Woman Who Miscarried Adrian Peterson’s Ninth Child, Still Wants Money; Wife Is 8 Months Pregnant

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Adrian Peterson

A woman recently claimed to be pregnant with NFL star Adrian Peterson’s nonth child. The woman suffered a miscarriage over the weekend, but she still wants to get compensated for her time, effort and medical expenses.

The woman who is a massage therapist was asking for approximately $2 Million

The woman, bizarely, claims she had saved the fetal tissue and wants to get a DNA test because she wants Peterson to pay for the medical expenses involved with the pregnancy and the miscarriage. She also wants to be paid for the “pain and suffering” she’s experienced.

Adrian’s lawyers rejected the woman’s first proposal for a settlement but had said they would consider a reasonable number, if a DNA test proved the child was his.


Adrian & Ashley Peterson


The woman initially wanted $2 million for 18 years to care for the cash register child:

  1. Monthly support — $6,000 for 216 months ($1,296,000)
  2. Pre and postnatal costs — $30,000
  3. Health insurance costs — $1,000 per month for 216 months ($216k)
  4. Private school — average of $30k for 13 years ($325k)
  5. Uninsured health care costs including mental health costs for the child — $3k per year
  6. Attorney’s fees — $60,000
Ashley Peterson

Ashley Peterson is 8 months pregnant.

Adrian 30, and his wife Ashley Peterson, are expecting a baby boy in October, she is currently 8 months pregnant, they already have a son together, 3-year-old Adrian Jr.

The public knows about only some of his children, Adeja Peterson, Adrian Peterson, Jr, Tyrese Robert Ruffin who tragically died after her was beaten by the mother’s boyfriend. Baby number five is a two-year-old daughter, who lives with her mother in Minnesota, there is also a 7-year-old boy, and a 6-year old son, who’s mother Erica Syion, lives in Dallas, who said Adrian had 7 children at the time.

To everyone involved – Adrian the repeat adulterer, the women who continually commit adultery with him and his wife. This is ridiculous!

Source: TMZ

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  • guerline

    disgusting pig

    • dollarbill4life

      Him or the whores who keep opening their legs for his pipe???

  • Andrew

    Can you you say gold digger. Goes to show that it is all about money and not the child. If the child is his, she was the one who didn’t take care of the child which is her fault and not his. She is just a low life trifling black female!

  • dollarbill4life

    Everyone will call him a pig, but say nothing about the THOTS who keep laying on their backs for him knowing he’s already with someone.

  • mineisbigger

    That sucks…kinda like losing the winning lottery ticket…hope you didn’t quit your day job…back to work you go.

  • Zanita Hammond-Reed

    It’s more so the women..UGH

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