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Love & Hip Hop Star Yandy Smith recently sat down for an interview with friend Mashonda’s website Mashonda Loyal and her own website Everything Girls Love and talked about her pregnancy, she’s having a boy, check it out.

Here are some pictures of Yandy striking a pose during her pregnancy, she looks great. Yandy reveals she is having a son.

I’m really excited to hold this baby. I can’t wait to see what all these kicks in my belly look like on the outside. I can’t wait to kiss him, smell him, play with his toes, sing him to sleep. And honestly I’ve spent so many years taking care of artist now I can take care of something that is all mine (well me and daddy’s).

Love & Hip Hop Season 3?
I’m not opposed to it. If all the stars align and the dollar signs add up, i will absolutely [be back on the show]. I speak to Kimbella, Olivia, and Somaya often. And of course I speak to Mona every day. So, I do speak to a lot of the cast still.

On her son’s father:
We have been together about 8 years. He’s always been my best friend, but we’ve had an off and on relationship in the past. There have been times when I was on the road for months; I really wasn’t able to focus on my relationship the way that I should have. Every time we separated, we were both seeing other people. I was almost once engaged to someone else and he wound up having a child with someone else. Then we realized that we almost lost each other and we’ve been unbreakable ever since… It’s been amazing. We realized that this is where we want to be and we love each other. It’s been beautiful. I’m really excited about where we are and this little bundle of joy we have coming. We can’t wait until July.

On her response to criticism surrounding her being pregnant in the club:
Before the show ended there were already bookings up until March almost every single weekend. Now, my hunny travels with me as well as security, plus the club armed security wherever we go. We enter through a side or back door and I’m escorted to VIP where I sit down for most of the night. People can say what they want, but I’m fine with it, and I’m protected by armed security, so I’m not going to turn down as 12-15 thousand dollar weekend just because people have something to say. I spoke to my doctor about traveling and he told me it was not a problem. But now that I have started to show, I’m going to sit down and take it easy. I was not in the middle of the dance floor; I was not drinking, so it was fine. I’m thinking of my child’s future. If financial security is something that you can give to your family, ti makes you feel great. I feel good that I’m able to put aside a college fund before my child is here, in one month. People can blog and say what they want but I made sure it was healthy to continue working.

Check out the full interview here: Everything Girls Love, where Yandy talks about her upcoming movie, her work with Missy Elliot and more.

Source: Mashonda Loyal & Everything Girls Love

Note: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta premieres June 8 on VH1

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  • Tlove

    Congrats but the show made me HATE her!

  • E_gumbs

    Next season its going to be dry … I don’t want to see no show wit a bunch of big belly chicks was fun while it lasted now let it go

  • Kathy

    congrats ms lady to u and urs …… love u and the show forget the haters go on it’s just tv… be blessed my sister

  • Nellnell1

     I personally don’t see nothing wrong with Yandy in the club while prego…Beyonce was dancing on stage performing world wide and she was prego….people need to fall back and let a women be a women #imjustsaying

  • Maria_egenti

    I am happy for you Yandy Smith

  • Spradley Amber

    congrats girl awww why is emily and chrissy leaving the show there the stars

  • Isis

    I have supported u from the beginning u came on the show because “real recognizes real”.  I have always felt ur passion and genuinity.  You carried yourself with class and I say, “go gid it!”…stay up…

  • Bronicajordan

    I always liked you cause you a go getta lady money talk bullshit walk

  • Terekacorniffe

    congrats yandy

  • Jenniferford20

    God bless u and your baby and your new found love

  • Sofine1869

    Congrats Yandy, but I have to admit you portrayed phony on the show, so I can’t rock with you!! Babies are a blessing, enjoy!!

  • Kizzyjoyner

    yandy Do u F**K everybody Els  about what they saying thatz life ppl r going to talk regoDLess so  i Like u n U have others That Do To so Do u N say by haterz bc u still on top baby

  • Barbaragillison

    Hey Yandy,congrats,on the good news on being a mother to be.

  • yandy looks like man still even pregnant but

    • and u look like a man also and ur not even pregnant lmao.. so ur point is what?? She has money you dont hater

  • Yvette

    Awe, Yandy congrats baby girl, i wish you nothing but the best, god bless you and yours, keep smiling baby, god is good, love ya, your #1 fan, xoxo



  • ladybug

    Congrats Yandy!!! Its go hard or go home and u definetly go hard!!!!! Be blessed!

  • Denisesoto

    ppl nned to stfu for 1 cuz u getting your bread thats all its matter u will be taking care of ur son and thats all its matter he will be well tooken care of u will make a wonderful mother keep doing what u do best  try not to work to hard mamas love ya

  • Ooooh, I know Krissy is HEATED! KML

  • so wht I wanna know is how do chrisy feels since she wantd a baby and now yandy has one I like yandy she did nthn rong it was chrissy she just became a bully I liked her @ 1st but towards the end no 

  • Ariseagent101

    she got pregnant to make Jim jealous…. and to further rub it in chrissy’s nose that she (chrissy) cant…. that’s how I see it…. any ways….it’s always adorable to see a woman bringing a life into this world… sooo …… congrats… and take care of that prescious gift you have been given..

    • Retta

      Please…… Jim aint her man and Chrissy aint the Queen she think she is. Its not Yandy’s fault Chrissy gotta force a man to marry her. Dude was pressured. Lets keep it realy real. IJS BooBoo

  • Millercrystal6

    Im excited for you..I loved you on the show..and I know how you’re feeling, I’m pregnancy and due in July I know you can’t wait til he’s here..don’t worry about them haters, get your money boo…and for those worrying about how chrissy feels about it..f*** her its not about her.

  • Ptrcboyer

    Congrats on your upcoming blessing with your son, stay strong and hold on to God’s hand

  • BlahBlahBlah

    Nice Pics, but that glaring side-eye look she’s giving in the first one looks kinda creepy.

  • Congrats, now Chrissy has another reason 2 hate, lol

  • corena

    I love u Yandy girl show or not

  • mz-rema-ma

    congrats…but next time yall do a photo shoot make sure he cleans his nails…yuck!

  • KissMeMusic

    Lol that first pic she looks like she stole the baby!