at but that’s my Cree not Tia’s!!! Hahahahahaha!! Cree..come to mama!!! <3

  • Kmbrlruiz

    Aww i think e cute. I actually think he looks like ty her little brother.

  • Peaches69sexy

    Tia dont worry about wat people say about your baby he is just so adorable. We just live in a world where people are just mean and dont have no respect for anybody.

  • Bella Swakamisa

    Reali calling a child ugly? U’d b so shocked that the same people commenting about Cree have serious monkeys themselves. And that baby is not ugly, arggg Americans really need to get a life. Tia not everyone is as happy as you and you have a beautiful family.

  • Jaysmaya2007

    U know people really need a reality check!!!! First off this baby is adorable!!!! And his heart is pure!!! Unlike the rest of the world!! It’s a shame he has to grow up in a twisted world like this one where people r so hateful!!!

  • Lgillstl

    Whoever would say such a thing about an innocent child has a lot of sad iddled time on their hands why else would they waste their time trying to hurt a child. Not speaking of an adult but an innocent child!! Your Ignorance is showing right now. Tia you are blessed and an a** hole will always be a Sh*t hole no matter what you say or do to it. And stop paying attention to an idiot wanting everything you got and acting out!!!

  • Pinkydeez

    Well, it’s like my mother always says, “You can’t argue with ignorance.” And this is pure IGNORANCE!!!!! Who talks about an innocent baby?? In fact, who gives anyone the right to put others down?? This is why most celebrities keep their children away from the public eye, because of idiots like this!!! I’m completely appalled!!! Ugh!

  • that’s can you talk about a BABY like that is completely BEYOND me.

  • Sha

    Tia, Cree IS BEAUTIFUL! He is an adorable baby boy and  he resembles the Mowry Tribe! LOL! You and I were pregnant around the same time and I remeber how I loved watching your show. Since I was a first time mom to be, I was glad I had YOU, a trail blazer leading the way! I took note of every important pregnancy topic and issue mentioned on your show. What you must already realize is that this world is filled with cruel, insane individuals who will do anything for attention. People who have to belittle others FEEL LITTLE! So just know that you gave birth to an AMAZING BEAUTY! What I find most humbling as a mom personally, is that GOD selected ME to give this wonderful miracle TO! I love my son so much (I would BITE the head off of a SHARK for him!) So I could only imagine how you feel! Be blessed my sister! ~~~Sha : )

  • Tia, sweetie, dismiss what hateful people have to say about your baby and anything else in the world. These are usually people who are trying to get attention and whose lives are just plain miserable. You have an absolutely beautiful child. These people do not mean anything to no one in the world and that is why they like to act out. Sad, miserable, pathetic no ones – and we should all treat them as such.

  • Prof G

    He is absolutely adorable.  I want to squeeze those little cheeks. 

  • Kdean Reed

    Tia, I think your little man is just darling, in fact, he reminds of the baby pictures of Barack Obama. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but sometime peoples envy is verbalized.

  • Nikki

    No such thing as an ugly baby.

    • Me

      Well, that’s not true; you just NEVER say it out loud.

    • ConFUNKshun

      The HELL it is!

  • Purplejade210

    Some people are just mean, evil and unhappy….that baby is adorable.

  • Amyyc5

    The fact that someone would belittle a BABY CHILD is ignorant and ridiculous. He is a handsome baby!! No one should stoop down to the level that they did and try to justify what they said makes absolutely no sense. Some people are EXTREMELY insecure with themselves and unhappy with their lives that they try to critize people who are happy and ‘weaker’ in their eyes.  There will always be some person who is envious of  you and everything you have. Regardless of what all of those people say be happy and enjoy your life with your wonderfully handsome baby!

  • The first time I saw Tia’s baby I thought, “how precious and pretty” can’t wait to see her sister’s child someday. I called for other family members to come see the little baby. We were all oohing and awing over this precious child. Not a bad word in the bunch. Not even close. Tia your baby is beautiful. He reminds me of our president. Nothing ugly about that. You are truly blessed!

  • Shavonte_ross

    Those comments are nasty and I agree with Tia if you don’t have anything nice to say…why say it at all! I’m beyond hurt by your comments and its not even my child… I hope you all feel good about such cruel comments to God’s creation!

  • Marshacarnegie

    I don’t know why you would follow up ignorance. The best response would have been to ignore it and continue to love your beautiful child. The only ugliness in this are the ones who made the negative comments. You and your child are beautiful. There is no need to defend that.

  • Akiratj1021

    All those nasty thing I am hearing about adorable Cree Cree is making me mad cause hIs adorable. I love his cute smile. Every time I look at Tia & Tamera and I see Cree smile it warms my heart. Even though I don’t know u really Cree in love you precious

  • Shayla

    It’s not that the baby is ugly. It just has a hideous nose like his dads. And Tia has one of if not the best nose in the business. Other than the nose, it’s a cute baby. This is why I don’t date men with HUGE noses because I don’t want to pass that to my kid. I look for a good heart yes but if he has a hideous nose I don’t date.

    • Dixon Teairra

      And ur nose is probably huge, go sit down girl and hope and pray that ur child is healthy, at least. Smh. Ignorant.

    • ConFUNKshun

      Thank you for standing by your convictions and keeping it real.  She shouldn’t care what people say about her child.  Grow up, Tia and move on.

  • Nakeyya Jones

    Well I think baby Cree is absolutely adorable and anybody calling him ugly is just ignorant and miserable… grow up people words can hurt and don’t be mad cause this little boy has more than any of you will ever have.. disgusting people in this world





  • shirley

    Tia dont let  the Haters disturb you. These people are mean spirited people who dont have love and compassion in their heart. Trust me, this is not about Cree. These are people who are jealous and hate you. So the best way to hurt you is to say ugly things about your baby.  God dont like ugly, God will deal with them. I pray God will give this precious child a blessing for each negative comment. God bless you and your family.

  • Roslin

    Saw you and Tamera baby picture, he looks just like hjs mommie

  • Xxmzexotikaxx

    Tia that is so motherly like to respond to ignorant bs about your child. Tia son isn’t ugly at all. She should have never responded because she is wasting her breath, ppl are going to continue to be the ignorant, miserable fucks they are. As long as no1 touches her child inappropriately, why respond to negativity? *shrugs* Understandable she may be hurt, but hell just brush it off and continue loving your son.

  • SEXYNINA1850

    Wherefore laying aside all malice, and guile, and hypocrisies, and evies, and all evil speakings, 2. as newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby: 3 if so be ye have tasted that the LORD is gracious. 4. To whom coming, as unto a living stone, disallowed in deed of men, but chosen of GOD, and precious. That’s GOD gift to u my sister no matter wat people say thats your gift GOD bless u wit!!! A BEATIFUL BABY HE IS.. A PRECIOUS BLESSING FROM GOD!!!!!!

  • R M

    a happy healthy baby is all we need to know…. we dont want to be bombarded with photos of new babies with ‘cool’ names from the so-called famous. i mean, who cares. we have our own babies, and prefer to keep them safe, by not posting their faces for any tom, dick, or harry to snag off the screen, and sell the image to the highest bidder. i dont enjoy sounding harsh, but there IS a reality out there that famous people just dont seem to care about. KEEP UR BABIES SAFE. stop showing us their faces. It’s as if there is some ‘need’ to top each other in hollywood, entertainment biz. 

  • Shaniqua hamp

    I think ur baby is beyond beauty he some unique devine n a life’s blessing that god gave to you dnt let these fool that have nothing better to do but sit around lay on couches like bumbs watchin u on tv doin something wit ur self judging baby’s I bet half the people that stated it dnt have a job n still living at home wit they mamma and if not some relative lil gurls out here having kids’s startin at 12,13 n up having kid’s that can’t provide for them n they familys can’t do a damn thing to help but worrying how someone else baby look makes me sick………..O.a.N……. Tia u have a beautiful family be happy and enjoy that

  • Loreal

    Cree is beautiful, haters are going to hate Tia.

  • Cayla_bayla91011

    all babies look like potatoes until about a year old. yes, even me. but from the pics ive seen, Tia’s baby is adorable

  • Cocoa3004

    FYI he is adorable,n i have son he is my only child all i c is beauty wen i look at he regardless to wat anyone say, he is mine God lent him to me for a tyme n season and i will protect him at all cost. Luv ur baby boy continue being the wonderful mom thats all yhat matters

  • Shaunfortenberry

    the lord blessed her n her husband to a beautiful ANGEL………HE IS HANDSOME N ADORABLE…….HOW CAN YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND CALL A CHILD UGLY…….???DISRESPECTFUL!!!!

  • Me, Myself & I

    I wouldn’t have entertained such rude comments of calling a baby ugly, you know that your child is beautiful & you don’t need anyone’s else’s approval!

  • he is a cutie! and shame on them for saying that, they must be ugly thats why they want to put a poor innocent baby down! come on people grow the helllllllll up!

  • Tia your child is so cute !!!!! all yall who posted negativity why you aint got no picture of you on your posts???? hm???? what ya scared of some one going to call your picture ugly???? lets see come on!!!! show yourselves  so me and Tia can laugh!!!!!

  • Michelle Nicole

    He is an adorable child Tia…he is an angel. Let haters hate, coz thats the only thing they are good at.

  • Sylvialopez49

    Tia, I was looking at some of the comments regarding your son Cree, and I am disgusted and angry at the same time. Your son is an adorable child and is a gift from God and no matter what horrible some people can be, remember that they are nobody’s and their opinions don’t count. I received a message on my fb that stated that people say things as a reflection of themselves, so I guess the people that made those comments are not only ugly at heart, they are ugly period…. I, for one think he’s gorgeous, just like his parents….

  • lynn

    Wow I can’t believe can say harsh mean things about this very cute boy.._God does not make ugly babies, all babies are beautiful.

  • Brittany040013

    Tia baby is very very handsome little boy I watch the show all the time he is so freakn adorable with one of the greatest smiles every I wish I could meet cree in person I even have cree in my baby middle name I love the name so much cree baby your a handsome young baby boy -brit

  • Teressa Lynn Taylor

    A MOTHER’S LOVE…..Tia the world we live in now is mean, hateful,cruel and full of Sin. CREE is a Beauitful Baby, has a DIVA for a mom and a equally handsome father. Your family has been blessed by God with a healthy son, handsome as a doll and a beautiful spirit. Who cares what the sinners of this world say about GOD’s Children. You shouldn’t  cause in my world (as a Christian) I DON’T!!!!!  


    I love your show,your show is the only really show they have on tv!!Your son is a handsome boy:)

  • It’s their opinion but I think he’s cute & personally, I think the twin’s babies look like their Uncle Taj. Ignore folks. & as far as the big head comments go, babies heads are slightly bigger when they’re young…ALL BABIES. That child is beautiful. Just know that some folks have that “crabs in the bucket” mentality. Peace & blessings. & enjoy your BEAUTIFUL gift that God has blessed your family with.

  • Rue

    Cree Cree looks like his daddy….and his dad is good-looking!
    Tia and Tamera need to stop reading what people say…there will always be idiots in this world who just say things because they are bored with their own lives.

  • Imphyllissmith

    I think he a handsome young man. I know he brings the both of you nothing but happiness he is blessing from our Father. So love on your handsome little man he loves u no matter what

  • nicole 5

    I think your son is cute.why dont they show the children they have and watch how ugly half of the people kids are that say your son is ugly.or half the dads are not in the picture. They wish that the child they have could be loved like yours dont pay them no mind

  • Subrena

    I think he is a very adorable little man. Come on he is just a baby, if i were you i would not allow them to make me say things i would regret. Please dont let them taint the beautiful person you are and become as ugly as they are. What matter most, he is your baby and you love him with all of your heart. To hell with whatever anyone has to say.  I would not waste time and energy replying to what they think. You are greater and bigger than them. Blessing goes out to you and your prince always and forever.

  • smfh !

  • sharon

    He is a beautiful baby don’t worry about what other people may, think he is your son to Love and cherish, he will bring you much joy.

  • Jaderria

    that baby is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Child of God

    I am sure those ratchet fools are the ones tore up from the floor up He is Gorgeous Tia dont pay those ghetto food stamp heffers bother you

  • Mommadukes

    ?? He’s adorable !

  • sweet_potato

    In general, people are awful. It’s a pretty sad reality.

  • Cherryboo

    f*** y’all hater..Tia don’t worry bout it, the baby are cute and sweet it doesn’t matter how it look we all different.. f*** you all who say baby is ugly well your so ugly f****** mongrel ratchet bitch i will f*** you up if you say. god create a beautiful human..we all f****** beautiful and you cannot judges stfu hater you are so badmind..kmt.

  • Tia I cant understand why you are worried about what these hoes are saying about your beautiful baby…..who pay your bills mama, who takes care of your family you…so don’t stress over what low life’s say….come on…take it from me I been there done this…. good-luck. girl,,,RAISE YOUR SON….

  • when you put yourself out there, you open yourself up to all types of ridicule.. whether it’s right or wrong…IJS Besides, why does it matter what anyone thinks of your child, that’s your baby, and as long as you think he/she’s cute, that’s really all that matters at the end of the day… whose validation are you seeking??

    • Well said!

    • czarinaboa

      It’s not about validation. She is a mother. You would be upset if someone talked about your child. Regardless to her being famous or not. That’s the problem with this world.. Morals and common sense is no longer a key factor. And no one is saying you do not have the right to express your opinion. Just be tasteful.

  • People must be insane, this baby is absolutely Adorable.

  • lol he is ugly

  • He is a very handsome boy! Keep your head up!. Who ever is saying this then they have some ugly ass babies and I think they just jealous because they not cute. They are very inconsiderate of people feelings, they need a lesson learn.

  • He’s adorable. I can’t believe grown adults would insult someones child via a blog. Get a life. SMH

  • g

    Big head and lips. Looks like there is no brain activity.

    • Toneya

      You jerk why talk about a child ? Do you have a child your ashmed of is that why your dogging someone elses I hope you have a mirror you ugly personality having bully

  • I can”t belive what iam reading, Tia we watched and adored, you and ur sister, sometimes, ur brother growing up on T.V. Its a blessing for us to now see your child or children. Iam so Honnedered, to be a fan. To all the “haters, shut the hell up, sit down and get a life. If it were your child , you would feel the same. Be concerned, if he is happy, or healthy. Not if he is cute or not so cute. He is a happy, healthy, beautiful little boy. “GET UR LIFE.

  • Sonia Captain

    He is healthy which is really all that matters; hell I sure remember that my baby picture wasn’t the cutest of all cutest!!!

  • sami

    cree cree, is cute, why can’t all those saying he’s is ugly bring out their own? It really bothers me why people (NASTY PEOPLE) don’t, for once mind about their stimking business than mind about others’……GOSH what has this world come to?

  • Alexis Anderson

    that’s messed up beyond words. Cree is a gorgeous baby. and for anyone to call a BABY names is beyond disgusting. he can not speak for himself so for ANY adults to speak bad about a child, your a disgrace

  • Mariposa

    Being ignorant is a choice and there are MANY people in this world today that choose to be, sad however. Common sense is going to soon be needed on class schedules. People hurt others because they are hurting and people tend to find in others what they are in denial with about themselves. God Bless Tia and her family and God Bless this handsome baby boy!

  • Marie69

    He is older now, and by mass standards cute now! I know any mom would feel upset for anybody to speak so ill of their baby. Sometimes a person’s personality accounts for their looks, look at Lil Wayne – not the cutest. But, who even pays attention b/c he doesn’t let it be who he is.

  • Toneya

    If your belittling a child you should be ashmed of your self.

  • Renee A M Reives

    It’s sad that people hide behind computer screens to say bad things about others. Especially a child that can’t defend himself. The same goes for those talking about Blue Ivy. They are babies. They do not need to meet societies preconceived notions of beauty when they have just begun to walk and talk. Just goes to show how ugly a society we live in. Attacking children. SMH

  • Marjorie Hardaway

    tia don’t let what people say about your son bother you un-happy people will do their best to make you un-happy because they are not happy they do everything they can to make other people un-happy too because misery loves company I think your son is a beautiful liitle boy who smile lights up when he takes pictures with his mother

  • Tasha Williams

    This is truly, truly sad adults acting so childish. Tia continue being that wonderful mom that you are, you and your husband appear to be great parents.

  • Deacon Womack

    Tia, “when you hear nothing, say nothing.”

  • Kathy Hines-Weaver

    What is wrong with this persons??? You son is very handsome. Don’t listen to the hater’s of this world. Jealousy will get them no were. Take heart. I’m glad he is to young to know how ignorant and disrespectful this would can be. You are truly blessed.

  • Vanessa Colunga

    they got nothing better to do with there life’s then to hate on a baby really that’s just stupid and wrong these people are really the scum of the earth

  • Scott

    I’ve seen some ugly babies and this is NOT one of them. These people have nothing better to do than badmouth someone else’s baby, trying to make themselves about themselves.

  • Marge

    Love you muchooo Tia and your beautiful baby Always remember
    Ecclesiastes10;12The words of a wise man’s mouth win him favor, but the lips of a fool consume him. Amen !!!!!

  • Michelle Clarke

    How can people be so evil! This is an innocent, sweet and very cute little baby.

    • Me


  • Kentrella

    that’s very rude shes one of the very cutest babies I ever seen

    • NK


  • I’m just saying

    Tia it’s just the devil try to steal your joy girl, don’t let him do it. You have a beautiful family and I pray the good Lord bless you with many more children. Maybe even twins :) God bless. Your biggest fan Tamela Tate Moses

  • nk

    Lol everyone has said once in their lifetime that a baby was ugly, even Tia. Everyone has an opinion as to whether or not the baby is ugly. That’s life, and she is a millionaire, don’t feel bad I’m sure she’s crying in her huge mansion and took a ride in her Mercedes to hit Rodeo Drive and buy expensive jewelry. Please Tia, people are saying worse than “that baby is ugly.” Let people have their opinion no matter how ignorant it might be, and keep it pushing. Id rather get mad over starving children then someone saying my baby is ugly.

  • Karma4u

    i have seen some ugly babies this Cree is not one of them. Haters are going to hate. F*** them! Enjoy your beautiful life and your beautiful family!

  • Coke Ray

    He is a beautiful baby. I’d would enjoy seeing the baby photos of all the people who called this baby ugly. What goes around comes around, people.

  • LaSheila Boyd

    No matter wht people say about ur child long as u know tht u had a beautiful n handsom son

  • Berlynn Sparks

    the person that made the comment tia broke the dam mirror in their bathroom last night now they taken it out on your child oh well I think their a little unhappy with their own looks’ thats’ why their picking on a baby lol well it’s true.

  • Pamela

    who cares about the negativity that people try to put out there!!!!!! You have a beautiful, healthy, handsome and happy baby boy. Please do not waste anymore time or energy on the negative comments.Spend your spare time loving and caring for baby Cree( I love his smile). I love the show, keep up the great fashion.
    Mommies with SWAG :)

  • Lisa314

    He’s absolutely beautiful!!! Adults who target children are complete asshats. IGNORE them! It’s called jealousy.

  • Yolanda Hawkins Shelton

    He’s a beautiful little boy. Some people are just stupid they get pleasure out of saying hurtful things to others.

  • daphne

    I’m not going to deny there are some unattractive children out there. I can also say that it is immature, disrespectful, and down right cruel to tell someone there child is ugly. Grow up and stop being assholes. At the end of the day your still pathetic for being mean to a lil person who can’t speak up for himself. Tia you handled the situation with grace because if someone had talked about my baby we’re taking it to the streets.

  • ksimeon81 .

    He’s beautiful. people are just evil and full of hate.

  • Freda Hart

    that is a handsome little boy he is very beautiful

  • Freda Hart

    That baby is handsome he is a beautiful baby!!

  • pattym

    he’s beautiful….people who hate on the innocent are dealing with demons of there own and I wouldn’t trust them with a child a animal or the elderly they prey on the innocent and defenseless.

  • Ms.E

    He baby cute, he get older and look like this picture no he won’t..then again his daddy got a big ass head sooo yeah.

  • Anne Cairns

    To those who commented that its a ugly baby, you are disgusting. He is beautiful, Tia, dont listen to the negative comments, your baby is BEAUTIFUL xx <3

  • Cindy Burns

    I have a twist on an old adage. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder; ugly is in the heart of the – well – ugly. Ugly is as ugly does. I love those chunky monkey cheeks. Don’t you just love babies??? :)

  • Elle Kirsch

    her baby is a great match for Beyonce’s baby girl.

  • Tonya Sheets

    I think he is just a doll… Two great looking parents , one adorable baby boy….Bullies, insecure… very ugly people in this world

  • Ronnie

    Cuteness! What do you care you and I think he’s beautiful! Bring him to me so I can spoil him. I don’t have any grans yet he’ll be rotten!

  • Faye

    Tia your son is beautiful you should not even care what people have it say because you and I both know it is a blessing to be able to give birth some people wish they could have such a blessing!

  • Jai Taormino

    He’s a little cutie Tia, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

  • Rev-Ariel Asriel

    Mommy loves him…that’s what matters.

  • Chas

    Grrr… Cree is such a precious baby, and Tia and Corey’s gift from GOD. It baffles me that adults can be so cruel towards a child… Shame on them!!!

  • suggz

    wow! it’s a baby people!!!! a Baby!!!!! and if he doesn’t look like a picture perfect so what, when he grows up honey watch out! he is going to be FABULOUS!I have seen the cutest babies grow up and be eeeeeehhhh, and what was thought to be an ugly baby become a traffic stopper. but it is not about his looks , it is about he is alive healthy, happy, has a good home, and mommy and daddy loves him beyond words. and Tia i know it hurt but girl you should know better than to feed in to the ignorance. you are a public figure and while there are those who will be fans there are others who are wrecking balls of life. stand tall and stand strong. The only person Cree needs to be beautiful for is you and you hubby. tell everybody else to kick rocks! hugz from Suggz

  • mommyof3loves

    Ur son is cute in my eyes… For those of u calling a baby ugly grow the hell up plz.. Sad tht society focuses on looks smh… That’s y we well y’all are so messed up now what tv tells us is cute or handsome that’s what we base beauty on … Beauty is inside the eye of the beholder …. Sometimes its best to keep ur opinion to yourself… What’s the saying our parents used to say to us IF You DONT HAVE NOTHING NICE TO SAY DONT SAY NOTHINGAT ALL!!! TIA FORGET THEM YOUR SON IS VERY HANDSOME

  • Tamara

    Oh my goodness, I think Cree is absolutely adorable!! I don’t understand how some people can be so hateful.

  • Deborah Gatewood

    I think he is cute…I would love to see baby pics. of the haters or pics of their children……I think he is a doll..

  • melate

    They do it because they don’t have to face anyone. The internet gives out courage juice all day every day.

  • Cheryl Reid

    He is a little doll! You are blessed to have a child and you should not pay any attention to people that enjoy being cruel and thoughtless. Enjoy your sweet baby!!

  • nina

    Well I wouldn’t have been so harsh but he is not exactly good looking. He is just a baby and in time hopefully his looks will change.

  • Kimber

    Cree is an absolutely beautiful boy! Move on from this dumb topic. Haters hate-that is their function. Who could even think up such blasphemy and dare write it? A HATER!!! WOW. This hater is someone who is jealous of the success of two gorgeous sisters with gorgeous offspring(not to mention gorgeous lives! The haters’ world is dark and ugly-leave them to their personal hell and stay living in the light-with that precious pumpkin-Cree-pure angelic beauty!!! XO

  • Ang S

    He’s an adorable baby. Some people are just rude a#@holes

  • Ashleigh Nikah Rose

    for those who called her baby ugly, just remember karma doesn’t stay too far behide & let’s hope god blesses you with cute kids but if he doesn’t, you looked for it.

  • rsmcca

    Shame, shame, shame on all of you. God made us all in his liking we had no say in our looks, color, or our gender. And a baby is totally innocent, how dare you.

  • Jenna Ice

    Adorable baby. I am so saddened and DISGUSTED by the people that have the audacity to call a baby ugly. How dare you! You should feel ashamed. What type of sick person calls a baby ugly I mean really you have to be pretty f*cked up.

  • Shelly

    he has a hot dog head n ghost eyes

  • Shelly

    t Dixon u are ugly button head

  • Mona

    The only ugly thing about this are the pathetic, vile POS that can say such cruel things about a beautiful baby. Wow.

  • happysarcasm

    I can not stand the Mowry sisters. I think theyre fake and have showed their unprofessionalism more than once. (Why their careers are over.)
    BUT, calling Tias baby ugly on her personal Twitter page is so evil. Their excuse for their actions are “People have the right to express their feelings if they want to.” You’re allowed to call a defenseless baby ugly because its your right to do so? These pigs sound like babies themselves. At least wait til the child grows up and starts acting like a jerk before you talk about him! People used to call Will Smith’s daughter ugly when she was younger, and now that she and her brother act like spoiled little punk teens, calling her names is justifiable.
    If A-list celebs can suck it up and get over their hate mail, then a D-list celeb like Tia Mowry should be able to do the same!
    You stay strong, sister sister!

  • Shemara Daye

    Ignore people that are ignorant. That is the only thing they know because that is where they came from. The baby is adorable and the less you pay attention to these lowlifes the better you will be.

  • Cheryl V Benefield

    Dismiss these comments, they mean nothing.

  • Lynnette Marquez

    People are idiots. Parents always see their babies as beautiful. My daughter was the most gorgeous thing I’d ever seen but looking back on the pics, she had a big ass head. She grew into it, Tia’s baby will too. It’s a baby, ffs, leave her alone.

  • laura perez

    sick bastards- go look in the mirror at your ugly hearts- sweet baby pay no mind to stupid ass people with no manners or common sense.

  • Mia

    To me she behaves completely as a normal person with feelings. So we went to see my in-laws for Thanksgiving. I announce the gender of the baby. My mother-in-law jokes she’s eaten so much that she feels like “you look”. The more I think about it the angrier it makes me. My husband joined in and joked that they’ll have to roll me out to the car. I laughed along but it is bothering me. I got pregnant with help of IVF procedure in Biotexcom clinic. Thus, honestly I do my best to feed this baby with all organic and needed food. But they’re pretty weight obsessed- always making remarks about people’s size. We went on a family trip with them and she commented on a pregnant woman at the beach (before I got pregnant) how disgusting she thought it was that pregnant women let themselves “hang out”. The woman was in a navy one piece bathing suit with ruffles at the sides. I’m showing in the belly and a little bigger but still in keeping with how big I should be- if a little larger- and I’m really unhappy about having to put on weight- I was an overweight kid who was belittled for my size and pretty damaged by it. It doesn’t help that I’m short so everything shows.

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