Who Is Kendra Davis?

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Basketball Wife, Decorator, Landlady & Extortioner?

On this week’s episode of Don’t Be Tardy For The Wedding, Kim Zolciak revealed her real hair, that amazingly looked like Karen Walker’s, remember the episode when Karen ‘Anastacia Beaverhausen’ Walker, was staying with Will & Grace and she forgot the towel on her head and she just shook it loose and it looked fab? Well Kim’s hair which was styled, trimmed, highlighted and coifed to within an inch of it’s life was not the only reveal on the show. Kim let us know that her former friend Kendra Davis, who she confided in, that she was not racist, looked after Kandi’s daughter etc,. is no longer her friend. Kim states that Kendra and her husband former NBA star Antonio Davis were trying to ruin her wedding and get them evicted as Kendra, tripled the price of the original estimate of her work which was $15,000 for decorating the home she was renting to Kim. Hmmmm. This is the second time that we know of where Kim hasn’t paid up, the first being Kandi Burruss for the song she produced for Kim, the infamous, Don’t Be Tardy For The Party.

There are just too many faux friends and he said, she said on these reality shows. I don’t know if Kim is telling the truth as I am sure if you ask Kendra, she will say the complete opposite. I hate twitter battles or those who try to get the “truth” out there, but check out Kendra’s tweets about the incident.

& Kim’s response?

Kendra’s arrest record wasn’t an issue before was it? So why respond with that? If indeed the Davis’ still own the home, then Kim is lying. But what reason does Kendra have to lie or even Kim?

Who is Kendra? Kendra is married to former NBA player Antonio Davis, he played from 1990 – 2006 he played for a variety of teams such as the Indiana Pacers and the New York Knicks.

On January 18, 2006, Antonio was ejected from a Knicks-Bulls game for going into the stands and confronting a fan he alleges was intoxicated and abusive. He said he was concerned about his wife, whom he thought he had seen falling back and being touched by the fan. His wife claims that the fan was using inappropriate language around the Davises’ child, and that she had asked him to stop, which then prompted harassment from the fan. Though public opinion allegedly swung in Davis’ favor, the NBA suspended him for five games on January 19. The fan in question, Michael Axelrod, the son of David Axelrod, the 2008 campaign manager for Barack Obama, has stated that he was attacked by Davis’ wife, and his lawyer revealed plans to sue for roughly a million dollars and a public apology by the Davises. Mr. Davis responded by stating, “I’m not apologizing to anybody for anything.” On January 23, Davis and Axelrod settled their disputes outside of court, issuing the following joint statement.

A few months after the altercation, a warrant was issued for Kendra’s arrest in connection with a road rage incident. The traffic altercation took place on October 27. Like the altercation during the Bulls game, during the Naperville traffic spat Kendra Davis tangled with a perfect stranger, said she was provoked and refused to apologize. But unlike the televised frenzy in the stands as her husband played basketball, this case has ended up with criminal charges. On the day of the road rage incident, Kendra allegedly ran a stop sign, and cut off Kathleen Bessner. Kathleen said she shouted at her and Kendra threw a full cup of McDonalds coffee at her through the drivers open window and sped off. That coffee must have been cold, if it was hot, she could have sued for millions. Kendra admitted to police that she threw the coffee, but she told authorities that Bessner had shouted foul words and hateful words at her and described a racial slur that Bessner allegedly used.

“She is very upset about this, understandably, and we’re contesting the matters to the full extent of the law,” said James Marcus, Kendra Davis lawyer.

She was later acquited of the charges.

  • Kendra Meeks, before she was married ran a stop sign and collided with a mini van, injuring several family members inside. They family won a civil suit against Davis, who was ordered to pay them $11,000. Because she has never satisfied that court judgment, Davis’ Illinois driver’s license was suspended.
  • In 1993, she was ticketed for driving on a suspended license.
  • Kendra Davis, 41 is married to Antonio Davis, 43, they have two children twins Antonio Jr. and Kaela
  • In 2009 her brother Calvin R. Meeks Jr, was arrested in their home, he was charged after a domestic incident with a woman he had been dating.

 Sources: USA Today, ABC

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  • Hot freaking mess lol Kim is known for all her lying kick her ass out and keep it moving on to the next 1 lol bahahahaaa

  • AThomasPhD

    wow the things they pull out from peoples lives – don’t we all have some grey or how about some black/dark areas in our lives, alright already…

  • Legalsum

    Marlo was right, again.  She told this on the Reunion Show…that Kim was renting the house from Kendra and Kim denied it…guess we all know now…by the way, why did she marry a loser…football player…wtf…and two children later…definitely as loser situation…

  • J_nell1607

    If anyone was watching Don’t be tardy for the wedding Kim did say that she was renting the house from Kendra and by law Kendra can not just throw Kim out of her home for decoration fees and as long as Kim is paying her rent she is cool. And I do think that it is very unprofessional  that Kendra wants to handle business the day of Kim’s wedding  weather she owes you or not that wasn’t the day to do it. At least wait until after hell you waited this long whats the rush now j/s. Hope that both Kim and Kendra get what they deserve!

  • Lots of people have arrest records (not me, LOL), but when are people going to wake up and smell the java…Kim is a lying, conniving freeloader. I used to feel sorry for Kroy because I felt he didn’t know what he was getting himself into by messing with Kim, but he seems to be just as shady as her or just plain stupid. NeNe, Marlo, Lisa (when she was on the show) and a host of other people have pulled and read Kim’s card. When are the rest of you idiots going to do the same?. Unfortunately Kendra had to find out the hard way, never ever get into any type of business with Kim Zolciak Biermann…Just ask Kandi, she still hasn’t gotten paid for writing that song for Kim.

  • Ceenie

    Thanks Yolanda, you said exactly what I have been thinking since season 2 and I dont understand why others dont see through Kim, shes selfish and a liar but she is also an idiot with no conscience.

  • Christie

    Kim is awesome.  She is beautiful and Kendra is just jealous.  Kendra is a has been and can’t get over the fact that Kim is the real star.  I love how Kim acts like a princess and lives the good life.  Kim has it all and Kendra wishes she looked as good as Kim.  54k for a decorating job is ludicrous.  Did you see the house?  It wasn’t decorated that well.  If she thinks the job she did on Kim’s house is worth 54k she is smoking something.  I love how Kim got everything done despite Kendra and her husband trying to ruin everything for them.  Way to go Kim? 

  • BeachN

    Nice people… Some PEOPLE WITH ATTITUDES (putting it nicely)  believe the world owes them and wear their emotions  on their shoulders. Ya just can’t take the hood out of some no matter what riches they fall into..

  • BeachN

    Yolanda …perhaps where you come from a lot of people have been arrested… It is not the norm in  decent societies..This woman has an attitude that doesn’t become her….Kim also has an attitude of someone who never had anything but accidentally fell into a bit of luck.. In my opinion the show that Kim is on is doing a wonderful job exploiting these people and others watch them because they can’t believe what they are seeing lol…Girls from Atlanta Trying to be what they are not…is what it should be titled..All a classy bunch only  in their own minds lol..