Don’t Be Tardy Recap | Kim Zolciak Follows Her Personal Chef Home, Kroy Biermann Admits To Not Having Any Friends

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Don’t Be Tardy Recap | Kim Zolciak Follows Her Personal Chef Home, Kroy Biermann Admits To Not Having Any Friends

Post by Admin » 22 Oct 2017, 02:42

Stalking your personal chef? Oh, that’s just another normal day for the Biermann clan! The Friday, October 20, episode of Don’t Be Tardy brought viewers the usual hijinks to can expect from Kim Zolciak and her brood — this time with a slightly creepy twist!

Life After NFL: Kroy Biermann Doesn’t Have Any Friends

Kroy, in a fatherly moment with his adoptive daughter Ariana, urged her to learn a lesson about saying “no to your peers.” Speaking of peers, Ariana was quick to point out Kroy’s lack of peer group as of late. In a confessional, the 16-year-old said, “Kroy doesn’t have any friends.” Sister Brielle tacked on, “Kroy is so far up my mom’s ass. He doesn’t have time for friends.” Ouch.

Later in the episode, Kroy, who was released from his NFL contract with the Buffalo Bills in September 2016, actually admitted that he doesn’t have any close pals. It seems Kroy is content with his current gig, however. The father of six admitted he loves disciplining his children, joking to the camera, “It’s wonderful sitting there, watching them squirm.”

Kim Urges Daughter Brielle to Stick to the Sports ‘Sidelines’

After a brief scene involving Brielle taking a baseball batting cage lesson in sky high stiletto sneakers, Kim joked about her daughter saying, “Dating an athlete definitely doesn’t make you athletic. Just like her mother. So, just look cute on the sidelines, honey.”

The episode then quickly escalated into a private detective saga when Kim and Kroy determined they would follow their personal chef, Tracy Bloom, home from work to see what her home looked like. As Kroy, Kim, and Brielle traveled in a rented white minivan, they half-heartedly attempted to follow Tracy as she made her way to her modest single family home. When Tracy caught them, she responded to her employer’s bizarre behavior saying, “I do not want the Biermanns seeing my house.”

Clearly all in good fun, the Biermann’s then took a tour of Tracy’s home, ultimately declaring they would remodel it for her as a gift. In a heartwarming moment, Kim revealed, “She spends her life rescuing dogs and saving animals. … It really motivates me to give back to her.”

What did you think of this week’s episode?

Source: US Magazine
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