‘I Was A Sex Addict!’ Jenelle Evans Tells All On Wild, Reckless Behavior With Men

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‘I Was A Sex Addict!’ Jenelle Evans Tells All On Wild, Reckless Behavior With Men

Post by Admin » 27 Jul 2017, 18:24

Image 'I used sex as a manipulative tool,' the 'Teen Mom' star now confesses.
Jenelle Evans has admitted to being hooked on drugs, but that isn’t the only addiction she’s battled! The Teen Mom 2 star revealed she is a sex addict, RadarOnline.com can exclusively confirm.

“From ages 14-17 I was addicted to sex,” a journal entry read from Evans’ memoir Read Between The Lines: Diary of a Teenage Mom. “I didn’t care who it was with or if it was unprotected until I got pregnant at 17.”

While her obsession with intercourse stopped after she became pregnant with her first child Jace, she “started to accept sex again” at the age of 19.

But Evans clarified that she was “a little harsh” on herself when she discussed her addiction today.

“I don’t think I was really addicted to sex,” she wrote. “I think I was addicted to love. I would do anything to keep a guy with me, so I used sex as a manipulative tool. I gave them what they wanted to get them to stay with me. I wasn’t a sex addict so much as a love junkie.”

Evans admitted that she was once addicted to weed and heroin, as she completed separate stints in rehab for both drugs.

In her tell-all, she opened up about overdosing on heroin while in a relationship with ex-boyfriend Kieffer Delp.

“I did a lot of heroin and weed,” she wrote. “That was all I did. Just smoked and shot up and laid around chillin.'”

One time after shooting up, Evans woke up on the bathroom floor.

“I had no idea how long I was out or what I did during that time,” she said. “It was scary, not knowing. I asked Kieffer why I was lying on the f*****g floor. Kieffer said I passed out.”

When she asked why he didn’t bring her to the hospital, he replied, “Sometimes that just happens.”

“He meant that it was just a thing that happened on heroin,” she penned. “Sometimes you just blackout. Sometimes you lie around on the bathroom floor while your boyfriend enjoys his high… Sometimes you go down and you don’t get back up.”

The mother-of-three checked into a hospital in New Jersey for detox after the life-threatening incident.

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