Underworld: Blood Wars WTH?! (Spoilers)

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Underworld: Blood Wars WTH?! (Spoilers)

Post by Kumiko » 16 Mar 2017, 07:41

Image I just watched Underworld: Blood Wars, I have to wonder, if the writers, and producers are high on dirt when they wrote, produced and released this mess.
  • Why the hell is Michael Corvin dead? He's a bloody hybrid!!! Update: Michael's fate is ambiguous given he had survived death before due to his regenerative ability.
  • Marius a regular werewolf and his minions managed to capture Michael and drain his blood, wtf!?
  • How is Selene getting her butt whooped when she has pure blood, she should be able to blast everyone to oblivion.
  • Back to Michael Corvin, what is Michael Speedman doing that he couldn't be in the last two movies? Nothing he did one movie and is on one TV series.
Image Basically I'm disappointed with this movie. Just trash.

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