Jenelle Evans Rips Mom Barbara For Tricking Her Into Signing Over Custody Of Son

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Jenelle Evans Rips Mom Barbara For Tricking Her Into Signing Over Custody Of Son

Post by Admin » 29 Jul 2017, 06:06

‘I fell into the trap,’ the ‘Teen Mom’ star says of what started their infamous feud. Image Jenelle Evans signed custody of her son Jace over to her mom Barbara Evans in 2010, but she’s now claiming that she was tricked into doing so. In the Teen Mom 2 star’s memoir Read Between the Lines: Diary of a Teenage Mom, she tells all on her long-standing feud with her mother.

“One night, my mother convinced me to go out with my friends so I could relax,” she wrote. “I should have been suspicious at the time. My mother wasn’t the relaxing type of person, much less the kind of woman to encourage others to enjoy themselves.”

When she returned home the next morning after a night out with friends, she found Child Protective Services at her home.

“My mother had called them and told them I was out partying all night and left my son at home,” she said. “She told them I did this pretty much every night, which was a lie. I tried to tell them she told me to go out, but they wouldn’t listen.”

CPS awarded her mother temporary custody in light of her actions.

“CPS threatened to put my son in foster care if I didn’t sign custody of him over to my mom because I wasn’t financially stable,” she explained. “I wanted to get a lawyer to fight it, but I couldn’t afford one. I felt like a frightened animal backed into a corner.”

Evans planned to go back to school, get a job and find a place of her own within the year. But she didn’t follow through with her plan, as she turned to heroin while dating boyfriend Kieffer Delp and ex-husband Courtland Rogers.

“I fell into the trap of signing over the custody of my son Jace. I thought I was doing it so I could get my life back on track and regain custody of my son,” she said. “The courts awarded her full custody and she has retained rights ever since.”

After years of fighting her mom in court over custody of Jace, 7, they came to a mutual agreement in May. While she didn’t obtain full custody, she was granted more visitation time with Jace.

Evans currently remains estranged from her mother.
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