Tia Mowry Sues Over Sponsored Tweet Deal Gone Wrong

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via TMZ:
Thanks to “Sister Sister” star Tia Mowry we now know why some celebs can’t stop Tweeting — because they can make a bloody fortune doing it … but Mowry claims she got bamboozled out of her earnings by a double-dealing agent.
Tia filed a lawsuit — obtained by TMZ — which shows she made deals to send sponsored Tweets for certain companies … deals that were supposed to have paid her more than $108,000!!

But according to the suit … the agent she hired to handle her Twitter deals soaked her for far more than the 10% commission to which he was entitled — and instead took more than HALF of the Tweet deal cash.

Mowry says she’s been cheated out of nearly $60K. She’s suing for that, plus another $120K in punitive damages.

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