Don’t Be Tardy Recap | Kim Zolciak Forbids Daughter Brielle From Moving in With Michael Kopech Sans Marriage Proposal

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Don’t Be Tardy Recap | Kim Zolciak Forbids Daughter Brielle From Moving in With Michael Kopech Sans Marriage Proposal

Post by Admin » 28 Oct 2017, 20:35

Is there such a thing as a normal day in the Zolciak-Biermann household? In the Friday, October 27, episode of Don’t Be Tardy, Michael Kopech asks Kim Zolciak’s permission for Brielle to move in with him — and it doesn’t go over as planned.

The episode kicked off with Kroy Biermann teaching Ariana, 15, to parallel park in her brand new Honda. Kroy, who was released from his NFL contract with the Buffalo Bills in September 2016, seemed to be taking his new job as a driving instructor seriously — he even brought out orange cones! The challenge quickly devolved, however, when Kim pulled up in a golf cart and proved her inability to parallel park herself.

The Biermanns then made their way to personal chef Tracy Bloom’s house to begin their remodeling project. In a previous episode, Kim vowed to renovate the entire house as a way to give back to their personal chef of three years. This week it appeared that the promise of renovating the entire place may have been a bit ambitious.

After throwing away a series of old furniture and decor, Kim decided to slow down the process. Kim admitted, “I want to do one room at a time. I want her to have an incredible master bedroom.” Exhausted after the cleanup, Kim complained, “I gotta wash this motherf–kin’ wig now.”

The episode took a turn for the romantic when Brielle was visited by her minor league playing beau, Michael. Michael, who’s currently a pitcher in the Chicago White Sox organization, asked, “Since I’m only three hours away, you could come stay with me this season.”

Michael boldly brought up the topic of cohabitation with Kroy and Kim later on. And, well, they were taken aback, to say the least. Kim mentioned, in a testimonial, “Michael is definitely someone I would want for Brielle long term…But it’s like, not yet, buddy.” Kim then told Brielle and Michael, “You know the rule. No ring no [moving] out.”

Kroy, meanwhile, attempted to smooth things over by saying, “Maybe we can revisit this another time.” Kim agreed and assured Michael, Brielle’s boyfriend of one year, that they like him. Brielle then revealed that she’s hesitant to move out because “I need Kroy and I need mom.”

Michael, who clearly felt frustrated with the long-distance nature of their relationship urged, “It’s hard going that long without seeing somebody.” Privately, Kroy told Kim: “I do understand his side. …I want [Brielle] to be able to stand on her own two feet.”

Source: US Magazine
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