Waitress’s Horror After Racist Customer Left Check With ‘None N*****’ Written In Tip Section

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A server at Red Lobster, Toni Christina Jenkins, 19, was in the middle of her shift when she began to serve a couple in Nashville, Tennessee. After they left, she picked up the receipt and in the tip section it read, ‘none ni***r. She posted the receipt on her facebook page.

“This is what I got as a tip last night, so happy to live in the proud southern states.. God Bless America, land of the free and home of the low class racists of Tennessee.”

Speaking exclusively to Mail Online, Miss Jenkins said that she would never hold a grudge or fake a receipt simply for not receiving a tip. ‘I don’t get tips all the time. I really don’t care cause God is my provider I don’t worry about tips.’

Miss Jenkins described the few minutes on Saturday afternoon as she served the couple who left the racist receipt as particularly strange.

‘They were extremely rude, but I introduced myself to them and they didn’t respond. When I came to take their order they simply told me they wanted their food and to put everything in a to-go box. I offered them dessert but they told me abruptly that they just wanted the check.’

‘When I went back to the table they had gone and left the receipt and had written the comments.’

The couple were said to be a man and woman in their 20s. Miss Jenkins said after picking up the receipt, she showed it to her manager who reassured her that she had done nothing wrong and that she did not deserve such abuse. Speaking of her decision to post the receipt online, Miss Jenkins said she had been surprised by the reaction.

‘It’s all very surprising to me. When I posted it I thought it might get a few ‘likes’ from friends and family. People praying for me, that kind of thing. I didn’t think it would escalate this quickly. I am just a 19-year-old nursing student.’

Red Lobster has currently suspended Toni, she was working 2½ days a week, with full pay, where they will decide what to do next. Some however have doubted the validity of the receipt.

One doubter commented: ‘As a black man, I simply don’t believe this is real. The word ‘none’ has totally different handwriting from the word ‘Ni**er.’ There’s lots of stories lately of people making false accusations of racism or discrimination for attention. I think you should just admit you did this yourself because you were mad he didn’t tip you… This poor man is innocent and I think you are racist against white people.’

She has responded a few hours ago to the naysayers:
I’m not reading anymore post or answering anyone else direct messages..I’m now getting harassed about the validity of the receipt. If u know me u know how to reach me.

My first thought was she could probably get into trouble posting the receipt. If the couple did write that on the receipt they’re just ignorant. Why would the young lady lie about something like this, stories like this always go viral. What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

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Source: Daily Mail USA, LLC
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  • Victoria, RN

    I believe her. I think it’s a positive thing that she posted it. However, she should have somehow blocked the personal information. Unfortunately, that’s grounds for termination. But God is amazing & He will make a way. After all, she’s in nursing school and she will have a career at a very young age. God don’t like ugly, maybe one day that same person will need her to save his life. #abolishracist #yesforpeace

  • moca

    It’s real, racist ppl everywhere. A decent person would of just wrote zero instead of none. … so we all know the racist, bitter, bitch racist wrote “none nigger” I hate racist ppl! They will fry in hell

  • unknown

    My comment to the black non believer is that ok there were two people u say two different signatures well just maybe there’s ur first answer then y get into a job where u know u might not get tips sometimes to get mad a this customer really grow up and find time to realize there is racism all over whether black or white but to lie to be suspended ummm NO

  • This Devin Barnes racist shoulda known his name was on the receipt

    • Ghost

      That’s why she was suspended.

      • Doubt that was really why, they luv 2 blame the victim

  • lovelyme

    sad well maybe one of the wrote none and the other person wrote the Nword

    • Shelly19422004

      I was thinking the exact same thing!

  • Dwight

    The so called black man… an idiot or a white man pretending to be a black man in order raise doubt in our own community regarding this story.

    • howyadurrin

      i believe her but him being black doesn’t mean he should automatically believe her.

      • Ghost

        Thank you!!! And because I am white, I shouldn’t automatically assume that she is lying. Thank you!!!!

  • Mixed Chick

    If the couple did write this, and don’t want Black people serving them they should move back to where they came from – Europe, Or ask for a white server (I don’t agree with their sentiments). The stupidity of people doesn’t surprise me anymore. This is the age of social media, where your stupid arse will be put on blast. Really? “None N*****”. Is that the best you can do? Name calling is for children. Black people have been here since the beginning of time, they aren’t going anywhere, you foolish morons. They are the N word for being so stupid. I’m tired of the mentally incapacitated among us.

    • Char

      Plz We don’t act like that in Europe. and you know what that remark says about you now right? Let me ask my black husband of 39 years how he feels about Europe versus the USA what these things are concerned. Hmm he rather lives in Europe and that after serving this country for 20 years in the Army!

      • Mixed Chick

        You’ve missed the point entirely. I am European. My comment did not state that Europeans act like this couple, far from the contrary. The couple obviously have a problem with Black people, so if Blacks are that offensive move somewhere where they come into no contact with Black people. They are ignorant people. Please read my comment again.

  • Bea Houseoffashion

    and she got suspended for this? This poor girl

    • ItsJustMe

      If she did get suspended its probably more because the guys name is on the receipt making it easy for people to Google him.

      • laura

        its a breach of the data protection act

  • Jamar Schofield

    Me personally, I believe the girl isn’t lying. We do have rude ignorant racist white people out here that will say or do anything to hurt black people psychologically or physically. Us black people better stand up and unite as one cause once we do we’re unstoppable.

  • Tyneshia

    Prayer, it’s needed first, secondly if we can’t stand together as a human race, not just black and white then what do we have left? Just sad….. Racism still exist unfortunately and for the restaurants reaction well it’s understandable to an extent…because she did put them on blast as well without knowing the damage she was committing… Just sad..

  • hope she get’s a big nursing job for this bs , and she did right let that racism be known

  • Matthew Parker

    No one ever believes that racism is alive and well until it happens to them, then they expect for someone to believe them. Smh. I am sorry that this young girl had to be subjected to this but she need not worry. There is a special place in hell for people like them.

  • Rinny

    The “Black man” that questioned the validity of the receipt is an idiot, because if the waitress had written none N….. herself wouldn’t the handwriting be the same? Dumb dumb! I question the validity of the guys race for such a stupid comment!

    • princesspr

      Thank you….you said it before I could post it. Who knew this “Black” man was a handwriting expert!

      • tee194

        shut up bitch

      • tee194

        typical bitch

    • tee194

      the ink is not even the same and the handwriting IS different. Like she said, she didnt think this was going to go any further than her friends and fam. She did this. IMO

      • jay

        two people were sitting at the table boo, are did you miss that point! (tee194)

        • Guest

          yes jay thats what im saying they wrote that shit and thought it was funny for now…….

        • Guest

          when I said she…i meaning the bitch at the table…Nothing was missed BOOBOO

          • jay

            Okay calm it down

        • tee194

          No i didnt miss the memo BOOBOO.

      • lugnut

        Two people were sitting at the table, how about both of them participated equally in writing the words? And if it were her, and the name of the customer is on the receipt, don’t you think she would consider the fact they they could come back and expose her. Think think!

  • Jennifer G

    Unbelievable that a fellow black server would deny the validity. I worked at red lobster in college. Please press on Toni Christina. Better things are yet to come

  • William Hamilton

    All I can say is ignore the foolish uncle toms and the racist low life’s because through out your life your going to encounter many more situations like what you have experienced. Its rediculous that they suspended you but atleast your still getting paid. So, if that racist experience were to be considered as liquid . I want you to let it “roll off your back like water on a ducks ass” no matter how deep the water thst duck stays dry…

  • LaToya C Polk

    If you look closely, its 2 different blue inks.. if the customer wrote it then signed it, it would be the same ink.

  • fee fee

    So sad how people view this…i sad this happened to her…i live in south Georgia and racism is still here and experienced it to…so I know how ignorant some people are….hold your head up high you did nothing wrong continue to be your beautiful self…

  • Adrienne Ray

    it has nothing to do with if you believe it or not it is about the fact that someone wrote that on their and that Red Lobster put her on suspension for sharing. that tells me a lot about Red Lobster, now I have to find another seafood place to eat, I feel that they agree with what is written on the receipt. For Once black people need to come together and when a business do something that isn’t right we as a people need to take our business else where instead of continuing to give them our service when they do wrong to the victim at least back in the 50s’ and 60’s they fought and stood their ground together regardless if they agreed or not. that is what I call unity which is missing today

  • Tara Lipscomb

    I’m confused….why did SHE get suspended??

    • Ghost

      Because she shared the person’s signature, town, and the restaurant name. If I did that, working at a hospital, I would probably be brought up on charges.

      • Tara Lipscomb

        wow…you’d THINK her employer would stand by HER since she’s an employee of theirs that was insulted in a degrading way. It’d be different if she made it up but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I kinda feel like they’re blaming the victim. What a shame.

  • Shelly19422004

    One thing about working with the public is that there are ignorant, assinine people everywhere. A person will come into contact with several jackasses sooner or later!

  • Mari Sanchez

    I think it’s very sad she got fired over this. She should of covered the man signature however. At 19, this will leave a lasting effect on her . The couple has poor morals, tipping is something conscious people do because they realize people work hard for their money, not tipping is just tasteless, so they should be embarrassed for not tipping, shows who they really are.

  • Erica Boyd

    Idk. The handwriting do look different from the signature but hopefully this isn’t fake. Racism is no game. Is real and hurtful to still look at black people as nothing. As people that are beneath and who should have the same thing or work in the same field you work in. My prayers go out to everyone involved.

    • Mia

      My husband and I go out and I write the tip and signs if it is his card! Totally different handwritingg….Why is this so hard to believe??

    • Janis Holloway

      Have you ever met anyone that scribbles regular writing like they do their signatures??? Of course they look different. Most people’s signatures are totally undecipherable. But their regular writing whether it be cursive or print is very legible…. This doesn’t seem so far fetched to me at all…

  • Cc81

    Please don’t assume these people are from Tennessee… Hopefully, they were just passing thru to somewhere else! I live in this area and this is not common!!! Lets work to come together, not be divided…. Like the trend happening in our country right now!! Peace! And I’m not a liberal or progressive… I’m a Republican that believes in the people of our country, to live by example!

  • lasaundra23

    Why do we as black people always question if the racism someone else received is a lie. that is why we are moving backwards and not forward.

  • righteous

    She may have gotten suspended for posting the receipt especially as the company’s name is printed on the receipt big and bold for everyone to see but on the other hand there are just some customers that just come to make staff life miserable because they themselves are miserable.

  • Jessica Kingston

    okay so there was a man and a woman it could have been the man’s handwriting people need to think about this crap for real. Also, we all know that there are some men that can’t write so get with the program! Yeah she is making up this crap because she wants attention. Get real and also yes it is two different and writings but there were two people there. What if that is there printed and signature hand writing. I mean think out side the box.

  • Anthony Anderson

    To the Black BOY HOUSE NEGRO that is skeptical of the receipt…we CERTAINLY aren’t skeptical about you being a HOUSE NEGRO !

    • jdstarr


  • Anthony Anderson

    That’s just DUMB@ZZ REPUB / FLEABAGS doing what they do best….be DUMB@ZZ REPUB / FLEABAGS !

    • jdstarr

      Why? Just why?

    • You’re stupid

      You’re just as ignorant as the person who left the tip.

  • eweezy wood

    This happens every day in America!!! So why is this so hard to believe????

  • Tm

    Yes I’m a black female but I’m not on her side because of that. I believe she is telling the truth. Yes none and the n word is different writings but people fell to realize there was 2 people sitting at the table. If she wrote it herself the handwriting will be the same. Racism is still alive today. A white friend of mines received a racist slur from a black lady just 3 days ago. This is ridiculous and she has been suspended.

  • Ms. Bo

    I wonder if most people have forgotten, That there were two people at the table, One male one female. Both could have written on the receipt. Trust me no one wants to be abused this way and put things up there for fun… Having been called a Nigger in my lifetime, this is not something I would do for fun just to get attention, This is something that hurts, something that you always remember… When did sharing something that personal and getting abuse for later become the norm… At the comment written above from the quote “black male”you should be ashamed of yourself always give the benefit of the doubt you were not there you don’t know what the truth is the most she can do is pray for the young woman!! I know she’s not reading anymore post but got bless you and continue to strive for excellence you doing so well already at the age of 19!!

  • Andrew Rory Jackman

    Idiot!!! These sick people are going to eventually realise how much energy it takes to hate someone simply because their skin colour is different

  • blondey

    I don’t know why Red Lobster suspended her? I mean that was insulting. Has anything ever happened like this in the Red Lobster where she works or is this a first time? The hand writing is suspicious because it doesn’t resemble the hand writing on the check, and is questionable because if a person writes in cursive to sign their name, they would have written the comment in cursive instead of printing it and then signing. both would have been in cursive writing.

    • southerngurl

      I disagree with this because I sign my name in cursive but I write in print. And also if there were two people at the table the other person could have written the comment.

    • Janis Holloway

      I don’t know a single person that writes the same way they sign their name. That’s just ridiculous. I know LOTS of people that cursive their signature but print when writing….

  • Aimee

    I live in Nashville and have my entire life. This doesn’t surprise me and I hate it. I’m glad my mom raised us to not be racist cowards. This really makes me mad. I really do believe her. Me and a black guy friend used to go around town while we were hanging out and we would get the nastiest, most judgmental looks and stares because people thought we were dating. Before he moved to another state, the gas station attendant that we usually saw when we would stop by there found out we were just best friends and all the sudden started treating us human and talking to us really nice, when before she was short with us and would give us death stares. Racism is alive still, and if you don’t want to believe it then you need a serious reality check.

  • polo

    2 people at the table, that explains the different handwriting. It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure this out.

  • jdstarr

    What about covering the signature? Look closely it says Derr Furher (Hitler) smh…anyway, like most things, I guess we will never really know….

  • @b_angus1982

    The man that says the two words are written by different people probably isn’t a hand writing analyst. He sounds like a “Tom”. If she’s lying or telling the truth it still happens in America and its her freedom of speech to post whatever she likes as long as it doesn’t reveal personal information from customers. Red Lobster doesn’t even have a written management directive to address if she’s right or wrong, so leave her alone. Ban the racists from entering that location I say, but big business doesn’t care if you’re racist because they want to see that green being spent

  • MrsMcCoy

    There is no way to even know what the persons name is unless of course you’re ready person. The ink is clearly the same and it saddens me that some people can be so bitter. I say push on honey, you have a bright future ahead of you. And Red Lobster no longer has to worry about my family and I giving them any further business.

  • Emily

    They were two ppl at the table. Are you kidding me?? I dnt believe she fabricated that.

  • cheryle

    That’s just ridiculous to think she would make something like that up…so what the n’s don’t match, did you ever stop to think that maybe since there were two people they both had a hand in writing this… question to all the naysayers what exactly do you think she has to gain by this??????

  • Emily

    The fact the they suspend her is very telling… Red Lobster is not looking too good right now. I think I’ll take my business else where. After all I’m a proud negro.

  • Sherrie Bollard James

    well for one thing the women at the table probably wrote the none part and the man wrote the ni**er part i think it is sad you have a young lady trying to do the right thing and ignorant people do stupid things to try to pull them down sad……………

  • Just Wondering

    I’m confused, if she was serving a couple in Nashville, TN then why is the address of the Red Lobster at the top of the receipt Franklin, IN?

    • AJ

      I think it says Franklin, TN which is a suburb outside of nashville.

    • Former Nashville Resident

      That is actually Franklin, TN which is a suburb of Nashville.

    • j5252

      It says Franklin TN. Franklin is the county that Nashville.

    • Never Related To Any Uncle Tom

      You realize that says Franklin, TN, right…. o0

  • kay

    Just because is was 2 different hand writings so what it was 2 people the girlfriend could have wrote none and the boyfriend could have wrote n***** or vice verse.

    • Tyiahnna Brown

      Right that what I was thinking there are still ignorant people out there so something like this can still happen

  • G6

    It’s in Tennessee so of course the receipt is real. That state is full of racist red necks. And as far as Red Lobster suspending her is just ridiculous. I hope she sues them.

  • 8400sunshine .

    after eating at a red lobster (IN SPRINGFIELD, PA), i wouldn’t patronize them anyway. (food came out and went back 3 times for being overcooked) these are the sign of never changing times. im shocked that someone would think this girl would need to put that online, risking her job! it was done and im sure they dismissed her because it would damage their credibility, not hers. Keeping you in prayers and it may have been for the best!

  • benefitofthedoubt

    Has anyone ever considered the possibility that perhaps one of the patrons (being sarcastic) wrote “none” while the other chimed in the more insulting comment? I have seen this done before; one person attempting to be funny/rude, and then another “adding” more to “spice it up” a bit.

  • Brooke Hautement-Favorisee Ear

    as “a black man” you sound like an uncle tom lol….and not very smart at that

  • NuNu

    I lived in Antioch, a suburb of Nashville (Franklin is a suburb as well) for about 11 years and, umm, yes, I believe it did happen! I have been called a Yankee and a nigger to my face on many occasions while living there! She didn’t make that up, it’s everyday life down in them parts. And if they don’t say it, they will sure shoot you a look as if to say get from ’round here nigger! i received those as well. Sad but true.

    • Felicia Faye Lubin

      Omg I’m soooo sorry you went through that. I’m in Colorado and moved from Florida and was a called a n**** all I say to them “and yo mama made me” sometimes I know its not cool to stand toe to toe, but I did say what I had to say. Its a free country.

  • disqus_uhL71umAmr

    Aw, come on people. It took a lot of courage for this young woman to post this. The South is full of white bigots who hate anyone who is different from them, and it will never be entirely free of these creatures.

  • Tonya El

    If she showed her manager, why would anyone think she took the time to forge the writing? No one has time for such games (as forging slander), we have been degraded for 100’s of years by the use of such ignorant terms, why would she think “this will surely get me some attention’….really people?!?! PEOPLE will always be ignorant to the end of time. I hope this serves as a lesson for this young lady and all blacks (even the President) that ignorance and prejudice are deeply ingrained and I don’t think it will ever change. All we can do is prove the Bastards wrong!!!!

  • Sabrina Valentine Mcgee

    for the uncle tom that said the none and nigger basicaly look like two different hand writings is an idiot, because the e’s look the damn same. smh other blacks are to scared to admit we still have racisim that goes on today.

    • jen

      so u actually believe the person was telling the truth, not only about being Black, but also about being a man?…….it didn’t occur to u that it might be a White person merely CLAIMING to be Black (& male) in order to give more sympathy & credibility to the customers? …..for all we know, that (allegedly) Black man IS one of the customers! …, Girl, bye!

  • Fray Myles

    red lobster should be closed down for firing a hard working staff, now they are the one that look like they are supporting racism. SHAME ON RED LOBSTER!!!!!!!!

  • ervwa1717

    I had a White friend who lived in South Carolina. She told me once that racism was rampant and that they were still fighting the Civil War.
    I don’t know what to believe about the receipt. But I do know this, racism is alive and well from all sides of the issue.

  • Italiashorty

    Unfortunately we’ll never know the real deal… But honestly i think she did it. Now i understand and am fully aware racism is still alive today. But look closely at the ink and signatures. It’s very clear to me the person who signed the check didnt write the comments n it looks like 2 diff ppl wrote the comments. Also dont overlook the fact this girl admitted that she didnt think this pic would go any further than her family or friends…. i think the receipt was signed by the customer and since no tip was written in…she wrote wht she did and posted it to friends n fam as a suggestion thats why she didnt get the tip in the first place….next thing the pic goes viral. Of course you would claim you didn’t write that…I would lie too if tht pic was meant to be more private. She shouldnt have posted it on a PUBLIC forum expecting privacy… The check also says Franklin, IN not Tennessee. Come on. This to me was clearly spun out of control faster than she could handle


      it does say Franklin, TN not IN. There were two people at that table so perhaps they both wrote it. People’s signature always looks different from when they are just writing.

    • ATL’s finest

      It says “Franklin, TN”. You can look up the zip code.

    • Blu-Shea Moninni

      The check says,Franklin,TN

  • thetruth

    Stop this tipping nonsense. Include the tip in the bill. She did her job. Pay her. Customers are sometimes unbearable and they think it is cute to harass these workers when they worthless themselves or simple don’t want to pay. They don’t have the same option any where else. They would have been arrested if they hadn’t paid Red Lobster. These restaurants don’t care about their staff or they would make sure they were paid. I don’t care how you feel about her or me for that matter. Pay the woman for her honest work.


    Again most miss the big picture. Red Lobster should be ashamed for suspending her. Even if it was forged (which I doubt – for example, one comment stated the writing was different to the signature: there was 2 people at the table – one signed and the other wrote the comment = 2 cowardly racists )
    Why should they suspend her until they find out if it’s real or not? She only works 2 days and if she did forge it – fire her? My question is: are they going to contact the customer and ask them if they wrote that? I think not! Racism is THRIVING IN AMERICA, all of not just the south!

  • Godskreation

    Well, who wants to label themselves N*gger anyway. And the receipt says Franklin, TN…not IN. My eyes my be a tad bit younger than yours Italiashorty*. Anyway, I dont see why she would make this up. Yes, there is 2 different inks but hell..the wife could have wrote the statement and the husband his name. This type of stuff is stupid and people dont know how it is or what its like to go thru this. I do and its really uncomfortable and unfortunate. Smh.

  • Ayisha Golden Britt

    Its really messed up how she got suspended knowing that she had to go through all of this , what getting from the picture is that Red Lobster wants her to except racism and just be okay with things when is this all going to stop.

    • wendy.ickes

      having worked at red lobster, i can assure you they do not in any way condone racism. i worked with just as many black, latino and every other race/nationality as i did white people. they have a rule, about posting online, as i’m sure most other corporate jobs do. you cannot do it, no matter how bad/distasteful/racist/rude it is. you get that shit all the time in the service industry. you laugh (and/or cry) about it and move on. she should’ve just shared it with her managers and let that be the end of it.

  • Redd

    I totally believe her n who cares if the two signatures are different it was two of them the lady could’ve signed none n then the man could’ve wrote the “n” word so don’t b quick to judge her

  • snk

    I doubt very seriously that the guy who commented is a black man . Probably a white person disguised as a black man to try to make it seem like this in fact was not racist . GO FIGURE . I don’t know if it is true or false, however I’ve been to tennessee and have experienced racism there so it does not surprise me if it is true. If I was her , I wouldn’t worry about the suspension from the place, because once she finishes nursing school, she will be making more money then the person who fired her. Good luck girly!

    • MrHereWeGoYo

      The further I read into it, the more I thought the same thing.


    • jen

      & I wouldn’t be at all surprised if once she does finish nursing school, 1 of those same racists winds up in her care….wouldn’t it be amazing if she eventually went on to become a nurse PRACTITIONER….OR how ’bout a hospital, upper-management, administrative big-wig, w/ the authority to give the approval OR DENIAL for some kind of TRANSPLANT or something ….an organ that 1 of those customers needs to continue living! (think “John Q” movie) – all i’m sayin’ is – karma, man…& sometimes it’s YEARS b4 what u put out boomerangs back around.

  • denise

    I believe her….. mainly because RACISM STILL EXSIST…. I really don’t think she should have been suspended for posting it on her facebook… this kinda crap is part of the problem keeping nonsense like this secrect….why is she being punished for showing the world that racism is real and still happens. How would the manager who suspended her like it if people started to boyctt that particular Red Lobster…you better believe if it happened up North that Red Lobster would have people in front of it’s establishment rallying in front of it….if I was this young lady I would not want to work for that Red Lobster….Im sorry that happened to her..

  • Teddy

    My comment is toward the black man who doubts it’s validity solely on the premise that there are two sets of handwriting. Do you realize that there was a COUPLE sitting at the table, therefore providing TWO sets of handwriting. And could it be that “as a black man” the fact that this type of discrimination still takes place today, scares you and you are simply in denial of it’s existence.
    And I don’t understand why on earth they would suspend her what good would that do? All she did was express a little frustration of the situation? At least she is getting full pay.

    • MrHereWeGoYo

      I wouldn’t be surprised if, “as a black man”, was a written by a white man.

  • Veronica Prince Owens

    if you look at the e on both line they are the same

  • Blu-Shea Moninni

    I do not think she is making it up,I think she posted it on her face book,cause she was shocked she’s only 19yrs old,this is probably her first experience with blatant racism like that…It’s too bad she is getting all of these naysayer’s…like she said welcome to the south,I say welcome to the 21century racism any & every where!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anoynomus

    Why don’t they just watch the video from the restaurant? The camera should show what happened from the time she picked up the receipt to the time that she gave it to her manager.

  • server

    too bad that white folks don’t post all the negatives about the black folks that think $5.oo on ANY size check is fine!

    • Asia

      Or how about the people who just don’t tip you period. There are plenty of those people out there and they come in every color. Be grateful to receive anything because its not required to tip.

      • Samone Williams

        So she should be happy about receiving a racial slur as a tip….how does that make any sense

        • Tae

          I think she’s responding to the person who said black people leave 5.00 dollar tips on any size check.

    • Kim Williams

      You don’t think those things get posted? We actually did a 30 day study when I was the floor manager at a seafood restaurant in Columbus Ohio. 2 out of every 10 tables was a black family. 8% of black families left no tip, 26% left under the 15% “Acceptable mark.” 12% of White families left no tip, 31% left under the 15%.

      Moral? Bad tip numbers are actually lower for black families, however since you have less black families to wait on 90% less actually, it seems more noticeable.

  • a nony mouse

    If you’ll note, there’s photos of him and his sweetie eating seafood in a restaurant about 5 days prior to the receipt, and the ages match up. There are all of two Devin Barnes’ listed in the whitepages in Tennessee, and the other one is 18. 95% chance that this is the guy who’s card was used…

  • Kim Williams

    I am a retired Restaurant Manager, I’ve seen & dealt with worse than this. The most shocking thing that ever happened to me & my true wake up call to racism (I am white, raised upper middle class) was when a “guest” called me over & said (Exact quote) “If you can’t find someone other than this dirty ass N to wait on us we will be leaving” It was a couple in their 40’s with 2 children. I was floored. This was in 2005, I asked them to leave.

    • Mixed Chick

      Wow. I think people are under the impression that if you don’t think
      about it, don’t witness it, or believe it. It doesn’t happen. But
      unfortunately ignorance isn’t going anywhere.

  • Kaitlin Warren

    i have to address the handwriting comment in the article. to be honest, my handwriting changes depending on how SLOW I write. I can write fast and it’ll be chicken scratch, but if I slow down, my handwriting changes entirely. I don’t think that is fake. Why would someone risk their job like that if it WAS fake? I think it is real.

  • Kimikaze

    i believe her. if anything was fake about it, it would be that the person signing the receipt wasn’t the owner of the card. but, there still are people out there like that, that would be stupid enough to write that right under their name so…..on the bright side, at least they packed their food up and left. she didn’t have to deal with them the normal amount if time somebody would sit and eat in a restaurant.

  • Kira

    The guy admits he signed the “none” but not the other word. Honestly, I don’t believe him. I am not a handwriting expert, but The “N” s both have a double line at the start and the “e” also looks similar (to me) If the couple had wanted their orders to go, they could have ordered them that way, not sit down, order at the table, then get it to go…I think they were unhappy with the race of their waitress and things follow just as she said. again, this is MY OPINION only, but I think the customers did do this. Another thing, he retains a lawyer to defend himself and doesn’t have the guts to speak for himself? I think if nothing else that customer is a COWARD. But I think he is also a racist and a liar..

    • Tae

      Get out of my head! Those were my exact thoughts when I tried analyzing the handwriting. You’re totally on point with that one.

  • Pat Maharas

    its def a fake look at the word none and his signiture they are in dark ink which shows the penmanship and then the n word in light ink totally looks different than the sig and none. just my thougths

    • Samone Williams

      She served 2 ppl….that’s 2 different writing styles sitting at a table

  • HotDiggityDogDude

    I don’t know about this being a hate crime. It is certainly mean and very disrespectful, not to mention idiotic since his name is on the receipt. Unfortunately, there are people that still use the word and contrary to the comments posted here not all white people speak like this. However the real crime here is displaying the receipt on social media which I would suspect will land Red Lobster in some hot water. I hope she doesn’t get fired, although if she is as wonderful as she claims, she will have no trouble finding another waitress job.

  • Sherrin Ungren

    nobody has to make up RACISM in our country today!! stand up and speak out for one another.. stop judgingand doubting people who are misstreaterd

  • Jerry James

    Red lobster was wrong to tell Toni she violated anything. What about her rights as a person, not to mention she is a young black woman trying live life

  • lugnut

    Some people lack critical thinking skills. If this young woman wrote it, all the person’s whose name is shown has to do is deny it and expose her. Has that happened? As far as this so called black man, it either a white person, racist do that all the time on these blogs, or it’s a back yard kneegrow.

    • Tae

      Omg that is so true! And for a Black man or anyone for that matter to say “this poor man is innocent” is ridiculous and sounds very fishy. I agree that it’s probably a White person who is also racist. I’ve also experienced that with a customer who was oddly rude and for no reason at all and he called me a Nigger because I said something to him about him throwing his change on the counter. And I live in New York. There are absolutely people out there like that.

  • lugnut

    Nasty racist do dirty crap all the time. The fact this surprise some is scary, considering they must be walking around with their heads up their behinds. And their lack of attention could lead to the clock being turned back, because they feel secure and don’t notice.


    Karma’s a bitch. When this 19 y/o is a nurse she may be the one needed to save these white folks life…and she may be in the bathroom. I have heard of this racist restaurant behavior happening in Nashville. They give the south that reputation of ignorance they have. Not that they are all ignorant nor are they all racist, but there ya have it.

    • Guest


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