Waitress’s Horror After Racist Customer Left Check With ‘None N*****’ Written In Tip Section

A server at Red Lobster, Toni Christina Jenkins, 19, was in the middle of her shift when she began to serve a couple in Nashville, Tennessee. After they left, she picked up the receipt and in the tip section it read, ‘none ni***r. She posted the receipt on her facebook page.

“This is what I got as a tip last night, so happy to live in the proud southern states.. God Bless America, land of the free and home of the low class racists of Tennessee.”

Speaking exclusively to Mail Online, Miss Jenkins said that she would never hold a grudge or fake a receipt simply for not receiving a tip. ‘I don’t get tips all the time. I really don’t care cause God is my provider I don’t worry about tips.’

Miss Jenkins described the few minutes on Saturday afternoon as she served the couple who left the racist receipt as particularly strange.

‘They were extremely rude, but I introduced myself to them and they didn’t respond. When I came to take their order they simply told me they wanted their food and to put everything in a to-go box. I offered them dessert but they told me abruptly that they just wanted the check.’

‘When I went back to the table they had gone and left the receipt and had written the comments.’

The couple were said to be a man and woman in their 20s. Miss Jenkins said after picking up the receipt, she showed it to her manager who reassured her that she had done nothing wrong and that she did not deserve such abuse. Speaking of her decision to post the receipt online, Miss Jenkins said she had been surprised by the reaction.

‘It’s all very surprising to me. When I posted it I thought it might get a few ‘likes’ from friends and family. People praying for me, that kind of thing. I didn’t think it would escalate this quickly. I am just a 19-year-old nursing student.’

Red Lobster has currently suspended Toni, she was working 2½ days a week, with full pay, where they will decide what to do next. Some however have doubted the validity of the receipt.

One doubter commented: ‘As a black man, I simply don’t believe this is real. The word ‘none’ has totally different handwriting from the word ‘Ni**er.’ There’s lots of stories lately of people making false accusations of racism or discrimination for attention. I think you should just admit you did this yourself because you were mad he didn’t tip you… This poor man is innocent and I think you are racist against white people.’

She has responded a few hours ago to the naysayers:
I’m not reading anymore post or answering anyone else direct messages..I’m now getting harassed about the validity of the receipt. If u know me u know how to reach me.

My first thought was she could probably get into trouble posting the receipt. If the couple did write that on the receipt they’re just ignorant. Why would the young lady lie about something like this, stories like this always go viral. What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

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Source: Daily Mail

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