Don’t Be Tardy Recap | Kim Zolciak Meets Brielle’s Boyfriend’s Parents; Pressures Michael to Propose

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Don’t Be Tardy Recap | Kim Zolciak Meets Brielle’s Boyfriend’s Parents; Pressures Michael to Propose

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Don’t be tardy for meeting the parents! The Friday, November 17, episode of Don’t Be Tardy brought us the usual Zolciak-Biermann chaos, along with a fascinating look at how Kim Zolciak acts when meeting her daughter’s boyfriend’s parents for the very first time.

Following last week’s episode that captured the horror of 6-year-old Kash as suffering from a horrific dog bite injury to his eye, it was clear that he was headed in a positive and healing direction. When asked about his son, Kroy Biermann responded, “I think he’s doing fairly well.” Kim, whose priorities are always in line, added, “I think there’s a good possibility that he’ll be able to swim in Turks and Caicos.”

When the topic of the family dog Sinn came up, Kroy appeared tense. Kim and Kroy, who have since revealed they decided to keep the dog that nearly blinded their son, were still in the midst of deciding Sin’s fate at the start of this episode. Kroy revealed, “If Sinn is gonna return to our home and be a part of our family, I have to know that it was an accident and that I have the ability to control if that accident were to happen again.” Seems like Kroy eventually got his answer.

The episode moved on to Kim and Kroy as they visited Brielle Biermann’s baseball-playing beau, Michael Kopech, during one of his games. More importantly, Kim relished this event as an opportunity to get to know Michael’s parents, Michael P. Kopech and Tabbetha. After a solid first impression, Kim hinted at wedding bells in a testimonial, saying of the two parents, “If I had to spend some years with them, I wouldn’t mind.”

Brielle Refers to Biological Father as ‘Sperm Donor’

Brielle quickly got embarrassed when the “Tardy for the Party” singer divulged way too much personal information to the duo she had just met. “When I got pregnant with Brielle, I was 18 years old,” Kim recalled. “Her dad was a one-night stand situation.”

In a testimonial, a mortified Brielle said, “Stop talking about my sperm donor, please.”

Then, Kim pestered the parents about Michael proposing to Brielle, saying of their potential cohabitation prior to a proposal, “Why would he give you a ring if he’s getting the cow for free?” Tabbetha finally put the idea to rest, responding, “He loves Brielle. I just think he wants to wait for the right time.”

Chef Tracey Bloom Slams Kim’s Taste

The episode ended with the dramatic reveal of Kim’s personal chef Tracey Bloom’s remodeled bedroom. Kim and Kroy, who had originally offered to remodel her whole house and eventually settled on just doing the bedroom, were excited to give the gift of crown molding to their friend and employee. Before the reveal, Kim slammed Tracey’s style. Later, Tracey slammed Kim’s taste saying, “Kim’s decorating style is like the Duck mansion … Like Donald Duck’s rich uncle.”

Eventually, after seeing the redone room, Tracey burst into tears, absolutely loving the outcome. Kim and Kroy’s secret to remodeling a bedroom? Well, according to Kroy, an important step is “getting rid of all the garbage.”

Source: US Magazine
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