Uber Driver Arrested For Not Displaying Airport Decal

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Driving for Lyft and Uber is tricky business. From crazy drunk, dirty and cheap passengers. Drivers now as if they didn’t already have to, fear the police while waiting for passengers.

Yesterday a driver, Stanley Simmons while waiting for passengers in the rideshare parking lot at Atlanta Hartsfield International airport and was arrested for not displaying his hang tag.

According to eyewitnesses his Uber hang tag was displayed corrected. The hangtag was supposed to be stuck to his window – which is an infraction.

According to Wanda Smith who recorded the video: “They asked for his license he gave it to them. When they asked him to get out of the car.. he was on the phone with his kids and apparently didn’t move fast enough. no matter what.. there was no need for this type excessive violent force from APD. It could have been you or me.”

Driver Marcus Bruce states: “Atlanta Police periodically drive through the lot to check for Trade Dress – Uber or Lyft decals which are placed in a driver’s window – and Airport Hang Tag – a lanyard to be placed on the rear view mirror, mandatory for airport pickups. This driver, Stanley Simmons, has his Airport Hang Tag on his rear view mirror, and his Uber Trade Dress on his dash, to be seen through his windshield, as opposed to actually sticking to his windshield – apparently an infraction.”

A witness state that Mr Simmons did not have his decal in the windshield originally. When Atlanta police were called, he placed the decal on the windshield, but they still wanted his license. He gave them his drivers license to Police Officer Crossen, who then asked him to exit the vehicle. Mr Simmons asked them to give him a moment because he was on the phone with his children. The officers forced him from the vehicle and arrested him.

At the end of the the video, Officer Crossen shoves Mr. Simmons into his vehicle. Officer Crossen then turns to those who are taking videos and spells his name.

A photograph of Mr Simmons car with the Uber sticker which is now visible.

A photograph of Mr Simmons car with the Uber sticker which is now visible.

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