Kevin Hart Flew Montia Sabbag To Las Vegas For Sex In His Hotel Suite

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Kevin Hart Flew Montia Sabbag To Las Vegas For Sex In His Hotel Suite

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Image Montia Sabbag, claims she flew to Vegas with married star on a private plane and had sex with him THREE times in his luxury suite during a three-day blow out in Las Vegas
  • Montia Sabbag, 26, filmed having sex with Kevin Hart in a tape was used in a sextortion plot, spoke exclsuively to DailyMail TV
  • Sabbag said she and Kevin had sex three times over three days and that Hart was sober during the filmed encounter, their second time sleeping together
  • 'Kevin was very public about his affection towards me. 'We were hugging, kissing, touching and it made me believe he wasn't married,' she said
  • The singer and makeup artist said she met the comedian on a private jet flying from LA to Las Vegas on August 19
  • She also claims that she had no idea Hart was married and added: 'We had a connection, we had chemistry. We clicked'
  • Sabbag denies that she is involved in the extortion plot and said she has her suspicions about who took the video
  • The scandal unfolded on September 16 when Hart publicly apologized to his pregnant wife Eniko Parrish and his two children from a previous relationship
The woman at the center of the Kevin Hart sex tape scandal has revealed that she slept with the married Hollywood star three times during a three day blow-out in Las Vegas in August- and he didn't mention his wife once.

In a sensational interview with DailyMailTV, Montia Sabbag tells all about the trip and the ensuing sextortion plot, which saw cheating Hart publicly apologize to his pregnant wife Eniko Parrish and his two children for a 'bad error in judgment.'

And the 26-year-old exclusively reveals for the first time that the sex tape was filmed during the day when Hart was sober, not when he was drunk late at night.

Sabbag says she and Hart became 'intimate' hours after she jetted in to Sin City with the star on a private jet. The pair, who traveled with a group of mutual friends, flew to Nevada from LA on August 19 and partied for three days and nights.

The aspiring actress claims she didn't know the comedian was married nor did he tell her that he was. He took an immediate liking to her - paying the pretty brunette a lot of attention and ultimately having sex with her three times.
Image Image
Sabbag said: 'I was intimate with Kevin three times in the course of maybe three days. It was fun,' she recalls in the interview airing Monday.

'We just get along, we get each other, he's funny, I'm funnier. We had a connection, we had chemistry. We clicked.

'It was fun, he didn't try to woo me, it was just an instant connection.'

Sabbag, who says she is a makeup artist and recording artist who lives in LA, was once in a girl group called New View as a 17-year-old.

But that early brush with fame was short-lived and she was soon brought back down to earth.

Sabbag has denied being a stripper, claiming she worked as a bartender at a Vegas strip club before moving to LA. However, a new leaked video from that time period shows Sabbag trying out the pole.

It was back in Nevada that the latest chapter in her life unfolded.

'I had a girlfriend who invited me to go with a few of her friends. I was like, "okay, sounds fun,"' says Sabbag, who is originally from Boston, Massachusetts.

'We stayed at the Venetian hotel and we ended up moving hotels to The Cosmopolitan.

'I met him (Kevin) on the plane, I was with a friend and we had no idea he was gonna be there.

'He was with his friends. I thought he was cute, he's an attractive man, but I wasn't star struck or anything like that, it was super casual, he was a gentleman, a nice guy.'

Sabbag said she said 'hi' to Hart during the flight on a friend's private jet, but the conversation was limited to that.

Then that night Sabbag went to dinner with her friends while Hart dined separately, until he joined their group at the end of the meal.

'It was a big table, a big group, so we didn't really have a conversation then either,' she recalls.

But after dinner the group all agreed to meet up at the Marquee nightclub at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas hotel.

That's when Hart zoned in on Sabbag.

She said: 'We were drinking, having fun, listening to the music, dancing. I was more focused on my friends, I didn't go there for Kevin.

'But Kevin did pay me a lot of attention, he was into me, I could tell.'

Later that night Hart and his entourage invited Sabbag and her friends up to the star's luxury hotel suite.

Large suites at the The Cosmopolitan - which is on the famous Las Vegas strip - cost around $3,000 a night and boast their own bars, hot tub and plenty of room.

It was there that the actor – who has an estimated net worth of $120 million - began to charm the young make-up artist.

'We talked about life, you know, what are your dreams your aspirations,' she said. 'He was charming, he was funny.'

Sabbag said the pair instantly felt a 'connection' and had 'chemistry'.

She said the sex 'happened naturally', with the two peeling themselves away from the group and going into Hart's bedroom off the main suite.

'He made me feel comfortable, I don't remember exactly what happened, it kind of just happened,' Sabbag said with a smile.

'Yes we were intimate, I did not know he was married but I found out later, I was a little bit upset, confused about it because the way he was acting it didn't seem like he was married.

'But I was caught in the moment, he's an adult.

'We partied, we drank and we ended up being intimate three times over the course of three days.'

Sabbag says she was never a big fan of Hart's films or stand-up routines so wasn't 'blown away' by his celebrity.

Making a passing joke to the tiny 5ft 4in star's physical stature, she added, 'he's just a normal guy.'

She said: 'It's not like it was anything special, I'm a normal person, just cause he's someone we see on TV doesn't mean I was wooed, it's not like that, he's just a cool guy, chill.'

And in a revealing insight into the sex scandal that has stunned Hollywood and sent Hart back-pedaling, Sabbag explains that the video was seemingly shot when she had sex with Hart for a second time, not the first.
'Everybody believed that the video was the night of the nightclub and that we were only intimate once, but it was a completely different day, the second time (we had sex),' she explained.

'If you really look at the tape it was during the day, it wasn't a night thing, he (Kevin) was sober, there was obviously a connection, I'm not just someone he was with at night when he was intoxicated or something, it was more than that.

'We were all back at the hotel room. There was quite a few people in the suite, it was a social gathering, a party. We hung out, listened to music.

'Kevin was very public about his affection towards me.

'We were hugging, kissing, touching and it made me believe he wasn't married.'

But unbeknownst to Sabbag, she claims, one of the partygoers in Hart's suite had been secretly filming her interaction with Hart the whole time.

In one humiliating image taken from the video and leaked online, Hart appears to be almost between Sabbag's legs as she straddles him.

In another, she appears to be talking into his ear intimately.

The grainy footage also shows Sabbag and Hart having sex on a bed – their moans and groans clearly audible.

Sabbag denies any involvement in the camerawork and claims she doesn't recall seeing anyone filming them.

When asked if she knows who did, she responded: 'I have my suspicions', adding: 'But I can't really discuss that because of an ongoing investigation.'

After the trip came to an end she said her and Hart parted on good terms.

The star even called Sabbag, who overslept and missed her plane home, to make sure she got back okay.

She admits that while they didn't discuss meeting up again, 'I probably would have if he had asked,' she said.

But it didn't matter because just 24 hours later she claims she received a call from a lawyer telling her about the sex tape.

Sabbag – who recently posed for a raunchy swimwear photo shoot - insists she's a 'private person' and was shocked by the call.

'My privacy is completely shot, it's invasive, everyone's in my face, this is really difficult for me to discuss,' she says.

The filmmakers allegedly tried to extort Hart and the tape was being offered around Hollywood for as much as $10million.

Sabbag denies having any role in the extortion attempt and says she's now 'cooperating' with the police to help find the culprits.

She also plans to take legal action against whomever filmed the sex tape.

But bizarrely Sabbag doesn't feel Hart owes her an apology.

'He doesn't owe me anything,' she said.

The scandal first unfolded on September 16 when Hart made a public apology to his pregnant wife Eniko Parrish and his two children from a previous relationship, saying, 'I made a bad error in judgment.'

'I'm at a place in my life where I feel like I have a target on my back, and because of that I should make smart decisions. And recently, I didn't,' he said.

'Sending so many apologies to my wife and kids. I gotta do better and I will. I'm not perfect and I never claimed to be. I love you all.'

Hart married Parrish on August 13, 2016 and the pair is expecting their first child, a boy.

Sabbag says a friend alerted her to Hart's heartfelt Instagram apology and she quickly went online to watch it.

'I was like, "wow", but mainly I was confused because I thought he was saying I was the person (who targeted him),' she said.

'I knew I hadn't done anything wrong and I knew I didn't do any of the things he said in the video, so I was confused.

'I made myself clear from that initial phone call I received and I think I've made myself clear by hiring a lawyer.'

Sabbag has hired high profile Los Angeles civil rights lawyer Lisa Bloom to handle the case.

Bloom sat down with Sabbag during the DailyMailTV interview.

Sabbag added: 'I want to set the record straight. I'm not a home-wrecker, I'm not an extortionist, I'm not a stripper, a prostitute, I'm just a woman who has dreams and aspirations.'

Bloom told DailyMailTV: 'I am so proud of Montia, she has really been through hell in the last month, this has really been hard on her, even when she came to me a couple of days ago she was really distraught.

'I like to think that when a woman stands up for herself and speaks the truth it is very empowering and it's one of the healthiest things you can do.

'What I think is important is that Tia was a victim of a crime.

'She's an adult, she was with another consenting adult in a hotel room as happens millions of times every day across America.'

Bloom said what the filmmakers did was 'disgusting' and 'criminal'.

She added: 'Those are multiple felonies, it's a felony to stick a camera into a room secretly, to record, to disseminate these images and to ask someone for money, those are four different felonies.

'Montia has bravely decided to stand up for herself and I salute her for that.'

Sabbag is equally proud, denying claims she is trying to cash in on her new found fame,

TMZ alleges that Sabbag offered to take a lie-detector test - in return for a $420,000 fee – a claim Sabbag has denied.

Almost brought to tears, she explains: 'I came forward to show that you have to stand up for yourself, when you are being accused of doing something you didn't do… it hurts, when you have the world calling you things you're not, it sucks.

'Don't let someone bully you, don't let someone pick on you, it sucks, you've got to stand up for yourself and be true to yourself.'

Sabbag added: 'My hope is to find out who did this, what they did was not right, what they did accusing me, you can't do that to people.'

Does she regret getting tangled up with Hart in the first place?

'I usually don't regret things in my life but I definitely choose when to learn from things,' Sabbag explains.

'I've learned never to mess with married men.

'If I had known that Kevin was married this would never have happened.'

Hart and his 33-year-old wife Parrish are reportedly still going through with their $117,000 Lion King-themed baby shower scheduled for October 1 in Malibu.

The Get Hard actor addressed his sextortion scandal on Saturday during a performance in Georgia.

The comedian candidly opened his set at the River Center for the Performing Arts in Columbus by acknowledging his personal life, according to TMZ.

'We got a lot of s**t to talk about, people,' Hart told the audience at the venue south of Atlanta.

The comic also thanked his fans for their support amid his current 'drama'.

Hart later promised his fans that he would improve himself.

'I'm going to be a better man,' he told the crowd.

The latest scandal for Hart comes after he was spotted canoodling with singer Monique 'Momo' Gonzalez on July 3 in a Lexus parked outside a Miami Beach hotel.

Source: Daily Mail
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