White Mother Calls Her Mixed Race Daughter A “N*gga” & Tells Her, “I Wish I Had Drowned You”

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Amanda Payne & Greer Ruddock

Amanda Payne & Greer Ruddock

I came across this mess on facebook.

Greer Nicole Ruddock-Amanda Payne

Greer Ruddock, posted this message from her mother Amanda Payne, 40.

Greer, 22, says, “This is not to incite race wars or anything negative. It was to shed light on something that’s been happening for ages. I’m aware there are many comments assuming that I have baited this in some way, shape, or form to make this happen. I will acknowledge a reputable source that actually inquires about information and sticks to the facts before acknowledging a source or people who have no true information to go off of. Until then, I appreciate your support and information that is provided is from the best of my knowledge.” Amanda Payne-md

She also says, “Honestly this post has nothing to do with wanting pity or sympathy. I’m just tired of blocking and blocking when all she’s going to do is go out of her way to make a new profile to do things like this. I can’t deny other people’s feelings or stop them from wanting to do things but at the end of the day we all make choices and my choice was to stop trying to reason with her after roughly 5 years of this and just let it be known what is happening.”

Whatever transpired with the family, there is no need to resort to such vile name calling to the child you gave birth to. Amanda is now married to a white man and has a daughter for him and seems to love that family and daughter, although not her daughter.

Greer is 23 and has been married for almost 4 years, to Jeremiah Ruddock, she’s working on her getting her Masters degree and has a job. So she has not let her mother’s hatred destroyed her life.

Greer’s father is in her life. Joe Williams thanks everyone for reaching out to his daughter, “& THE LOVE CONTINUES TO POUR IN FROM ALL OVER THE COUNTRY…& IT’S ONLY JUST BEGUN…LOVE YOU Greer Ruddock”

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  • Ron Mason

    Has society gotten so bored with their own lives that they have resulted in caring what transpires between a mother and her daughter? Lady keep your family issues behind closed doors!

    • Jörn McKnight

      Why should she? She simply posted it on her facebook page. You seem to have gotten so bored with your own life that you care about what someone does and does not post on their own facebook page.

      • Ron Mason

        Oh I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to offend you. I’m sure you have a very good reason for living vicariously through others lives, Jorn!

        • Jörn McKnight

          Nope — I’m not offended and couldn’t care less what she posts. Just showing you the hypocrisy in your statement, by you demonstrating exactly what you were complaining about.

  • Psy-Ko Smiley

    My thought is that Charlottesville is an awful small town, an awful liberal one too. Amanda is not going to be real popular in it once this gets around. The daughter is a beautiful girl and I’m glad she’s able to deal with this, must have been hard growing up! What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, she seems like a strong young lady.

  • jackie canada

    The girl looks just like her mother! And while we’re at it, at one time the mother must of loved a N….r or she wouldn’t had a bi-racial child.

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