Vicki Gunvalson Confronts Gretchen Rossi Over Slade Smiley’s “Miss Piggy” Jab

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As many of you heard Slade’s “comedic” rant as the housewife hunter. You all knew Vicki would take out her anger on Gretchen. Although Slade was wrong and immature, Gretchen has no control over what a grown man says or does.

What do you think?

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  • I’m not fan of Slade’s … but I’ve been saying how @VickiGunvalson looks like Miss Piggy!

    • Sydney

      You are really rude!  I bet your fat and ugly and just like to make fun of others to make yourself feel better.  Didn’t your mama teach you any manners or respect??  You are the pig!!!

  • Catch11tn

    He showed Gretchen what he was planning to do.  If Gretchen doesn’t address slimey’s behavior I will lose all respect for her, he’ll do the exact same thing to her when (and I didn’t say if) it doesn’t work out.

  • tell that queen to shut the f*** up!!!!

  • Breezy

    after all these seasons where Vicki and Tamra was rude and disrespectful to Slade and now they can’t take the heat? girl bye sit down and get your house in order than be worried ab a comment. ugh so childish

  • Tew4378

    First of all I am shocked at how Gretchen, who was once a strong person, has become this weak kiss butt person. Like someone stated, Vicki and Tamra have done nothing in the past couple of years but slander Gretchen and Slade publicly, but like all bullies they can’t take when it done back them. Being called “miss piggy” is nothing in comparison to being called a “whore and a golddigger”. Gretchen is starting to look very pathetic. I don’t know what happened to the old Gretchen but she needs to wake up. This meak, weak Gretchen i can’t stand.