Don’t Be Tardy Recap | Kim Zolciak Cuts Ties With Her Mother For Good

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Don’t Be Tardy Recap | Kim Zolciak Cuts Ties With Her Mother For Good

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Image Kim Zolciak and her brood headed to Turks and Caicos for Kim and husband Kroy Biermann’s vow renewals on the turbulent and emotional Friday, December 8, episode.

The show kicked off with some serious drama between Kim’s daughter Brielle Biermann and Kim’s estranged mother, Karen Zolciak. When Brielle dialed her grandfather Joe’s number the 20-year-old reality star was shocked to find her grandmother answered the phone. Brielle then attempted to make plans with the maternal grandmother she hasn’t seen in over five years only to be told by Karen, “It’s just not gonna work.” Kim appeared devastated by the exchange saying, “I just can’t relate as a mom.”

Kim Calls Her Mom Controlling

The reality star and skincare mogul then slammed her estranged mother saying, “I’m not surprised she answered my dad’s phone. … She’s like super controlling, always has been. … She’s got his hands cuffed.”

Kim Says She Won’t Let Her Mom Back Into Her Life

Later in the episode, Kim revealed she was disappointed in Karen’s reaction to Kash’s dog bite injury and subsequent hospitalization. Kim said, “My mom texted me when this sh-t happened with Kash. … My mom knows where I live. You could have sent a card.” Kim then confirmed her lack of interest in reconnecting with her mother saying, “I will not let her back into my life, let’s just be clear.”

The entire Zolciak-Biermann clan then packed their bags and headed to Turks and Caicos for Kim and Kroy’s much-anticipated vow renewal trip. Brielle’s boyfriend, White Sox minor league pitcher Michael Kopech, was not in attendance because, according to Kim, “he has baseball.”

After arriving at the jaw-dropping waterfront home, Brielle did not hesitate to chime in about her newest career aspiration saying, “That’s how I know I’m good at real estate. I found this Turks and Caicos house.”

Later, while at dinner, tensions rose between Kroy and Brielle. After announcing her plans to move in with Kopech following the conclusion of his baseball season, Kim and Kroy reacted with hostility. Kim immediately said, “No. Not smart.” Kroy, clearly hurt, clapped back at Brielle asking rhetorically, “Why do you continually bite the hand that feeds you?” Kroy, 32, continued to slam Brielle by saying, “You don’t need to move with Michael. You have no plan and you have no career.”

Kim Says Brielle’s Plan to Move In With Her Boyfriend Is ‘Foolish’
Kim concluded the turbulent outburst by telling her daughter, “Giving that much power to a man at this stage in the game is foolish.” Later, away from her parents, Brielle said she was “scared” about the possible move. “I think money is my biggest fear right now. Since I don’t have a career right now maybe I won’t have enough money.”

Source: US Magazine
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